As everyone who hasn’t been living in a cave knows, Satan worship is a reality world wide and spreading rapidly. This phenomenon (along with a dozen other biggies!) certifies the accuracy of Biblical prophesy, and guarantees that Scriptures bearing on the End Time are about to kick in.

    As with virtually all major Bible Doctrines, the distortion in the churches about Satan’s true nature is universal, dangerous, and unnecessary. It is time to expose false teaching about Satan and bring out the Bible facts.

    Fact One: Satan was not created "good" and then turned "bad" as most churches teach. "He [Satan] was a murderer FROM THE BEGINNING, and abode not in the Truth, BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM....(John 8:44). "...the devil sinneth FROM THE BEGINNING" (I John 3:8).

    Fact Two: Satan is a fabricated entity who does not have the breath of life that mankind has. His life is in his unintelligible concept until our computer age. His makeup and appearance are described in detail from his outer covering to his internal workings in Ezekiel 28:13-19. The Hebrew on the key words tells it all.

    Fact Three: Satan is God’s antithesis, the perfect tool created by the omniscient God to make possible the working out of His Perfect Plan...from Creation to the Cross and the Resurrection and the New Earth. God knows all evil (Gen.3:22) but chose never to lie (Titus 1:2). His creation of air-breathing mankind with free-will was different from His creation of the robotic angels, programmed to do what they do. Man--in God’s Plan--can choose good over evil (and even come--like God--to abhor evil. Is 66:24). Thus, God can and will have eternal children truly in His Image. Satan--as "perfect" evil--is essential to God’s Plan for the eternal New Earth.

    Fact Four: Satan will not rule over an eternal hell populated with billions agonizing in flames. The Dantean torture chamber hell is a monstrous contra-Scriptural lie. Though allowed to be "god of this world" (I Cor.4:4) till his job is done, Satan knows "he hath but a short time" (Rev.12:12), that he will be terminated (Rev.20:10), and that he will be preserved on the New Earth (with all other ("carcases") transgressors Is 66:24) to be "looked upon [Is.14:16] and considered" by God’s children as the eternally perfect lesson against evil.

    Details on these Bible facts and many others urgently needed at this hour can be found in: SATAN: WHAT MAKES HIM TICK? Click here.