THE PRETERIT VIEW: (One Page Summary)

  Dating the writing of the Book of the Revelation is the first order of business for those who hold the Preterit View (that “end time” Scriptures were fulfilled with the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD). Preterist Dr. Gentry put it this way: “...the matter of Revelations date of composition is CRUCIAL to the correct [preterit] understanding of the book...the matter of dating is ALL-IMPORTANT to the identity of the Beast [of Revelation].” (Gentry: The Beast of Revelation, pp.6,7.)

The bottom line here is that Preterists themselves understand that their model cannot even exist without a composition date for the Revelation somewhere between late 64 and early 68 AD. That is the only way their model can try to cast the Emperor Nero or anyone else in the role of the Beast....

This admission by itself is enough to run up the odds against this eschatological hypothesis to about 1000 to 1. In addition to the fact that an impressive list of scholars date the composition around 95 AD, the early date--absolutely necessary, remember--even if true, simply can’t explain the load of Scriptures that must be laid on it. The martyr problem alone (Rev.6:11 & 20:4) is enough to cause Preterits to abandon ship. There are a couple dozen other Scriptural torpedoes capable of sinking that model which can’t be squeezed in here but are found in the 90 page book titled above and available below.

A new star in the Preterist camp, John Noe, writes that “John of Gischala” fits “the man of sin” label (II Thess.2:3,4) better than Nero. Having sawn off the limb on which Dr. Gentry and most Preterists have always sat, Noe proceeds to twist Scripture right out of its socket, ignoring the Greek connotations on key words that bring his rickety structure down. The Preterit effort to turn events that are unmistakably MODERN AND GLOBAL into events that are ANCIENT AND REGIONAL is not just a hermeneutical speed bump that can be ridden over; it is a wall that stops the whole paradigm in its tracks.

The Preterit folks--having seen thru the egregious errors of Dispensationalist and other Pre-Millennialist eschatologies--have made the false and unfortunate assumption that those are the only futurist interpretations possible. The only alternative, they avow, is the Preterit View, and they strain and sweat mightily to cram the whole end time business into a box labeled: “Distant Historical Past: 70 AD.” Nice try; but it won’t work.

The violations done to Scripture by this endeavor are grievous indeed; but, beyond that, there is a Scripturally impeccable futurist fulfillment that is approaching at warp speed, and Preterists had best turn their eschatological telescopes around so they can see what is right on top of them rather than steadily looking backwards thru the wrong end to 70 AD.  Unless they have been living in caves, they know that a One World Government--A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, NOT A REGIONAL 70 AD ROMAN GOVERNMENT--has been touted by world leaders and academics everywhere for years as both inevitable and imminent. It is no Scriptural accident that just such a global government was prophesied over 1900 years ago in the Bible (Rev.13:7; 17:12-18;etc.). It is still future to this moment, as is The Fall of Babylon, the Trumpet Plagues, the Mark of the Beast, Satan’s “little season”, Jesus coming in the clouds to carry out promised resurrections ( I Thess.4:13-18; John 5:28,29), the destruction and disappearance of this old earth (II Pet. 3: 10-13 [Gr. for “melt” is “liquefy”], Rev.20:11; the establishment of the promised New Earth right here where the old one was (Isaiah 65:17; 66;22; II Peter 3:10-13; Rev.21:1; etc.), to be the dwelling of God with man eternally (Rev.21:3)....

Those listening to the Preterit interpretation urgently need FIRST: To find out why their model is demonstrably unsound Scripturally. SECOND: They need to be thankful to their leaders for demonstrating the Scriptural unsoundness of the Dispensationalist-Millennialist views, but immediately reject their dogma that there is no correct futurist interpretation. THIRD: They need to prayerfully check out the Scriptural evidence that locks down a futurist interpretation of all pertinent passages in a way that brings an end to both Preteritism and Dispensational-Millennialism.

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