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The Desperate Embrace of The Panspermia Hypothesis

Tells the World About the Plight

of Evolutionary Theories

   There is poetic justice in the fact that the world leader of the Panspermia hypothesis is also one of the most articulate destroyers of Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian evolutionism!  With his mentor Sir Fred Hoyle in full agreement, Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe was cutting the legs off of Darwinists and neo-Darwinists in good form as early as 1981.  In that year he testified on the side of Creationists in a Trial contesting the evolution monopoly in the Public Schools of the State of Arkansas.

   His motive was made clear throughout: Though on the side of the Creation Scientists in the Trial, he was anything but their ally; rather--though skillfully and boldly eviscerating all early and modern forms of Darwinism--Prof. Chandra W. was carefully laying the foundation for a switch of the entire evolution paradigm from Darwin et al to the Wickramasinghe- Hoyle model of Panspermia. Or, in plain words; in order to make his real point, he said that all the labored efforts of evolutionary scientists from Darwin to Gould to explain how life on earth began are complete failures...that, in fact, there simply is no science to support the idea that life began on earth and evolved from that beginning.

   To that, all Creationists can give a whoop of approbation. Itís true. If ever anything at all is true, that is true.

   But, reign in the applause Creationists.... This Buddhist Dude (along with agnostic Hoyle) has been working on this Panspermia Sucker Punch for over forty years and it will give cauliflower ears to any Creationist steeped in anti-Darwinist science who happens to get in its way. This punch will rattle their teeth and mess up their heads. They will be out there uppercutting the referee and jabbing at the ring posts. They are not prepared to defend themselves adequately against this sucker punch by using what has been historically the two most effective anti-Darwinism punches they have in their repertoire.

   Those one-two punches are the backbone of the Creationist strategy for exposing and defeating evolutionism. First, they set up their opponent with a left feint to the jaw by pointing out the contra-scientific basis of evolutionism which rests on the assertion that life arose out of dead matter in a "primordial soup" thus violating the Law of Biogenesis. Off balance, and too late to duck, the opponent sees the haymaker right cross heading for his jaw, namely: The deadly reality of the inexplicable sudden appearance in the fossil record of highly developed life forms with no antecedents. This combination usually puts evolutionist debaters on the canvas for the full count.

   But these knockout punches have no effect against Wickramasingheism! Wicky agrees with them!! Darwinism cannot explain how life got on earth, he testifies repeatedly and tellingly! Period. No argument! So much for the planned left feint to the jaw! And Iíve got another, better explanation for the sudden appearance of those developed life form, he avers. Phooey! Now the haymaker canít be landed either!

       Here are a few examples of Dr. Wís disarmingly clever stratagem, a stratagem pooh poohed by most evolutionary scientists at first, but one now picking up steam and one that is fully capable of running vulnerable Darwinism off the road--especially if it gets into real trouble somewhere--before many moons pass. Testifying in Arkansas, Dr.Wickramasinghe gave several pages of comments which show how his theory not only nullifies the use of the deadly one-two punches of the Creationists, but how it also sets up an altogether different evolutionary paradigm. This theory takes the origins subject largely out of an Earth context where the Creationists have bayonets fixed, and puts the matter over into not only the far reaches of the solar system, but on out into deep space where astrophysicists and astronomers hold the high ground and invite a conventional attack. Creationists cough on the backs of their hands and call for back-up. They donít realize that--where evolutionism is concerned--the main battleground has definitely shifted from Earth to Space! Letís look at a few examples from Wickramasingheís testimony:

The facts as we have them show clearly that life on Earth is derived from what appears to be an all pervasive galaxy-wide living system. Terrestrial life had its origins in the gas and dust clouds of space, which later became incorporated in and amplified within comets. Life was derived from and continues to be driven by sources outside the Earth, in direct contradiction to the Darwinian theory that everybody is supposed to believe.. ..( - Chandra Wickramsingheís Testimony in Arkansas, p.3; emph. added here and throughout)

Frequent and massive gaps in the fossil record and the absence of transitional forms at the most critical stages in the development of life show clearly that Darwinism is woefully inadequate to explain the facts.... (p.3)

...This glaring incongruency is in strict defiance of Darwinism.... (p.5)

Yet perhaps the most significant single difficulty associated with the neo-Darwinist view of life is that microorganisms are far too complicated.... Let us consider how these enzyme sequences could have been derived from a primordial soup containing equal proportions of the 20 biologically important amino acids. At a conservative estimate say 15 sites per enzyme must be fixed to be filled by particular amino acids for proper biological function. The number of trial assemblies needed to find this set is easily calculated to be about 10^40,000. This latter number could be taken as a measure of the information content of life [and it] exceeds by many powers of 10 the number of all the atoms in the entire observable Universe.... (p.5)

