THE WAR THE LAMB WINS (One Page Summary)

    There is a WAR mentioned in The Revelation that no one ever seems to preach or write about. The reason, I submit, is that this "War" won’t fit into the two ruling end time teachings today, viz., pre-trib rapture millennialism, or the preterit view.  The WAR in question appears in Rev.17:14:

"These [The Beast & world leaders] shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful."

    The context describes how the coming One World Government ruled by one man and like-minded world leaders (vs.12,13,17) is the product of God’s will (v.17), lasts a very short time (v.12), and is made "naked and desolate" (v.16).

    In short, the Bible plainly teaches that there will be a One World Government that doesn’t last long. It appears to be good, but is basically Satan controlled. Its leader (The Beast--Man of Sin) will be unmasked (Rev.17:12; II Thess.2:3). Satan’s world controlling deceptions will be exposed (Rev. 17:14;14:6,7; I Jn.3:8; etc.). His whole "angel of light" plan fails. Babylon openly becomes "the habitation of devils" (Rev. 18:2). THIS is the War the Lamb wins, i.e., The Fall of Babylon. This War forces open worship of Satan (Rev.13:4) on one side, and Goshen-like protection for those on God’s side (Rev.18:4)...except for the time of the Mark (Rev.13:15-17; 14:9-12).

    What Truths will God force on the world that will expose and totally defeat and alter the One World Government’s plans and force it into open Satan worship?? Indeed, what lies are exposed that abort millennia of Satanic planning to gain world control by deception and divide the world into his worshippers and God’s??

    Many of the most important answers to these questions have been given in the One Page Summaries of the previous thirteen subjects and the books they point to. All Truths connected with those subjects will have an apocalyptic impact on all Christian Churches. The impact of God’s Truth Blitzkrieg on Copernicanism and Darwinism and all that depends upon those deceptions will be equally apocalyptic.

    In THE WAR THE LAMB WINS the ultimate Truth bomb is armed and ready. Who or What is behind the War with the Lamb (Jesus) anyway?! Groups and Organizations which exist to destroy God’s New Testament message about Jesus are known by some, but will be known by all. Chief among these--as Jews quoted throughout testify--are disciples of the Talmud. While all non-Jews are considered to be only cattle in these insipid and malicious tomes, the most abusive and obscene hatred is reserved for Jesus, Christians, and the New Testament. The god of the Talmud is the opposite of Jesus. One must go. That’s what the nice sounding New World Order is all about... to "Hate Crime" New Testament Christianity off the map. And that’s what the "War Jesus wins" is all foil that Satanic plan.

    Those who know about conspiracies say this book puts it all together. Go here....