1) A short-lived One World Government is formed (Rev.17:12,13; 13:3.7).
2) This causes a "war" which Jesus & true followers win (17:14; I Jn.3:8).
3) World divided into worshippers of God or Satan (18:4; 13:4,7; II Th.2:10).
4) Satan’s man rules world, incl. Christians (13:4,7,8); plagues on bad only (18:4;etc.)
5) Triple decimation of Beast’s followers in 1st half of 6th Trumpet (9:15,20).
6) Beasts 1&2 (13:11) retaliate with Image and Mark of Beast decree (13:15-17).
7) Many Christians martyred (13:15-17;15:2;20:4) and many take Mark (14:9-12).
8) Martyrdom of 2 Witt. (11:7-13) ends Mark period, fulfills Rom.11:25;Rv.6:9-11).
9) 7 plagues of 7th Tr. fall (Rv.Ch.16) while Satan bound (20:3); Beasts die (19:20).
10) Satan loosed (20:3,7); "normalcy" lie believed (Mt.24:37,38;II Th.2:11;etc.)
11) Rapture (I Th.4-13-18),resurrection (Jn.5:28,29),earth ended (II P.3:10-13;R.20:9,11).
12) Judgment (20:12-15), eternal New Earth (Is.65:17; 66:22; II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev.21:1-5)

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