....even if the chemical barriers for the linkages are artificially and miraculously removed, the really vast improbability of 1 in 10^40,000 poses a serious dilemma for the whole of evolutionary science.... (p.5)


In our view [Hoyleís and his] every new inheritable property that appears in the course of the evolution of species must have an external origin. Although apes and man admittedly have much in common, biochemically, anatomically and physiologically, they are at the same time a world apart.. We cannot accept that the genes for producing great works of art or literature or music, or developing skills in higher mathematics emerged from chance mutations of monkey genes long ahead of their having any conceivable relevance for survival in a Darwinian sense. Just as for the case of the most primitive life on our planet, all these properties had to be implanted from the outside. If the Earth were sealed off from all sources of external genes: bugs could replicate till doomsday, but they would still only be bugs: and monkey colonies would also reproduce but only to produce more monkeys....(p.5)

   Well?! Say what you will, Wickramasinghe knows that Darwinian evolutionary Ďscienceí is not science at all and that it is simply incapable of explaining how life got to be on Earth in the first place; nor can it explain how a very small bug accidentally got born and became man and all else that lives...including all plant life. In short, Darwinism--as many many millions have known since it was launched--is an absolutely factless mythology endorsed and spread everywhere as Ďscienceí. It is a counterfeit explanation of the origin of mankind and all other life forms which is designed to undermine and ultimately destroy Bible credibility and thereby destroy all of its teachings (...most particularly those relating to Jesus and the New Testament)....

   But, as is equally plain in the Hoyle-Wickramasinghe Panspermia Paradigm (HWPP), its authors are not about to bow to Creationism by a Creator. Rather, they are merely proposing a different mechanism which cashiers Darwinism but still helps get evolutionists out of the corner they have been painted into by the facts. Notice a few more comments by Dr. W. given in an interview in Oct. 2000, some 19 years after the quotes above:

"The general view still prevailing is that although life could easily be transported, terrestrial life must have begun on Earth. There is no logic that demands that [conclusion] and at the present time all the evidence is against that point of view. ( - Panspermia Q and A: Leading Proponent Chandra Wickramaginghe, p 1)

The survival properties of bacteria under extreme conditions show clearly the feasibility of transferring microbial life across galactic distances. On the other hand, the emergence of life from a primordial soup on the Earth is merely an article of faith [for evolutionists] that scientists are finding difficult to shed. There is no experimental evidence to support this at the present time. (Ibid., pp.1,2)

...The odds against microbes surviving such a space journey pales into insignificance when compared with the insuperable odds against starting life anew in a warm little pond on the Earth. (Ibid., p.2) [Dr. W. ignores a dilemma he ascribes to Darwinists which applies equally to the origin of his "microbes" in space. Note the trap he sets for himself a few paragraphs back: "...even if the chemical barriers for the linkages are artificially and miraculously removed, the really vast improbability of 1 in 10^40,000 poses a serious dilemma for the whole of evolutionary science....(p.5) In short, the Panspermia idea doesnít solve anything. It just transfers into outer space the same central problem of biognesis that has always had Darwinists by the throat....]

   Asked how life started if not on Earth, and what the most likely sequence of events would be that led to life on Earth, Wickramasinghe listed four sequential stages of his (and Hoyleís) Panspermia paradigm. Notice the quantum leaps in assumptions based on a Kabbalist Big Bang Evolutionary Universe:

1) Life got started on a cosmological scale including the combined resources of all the comets around all the stars in all the galaxies of the entire universe.

2) Once started, the robustness of life as demonstrated in the recent articles ensures its essential immortality. It survives and is repeatedly regenerated in the warm watery interiors of comets. The space between stars is littered with cometary debris, some of which contains the seeds of life.

3) Comets arriving at the Earth from the 100 billion strong Oort cometary cloud of our solar system brought the first life onto our planet some 3,800 million years ago.

4) Evolution of life on the Earth was directed by the continued arrival of cometary bacteria, bacteria which must still be arriving at the present time. (Ibid.)

   The final question was: Where do you think it is most plausible that the seeds for terrestrial life would have come from? ...Mars, Europa, Titan...??

There might have been some local transfers of microbes...But these are minor aspects of Panspermia. The main transfer is comets to interstellar and interplanetary space, back to comets, amplification in comets, transfer from comets to all prospective habitats on planets and planetary satellites. (Ibid., pp.2,3) [Mythology 502 ??]


