Get it out of your head that Heaven is some kind of fairytale pipedream promoted by religionists to maintain their hold on people. That’s a lie. Heaven is as real as the air you breathe and the ground you walk on.
    Get it out of your head that you can’t know what Heaven is like. Yeah, but, the Bible says: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him." That’s right, NOW read the next verse and get the whole message! Verse ten (I Cor.2): "BUT God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit...."!
    The Devil has deceived us into believing that we can’t know what Heaven is like, but God has said we can know. Take your pick. The natural mind of man (Rom.8:7;etc.) can’t understand what God has revealed on the subject, but a transformed mind (Rom.12:2; II Cor.5:17;etc.) CAN UNDERSTAND!
    So, what’s it like?? Well, here’s a partial rundown that can absolutely be established from the Word of God. False or deceived preachers (II Cor. 11:13-15) often use part of some Scriptures to teach the opposite of what God has said. The Bible teaches, for example, that in Heaven we will be flesh and bone, male and female people...that there will be sex, children, gov't, houses, trees, animals, and many things to fulfil the good desires of the heart.
    What?! cries an objector: The Bible says "...in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage", etc. (Mt.22:30;Mk.12:25;Lk.20:34,35), so how can you say those things?! Easy. Read those passages. The false teaching ignores two statements by Jesus (Mt.v.29) which are VITAL to understanding what He is saying! Adam and Eve weren’t married by any man; they were put together by God...just as will be done in Heaven! All the divorce and widow problems are not hard for God to solve! Even man is cloning. Think about it. Isaiah 65 speaks of building houses, having vineyards, having offspring. Is. 66:24 speaks of all FLESH coming to look upon the mummyfied transgressors...Satan included (Is.14:16,17). Read of the animals in Is.11:6-8, etc.; the trees, water, jeweled walls (Rev.21,22). The resurrected Jesus said I’m not a ghost; touch me, give me something to eat! (Lk.24:39,41) Jesus has gone to prepare His half-brothers and sisters a town house mansion in the New Jerusalem which will be furnished with items that are there but won’t be stolen, motheaten, or rusted (Jn.14:2,3;Mt.6:20).
    The millennial teaching is a cardboard counterfeit of Heaven which Satan has sold to a broad segment of the church. The millennium is the 7th Trumpet, about 3 months long. Heaven on a New Earth is God’s greatest motivation for His Children. Heaven is God’s Love Story. Click here for more. You’ll love God for what He has planned for those who love Him!