Without The Copernican Lie There Can Be No Big Bang Lie

February 2012 Bulletin

     There can be no Big Bang evolutionary paradigm without the Copernican Mathematical Model. Let's say that again LOUDER: THERE CAN BE NO BIG BANG EVOLUTIONARY PARADIGM WITHOUT THE COPERNICAN MATHEMATICAL MODEL!


Think of the earth being stationary and immovable (just as the Bible and all observational/ empirical evidence declares it to be.) [1]-[2]  Got it? Then remind yourself that we observe and can photograph the sun, moon, and stars going East to West every day. [3]


OK you think, but: "Every textbook and library in the world today explains those simple observations as being illusions caused by the daily rotation of the earth as it goes around the sun."


Yet, there isn't a scientist in the world today who can prove the earth is rotating or orbiting the sun! Not one.  The only "evidence" for these movements--and all that is built upon them up to and including the Big Bang Paradigm--is that they "explain" the "Solar" System & the Universe (if assumptions are granted at every stage!).


But so does the Biblical non-moving earth model explain all the KNOWN heavenly phenomena!! The word "science" (scire) means "to know".  The word "assume" or "assumption" means "you don't know".  The rotating earth model is an assumption.  If one grants Copernicus the assumption that the earth rotates, then the model can be built by granting all of its assumptions. [4]  That is Science-Fiction, not science! Or, as the Bible calls it: "profane and vain babbling of science falsely so -called." (I Tim.6:20,21)


So: Universities and Religions gradually granted those assumptions over the centuries. This fact means that  the Copernican Model and the Big Bang Universe built upon it are science-fiction deceptions. But why is the Big Bang dependent upon Copernicanism, some will ask??


Well: The historical record shows that acceptance of Copernicanism begat a procession of assumption-based "reasoning" which "evolved" like this: 1) The sun is just one of innumerable stars. 2) The earth is just one of the planets going around the sun. 3) The earth is "luckily" at the right distance from the sun for life to "evolve". 4) Since life "evolved" here, it "logically" has evolved countless times around the alleged trillions of stars/suns. [5 pp.14,15]  5) "Objective secular science" (hah!)  steadily increased the earth's age (Darwin: 306,662,400 years; Today, 4.6 billion years) [6] ), and star distances have gone from 1000's of miles to billions of light years. [7]-[8]  6) The Big Bang Terminology of the mid-20th century--along with Einstein's 1905 & 1916 "relativity" theory; Penzias' 1965  radiation "discovery"; Sagan's  1980's & '90's programming of NASA's computers etc. [9] produced today's factless, idolized Big Bang Fraud-Based Virtual Reality Universe.


Add phony math [10] high tech fraud [11]-[12]-[13] telescope and camera "designs" [14] which prop up the Babylon of Deception, and this overriding fact screams the loudest and explains it all: Every concept which make up the Big Bang Idol came out of the "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala. Think of it! A Christ-hating Satan-worshiping Religion [15]-[16] has duped the world by masquerading as "non-religious theoretical science"!!


Tired of being lied to and seeing Jesus dragged through the mud?  If so, check out these and other links on this site.  Do what you can to expose the Copernican Keystone holding up Satan's whole anti-Bible show. [17]

>>>Look for "Copernicanism Is The Granddaddy Of  All Conspiracies" in March 2012 Bulletin.<<<