The Theoretical Science Establishment Controls

Cosmological and Biological Sciences


The Bottom Line About The Origin

Of The Universe And All Life...

As has been observed in one way or another in PARTS I, II, & III, and several other links, there is unrelenting propaganda from both cosmological and earth-bound theoretical scientists telling the world that a 15 billion year old evolutionary process explains the origin of the universe, the earth itself, and all plant and animal and human life forms.

The most astonishing fact about this propaganda is that not a word of it is true. Not one word. It doesnít matter that the powers behind this propaganda are in control of every academic "discipline" in the public school and university curriculums. It doesnít matter that these same powers control all ostensibly secular media (and most "religious" media as well...). It doesnít matter, in short, that this origins mind-set has corralled and injected its evolutionary message into the whole spectrum of modern manís "knowledge" so thoroughly as to seemingly put it all beyond any possible threat of exposure and defeat (HERE).

None of this matters because the fact remains that this entire evolutionary concept about the origins of all that exists is a lie. From Copernicanism through Darwinism and Big Bangism and all that is attached to those isms, there is not one single piece of incontrovertible evidence to support this incomparably great myth about Origins. The Priesthood of Theoretical Scientists and their sacred arcane math and their fraudulent use of technological marvels with which they beguile the world about this Origins Myth have become the Idols of the modern world. The mythologies of old with their idols of wood, stone, and metal do not even come close to representing the level of Idolatry that is embodied today in what the Bible calls "science falsely so called"! (I Tim. 4:1)


Idolatry. Thatís the real situation. Letís call a spade a spade. Man is religious...he will worship something! If he declares that he worships nothing (as 100ís of millions, myself included, have done), he will trust and serve and reverence some philosophy which assures him that he is right in worshipping nothing. That philosophy, that ideology, that "science"...that he trusts and serves and reverences--be he deceived or not--is his idol. An Idol is simply anything that we love, fear, trust and serve more than God! Webster defines Idolatry as something that commands "excessive or blind adoration, reverence, and devotion".

Do people love, fear, trust, and serve Money today? How about booze and drugs? Sex...all the way to Kinky City and back? ..... How different is this from the old idols of Mammon, Bacchus, Aphrodite, etc.? And do multitudes not serve and reverence a philosophy which assures them that the only sensible course in life is to basically get what you can out of it for tomorrow you die? You know the answer. It has been the same from the Epicureans et al to the Existentialists et al throughout history. As Solomon wrote: "There is no new thing under the sun...." (Eccl. 1:9)

There are, however, new twists to the present idolatry that are inseparably connected to the pronouncements of the Theoretical Science Establishment. These are twists which Solomon never had to factor in. One twist is that this latest idolatry has come into its own on the coattails of a steady transmutation of mathematics into "an art form" (Max Bornís description of Einsteinís Relativity Theory). 1

"...the relationship between mathematics and now one of idolatry", as one keen observer noted. 2 Another new twist is the proliferation of technological advances of all sorts--unheard of even a couple of generations or so ago. These technologies are computer controlled and are therefore subject to manipulation through customized computer programming. (You gets out what you puts in....) A third major difference relates to the virtually instantaneous global communications capabilities in operation today as compared to the speed of a horse on a very small part of the global real estate when Solomon wrote.

The revolutionary use of mathematics to contradict what is confirmed by observation (i.e., real science) got its liftoff with the mathematical model of Copernicus. Once launched, this revolution quickly produced its Galileos and Keplers ane Newtons and soon a whole school of philosopher-scientists (Descartes, et al) sprang up. Kepler himself was soon writing about exotic evolved life on the Moon and about going there in a solstice shadow with some demons to watch and prove the earth was moving. (HERE)

From those years on through Newtonís mathematical inventions and overloaded gravity theory...through lawyer Lyellís factless Uniformitarian Darwinís mythology (which gave wings to Marxís and Freudís and Deweyís deviltry) Einsteinís Cabalistic Relativism and LeMaitreís and Gamowís and Penziasí Big Extraterrestrialist extradinaire Saganís programming of NASAís Goldinís controlling philosophy for NASA's Space Program which he officially named the "Origins Program" and defined as "a search for manís cosmic roots"...

...From all of this and a hundred more examples from Copernicus to Wickramasinghe and back, the "restructuring of mathematics" into an "art form"... the recent fraudulent use of computer-programmed communications and imaging technology... the development of near-instantaneous tele-communications worldwide...have all worked together to progressively shrink the world into todayís virtual Global Plantation. In this environment, news, academia, and other media-managed outlets continually bow the knee to the Evolution and Big Bang Idols while simultaneously dumbing-down whole populations with moronic entertainment drivel laced with amoral and sexual perversion themes and punctuated with violence and horror....

On the other hand, near total censorship of information and entertainment upholding Christian values and Biblical teachings is in effect in the schools and everywhere else where belief systems are molded and were once reinforced in once Christian nations. This combination of forces that has nearly destroyed the Biblical foundation of the best parts of Western civilization is rooted and grounded in the mythical evolutionary Origins fundamentals imposed upon the world by "science falsely so called" (e.g., "Hitler, Stalin..."HERE). This false science Idol has birthed and now nurtures the Kabbalist mythology a 15 billion year evolution of the universe, the earth, and all life forms including mankind. This Idol has almost succeeded in making its "creation scenario" the foundation of all "knowledge" which determines modern manís behavior in all areas of life. (HERE)

These combinations--plus ever-increasing media and academic obsequiousness toward the "science" Idol--have given the Theoretical Science Establishment virtual carte blanche in pursuing its goals. For over two generations those goals have been to establish Relativism, Big Bangism, and Extraterrestrialism as scientifically supported facts. This endeavor--as seen in Parts I, II, and III and on other links (HERE), (HERE)--is raw deception. The priesthood behind this Idol has not been idle.

Operating in typical "angel of light" fashion, this movement to remove the Biblical God from the Origins Business has advanced to its present powerful position purely by deception. Surreptitiously rooted in the "creation account" of medieval mystic anti-Christian Kabbalism, this movement has presented itself as a strictly secular, strictly "science"-based movement. Throughout its career it has been persuading people that it is not connected to or associated with any metaphysical, supernatural, religious concepts about Origins of the universe and life and death in any way.

Rather, it has progressively and successfully projected throughout academia and the media a conviction that its goals were devoted to bringing to the world purely objective, naturalistic/secular, scientific explanations of how the universe and life came to be and how it will all end. "Religion" (more particularly, "the Bible") had its place and few challenged that place openly until the late eighteenth century, but it was to be kept separate from the new theoretical science Idol taking shape. Galileoís opposition to Biblical geocentrism summed up that position in 1613. He said:

"In questions concerning the natural sciences

Holy Writ must occupy the last place.... " 3

(emphasis added to quotes throughout)

Since Mammon, Bacchus, Aphrodite and the rest are--minus the statuary--as much among us as ever, their motivational blandishments work a lot better in peopleís minds that have gotten rid of God altogether or at least reduced him/her to an impersonal entity who may have been involved in some kind of creation process billions of years ago, but who went out to lunch and isnít coming back. Todayís "science" Idol with its enormous technological capabilities is just what the Devil ordered to accommodate these impersonal, abstract views of God. This Idol basically finishes off those other Origins Scenarios that not only attribute the Origin of everything to a Creator God, but actually declare Him to have a personal interest in every individual who has ever lived and an option of eternal life to those who meet His modest written standards. Anything that provides a way around such a God is--for a large percentage of people--deserving of adoration, reverence, trust, service, devotion, etc., the very definition of an Idol....

So, when all is said that can be said on the subject, man absolutely and unarguably must have an explanation in his mind--however vague or clear--about how he and everything else came to it got it originated....if there is any meaning to it. All religions address these issues one way or another, and all people who have ever lived have formed some idea about all this--however primitive or sophisticated it might have been. The Theoretical Science Establishment fulfills this need for those who want a way around any kind of accountability to a personal God, but it goes further by trying (with great success!) to indoctrinate the whole world into an origins scenario that accommodates both the atheist and the agnostic, while ruling out the Creator God of the Bible (and the Koran).

Suffice it to say that Christianity, Islam, and Pentateuch-based Judaism teach an Origins Scenario that attributes all that exists to a Creator God. It is basic to understand that the theoretical scientists in control of modern cosmological and biological sciences are in unrestrained and unalterable opposition to the Creator God of Genesis Who undergirds these religions. It is also basic to note that there is no serious opposition to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism...which are all contrary to the Creator God of the Bible and the Koran.

One often hears that it is not true that science and religion are at odds, i.e., that they are natural enemies. When the "science" being discussed is true science and the "religion" being discussed honors the Origins Scenario of the Creator God, that statement is correct. There is no enmity on that point. There is also no problem between the two when "theoretical science" is matched up with some "religious" belief in a god or goddess who used an evolutionary method to create everything and who doesnít interfere in peopleís lives beyond that...except maybe to endorse reincarnation in some form and build some temples. That kind of "science" and that kind of "religion" are also compatible.

But here is where the proverbial red flag goes up and compatibility ends! How can it be that Theoretical Science--which is declared to be totally secular and non-religious--be tailor-made to fit the "religion" of all those who oppose the Creator God Origins Scenario of the Bible (and the Koran)?? Is it just a coincidence that the Space Programís evolution-based Big Bang agenda matches the Origins Scenario given in the mystic Kabbala and effectively destroys the credibility of the Bible?? If so, it is a "coincidence" that goes beyond the reach of probability statistics!!

Put another way: If the Origins Scenario presented to the world as non-religious, purely secular "science" turns out to be derived from a "holy book" revered in certain Rabbinical circles (and is unrelentingly opposed to the Creator God concept found in the Biblical and Koranic Origins Scenarios) wouldnít anyone with a brain left be forced to conclude that such "science" was neither science nor secular at all?? Wouldnít it be obvious that the devotees of the religion derived from this mystical and secretive "holy book" are merely using the Theoretical Science Establishment as a modus operandi for implanting their "holy bookís" Origins Scenario in menís minds and calling it "science"?? And wouldnít it be equally obvious that scores and maybe hundreds of millions have been deceived into believing that objective secular science was supplying the foundation for their beliefs about God, when all the time they were just duped into Idolizing a Religious Cult bent on destroying the Bible and its apotheosis which is reached in Jesus Christ?!

