Still misunderstood by millions of Christians, this subject is perfect for demonstrating how plain Bible teaching can be twisted into a false doctrine and made a pillar of "truth" in more than one church.

The problem on this subject--as on any other church doctrine--is not so much what is taught, but what is taught as the Word of God when it isnít. As with all doctrines, Bible integrity is what is at stake. If a doctrine is truly Biblical it must be trumpeted far and wide. The Bible says to do that. If a doctrine is truly unBiblical but is taught as Biblical, it must be exposed. All false doctrines are the work of demonic specialists (I Tim.4:1). Jesus was manifested to destroy such works, and destroy them He shall (I John 3:8).

The central argument of the teaching that the Bible forbids the drinking of alcoholic beverages is this: The "wine" drunk by Jesus (Lk.7:33,34), deacons (I Tim.3:8), elders (I Tim.3:3), old women (Titus 2:3), and at communion was some kind of non-alcoholic grape juice. Otherwise--if the wine had alcoholic content, that is--then Jesus approved by making 150 gallons or so for a party, elders, deacons, and old women can imbibe moderately, Paul prescribed it (I Tim.5:23) and the communion cup had alcoholic content. All this is intolerable to some folks, so they insist the wine was grape juice.

Nevertheless,the grape juice doctrine is rendered non-sensical by plain Scripture over and over. Still, undaunted by what the Bible really says on the subject, many a preacher has hammered home the idea to trusting millions that the Bible teaches that all drinking is sin and will send one to hell.

That the absurdity of saying that Jesus made 150 gallons of grape juice for the wedding party (after all the other "grape juice" had been consumed), or that Jesus was called a "winebibber" (Lk.7:33,34) because He drank grape juice; or that deacons and old women were admonished not to drink "much" grape juice, etc., is--aside from being patently contra-Scriptural--just nutty.

The plain teaching of the Bible is that Jesus and everybody else mentioned (except those under a Nazarite vow) drank wine with alcoholic content. The Bible teaches that--IN MODERATION--alcoholic beverages are gifts from God "...that maketh glad the heart of man" (Ps.104:14,15), and that they help alleviate a variety of aches and pains (I.Tim.5:23). The Devil has not only succeeded in stealing these benefits from multitudes, but has put a huge guilt trip on millions who believed the false teaching, drank some alcoholic drinks, and--thinking they were going to hell anyway--became drunkards. False doctrines NEVER produce good results.

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