People who believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God know that Jesus will come in the clouds one day and "rapture" the dead in Christ and those who are alive and belong to Him to meet Him in the air..."and so shall we ever be with the Lord".

    This is exactly what will happen; no doubt about it. I do not question whether this will happen or not. It will happen.

    But WHEN will this miraculous "beaming up" take place?? At what point in the sequence of End Time Events must the fulfillment of the promise in I Thessalonians 4:13-18 take place??

    These are the questions for which unmistakably Biblical answers are urgently needed.

When the pre-trib, mid-trib, and even post-trib doctrines are seen to be SCRIPTURALLY IMPOSSIBLE, the incredible tangle of confusion they have caused in the Body of Christ is immediately swept away. That done, the Scriptural Truth of the matter is then revealed in a stark and simple clarity that only God could have authored so long ago (HERE - HERE - HERE)..

    If you are one of perhaps 300 million Christians who believe you will be raptured out to escape the tribulation (Rev.13,etc.), PLEASE discover for yourself from plain Bible teachings that this is not possible! Christians will be sealed and exempt from the plagues (Rev.18:4) that are coming upon the overt Satan worshippers (Rev.13:4-8). Yes, yes! BUT, the "Saints" haven't gone anywhere (V.7)!  More, they are still here during the Mark of the Beast period as Rev. 13:15-17; 14:9-12; 16:15 and the links above and this one (HERE) make clear!

It is URGENT that Christians deceived on the time of the Rapture find out the Scriptural Truth FOR THEMSELVES, viz., that this great event will occur on the very last day of this earth’s history, and not one day sooner!  Read: THE RAPTURE: THE QUESTION IS "WHEN"?... along with the links above and be freed from the "Imminent Secret Rapture"  deception. click here....