Knowing the overt hatred for the Bible embodied in the Kabbala (and the Talmud! HERE), the certainty that this is what is going on is compounded when it is understood that the ever-increasing victories of Kabbalistic "creationism" automatically means the ever-increasing defeats of the competing Creationist Scenarios...the Bible one in particular. Since Kabbalism/Talmudism (i.e., Phariseeism) is the implacable enemy of the New Testament of Jesus Christ, it is obvious that there is plenty of enmity between "science and religion" here! The problem is that the "science" in this conflict is not science at all, but only another religion. Thus, we see that the true nature of this irreconcilable conflict is between the Kabbala/ Talmud religion and the religion of The New Testament of Jesus Christ.

Since Jesus is repeatedly declared to be The Creator under the direction of His Father Jehovah God in that New Covenant (John 1:3,10; Hebrews 1:2, 10; Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16), can any doubt remain as to the identity of the source that is fulfilling an anti-Bible "creationist scenario"?? That identity being too plain for any to miss, can any doubt remain that the control over the cosmological and biological sciences by theoreticians--royally provisioned with taxpayerís billions to carry out their mathematical and technological chicanery--is the reason Big Bang mythology is "science" today??

In short, when the true purpose of the NASA-sponsored "Origins Program" cosmology--and the theoretical science upholding it--is seen to be identical to the "Origins Program" set forth by Rabbis in the 1st, 13th,and 16th centuries in the overtly anti-Christ Kabbala, only a very limited number of conclusions can be drawn:

1) The Idol of scientism (which has hoodwinked all of academia, virtually all of the media, and not a small part of the religions it means to destroy), is just another religion itself . Never mind that it is ever so cleverly disguised; it is nevertheless a religion complete with an Origins scenario and some philosophy of life which rejects all beliefs in a God Who invites "whosoever will" to live forever on a paradisiacal New Earth called Heaven.

2) Either no one who has been instrumental in the development and promotion of the Kabbalist Big Bang "creation scenario" has had any awareness of its connections with the promotion of theoretical scientists from Einstein to NASAís Sagan and Goldin... or;

3) Some of these people have known of this connection and have purposefully produced and directed the course which cosmology has taken in making todayís accepted "scientific" paradigm agree with the Kabbalaís Origin Scenario.

4) If one takes the position that those who have brought the Kabbalaís creation scenario to virtual fulfillment have done so without any awareness of this connection, then one obviously has taken an indefensible position. Like the results of creation itself, the individual pieces to the cosmological puzzle are far too complicated to have produced the Kabbala creation scenario by chance.

5) When the Kabbala/Talmud goal of destroying Bible credibility and the entire edifice of Christendom built upon that credibility (and the Koran and Islam also) is factored in, any imagined possibility of this mission being accomplished by coincidence and outright chance vanishes.

6) Given this, the only argument remaining which could explain the steady march of cosmology toward fulfillment of the Kabbalist Origins Scenario without implicating the individuals involved would be to say that this anti-Bible creation scenario has been supernaturally fulfilled by using individuals without their knowledge.

7) In either case, whether consciously or unconsciously directed by a supernatural power, the job has been accomplished. All that remains is to identify the supernatural power that pulled the strings. So, what is the answer:

Big Bang Cosmology: Satanís Idea Or Godís??

Recognition that there can be no Design without a Designer ipso facto rules out evolutionism as the architect of all the incredible Design in the universe and on the Earth. Accidents by the billions cannot produce moon phases, root systems, nor eyes. It is insane to say they can. Pure evolutionism as creator is pure nonsense. It is not an option. There is "no excuse" on this (Rom 1:20). God did it. Period.

Nevertheless, utterly confused by relentless evolution indoctrination, many have sought a compromise that goes like this: God, it must be conceded, is the admitted and inescapable Designer of all the design in the universe. But, since "science" assures us around the clock that evolution is proven fact, God must have used an evolutionary process such as Big Bangism and Darwinism or neo-Darwinism or Panspermiaism or something to do the Design work. I mean, face it: all those Ph.D. professors of astronomy and physics and biology and geology and the rest canít be wrong about this! Iíll agree that there had to be a God in control, but itís just inconceivable that the Bible account of a literal six day creation could be true and all these scientific experts be wrong about evolution of the cosmos and everything else...

Indeed, a recent poll reported that about 40% of those surveyed in the USA had settled on this kind of compromise as the best way around the confusion. It is time to realize that this compromise is really no option at all, but merely a clever trick....

The chief reason that this attempted compromise is a trick and no option for explaining the creation of all the Design that exists is simply this: There is not now, nor has there ever been, one single piece of indisputable evidence that macro-evolution has happened. There are train loads of fossils. None prove evolution. All prove no evolution. Natural selection, positive mutation, survival of the fittest uniformitarian Darwinism, etc., have all been quietly abandoned. ...Read Wickramasingheís court testimony back in Part I (HERE) and also get a grip on this obituary for Darwinism:

"Currently accepted theories have evolved a long way toward

catastrophics from their ancestry in uniformism. Assumptions

of actualism and gradualism--that present-day processes acting over

long times could explain the changing morphology of rocks and species--

have been displaced."4

Though both of these comments come from advocates of Panspermia (evolution through comet-delivery of bacteria throughout space...Part I again), many, many scientists know that Darwinism cannot explain the origin of life on Earth, and are saying so! Goldsmidt knew it when he proposed his "hopeful monster" concept back in Ď42. His idea of a quantum leap in evolutionism whereby a crocodile egg would hatch out a bird (and that sort of thing) to speed up evolutionism...didnít quite get off the ground then. But, some forty years later, Harvardís J. Gould--knowing that the sudden presence of highly developed life form in the Cambrian strata ruled out uniformism--boldly plagiarized Goldsmidtís hopeful monster idea and called it "punctuated equilibrium" in an effort to keep evolutionism out of the mythology section of the library where it belongs. Always working hand in hand with his "exobiologist" buddy at NASA, Carl Sagan, this trashing of 150 years of Darwinian indoctrination into uniformitarianism opened the door to evolutionary catastrophism which paved the way for Wickramasinghe and Hoyle et al-- evolutionists to the core--to bring the backup Panspermia evolution mechanism with comets and bacteria doing the job of creating all plants and animals and humans on Earth and all the imagined ones "out there" over billions of years. Earthbound theoretical scientists will not be outdone in the science-fiction department by their comrades in the universe-stretching and populating business! No sireee....

Of course, we are talking about very deep and very serious denial of the Laws of Biogenesis and Entropy here, i.e., Laws of real science. But so what? The circus goes on. Temporarily.

These are the chief reasons why no compromise with evolutionism in the matter of Origins can be tolerated. There simply is no evidence for evolutionism on Earth or in Space, and there is a ton of real scientific evidence proving it to be impossible.

But additionally, we know that there are other logical reasons why the compromise is unworkable...(and "logical", by the way, is one of the definitions of true science!)

Consider again that the first part of the "God used Evolution" compromise--that is, the "God" part--is inescapably validated by the Designer requirement. The God part is not an option; one simply cannot explain all the ineffable Design without a super-intelligent and omnipotent Designer God. Anyone, anywhere who wants to know the Truth about evolution will reach this conclusion by just taking a little time to consider the fantastic design inherent in their pet, their child, that tree out there, the air you breathe, your heart that pumps the blood with its three billion cells coming and going every few minutes (each one far more complicated than your PC), the pollination process, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.... So, itís easy to prove the God side of the attempted compromise.

But the Evolution side of the compromise is an altogether different story. Once oneís brain is in gear about Design one can simply not argue that evolutionism can stand alone as an explanation for all that exists.... It is, after all, only a desperate "theory" which declares that billions of mindless accidents working on nothingness produced all that is. So, unable to stand alone as an option, evolutionism must either be described as a methodology that the Designer God used to create everything, or it must be abandoned as having no role in the process at all.

Now, if we are paying close attention to all this, we can see where the Bibleís "evening and morning" creation account by God unequivocally upholds the "God" side of the attempted compromise, and, of course, just as unequivocally rules out any evolutionary process at all. In other words, the Biblical account of the Origin of all that exists upholds the inescapable Designer God side of the attempted compromise that even an evolutionist canít get rid of. But, at the same time the Biblical account also flatly rules out the evolution side of the attempted compromise.

Thus, above and beyond all other objectives, the name of the game that is going on here is "Discredit the Biblical Account of Creation" (i.e. the Origin of all things). Evolutionism--relentlessly evangelized by theoretical science both cosmologically and on earth--is the instrument designed for the job (and this design has a designer too!). It is designed to work in either of two ways: 1) Pure evolutionism with no God involved. 2) God used evolution to create everything over billions of years. Either way, the Biblical Account of Creation--and thus the credibility of the entire Bible--is destroyed.

Number one rules out God and the Bible. Number two allows God a role in creation but only if he uses evolution. This second concept seems harmless to many, but it plants the seed for the destruction of the Bibleís credibility on any and all subjects. There is no arguing with this conclusion, though many would wish otherwise. Simply put: If the Bible canít be trusted to tell the Truth about the very foundation of all Knowledge, i.e., the Origin of all that exists, then it cannot be trusted to be telling the Truth when it comes to the virgin birth of Jesus, His resurrection, judgment, heaven or anything else. No trust; no credibility; no credibility, no unflinching opposition to the god of false science and false doctrines... all of which translates into Satanic victories right down the line. God knew it would go precisely this way "before the beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18; etc.) He planned it that way when He created Satan with "no truth in him" (John 8:44: HERE), and that Plan makes complete sense when the plethora of deceptions is removed, as they will be during the Fall of Babylon that Scripturally comes on the heels of the One World Government . ...

