Is hatred of lies a "hate crime"?? If the "father of lies" (Jn.8:44) has his way it will be! That’s why God allows the New World Order (on the horizon!) to last only "one hour" (Rv.17:12) before He forces all the deceptions upholding Babylon to be exposed and driven into the open (Rev.18:2). There are those who love lies (Ps.52:3) and hate Truth. The War the Lamb Wins forces these to "come out of the closet" and openly worship Satan (Rev.13:4).    It’s the beginning of the end.                      

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Part I of THE WAR THE LAMB WINS presents passages from the Talmud which reek with hatred for Jesus, Christians, and the New Testament...passages which advocate lying, stealing, cheating, rape, incest, sodomy, pedophilia, necrophilia, and murder...to name a few behaviors the Bible God abhors. That’s the first chapter! Then, thru 20 chapters, we see how Rothschild’s formula for lending to gov....etc.                   

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