The teaching that Hell is a place of eternal conscious torture is an unscriptural lie. Over four dozen Scriptures teach plainly that there is no consciousness after death. Lazurus and the Rich Man verses in Luke 16 are a parable. A parable by definition represents a truth other than the one in the allegory given. This parable tells of the end of the Old Covenant for the Jews alone and the beginning of the New Covenant for "whosoever will". It has nothing to do with conscious suffering and reward one nanosecond after a person bites the dust.

As for the teaching that Gehenna Hell (after the Judgment) is where billions will undergo conscious torture eternally, the churches have wrongfully applied the second connotation of "torment" ("to torture") instead of the preferred first connotation ("to try, to test"). This and other egregious errors--once seen and understood--expose other major false teachings that are symbiotically connected to the dastardly deception that the Bible says that God has arranged for the eternal torture of billions of souls who do not go to Heaven. It’s time to clear this up and let one and all see that God is the infinitely merciful Judge who does not even take pleasure in the death of a wicked person (Ezek. 33:11), much less his/her screaming in a torture chamber eternally!

You can know beyond any doubt that the Bible teaches that neither Hades Hell nor Gehenna Hell is a place where multitudes writhe and scream in conscious agony.

Another false teaching views Hell as a place where all evil and evildoers will be eradicated completely. Though less blasphemous than the eternal Dantean Torture Chamber doctrine, this teaching is also demonstrably unScriptural. More, it is illogical. With the perfect record of 6000 years of foreordained interplay of good and evil on His computer chip (Acts 15:18), would God just erase this infinitely precious and eternally useful resource and all memory of the transgressors along with it?! What a crock! The transgressions of the Saved are "remembered no more" (Jer. 31:34; Heb.10:12,17; Ps.103:12). But not so the unSaved (Luke 12:2,3; Is. 14:15,16; 66:24; Rev. 22:15; etc.)!

Still others think there is no Hell, that God will let everybody off the hook and into Heaven after all. To these folks Hell is just a superstitious myth. If Scripture is one’s sole guide on the subject of Hell, this view (and not Hell) is the myth!

In short, Hell, as all can know from Scripture alone, is a necessary and vital part of God’s Plan for Creating mankind in the first place. Indeed, without the kind of Hell God has planned, there could be no Heaven! Go HERE to order a 114 page book of Bible facts which show God's  judgment is fair!