Clearly, this "compromise solution" is nothing other than a seemingly less extreme strategy in Satanís all-out Spiritual Warfare, the goal of which is the destruction of Bible credibility... on its first page. This strategy has enjoyed great success in silencing millions of Christians who want to believe the Bible is without error but are overruled by a combination of compromisers and actual double agents for Satan in the pulpits (II Cor.11:13-15) of their churches. Either way, the result is the same, viz., they are both on the side of an anti-Christ Kabbalist Cult whether they realize it or not. Doubtless, most have just been convinced that they are being socially and intellectually hip by furthering what "science" has proven while still being religious!

On one side in this Spiritual Warfare stands the Bible, presented as Godís Word of Absolute Truth on every subject and topic it addresses in both the Old and New Testaments (I Tim.3:16,17). On the other side stands the Theoretical Science Establishment in an all-out attack on the foundational Creation Account that makes or breaks the credibility, i.e., the trustworthiness of both of those Testaments...

This adversarial theoretical science establishment assures the world that the universe and everything in it has evolved from an explosion 15 billion years ago. Very little if anything is said about God, but it is kind of OK to acknowledge Him a little bit as long as you donít cast Him in Biblical terms. Einstein said: "God doesnít play dice"; Sir Fred Hoyle gave his famous Design illustration using a tornado to assemble the scattered parts of a Boeing 747, etc. Thus, technically, these two and a host of others would belong in the 40% opting for the "God did it through and evolutionary process" compromise. Some 20%--according to the same survey--opted for leaving God out of the process, and attributing it all to evolutionism (thereís hope for many of these non-compromisers! HERE). That meant that 60% viewed evolutionism as a fact in the creation process, either in conjunction with God or acting without Him.

Obviously, this 60% (which is probably not far off) that accepts evolutionism as a scientifically demonstrated fact would not have the options they think they have on other doctrines if evolutionism is revealed to be pure deception without the first piece of supporting evidence. Presumably, many who were relieved of that deception would eagerly defect to the side of those believing in the Biblical Creation Account of six 24 hour days. Moreover...and this is a sure bet: millions and millions of folks would gladly abandon the anti-Bible scenario preached by the Theoretical Science Priesthood if they realized that its evolution-based Relativistic Big Bang Expanding Universe cosmology is nothing more than the fulfillment of centuries of anti-Christ Rabbinical writings in the Kabbala!

There are, however, at least seven crucial aspects to this Spiritual Warfare that will come to light and be resolved as God moves to eradicate all deception-based confusion in the prophesied Fall of Babylon. They are: 1) The Geocentricity vs Heliocentricity Factor. 2) The Response of Organized Religion. 3) The Response of Atheists and Agnostics. 4)The Role of the Electric Universe Concept. 5) The Role of the Jews. 6) The Ultimate Choice: God or Satan? 7) Who Will Get on Satanís Side and Who Will Get on Godís Side When Babylon Falls? And Why?

#1 -The Geocentricity vs Heliocentricity Factor

The introduction of the Copernican Heliocentricity Hypothesis in 1543 set the stage for an ever-increasing takeover of the cosmological and life sciences by theoreticians. The Copernican Model of the Earth rotating on an axis daily and orbiting the sun annually was and is a purely mathematical model. It seems to answer all the appearances--day and night, eclipses...--but so does the non-moving earth model and the math that supports it.

The distinction here as far as science is concerned is that the Copernican Model must reject outright what has always been observed, and then replace that observational (i.e., scientific) evidence with assumptions. Specifically, in order for its hypothesis to work it must be assumed that the Earth is rotating at an equatorial speed of just over a thousand MPH. There is no evidence for this hypothesis--it has never been seen or felt or otherwise proven--but it is indispensable to the heliocentricity model. Secondly, it must be assumed that the sun is stationary relevant to the Earth so that the mathematically calculated and totally assumptive axial rotation speed will give us the required day and night time frame of 24 hours. This assumption of a stationary sun violates all known observational evidence which says that the sun goes around the Earth, rising in the East and passing overhead to set in the West. A third assumption indispensable to the Copernican Model is that the Earth is in an annual orbit at an average speed approaching 67,000 MPH around the allegedly stationary sun.

This orbit is demanded by the mathematical model, but there is no indisputable hard evidence to confirm it. And, of course, these major assumptions demand that the observationally confirmed revolutions of the sun around the Earth--from the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn--be replaced by a 23 1/2 degree "tilt" to produce the seasons as the Earth allegedly goes around the sun. Many other reversals of observed reality are necessary to the maintenance of the major assumptions of a rotating and orbiting Earth. These other assumptions involve changes in the behavior and direction of the moon and stopping the daily orbit of the stars to fit that model.  Then there are assumptions upon assumptions about billions of years of evolution and billions of light years distances to galaxies, etc., all of which are totally dependent upon "reconstructed mathematics" and fraudulent manipulation of space technologies...especially those having to do with distance measurements to the stars! (HERE , p. 9 of 14) & HERE & HERE & HERE).

It is an axiom of the contents of this Web Page that the gradual conquest of the Astronomy-related sciences by the Copernican Model paved the way for the nearly accomplished conquest of the Biology-related sciences by the Darwinian Evolutionists (which in turn provided the basis for Marxism, Freudianism, Deweyism, Einsteinism, Saganism...). The historical evidence for this pattern is given in some detail in The Earth Is Not Moving and several links amplify that evidence. For example: "Monkey Trial" HERE - "Symbiotic..." HERE - "Copericanism &." HERE....

Copernicanism, in short, is the taproot of a "tree of knowledge" which has Evolutionism as its trunk and Marxism and the rest as its limbs and scores of branches represented by movements that have grown out of those limbs fed by the trunk and ultimately dependent upon the taproot. The Copernican taproot makes all the rest possible. Kill the taproot and the death of the whole organism will swiftly follow.

Since a stationary Earth is THE foundational Creation fact in the Bible (HERE), it is also the taproot of Bible Credibility! Along with the Creation of all biological life and mankind which followed, Godís creation of an immovable, stationary Earth constitutes the basis--the taproot--for His "tree of knowledge" with its trunk (the creation of mankind) and all its limbs and branches. Satan knew that killing this taproot--this foundational knowledge--with pseudo-science would cause the whole tree to wither and die in time. Thatís why he started there first! While Creationists are chopping at the evolutionary trunk of the tree with their girl scout hatchets, Satan with his huge following in academia and the media, etc., are all sitting in lawn chairs drinking beer and watching Godís tree die from the presumed dead taproot...

They laid the ax to the taproot of Godís creation--a stationary Earth--a long time ago and now see the bark falling off the trunk, and leaves curling up and dying on drooping limbs. It wonít be long now, they are saying....

But wait! They didnít sever that taproot completely! Some of the leaves are getting greener! People all over the world have begun to wake up to the fact that there is no real evidence that the earth is moving, that evolutionism is a black lie, and deceptions of every sort are surfacing on radio, in newsletters, on the NET! Itís the kind of thing that can spread very fast once folks get past the shock of even daring to think that a very great deal of what they believe to be is true is demonstrably a pack of lies, and that the whole pack is held together by the unrelenting brainwashing that emanates from the Theoretical Science Establishment...a practice that began in earnest with the launching of the Copernican Heliocentricity Lie almost 500 years ago. In this prayer by Copernicus, placed under his portrait in Poland, one senses the horrible guilt Copernicus felt as he realized the magnitude of what he was turning loose on the world:

"I do not ask for the grace granted to Paul,

neither do I demand the forgiveness of Peter,

but I do incessantly pray for the forgiveness

which thou on the wood of the cross

has granted to the murderer."5

As with Darwinian evolutionism, the weapon that will jar average people awake to look objectively at The Great Copernican Deception is the weapon of common sense about Design. Scientific arguments are wonderful and needed in both cases and will win against evolutionism and heliocentrism hands down. But Design and common sense is what will ultimately put both of those lying isms on the mat to stay.

The best common sense and design arguments against the heliocentricity myth have to do with the motions and speeds required of the Earth in that model. Without elaborating greatly here, just sit back and reflect on the basics of those requirements for a few minutes and begin to grasp the ludicrousness of it all....

First, you think of the alleged rotational speed--about 1040 MPH at the equator. Thatís pretty fast. Now look up.... See those big clouds barely moving...and frequently in the opposite direction of the way the Earth is allegedly moving at this supersonic speed? See the birds flying this way and that? Board a jet from NY to LA, then fly back. What, no difference? Go straight up a few hundred feet in a helicopter in the Eastern USA and hover there for about four hours. When you come down you will be in California, right? No? Odd, isnít it? Then consider the lame explanation: We are in an atmospheric "envelope" that rotates in perfect synchronization with the earth, you see.... Yeah, but that means the air speed has to adjust perfectly to the ground speed every inch you go from the equatorís 1000 MPH+ to zero MPH at the poles. Think it through....

Secondly, we have to ratchet up the Earthís speed to c. 67,000 MPH to get it around the sun in its alleged annual orbit. Now weíre really going fast...over thirty times rifle bullet speed! The clouds, birds, and jet flights take no notice....

But 67,000 MPH is just idling speed compared to the next requirement, i.e., the Earthís alleged 200,000,000 year journey around the Milky Way. The third speed that the earth must be moving in the Copernican Model which the whole world has been told is scientific fact is One Half Million (500,000) MPH, 250 times rifle bullet speed. Are the clouds, the birds, the jets still there? Yeah, everything seems OK... What is that hurricane doing going the wrong way?

Well, enough of this slow-motion stuff; letís put the metal on the pedal and see what this old Earth can really do! The Big Bang Expanding Universe Model requires that the Earth--along with everything else (including you)--be moving away from an alleged explosion site some 15 billion years ago at a relativistic speed of some six hundred and fifty million (650,000,000) MPH. (You work out the kilometers in all this.) DID YOU GET THAT?? THATíS THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND TIMES RIFLE BULLET SPEED!! Hey, kid; pull that kite in....