   That is the Panspermia explanation for the origin and "development" of life on Earth as given by its leading proponent, Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology. Co-proponent, SIR Fred Hoyle, world renowned astronomer, says the same things. Like Dr. W., Sir Fred was steeped in Darwinism but later ruled it out and embraced Panspermia as the only viable alternative. Note his comments:

One fortunate aspect is that my father was a direct believer in Darwinís theory. He used to tell me it was a wonderful thing, the greatest thing in science.... I never got into panspermia, in fact, I didnít believe it at all. I thought it was a lot of nonsense all through the years. Until in 1975--thatís when I got involved.... I came on the page of a diagram, a drawing of a bacteria that had been dried out.... We [Dr. W. & I] discovered that...most of our difficulties immediately disappeared.... (, Interview with Fred Hoyle, July 5, l996, by Brig Klyce, pp.2,3,)

   Just how deeply the Panspermia Paradigm is impacting home-grown and deep space theories about the origin and development of all life forms, may be debatable. Certainly the concept goes all the way to Wackyville and back; but so does home-grown Darwinism...and look how far it has come!

   The one thing that isnít debatable in all this is that true science has long since been abandoned by the NASA-led Space efforts centered on their "Origins Program". Marvelous things are done with real science technology in Space, of course. But basically that technology is only being used as a means to an end which is to achieve the goals of the Theoretical Science Establishment (TSE), which goals-- whether realized or not by todayís Big Bang cosmologists--are: a) Totally assumption-based; b) Totally dependent upon the heliocentricity assumption of a rotating earth; c) Directly derived from ancient mystic Kabbalism of the religion of Pharisaic Judaism (HERE).

Just envision the conundrum facing cosmologists/cosmogonists: Evolutionism is the heartbeat of the NASA-led "Origins Program". Modern space "science" is completely focused on finding and reporting signs of evolved life. At present, the Big Bang paradigm rules the roost, even though it really only became textbook-worthy after the highly suspicious "confirmation" by Penzias et al in 1965. But beyond that, Big Bangism is increasingly vulnerable to attack by professional scientists and, additionally, faces the ever-present threat that its Kabbalist roots will be exposed and thus expose modern cosmology as little more than another "religious" explanation for all that explanation that is overtly anti-Bible (and anti-Koran, for that matter)....

Balance those looming dilemmas against this upside fact: The Panspermia idea presents a welcome way of escape for evolutionary ideologues who will refuse to accept hard evidence of the scientific impossibility of Darwinist evolution kick starting life on an ancient Earth (and the logical concomitant of a recent Creation by a God who has an eternal Plan for mankind). Whether locked into classical uniformitarian Darwinism or advocates of Gouldís Punctuated Equilibrium, their position has no real data and is vulnerable to a purely scientific attack without even mentioning the Bible. This brings up another Panspermia plus for such recalcitrant evolutionary ideologues, namely that the main weight of the whole evolutionary concept has moved from Earth to Space and Panspermiaism provides a quasi- mechanism for extraterrestrial evolutionism which they desperately need if Darwinism is forced to be relegated as quietly and deftly as possible to that bulging ash-heap of discarded pseudo-scientific hypotheses.

But!... Panspermiaism has a tremendous downside for current cosmological "truth" in that it is based on a Steady-State cosmology rather than a Big Bang Expanding Universe cosmology! This fact alone undercuts the whole Kabbalist connection, which may be the determining factor in a shootout. Also, a whole lot of ignominious crow-eating would be required of the conventional Darwinist Establishment if it had to abandon a century and a half of evolutionary dogmatism about how life started and evolved on earth and has been working in space for billions of years. It would be tricky for Darwinists to suddenly embrace the Panspermia solution in order to save some face if their rickety theory begins to collapse.

There is no solution to this many faceted and intrinsically lethal conundrum facing both home-grown and extraterrestrial evolutionism....Are we talking "a house divided" here?! The potential is certainly there!


   Obviously, since not even the first piece of real proof of evolutionism on Earth is available, ALL Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian "scienceí remains in the category of the "theoretical". This category--having no indisputable data whatever after millions of fossils and generations of effort--should, by definition, be called by its real name, i.e., "hypothetical", not "theoretical, and, by no means should it ever be called "factual"... which, of course, is now a common practice.

