Straining At A Gnat and Swallowing A Camel

Did Jesus come in 70 AD? Did the "lightening come out of the east, and shine to the west in 70 AD? (Mt.24:27) Did "every eye see Jesus" return in 70 AD? (Rev.1:7) Why no witnesses world wide?? Did the extensive 7 Trumpet plagues fall on Nero and end in Armageddon? Did Nero govern the entire world as the Bible says the Beast must do? (Rv.13:3-7;11:9,10).  Preterits are in for a rude awakening!

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There are two major escapist doctrines that have tens of millions of Christians hiding their heads in the sand. The first is pre-trib rapture Millennialist Dispensationism. The other is the Preterit View. 

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