Do you believe it?? You donít have to. The stationary Earth taught in the Bible is confirmed by everything that is actually every experiment all eclipse and navigation and satellite realities.... Are you sure you want to be a part of a Rabbi-fostered religious movement that is fraudulently using the Theoretical Science Establishment to destroy New Testament Christianity by destroying Bible Creation Credibility??

#2 - The Response of Organized Religion

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God;

and if it first begin at us [at the house of God], what shall be the end

of them [at the house of God] that obey not the gospel of God?

And if the righteous [at the house of God] scarcely be saved,

where shall the ungodly [at the house of God] and the sinner

[at the house of God] appear?

(I Peter 4:17,18)

This is a sobering declaration about Godís Judgment on Christian Churches. First, we note that His Judgment begins there. Secondly, we note the four labels attached to those in the churches: 1) The Disobedient; 2) The Righteous; 3) The Ungodly; 4) The Sinners. If each category is given equal weight, thatís 3/4 bad and 1/4 good (and the good are "scarcely" saved!). It would appear that the reason Godís Judgment begins at the churches is that they have failed miserably in their responsibilities, and that this failure is reflected in the inditement showing only one-fourth of the members to be barely deserving of receiving eternal life in heaven.

Twenty-five percent "disobedient".... Hmmm. Disobedient to what? The "gospel of God" (#2098 - " a good message from God"),[in short, the Bible]. Willful disobedience to the Scriptures is meant here, of course, since the implication is that this 25% knows what God has said, but are willfully disobeying Him.

Twenty-five percent are labeled "righteous" but "scarcely saved".... Hummm. "Righteous"? "Scarcely"? The meaning in Greek for these who are called "righteous" (#1342) is : "innocent... holy". "Scarcely" relates to being "called, summoned" (#3333). This 25 % seems to be made up of holy, called-out Christians who are counted innocent of the wrong their church represents as right. ("Called" Christians are "faithful" according to Rev. 17:14, but not at the same level as those "chosen"...which may account for the other implication of "scarcely"....)

Twenty-five percent "ungodly".... Hmmm. Just what does that mean? According to the Greek (#765) it means: "irreverent, impious, wicked"; that is to say: "disrespectful, hypocritical, profanely corrupt", etc. Twenty-five percent!!

Twenty-five percent "sinners".... Hmmm. Whatís involved here? The Greek points to #ís 268 and 264; "to err"... "to miss the mark (and so not share in the prize)".

Relevant to the emphasis in this four part series about the impact of Theoretical Science, it is important to exhort and reprove Christians in that last 25 percentile who have "erred" to the point that--though they may confidently believe otherwise-- they are not saved (even "scarcely") and are going to miss Heaven if they donít see and admit their error about following "science" instead of the Scriptures and repent of that error....

"Err" only appears twice in the New Testament, both times in I Timothy. In 6:10 the subject is how the "love of money is the root of all evil" and how those who have coveted after it "have erred from the faith..." The Greek word there (#635 from 575 & 4105) means "to lead astray, to stray from Truth, seduce."

In I Timothy 6:21 (which is inseparable from 6:20) the subject is the "oppositions of science falsely so called" which are called "profane and vain babblings"... "which some professing have erred concerning the faith". The Greek here (#795)..."to miss the mark; deviate from the Truth; swerve" only reveals it fullest meaning from the effect on the object of the error, namely, "...concerning the faith". "Concerning" in the Greek (#4012: "with respect to"; from the base of #4008: "across, other side, over") matches with the Greek for "faith" here (#4102): "persuasion...credence in truthfulness of a religious teacher"; which comes from #3982: "to convince by argument whether True or assent rely on inward".

It is hard to imagine a more inspired and definitive message in the nuances of what God has said happens to a person who errs by following the profane and vain babblings of false science! Itís all there: The abandonment of what Godís Word plainly states and then the crossing over to a contrary belief and trusting in and yielding to and assenting to that contrary belief, and placing credence in oneís inward certainty and in the authority behind these contrary babblings, rather than in the Word of God.

There can be no doubt that those people in the churches who have yielded to evolutionism in any manner for any of these reasons have erred precisely according to this passage of Scripture. As such, these stand among that 25% in the houses of God that will be judged unworthy of even "scarcely" being saved. The meaning is crystal clear and God counts it as a salvation matter, regardless of what some ministers have preached about the Creation/Evolution issue being a peripheral and divisive doctrinal matter that is not critical to salvation nor has any bearing on it.

God and Satan both know that the matter of Origins...of absolutely pivotal to the credibility of the Bible from start to finish. It is thus pivotal in determining the Spiritual direction people lives will take. The Word of God says plainly and unequivocally that the Earth itself, all plant and animal life, the sun and moon and stars, and man and woman were created in six "evening and morning" (24hr.) days. No deviation from that will be accepted by God from any who wish to be on His side when His Judgment begins, and it will begin in the upcoming "war the Lamb wins", a "war" which takes place--as all can read--just "one hour" after the One World Government now looming is seated (Rev. 17:12,14). Those who "cannot receive a love of the truth" (II Thess.2:10) from the Bible account about Creation--after this Truth goes to the whole world (Rev.14:7)--will become overt Satan worshippers... who will be welcomed by the OWG which will openly acknowledge and promote and worship Satan as the true god of that regime.

Now we come to the hard part...hard because of all the false "easy salvation" teaching that is so prevalent in Christian evangelical circles.... What about the Biblical doctrine of a non-moving, stationary, cannot be moved, inert, hung on nothing Earth with the sun going around every day?? No Christian church honors those Scriptures dealing with a non-moving Earth. All Christian churches have abandoned the authority of the Bible on this teaching and "crossed over and given credence" to a contrary belief in precisely what God warned them not to believe, namely, the "vain babblings of science falsely so called"!

So, when Godís Judgment on the churches begins, what will happen in Christian Churches regarding this subject, for ALL are guilty of rejecting plain Scriptural teaching and yielding to the babblings of theoretical science?! We are talking here about a foundational part of Creation Scripture which the profane and vain babblings of false science have used successfully to fool essentially everyone at the houses of God and cause them all to err!

One wonders how many thousands of those churches in the last 450 years have had Satanís Ministers preaching this Bible-bashing false science from their pulpits, a la II Cor. 11:13-15! How many in the pews have realized that this teaching was a very special "doctrine of devils" (I Tim. 4:1) sent to pave the way for Bible- destroying evolutionism and lead the Church all the way to accepting the Idols of Kabbalistic Relativism and Big Bangism?? When Babylon Falls, who in the churches will be able to accept Godís chastisement for crossing over from His plain Word to blindly serving the Idol of theoretical scientism which they were warned to "avoid"?? Can any refuse that chastisement (Hebrews 12:5-11)--and refuse to openly repent--and still expect to be judged with those who are saved, even if only "scarcely"?

Or, will conviction and repentance be the only options on this subject--and several others: (HERE)--when Godís judgment begins on the Christian churches (I Peter 4:17,18)?  It looks that way. Once all deceptions are exposed in the Fall of Babylon and are replaced by the Truths from Scripture, all refusal to "receive a love of the truth" (II Thess. 2:10) will obviously be tantamount to preferring the Father of Lies to the Father of Truth. Honest Bible lovers--preachers, teachers, pastors, and laity alike--should prayerfully check all this out and start the ball rolling in their churches. You will doubtless displease many, but God wonít be among them. Further, you will in a position to be among those "called, chosen, and faithful" who will be on Christís side when the rottenness of the newly seated World Government is unmasked during The Fall of Babylon (Rev.17:12-14)....

#3 - The Electric Universe Concept.....

The Electric Universe Concept has the potential of being a big part of the coming overthrow of the Theoretical Science Establishment. Indeed, that Concept stands poised like a huge wrecking ball about to be released upon the colossal edifice of modern cosmological scientism.

As detailed (HERE) and summarized near the end (HERE), this Electric Universe Concept not only exposes the inability of gravitation and thermonuclear star composition theories to explain known phenomena, it also demonstrates the efficacy of ball-lightening stars arcing power throughout a universal web with ubiquitous plasma acting as the perfect conduit...and all in accordance with the known behavior of electromagnetism. Not only that, but the EU Concept terminates with extreme prejudice Einsteinís fantasies, Big Bangism with its Expanding Universe, Black Holes, and a couple of other biggies. This all adds up to the EU Concept being ready, willing, and able to knock modern cosmology out of the ring and throw the referee on top of it.

Whoa! But wouldnít that simultaneously knock out the fulfillment of the whole Kabbala "creation scenario" now rounding third base and heading wide open for the winning run?? And on top of that, donít the strictly scientific conclusions of this Electric Universe Concept accommodate themselves to the Biblical Geocentrism Model very nicely??

Yes and Yes. The first prospect presents the Kabbalists controlling the Theoretical Science Establishment with a very big Excedrin Headache. (We can look at that under the "Jew..." heading further on....) As for the strictly scientific conclusions of the Electric Universe Model offering a universe that could be very compatible with the Biblical Geocentricity Model, that is immediately obvious and adds to the likelihood that the EU MODEL is about to play a very important role not only in toppling the Theoretical Science Establishment all the way back to Copernicus, but also in the coming certification of Bible inerrancy....

But, as touched on in a couple of other places, advocates of the Electric Universe Model are also locked into an evolutionist mindset just as firmly as the Big Bangers whom they are prepared to expel from their ivory towers.

This evolutionist mindset is totally unnecessary and extraneous to the purely scientific evidence involved in the EU Model. Why mess up a really solid scientific understanding of how the universe operates by letting hieroglyphics of thunderbolts, etc., drag the Model over into evolutionismís Disney World?? All that Velikovskian extrapolation contributes nothing to the scientific soundness of the EU Model. Think about it. Nothing.

