Note: I make no pretence of being either a pupil or a scholar

where the Koran [Qur’an]--the holy book of Islam--is concerned.

I have merely read carefully thru the 1966 revised edition

of N.J. Dawood’s translation published by Penguin Books, Ltd.

My purpose was to make notes on the number of

references to some twenty-three pre-selected subjects.

In keeping with the presentation of a variety of evidences of all sorts

on my web domain, which evidences challenge

the universally accepted Copernican hypothesis of an earth rotating daily

on an “axis” and orbiting the sun annually, I thought it pertinent to see

if the official Holy Book of over a billion Moslems, the Koran,

agreed or disagreed on this aspect of Creation with the

official Holy Book of over a billion Christians, The Bible.

This is what I found:


The Koran, like the Bible, refutes Copernicanism


   As in the Bible, the Koran describes the sun as a body that rises and sets, that has a course it follows like the moon has a course it follows, and that the sun’s course is an orbit that produces day and night on the Earth.   Since the earth orbiting the sun and the sun orbiting the earth at the same time is not possible, one of these motions must be the Truth of the matter and one must be a deception--a clever one to be sure--but still a deception.  Other presentations on the web page maintain that Copernicanism is a mega-lie and demonstrably so.  If that be the case, then the Koran’s agreement with the Bible on this creation matter pits the Moslems, Christians, and Jews who follow the Creation accounts in either the Bible or the Koran against those who follow the Creation account in the mystic Kabbala (Cabala).   The Kabbala account plainly sets forth a Big Bang, Expanding Universe concept which operates on Einstein’s mathematical “fantasies” (his own description: Earth book, p.129).   These Kabbalist inspired foundational “facts” of modern cosmological “science” now determine how the universe came to be.   Add to this the fact that NASA’s multi-billion dollar “Origins Program” is inextricably connected and dependent upon the Kabbalistic Big Bang Paradigm, and it can be readily seen that the strategy for destroying Biblical and Koranic Creationism for Christians, Moslems, and believing Jews is in its final phase.   The evidence for these assertions and much more that is related can be seen HERE & HERE & HERE....  


    The relevant passages and page numbers I found in the translation of the Koran cited above are as follows:


                The Merciful -p.19 - “The sun and the moon pursue their ordered course.”


                The Cave - p.91 - “You might have seen the rising sun decline to the right of their cavern, and, as it set, go past them on the left, while they stayed



                Abraham - p.101 - “He has created rivers for your benefit, and the sun and the moon, which steadfastly pursue their courses....” 


                Thunder - p.140 - “Allah...forced the sun and the moon into His service, each                 pursuing an appointed course....”


                Ya Sin - p.172 #1 - “The sun hastens to its resting place: its course is laid for                 it by the Mighty One, the All-knowing.”


                Ya Sin - p.172 #2 - “The sun is not allowed to overtake the moon.... Each in                 its own orbit runs.”


                The Creator - p.176 - “He has forced the sun and the moon into His service, each running for an appointed term.”

                Luqman - p.187 - “He has forced the sun and the moon into His service, each                 running for an appointed term.”  (Same as written in The Creator, p.176.)


                The Hordes - p.273 - “He made the sun and the moon obedient to Him, each        running for an appointed term.”


                The Prophets - p.292 - “It was He who created the night and the day, the sun         and the moon: each moves swiftly in an orbit of its own.”


                The Cow - p.352 - “Allah brings the sun up from the east....”


                The Cessation - (implied) p.17 - “I swear by the turning planets and by the                 stars that rise and set.”


   From beginning to end, the Bible also presents what all known science confirms, viz., that the Earth is stationary with the sun going around it every 24 hours.   The following Scriptural references in the order given are all to be found with comments in Chapter I of The Earth Is Not Moving:


   Joshua 10,12,13; I Chronicles 16:30; Psalm 93:1; Job 26:7; Ecclesiastes 1:5; II Kings 20:9-11; Isaiah 38:7,8; Job 9:7; Habakkuk 3:11; Isaiah 13:10; Psalm 104:19;

Psalm 19:1, 4-6.


   In addition to these, there are hundreds of references in the Bible to the sun rising and setting, etc.


   In short, both the Bible and the Koran describe a stationary Earth with the sun and stars going around...just as everyone has always seen them go, and just as all evidence and logic says they are going, “science falsely so-called” (I Timothy 6:21,22) and Kabbala-inspired “science” notwithstanding....


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