He was a murderer from the beginning ,and abode not in the Truth, [why?]
because there is no Truth in him. ( John 8:44)  Satan knows "he hath but a short time" (Rev.12;12).
He knows that he will end up as a preserved museum piece outside the gates of the New Jerusalem (22:15), there for eternity being "looked upon and considered" by
God’s Children for his role in this earth's history. (Is.14:16; 66:24)

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As the curtain goes up on God’s End Time Drama, His "called, chosen, and faithful" followers
will spread some long buried, but vital Truths about Satan and God’s reason for creating him.
Like all Truths that must come forth, this one will DIVIDE people into two camps
(II Thess.2:10,etc.)
One camp will be
Satan worshippers (Rev.13:4; etc.). The other camp will be Christians (13:7,15-17).       

Dynamite!! These Truths couldn't be understood until the computer age!

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