Instead, all it does is garble the good science youíve come up with by attaching it to some historical evidences that already bulge with pagan religious stuff drawn from primitive astrological formulations and the augurs from chicken entrails. As scientists who have the hard evidence to wreck the Big Bang Express and all that is riding on it--including the revelation of its Kabbalist origins!--you are in a position to do great things for true science and Truth across the board.

You donít want to muddy that up by handcuffing your solid observation-backed science to the shaky thunderbolt paganism which is interesting but fundamentally extraneous to the meat of your discoveries.

The Relativistic Big Bang Expanding Universe paradigm is itself--as it turns out-- handcuffed to a centuries long mystic Kabbala agenda which, at bottom, is nothing more than an exotic attempt to convince the world that the origin of all that exists, mankind included, is the product of mindless evolutionism over billions of years.

Why should the Electric Universe Model incorporate this same evidenceless evolution mindset into its scientific observations...with all the brown dwarf speculations, etc.? Evolutionism is a scientifically impossible concept which is upholding a Rabbinical cosmology disguised as "science" and specifically designed to overthrow Biblical Creationism and all that means. Unless you agree with that design, is there any compelling reason for not detaching yourselves from the evolution deception even as you detach yourselves from the false gravitational and star composition theories that have made the Big Bang lie and all that rides on it possible? A world that has been crippled terribly by false science needs to know the cosmological facts you have uncovered...unburdened by yet another sop to the Evolutionistís Cabal....

Here is an appeal to you on another level:

A Book that can predict a Global Government (Rev. 13:7,8; 17:12-14: 18:3: etc.), satellite TV (Rev. 11:9,10,12), cloning of humans (Rev. 13:15) over 1900 years ahead of their happening (along with scores of previously fulfilled prophesies!) is a Book that deserves and invites your most careful and prayerful consideration when it comes to its Creation Scenario. You are in a most unique position, having been given the knowledge that can cut the ground from beneath the Big Bang paradigm and all of the deceptions it is propping up. Put away the evolution nonsense; be one of Godís "called, chosen, and faithful" servants in the soon-coming "war" (Rev.17:14) planned before the beginning of the world to expose and destroy the Babylonish deceptions controlling mankindís "knowledge". Donít let bad experiences with 75% rotten churches and deception-laden doctrines color your desire to do what is right for mankind, God, science and yourself. (...about some of those doctrines: HERE)

Go for it and you will see that your discoveries are right on time for fulfilling Godís promise to destroy the works of the Devil through His Son, Jesus (I Jn. 3:8)....

#4 -The Role of Atheists and Agnostics in Spiritual Warfare

How will atheists react to the coming Fall of Babylon when the lies of theoretical science and all that rests upon them--along with all the false religious doctrines--are exposed? After all, their entire philosophical framework--both scientific and religious--will fall to the ground. The only choices open to them will be: a) To Realize they have been massively duped, receive the truth gladly, turn around 180 degrees, and get on Godís side in this spiritual warfare, or: b) To Hate the truths theyíve heard, harden their hearts toward God, and get on Satanís side in this spiritual warfare. (HERE)

The one thing that will not be possible will be to remain the same, i.e., rejecting both the concept of God and Satan. The purely secular option open to those atheists who have believed in it and leaned on it will no longer be a choice because the theoretical science establishment which provided it will have been shown to be neither science nor secular. The only choice that will remain will be the same one open to every person in the world as Babylon Falls, viz., get on Godís side or on Satanís side as the final Act of Godís End Time Drama is played out according to the Biblical Script presented mainly in The Revelation and in several other passages in the New Testament. (HERE)

It is doubtful that any meaningful statistics exist on the size of the Atheist population globally. Given, however,  that atheism has been the official government policy toward religion in China and the former Soviet Union and smaller communist countries--and that many other millions in Europe, the USA, and elsewhere openly avow their atheism (as I once did)--it is likely that the number is well over a billion....

Whatever the number, it represents a very great potential for enlarging both the ranks of  Satanís followers and Godís followers when the "war the Lamb wins" is over and Babylon has fallen!

It would seem to be pure speculation to suggest which side most Atheists will choose when this hour comes, but there are a couple of good reasons to conclude that more than half will not only get on Godís side, but will be among His most zealous followers to boot.

One of those reason is this: A large percentage of these folks really, really believe that science has proven that the Bible and all other "holy books" are just superstitious nonsense, just "opiates for the masses" used by the rich and powerful to keep people ignorant and tractable. All of these Atheists have been to school and--more than the general population--they have undergraduate and graduate degrees. They have been taught that the evolution of the universe and of mankind is true science, and that this teaching is resisted only by semi-literate folks in bib overalls and some preachers who know how to make a buck. Et cetera. In short, they genuinely and even passionately believe that what they have been taught by the science establishment is the truth.

When this conviction that science has supplied the truth about the origin of all that exists is shattered, will those who were genuinely motivated by a desire to know the truth suddenly lose that desire?? Some may; my guess tells me that most wonít.

Another reason to conclude that Atheists may join Godís ranks with a whoop is that God seems to work quite well with individuals and groups who are dedicated believers in something because they really think it is the truth, being totally unaware that they have been deceived. Though not an atheist by any means, the Apostle Paul is a prime example of someone being passionately committed to a wrong belief who turned 180 degrees and became just as passionate for the Truth when he knew what it was. He said: " I was a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and insulting: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief."(I Tim. 1:13)

We see this in all of Christís disciples whose basic beliefs were changed. The "common people" gladly followed Jesus (Mark 12:37). It was the "church", i.e., the Pharisees who--for the most part--hated Him and sought His crucifixion. But, in spite of the religious establishmentís opposition, in Jerusalem "a great company of the Priests were obedient to the faith". (Acts 6:7) On the testimony of "the woman at the well" (John 4:6-44) practically a whole city dropped their former beliefs, recognized Christ as "the savior of the world", and followed Him (vs 39-44).

These are examples of people who made radical changes in their life-long beliefs. If they had lived in modern times and their life-long beliefs had been shaped by complete assurances that evolutionism was true and there was no Creator God, would they still have welcomed the Truth when it came? The examples tell us that they would change because they had hearts for the Truth and only needed to hear it to want it. Numerous other passages confirm that conclusion (Rom. 2:13-15; 5:13; Acts 10:34,35; Prov. 16:2; 20:11; etc.)

There is another Biblical example on this matter of God working with people who are willing to change when they know the Truth, but it fits better under the title just ahead....

Given this evidence for a willingness to follow Truth wherever it leads which logically will characterize a large percentage of present-day atheists, a second powerful reason to expect that such a shift will occur when Babylon Falls is this: Numerous doctrines attributed to the Bible and taught in churches depict God as virtually a fiend, or an inconsistent oaf, etc. The Dantean torture chamber Hell is but one egregious example (HERE). When these are cleared up and the true Biblical "Abba Father" (Daddy) characterization is realized (Rom. 8:15; Gal. 4:6), all barriers to change for the truth-seeking person will be gone.

As for Agnostics, the number is great, but who can even guess what it is? Basically, modern agnosticism is a compromise position which attempts to give some level of allegiance both to "science" and to God, especially where Origins are concerned. It is quite likely that an in-depth survey would reveal that many if not most of these folks already identify with some church or religion while not taking it too seriously and living basically worldly lives. As with everyone else, when Godís Judgment begins at the houses of God, if they are in there, they will have to get on Godís side or Satanís. Since Scripture makes it plain that there are people who will get on Godís side before the conclusion of the Fall of Babylon and the onset of the First Trumpet Plague (Rev.18:4), but who will renege and take the Mark in the Sixth Trumpet Reign of Terror (Rev. 14:9-11; 16:15), it is reasonable to imagine that former agnostics--whether nominally religious or not--may be well represented in that number. Time will tell...

#5 - The Role of the Jews In Spiritual Warfare

I am sorely tempted to give up on this before I start.... It simply is not possible to condense a 300-500 page subject into three or four pages. There is a lot of what needs to be said in Judaism vs Christianity: The War The Lamb Wins...a 350 page book (HERE).

Also, the first chapter of that book has been put on this web page. It includes about four dozen excerpts from The Babylonian Talmud. There is a link to that chapter on the web page or it can be accessed (HERE).

Of a thousand pertinent things that could be said about Jews and Christians, those dozens of citations from the Talmud will better and more quickly illuminate the irreconcilable differences that separate the Jew not only from the Christian, but from the Moslem and all the rest of mankind as well. One wonders how many Jews actually know the themes of vicious hatred, boundless arrogance, gross sexual perversion, silly superstition, flagrant blasphemy, degradation of females, insatiable rapacity, non-stop injustice, sickening self-righteousness...that are taught in the Talmud as being from God! It is certain that Christians have only rarely gotten a glimpse of these teachings, primarily because they appear in over sixty volumes and have never been available to the public.

By contrast--since much of it is anathema to them--one wonders how many Jews actually know that both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible contain precisely the opposite teachings of those found in the Talmud (and the Kabbala).

Note how diametrically opposed are these few examples of foundational teachings ... . The Talmud citations are in RED and The Bible citations in BLUE:

"Vicious hatred" of Jesus and His New Covenant: "Jesus was sent to hell, where he is punished by boiling excrement for mocking the Rabbis" (Gittin 56b), "The Gospels are to be burned; the New Testament is like blank paper" ( Shabbath 116a)*** Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41) and promised that the blindness of some Jews would be removed (II Cor. 3:13-16; Rom. 11:25-32; Rev.11:13).

"Arrogant superiority" over all who are not Jews: "Israelites possess 90% of all wisdom. The other 10% is spread out among the Gentiles" (Kiddushin 49b), "All Gentile children are legally bastards, since Gentiles are only animals" (Yebamoth 98a) [note that source of evolutionism!]*** God through Christ declares that "there is no respect of persons with Him" (Rom.2:11; Gal. 3:28).