   Then, even more obviously, since the first piece of real proof of evolutionism, comet-borne or not--outside of Earth remains totally absent (all the hype notwithstanding), it is time for both of these desperate hypotheses to be exposed for what they are and for what they are doing. The inner circle of the Theoretical Science Establishment is, after all, open chiefly only to atheists, agnostics, Kabbalists, Buddhists, and other assorted Bible bashers. Itís time to let that be known to all who have any real interest in what is going on in the name of space "science". (Honest Atheists et al who are aware neither of the contra-scientific nature of evolutionism nor the Kabbalistic origins of Big Bangism will want to consider the link entitled: "Atheism: Now A Misnomer" (HERE).


   The entire literate world has been programmed through "education" and all avenues open to the various media to view "Science" with a certain detached awe. "Science" is "objective", one learns early on. "Scientists" search relentlessly and altruistically for ways to upgrade and enlighten all mankind. "Scientists" stay away from "subjective" beliefs which appeal to peopleís emotions and opinions and superstitions. They stick to the objective facts which the Scientist labors to uncover. And so on, ad nauseum....

   What unadulterated balderdash! Members of every "discipline" represented in the Theoretical Science Establishment have a tremendous stake in protecting their realms of power and influence. When it comes to protecting that power and influence their goals are not one whit more altruistic than the goals of a teacher or truckerís union, or a bankerís consortium. Anyone who thinks biologists, physicists, astronomers, et al wonít rise as one to protect their interests, however corrupt they may be shown to be, has swallowed the excellent Public Relations blather about "scientists" with which we were all, ah, educated.... (The Earth Is Not Moving book has some doosies on this about other physicists!)

   Imagine, if you will, the effects on the Natural Science subjects wherein textbooks have presented evolutionism as a foundational teaching about the origins of the earth, about how sediments and rocks and fossils declare its age to be over four billion years...and when and how plant and animal life appeared, etc.... Itís been there in biology, botany, geology, anthropology, etc., for over two generations at least. Itís the first chapter in World History books. It canít be escaped in universities, in tax-supported schools, nor most private schools, nor even in most Church-supported schools, and certainly not on TV!

   No real threat to the immensely powerful and pervasive Science Establishment which protects and promotes the Evolution Paradigm has been or will be tolerated. No "other religion" has ever been so powerful globally. The Evolution Paradigm dominates and controls all these "science disciplines" (and a hundred ancillary operations) and it must be and has been protected with every powerful resource available when any threat appears.

   Normally, when an uprising against the evolution monopoly threatens--as in Kansas most recently, and Arkansas, Louisiana, and other states in the USA, and ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court in Ď87--the ACLUís stable of lawyers intervene and put out the fire. Anyone who knows anything about evolutionism knows that if the solid scientific evidence were allowed to be presented in court or in a ten-hour TV series, evolutionism would be revealed to be a gargantuan lie that has poisoned the minds of several generations of children (and adults!) about the most basic Truth of all, their very Origin. Indeed, if the contrary evidence were taught and broadcast, Darwinian evolutionism would quickly be exposed as the animistic Pagan myth that it is because--as even Wickramasinghe admits--it cannot be defended scientifically as an explanation for life on earth.


   So, as stressed throughout, evolutionism and heliocentricity-based cosmology [cosmogony] are inextricably intertwined and absolutely interdependent. It doesnít matter whether it is Darwinism or Wickramasingheism-Hoyleism calling itself "science" and trying to explain the origin and evolution of life on Earth; both are inextricably intertwined and absolutely interdependent on either a Big Bang Paradigm (the current preference) or a resurgent Steady State Paradigm (the Panspermia preference). Either way, the assumption-based development of these daily more exotic claims about deep space origins and evolution are--like the cosmology within the "solar system"--totally dependent upon the continued reliance upon the assumptions of a rotating and orbiting Earth. These motions have not been observed or otherwise experienced or confirmed.

   Though all such claims about deep space evolutionism are absolutely indispensable to the maintenance of the Heliocentricity Model, all are assumptions from start to finish (HERE).. In sharp contrast, the Geocentrism Model (The Biblical Model) consists of a stationary Earth with the Sun and the Stars traveling as observed, i.e., East to West (begin HERE; Also, check HERE). Both observation and experiment attest to the truthfulness of the Biblical Model. It requires no assumptions (HERE). Since the very root meaning of the word "science" (scire) is "to know", and the only sure way we can know anything for certain is through observation, the non-moving earth Model ipso facto has the stronger claim to the label "scientific" than the assumption-based and mathematically contrived Heliocentricity Model. This contrivance--and all the deep space chicanery built on it--is as vulnerable as the evolution myth it spawned. The days of both scientific frauds are numbered....


   PART II of: "The Theoretical Science Establishment Controls Cosmological and Biological Sciences" is entitled:  "The History of Big Bangismís Triumph: A Comedy of Errors".  It can be accessed HERE.