"Gross Sexual perversion"..."If a man commits sodomy with a boy less than nine years old, they are not guilty of sodomy" (Sanhedrin 59b), Sexual intercourse with a girl less than three is nothing" (Kethoboth 11b) "Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden (Yebamoth 63a on Genesis 2:23) *** Male and female homosexuality are condemned as willful rebellion against God (Rom. 1:26-32: Hebrews 10:26 + several in Old Covenant: e.g., "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination" (Leviticus 18:22)... "Neither shalt thou [man or woman] lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith..." (v.23)...

"Silly superstitions", e.g., "The medicinal value of the excrement of a white dog" (Gittin 69b)..."Not burying cut fingernails causes miscarriages" (Moed Katan 18a) ... "Going seven days without a dream proves a person is evil" (Berakuth 14a on Proverbs 19:23) *** By way of contrast in the New Testament, Paul in Athens told the philosophers: "...I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious" (Acts 17:22).

"Flagrant Blasphemy", e.g., "God intervenes in a Rabbinic dispute and is logically defeated by a Rabbi. God proclaims the Rabbi the victor in the debate" (Baba Mezia 86a)... "The commands of the Rabbis are more important than the commands of the Bible. Whoever disobeys the Rabbi deserves death, and will be punished in hell with boiling excrement" (Erubin 21b) *** "...when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became conceited in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" (Rom.1:21,22)... "I am God, and there is none like me" (Isaiah 46:9) [There are a dozen of these!] "Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words [the Bible] shall not pass away" (Matt.24:35)

"Degradation of Females", e.g., "A Jewish male should thank God for not making him a woman or a Gentile" (Menahoth 43b)... "The birth of a girl is a sad occurrence" (Baba Bathra 16b) *** "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christís, then are ye Abrahamís seed, and heirs according to the promise" (Gal. 3:28,29)

"Insatiable Rapacity",e.g., "Property of the Gentiles is like the desert; whoever gets there first gets it" (Baba Bathra 54b). *** "If a thief be found entering the premises, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him" (Exod. 22:2); etc.

"Non-stop Injustice", e.g., "Gentiles are outside the legal protection of the Law of Israel" (Baba Kamma 38a). *** "Justice and judgment are the foundation of thy throne..." (Psalm 89:14)

"Sickening Self-righteousness", e.g., "All Israelites are righteous, and will inherit eternal life" (Sanhedrin 11:1)... "The deeds of Israel are righteous, but the Gentiles are capable only of sin" (Baba Bathra 10b). *** "For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 5:20). " know that everyone that doeth righteousness is born of him" (I John 2:29)

It is hard to believe that Jews in general are any more aware of the incredibly diabolic teachings in The Talmud than are Christians or Muslims or anyone else. Yet, there they are, accumulated and spread over many centuries by a certain faction of Rabbis intent on destroying not only the New Testament record of Rabbi Jesus (Jn. 1:38) as the dutiful and only begotten Son of Jehovah God, but also teaching mastery over all other peoples as sub-human animals. Who can fathom the amount of pain and grief that this malevolent collection of deception has caused Jews and the peoples of their host countries down through history?!

Yet, it was left to Rabbi Nachmanides writing in the mystical Kabbala in the 13th century to lay out three separate concepts ("scientific", eschatological, and political) that would work together to : a) Destroy Christianityís New Testament Foundation by destroying the credibility of the Old Testamentís Creation Account and thus the credibility of the whole Bible; b) Lay the framework for an elaborate corruption of End Time teachings amongst Christian evangelists which would give the Jews world control under the guise that Jesus will reign with the Jews in Jerusalem; c) Provide for the settlement of Palestine by non-Semitic Khazar/Ashkanazi "Jews" (Koestlerís "13th Tribe").

The "scientific" essentials for accomplishing letter "a" were described in what became the Relativity hypothesis of Einstein and was followed by the Big Bang, Expanding Universe paradigm of LeMaitre, Gamow, Penzias et al. (HERE)

As for letter "b", the heart of the eschatological twisting of Scripture to fashion the end-time doctrine of "Dispensationalism", (i.e., world rule from Jerusalem), and then establish that doctrine in fundamentalist Christian churches has been accomplished to an incredibly high degree. This has been done in spite of the fact that Scripture forbids that interpretation in several irrefutable ways (beginning HERE)....

The third goal, i.e., the "political" one (letter "c"), described a Jewish return to Palestine and Jerusalem, a return which was accomplished by the Zionist movement, and a return which--in the closest combination with the Millennialist doctrine of the Dispensationalist evangelicals (and some others)--has resulted in an alliance between the USA and Israel virtually against the rest of the world. This alliance is constantly promoted in the USA by Zionist lobbying and media control telling us about our trusted "democratic" ally in the Middle East (sic., Near East) and our "Judeo-Christian" heritage with the Khazar Zionists there. (Weíve just seen some examples of the hatred of Christians in the Talmud and in the anti-Christian Machiavelianism in the Kabbala. "Judeo-Christian" is a self-destructing hyphenation designed to further the Zionist agenda. By using unwitting fundamentalist Christian evangelicals nursed in their Seminaries since 1909 on Dispensationalist Doctrine from the Scofield Bible Notes, anti-Bible Zionist control of every important facet of American life--from Warburgís incredible cash-cow of the Federal Reserve system through a thousand Brandeises, Spielbergs, Einsteins, Kissingers, etc., the deed has been done. Nothing of importance happens in the Legislative, Judicial, or Executive branches of the US Government that doesnít have the stamp of approval of the Zionist Israel Lobby on it. Neither the reality nor the success of this strategy can be overstated....)

The fulfillment of these seemingly disparate ideas written by Rabbi Nachmanides over seven centuries ago makes Nostradamusí predictions pale by comparison! Indeed, their fulfillment goes well beyond the fantastic into the realm of something indisputably supernatural! If indisputably supernatural in origin, the only question that remains concerns the source of this supernatural input into those writings and the source of the supernatural input into the lives of those who have brought the Rabbiís visions to pass....

We must keep in mind that theoretical science--based on admittedly twisted mathematics and premeditated manipulation of technology to implant Relativist and Big Bang mythology into the "science" books as fact--has virtually accomplished its goals. The success of this enormous deception is far advanced in its goal of destroying the Creation Account in the Bible, and thus destroying the Bibleís credibility. That credibility has been the backbone of what billions of people in Western Christendom have accepted as Godís finalized plan for mankind, namely, the Plan set forth in the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

We must not forget either that theory-based eschatology has likewise overcome practically all opposition by enlisting so-called fundamentalist Bible-based Christian evangelism in the establishment of the Rabbiís vision of a global kingdom run by Christ-hating Jews headquartered in Jerusalem.

This very scenario has become a "donít limits" End Time "fact" of allegedly hard core Bible-based Christianity. The only amendment that these (not all!) Christians can make of the Rabbiís vision is that Jesus will be the King ruling the world with the Jews from Jerusalem. Since revenge against Jesus and destruction of New Testament Christianity is the overriding goal of the Zionist/Kabbala strategy, and since those strategists know (even if scores of millions of Christians donít!) that the whole idea of "Jesusí millennial Reign" is a huge deception, this amendment can be allowed; no problem. When the real plan comes to fruition, it will be too late for these Christians to do anything about it! (Jesus is to begin His rule in Jerusalem in this Zionist-promoted doctrine upon returning from seven years in the sky with raptured Christians which He is to bring with Him...another faulty doctrinal interpretation less than 200 years old that goes hand in glove with the rest of the Dispensational lie: HERE).

The reality for Jews and Christians alike to understand, however, is that this whole theoretical end-time construct comes to rest on the patently ridiculous conclusion that God originally intended for Jesus to fulfill Danielís 70 weeks prophesy and to rule the world as King of the Jews when He walked in Palestine almost 2000 years ago. But, as this theory goes, God changed His Plan because the Jews rejected Jesus and HE then allowed the crucifixion to take place because of that rejection. (See how the Rabbis win over God in these the Talmud teaches!!) God then had to get another plan in motion, so HE postponed His original Plan to make Jesus a date yet future (HERE) but one widely anticipated by Dispensationalist (& Talmudist/ Kabbalist!) evangelists! (vot a trick alreddy!)

Never mind that Scripture speaks plainly of "...the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" (Rev. 13:8). Never mind that Scripture tells us that "Known unto God are all of His works from the beginning of the world" (Acts. 15:18). Numerous other similar statements rule out any such "postponement - great parenthesis" interpretation. Never mind that the whole fabric of New Testament teaching: the atoning blood ending the sacrificial system and the Old Law and Jewish exclusiveness, the establishment of the Church, the coming of the Holy Spirit, et cetera, et cetera, is destroyed by this "postponement theory", otherwise known as "the great parenthesis theory" of Dispensation eschatology. BAH!

So, chalk up another one for Rabbis Miamonides and Nachmanides and their vision of an End-time scenario that would enlist Christians in the fulfillment of the Kabbalaís end-time plan at the expense of the Bibleís Plan!

As for that other part of the Rabbinate's vision, i.e., the "political" one which would bring the Jews to Palestine to be in position for an anticipated world rule from Jerusalem--i.e., the Zionist vision--it too has been accomplished. All that is lacking at this hour is some calamitous development (economic panic, an unexpected turn in the "war against terrorism", uncontainable escalation and threats of violence toward Israel...) to fast forward Zionist plans for a World Government seated in Jerusalem!

While Jews have a Talmudic mandate to deceive, cheat, hate, and kill Christians and (and other non-Jews) and rejoice that they have Jesus burning in excrement in their super-Draconian torture-chamber hell, the New Testament teaching about the right attitude of Christians toward Jews is precisely the opposite. Christians are admonished to be grateful for the role the Jews have had in Godís Eternal Plan, and to be patient with their blindness, to view them as sawn-off branches of an olive tree...some of which God will graft back in "for the fatherís sakes" (Rom.11:28).

So, upon which side will the Jews come down once it is broadcast globally that their Kabbalist/Talmudic teachings are the foundation of: a) The "false science" that underpins modern "knowledge"; b) The eschatology that underpins the dominant end-time teachings of fundamentalist Christianity; c) The Zionist "political" entity that controls the State of Israel...and has its super-power ally, the USA, in its hip pocket?

The only genuinely Scriptural answer that presents itself is one which tells that the "remnant" of the Jews who will have their blindness removed and welcome Jesus as their True Messiah--tragically but prophetically rejected by their 1st century Pharisaic religious leaders--is an answer that appears 3-1/2 days before the 7th Trumpet time frame of the Revelation (11:13). This is the only place in Scripture where a mass conversion occurs of people specifically referred to as "a remnant". It fits with Romans 11 and with all true Christianís desires to see God reward those who call themselves Jews "for the sake of the fathers"... when their blindness is lifted!

What this adds up to as far as whether the Jews will get on Godís side or Satanís side when Babylon Falls is this: They will initially get on Satanís side, but a "remnant" will get on Godís side just before the 7th Trumpet time frame.

It will be as it is written, and no amount of deviltry can make it be otherwise.

#6 - The Ultimate Choice For Everybody:

God or Satan

The groundbreaking work for the establishment of overt Satan worship that will characterize the now incipient One World Government has been accelerating wildly since about 1965. In addition to the machinations of the Theoretical Science Establishmentís sponsors, the chief bulldozers in this Biblically prophesied development have been what passes for music and the lyrics that go with them, books...a la the current Harry Potter witchcraft, an exponential increase in "horror" movies and TV productions with demonic themes of vampires and the like, and, of course, unlimited deviltry on the search engines and via unsolicited email. Throw in the mass dependency on drugs, the breakdown of culture-imposed restraints on blasphemous devil-pleasing behavior, the reinstitution of human slavery in many places, and on and on, and it is no stretch to say that a significant minority of the worldís populations would embrace overt Satan worship tomorrow if they thought it would be a viable option.

Consider then how quickly that minority could balloon to a majority of 60 or 70 percent or more...for that is precisely what the Bible scenario requires during the Fall of Babylon. Faced with the exposure and destruction of the deceptions upholding the newly seated Global Government, an economic panic of proportions possible only in a computer-dependent world (Rev.18:8-24) will force that Government with its leader--who seemed real nice but turns out to be "the Beast" (17:13; 13:4-8)--to openly embrace Satan worship (18:2; 13:2b, 4-8) and draw enough people to his side to "overcome the saints" (13:7: who obviously have not been raptured!) and continue to control the whole world. Everything seems to point to a strong majority being on the Governmentís side worshipping Satan and blaspheming God at the conclusion of the Fall of Babylon. Pick a percentage range.... I favor the 70-80% range.... Weíll see.

When will this happen? "One hour" after the prophesied Global Government Gang (GGG) gets its briefcases open (17:12). How long is that? The length of time it takes for Babylon (Satanís empire built on deceptions in every area of manís "knowledge") to be exposed and cause all those who "cannot receive a love of the truth" (II Thess.2:10) to come out the closet and get on Satanís side and, at the same time, draw all those who can receive those truths (or think its more prudent at that point) to get on Godís side. (The Fall of Babylon can be determined Scripturally to be about 2 or 3 months: HERE,  pp. 49,50. The full Scriptural picture of this Fall and all that follows through the 7 Trumpets, the "little season" of Satanís loosing, and on the last day of this Earthís history is easily followed in the 110 pages of Godís End Time DramaHERE.   Forget being raptured out to miss the trouble; the Rapture can not occur Scripturally until the last day of this Earthís history...just before this old earth is burnt up and vanishes into outer darkness never to be seen again--Rev.20:11--and just before the eternal New Earth with the New Jerusalem on it comes right down to where this one has been, i.e., at the center of the Heavens where God and the Lamb will dwell with those who are to spend eternity on that paradisaical New Earth and whatever parts of the New Heavens God chooses to populate throughout endless time. The Rapture: The Question Is "When"?  (HERE) will provide the Scriptures needed to prove that all the pre-trib rapture, "Left Behind" hype is just one of a dozen or more major End Time lies that will be exposed. In light of all this, those who wonder if the traditional teachings about heaven and hell are also Scripturally impossible and on Godís hit list, will want to consider these titles: Hell: Itís Not What You Think It Is (HERE) and Heaven: Godís Love Story (HERE).

#7 - Who Will Get On Satanís Side And Who Will Get On Godís Side

When Babylon Falls? And Why?!

Letís go down through the last six headings and see what we come up with. Starting with the "Geocentricity vs Heliocentricity Factor" (#1), this is, to my mind, the most significant observation that can be made on that subject: This issue alone is capable of being the trip-wire, the first domino, the plug in the drain that will cause the Fall of Satanís Empire (Babylon). Because of the universal acceptance of a rotating and orbiting earth as an inviolable scientific fact--and because that "inviolable fact" is as necessary to Kabbalistic Relativism and Big Bang Cosmology as eggs are to an omelet--its exposure as pure deception will prepare every mind for Godís forced revelation of ALL the other Bible-bashing deceptions which now permeate every facet of manís "knowledge".

When the Copernican Heliocentricity Model (CHM) is attacked, it will crumble. The Word of God is alive and powerful! It will not be falsified by "science falsely so called" or anything else, but will accomplish exactly what it was sent to accomplish! In spite of every false teaching, this world will pass away (HERE), but the Word of God will never pass away! (Luke 21:33)

From Copernicanism through Big Bangism, there is nothing upholding the Idol erected by The Theoretical Science Establishment but assumptions that have been given credibility by twisted mathematics, by science-fiction fantasies, and by the crowning deception today: the manipulation of computer technologies. The revelation that the Earth is not moving will have an impact that can not be overstated! As nothing else can, exposing the heliocentricity lie will jar the haughtiness out of all mankind and draw humble hearts to Godís Throne while it simultaneously identifies and drives those who hate truth and love lies to worship their real father, Satan.

The prophesy over 1900 years ago of a deception-ridden Global Government that would quickly be unmasked by Jesus and His "called, chosen, and faithful" (Rev.17:14) speaks of a God-directed operation that will force the division of the worldís populations into two factions. One faction will practice open blasphemy of God and open worship of Satan (Rev. 13:4,7). The other faction will consist of those who opt to be on Godsí side. This division--this ultimate dichotomy--is as close as the establishment (plus "one hour") of a "One World Government" (aka the "New World Order" and "The Age of Aquarius" by many).

The imminent fulfillment of this prophesy is plain even to the eyes of secular men. How much more so it should be to those with spiritual discernment! And to those with that discernment who will lay aside their present understanding of end-time matters, the truly Scripture-based eschatology will be readily grasped. It will also become immediately obvious why Godís Plan has called for letting Copernicanism do what it has done, i.e., create modern manís Idolatry of "science falsely so called". HE planned it that way just so He could destroy it (I Jn.3:8) and finish off this necessary earthly project for separating His Children from Satanís, and get on with that ineffably wonderful and eternal New Earth He promised those who love Him....


For the reasons given in # 2 "The Response of Organized Religion" to Babylonís Fall, the Scriptures strongly suggest that the percentages of those who ultimately opt for Satanís side will be surprisingly high. We stress ultimately because initially the likelihood is that while only some 25% of Christians will eagerly get on Godís side and remain committed to the end, a goodly percentage--maybe even 50% more--will get on Godís side for mixed reasons of which one will surely be that it just "looks" better...and another will be opportunistic...just figuring God will win out in the end.

All who do not stick it out for the right reasons will either cave in and take the Mark during the 6th Trumpet time frame or--escaping that--will reveal their true heart condition during "the little season" after the 7th Trumpet (HERE) and before the last day of this earthís history (Rev.9,10,11b) and will not be raptured. It isnít totally clear whether some of those who get on Godís side for less than the best reasons will become genuine followers sometime during the first five Trumpet Plagues (from which they are protected: 18:4) or not. It seems clear that there is a final choice during the mandated Mark period (14:9..). In any case, it also seems quite clear that the ultimate number on Godís side--those who "enlist" and remain faithful-- from organized Christian religions will not be much more than 1/4 of the estimated total of 1,800,000,000 who would call themselves Christians in the world today. Thatís 450, 000,000... Call it 500,000,000 or 16 to 17% of the world population.

The premise in all this is that when God brings about the Fall of Babylon all ideas, concepts, beliefs, practices, etc., that are contrary to the Bibleís position will be made clear to everyone in no unmistakable terms. In short, God will supernaturally mandate to the whole world during the Fall of Babylon that the Bible alone is exactly what it claims to be, namely, His very Words to mankind, the unbendable and irrevocable Truth on every subject it addresses.... Of all of Godís designs in heaven and earth, the revelation of The Designer Himself to all mankind is the only one that will endure throughout eternity (Luke 21:33). Here, alone in the Bible, resides the only standard for Absolute Truth given by God to mankind. Satan-twisted doctrines causing great misunderstanding will be exposed during the Fall of Babylon so that people of all beliefs with hearts for Truth will understand and worship and follow Him, and will refuse to worship and follow both Satan and his human head of the World Government. (The Old Testament foreshadowing of this kind of rebellion against Nebuchadnezzarís decree in Danielís time is pertinent.)

That this paragraph just "penned" will go over like a concrete cloud to people everywhere of other religions with other holy books and people with no religions who have their fully appreciated and understood here, be assured. Yet, honest men and women seeking Truth in the Bible and in all these non-Biblical belief systems can agree that--as an hypothesis at least--the Creator God who cannot be gotten rid of could have put His Perfect Plan for mankind in the Bible and allowed all the other belief systems to have their histories primarily for eternal reasons which HE worked out before creation, rather than temporary reasons that man sees and learns about and accepts or rejects during his brief life span.

Think about it.... What do you want God to be like? Do you want Him to be totally honest, fair, loving, and the provider of a Heaven where those qualities and those alone will be present in flesh and blood people (Is.66:22-24;etc.) eternally?? That is the Plan of Jehovah God of the Bible. Do you want God to be as exalted and majestic as you can conceive, but still able to actually know and feel how it really is to experience the best and the worst that all of the human beings that He created have experienced? Hasnít mankind throughout history wanted the best we think of when we think of family? (Forget the mythological "evolving" man...another monstrous deception from the Theoretical Science Establishment.) Havenít there been families with sons and daughters throughout all known history? Isnít it reasonable and logical to wish and to believe that the God of the Bible who created man and woman to have families would be expressing His own desire and nature in doing it that way?

Without exception, every person reading these lines was conceived in a motherís womb, became a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult. The Bible tells of a God who so loved the world that He Himself miraculously caused the conception in a motherís womb of a Son who became a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult. The Bible tells of a God Who loves children and families and has an Plan where all that is good and pure about life and love and happiness will be made eternally real. And, since He is God, He will carry out that Plan from start to finish.

Knowing that all manner of evil and even death had to be part of that Plan--lest man have no knowledge of He and Jesus did at the Creation (Genesis 3:22), and thus have no choices and be a mere robot--He worked His Plan from the six days of creation through The Flood, the Hebrews and the Old Law, and on down to Mary and Joseph. Then, when the fullness of time had come in His Perfect Plan, He sent His only begotten Son to fulfill that Plan of bringing sons and daughters into His eternal Kingdom where there will be no sorrow, pain, or dying...and no Devil to tempt with evil. This is the only Plan of all the others in the world that reflects a God with a love for His creation that goes so deep that He Himself would go through the agony of the cruel death of His own Son in order to make the Plan work.

And Jesus, that ever obedient and sinless Son.... What more can we say of Him than that He didnít want to die a young man...but to have His way would have made His Father a liar because of the many prophecies in the Bible which told about how He must die. These had to be fulfilled in order for the Word of God to remain flawlessly true and trustworthy...and for it to remain that way throughout eternity on that Eternal New Earth as the proof of the Fatherís trustworthiness. What father would not trust such a son and reward him gladly by putting him in charge of his business, his farm, his plans for all his descendants?? It is the same with Jehovah God of the Bible: He trusted His Son to follow His directions completely (John 4:34), and then rewarded Him gladly (as any earthly father would do) by putting Him in complete charge of His Plan to bring it to fulfillment (Matt.28:18; 1 Pet.3:22).

This is the God and the Plan that Jesus--whom the Bible states was manifested to destroy the works of the Devil: (I John 3:8)--will carry out when He overcomes the deceptions that uphold Satanís empire called Babylon (Rev.17:14). After bringing down the great edifice of deception which God allowed Satan to erect (II Cor.4:4) and which upholds his kingdom of Babylon, Jesus completes the Fatherís Plan by bringing this old earthís history to a close. He does this by subduing the Satan- empowered and Satan-worshipping World Government and Satanís necessary final stand through the "little season". Having thus "put down all rule and all authority and power" (I Cor.15:24), Jesus then makes Himself once again subject to His Father, Jehovah God (I Cor.15:28).

When fully fleshed-out with all the appropriate Scriptures, this brutally condensed overview tells of what will emerge from the Fall of Babylon and what will determine who gets on Godís side and who gets on Satanís side after that Fall. The Truth of it all will be made supernaturally plain to the whole world--starting with the creation truths emphasized on this web page: Rev. 14:6,7--to the destruction of this old sin-filled earth (II Pet. 3:10-13) and the beginning of the New sin-free Earth (HERE) where God the Father will dwell with His only begotten Son and a multitude without number of His adopted sons and daughters--half brothers and sisters to Jesus--in eternal family joy (Rom. 8:14-18,23; Gal. 4:4-7; Eph. 1:1-5).

When the doctrinal lies that Godís Plan allowed to be supernaturally brought into Christian churches (I Tim.4:1) are exposed along with all other deceptions during the Fall of Babylon, people worldwide will see what the Bible really says about Heaven, Hell, Salvation, Satan, the End Times, the Holy Spirit, and more. Once all this is made clear, those who have a heart for God and for Truth will love what they hear and want to be part of carrying out the rest of His Plan. It wonít matter if their church affiliation is blown away when these Truths come; it wonít matter to those who have been Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists, Taoists, Judaists, atheists, agnostics, etc.... All will know if the God of this Book is their God and get on His side...or if Satan--the god of all that opposes the Revealed Word--is their god and get on his side.


There is much in the Koran that agrees with the Bible. Even Jesus is honored as a Prophet. Once understood, the adjustment to seeing Jesus as the dutiful Son of God Who did only what the Father told Him to do (John 5:19,20), Who was rewarded with all power for doing it (Matt.28:18; I Pet.3:22), and Who gives that authority back to the Father for eternity when the job is done (I Cor.15:28), the transition will not be difficult for multiplied tens of millions who follow Islam today. I personally will be surprised if fewer than 250 millions donít follow Christ to the end after Babylon falls. Maybe even half or more will do so. I hope so, for many of their teachings are pleasing to God and only need to be brought into line with the Bible. Some of those teachings are not from God--the place of women, the nature of heaven, the Sonship of Jesus, for example--and must be changed and repented of.  All who have followed Islam--who truly had hearts for loving God and Truth--and who have died before Babylon falls and the Truth about Jesus is revealed, God has provided for (I John 2:29; John 5:28,29) after the dead in Christ are raised (I Thess. 4:16). (These Biblical truths reveal some of the most grievously wrong teachings in Christian churches about resurrection day and who can and will receive eternal life in heaven. These wrong teachings and their subversive retardation of the spread of Bible-based Christianity will be exposed and the Truth received with joy unspeakable by hundreds of millions when Babylon Falls HERE - HERE....)

The same teachings apply to the multiplied millions from the polytheistic, evolution-based Hindu religion who will accept Godís Plan through Jesus when they understand and get on His side. The same can be said of Buddhism and its offspring of Shintoism, and of Taoism, and others. Multiplied millions will end up on both sides in the final few years of this earthís history after Babylon Falls.

Those presently embracing Judaism and accepting the dominance of the Talmud/ Kabbala teachings over those of even the Old Testament of the Bible (not to mention their total rejection of the New Testament of Jesus as the Christ), are small in numbers (perhaps 20 million or so in the whole world), but they nevertheless exert a control over world affairs that exceeds that of the most powerful and populous nations. This is a very real phenomena, and it is one that Jews are taught is real because they are the Chosen People of God. Once, in Godís two-stage Perfect Plan, they had that honor according to the Old Testament of the Bible. But--as any tribe of people would have done, and as God foreknew they would--they blew it. This they did and had to do in order to make way for Godís "more glorious" Plan (II Cor. 3:3-16) whereby all people everywhere are invited on an equal basis, i.e., where "whosoever will" can come and drink of the water of eternal life freely (Rev. 22:17).

So, when the whole Truth comes to all the world during the Fall of Babylon, will some Jews get on Godís side and others on Satanís side as will happen in the apostate Christian churches and in other religions and with atheists around the world? As noted under heading #5, this division will happen but not as with the others when Babylon Falls, but rather will take place even more suddenly some three years plus after that Fall at the end of the Sixth Trumpet time frame as described in Revelation 11:13. Because their total population is small, the number of those who finally and wholly accept Jesus as the Messiah will not be great, but the eternal significance will be great indeed.


For the reasons stated under heading #3, there is solid reason to believe that atheists may end up with the greatest percentage of their numbers opting for Godís side when the magnitude of deceptions surrounding "science falsely so called" and the warping of Bible teaching by church doctrines, etc., is revealed. (HERE)

Given that the Satan-empowered World Government maintains its global control under extreme duress, it seems clear that something around 3/4 of the worldís population (c.4-1/2 billion) will get on Satanís side at the conclusion of the Fall of Babylon and around 1/4 (c. 1-1/2) billion will get on Godís side. Since the death toll on the Satan-worshipping side is said to be 1/3 of their total number in the triple-decimation of the 6th Trumpet alone--and several other millions, including their human leaders, die at Armageddon--it is Scripturally sustainable that the last day of Godís End Time Drama will include the destruction of some three billion Satan worshippers. (The HELL book (HERE) provides Scriptural proof that neither the eternal torture chamber teaching nor the annihilation teaching about hell is from God. This is another major doctrinal correction that will come to pass when Babylon Falls. )

There is a Goshen-like protection from the Plagues that fall on the Satan worshippers while apparently none on Godís side are killed or die from any causes during the entire time frame...with two notable exceptions. Those exceptions are during the second half of the 6th Trumpet period when the Mark of the Beast decree is implemented by the Government, and on the very last day of this earthís history when some who have escaped detection that far but whose ungodly natures have been revealing themselves (Matt. 24:44-51) will find that they are truly "left behind" at the Rapture. What the numbers involved in those two necessary defections will be is, of course, uncertain. Since the precise figure of one-third is given for the supernaturally directed slaughter of the Satan-worshippers (Rev. 9:15-20), it is possible that this same fraction on Godís side will be martyred during the Mark period, i.e., some 500,000,000... Of these, The Two Martyrs are the last and they complete the martyr roster in heaven where they and all the martyrs that have been killed "for the witness of Jesus, and for the Word of God" will be the first to be resurrected (Rev.11:7; Rom.11:25; Rev.6:10,11;20:4,5; 15:1-5). These developments and those few that follow, begin with Godís destruction of the mountain of deceptions erected by "science falsely so called" when Babylon Falls....


Thus we reach The Bottom Line About The Origin Of The Universe And All Life.

The malevolent fruit produced by the Theoretical Science Establishmentís control over both the cosmological and the biological sciences is reaching the end of a Biblically allotted time frame, a period which began with Copernicus and ends in The Fall of Babylon, i.e., just weeks after a Global Government is seated. God laughs at all the vain efforts of men to alter His Perfect Plan for mankind (Psalm 2:4). The hope here is that the foregoing pages have spoken to all whoís sole desire is to be on Godís side when the "war the Lamb wins" (Rev.17:14) separates them from those who will make Satan their god and who will end up sharing his fate....


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