†† When I was an outspoken atheist I based my position on what I believed to be purely objective, purely secular, truly scientific teachings about the origin and nature of the cosmos, of the earth itself, and all life forms on earth.


†† In short, I passionately believed that the Copernican paradigm, the Big Bang paradigm, the Darwinian paradigm, and the Relativity paradigm explained all the pertinent facts related to the subjects with which they dealt.


†† Because of these convictions (reinforced by professors and a ton of books), I concluded that only red-necked ignorami in bib-overalls could still believe in Biblical explanations for all the origins-related phenomena (or the Koran’s explanations, for that matter).Science had turned those explanations into superstitions unbecoming to the educated mind.And that was that....

†† Those conclusions were logical and understandable if...I say IF the scientific models we have all been taught are:a) demonstrably true, and: b) not merely the beliefs of some religious system POSING as secular science.

Any atheistwho really wants to know can find out what I (and no small number of others) are finding out about those two big IFS.Consider, if you will, these three things:

†† 1) There is no evidence whatsoever which conclusively demonstrates that the universe and the earth and all that exists came to be via the “Big Bang” explosion of a “cosmic egg” some 15billion years ago.There is, however, truly mountainous evidence from design alone which demands that there be a Designer.†† This evidence erases any possibility that everything got to be as it is by accident resulting from an explosion.†† Any claimthat purely secular Big Bangism provides an intelligent explanation for everything that exists must depend on a logic-denying faith in the impossible, a faith which must also throw hard laws of true science to the wind.††

†† Seeing the utter senselessness of holding on to such a concept, a modified concept retaining a belief in Big Bangism as a method of creation is frequently adopted as acompromise philosophy in this all-important matter of Origins.This concept views The Designer as something one could call God, but of a Clockwinder type who just sort of wound up the universe and man and went out to lunch and hasn’t come back.†† One can stop with that concept if one wants to do so.But, as we know, this is not Atheism; it is Deism or some shade of Agnosticism.Because of the insurmountable design problem, it is a reasonable step to move from Atheism to Deism.†† But, is it reasonable to stop at Deism or Agnosticism if one is interested in all the Truth available where this unavoidable Designer’s activities are concerned?Well...

†† 2) Philosophically, one can only get off at Deism Junction and stay there and have no desire or intention of moving from that position if one is determined to close his mind and not have a deeper understanding of this inescapable Designer God.†† This determination may be rooted in some kind of feeling that if this God was a good God then there wouldn’t be wars, pain, death, etc., and, since wars, pain, and death are ever-present throughout history, this inescapable Designer God must not be good and I want nothing to do with him.†† Therefore, if I am intellectually forced to admit His Existence because of the ineffable and inescapable design inherent in all I can see or hear or feel or think, I will still keep Him at arms length and not let myself be suckered into believing some dumb religious explanations...and I can do this by merely adjusting my belief system to allow a god who created thru the Big Bang and Darwinian paradigms.I will dig my heels in right there....

†† 3) Sorry.That reasoning--which has long had a certain respectability--is no longer viable for any thinking former Atheist driven to some kind of Deistic Agnosticism by the unchallengable Design=Designer conclusion.The reason why that reasoning is no longer viable is this: Big Bangism is a religious teaching found written in a “holy book” over seven hundred years before it expressed itself as “Science”!One can believe in it if one wants to, but one can not do so and still claim that this explanation for the existence of everything is a Scientific concept free from teachings out of some “religious holy book” such as the Bible creation accounts!†† No.That position won’t fly anymore.†† Why....?

†† Here’s why:As you can read at the link entitled: “The Spiritual Roots of NASA’s Big Bang Premise” at: exact idea of modern science’s foundational Big Bang Premise for all that exists comes straight from the pen of Rabbi Ben Nachman in the 13th century and is recorded in the Kabbala.You can read about the Kabbala [Cabala] at that link.There, along with the Zohar which it incorporates, and the Talmud (HERE) which is separate but kindred in its viscous anti-Christian, anti-New Testament teachings, you will find that modern Big Bang based cosmological science IS NOT A SECULAR SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTAT ALL, BUT RATHER, IS DERIVED DIRECTLY FROM ONE BRANCH OF RABBINICAL JUDAISM TAUGHT IN THE KABBALA [CABALA]....

†† Certain conspicuous truths flow from this revelation.For example:

†† Anyone choosing to continue to embrace the Big Bang explanation for all that exists cannot do so and still claim to be an Atheist (or even a Deist or an Agnostic).Big Bangism is a teaching from a religious book about the Origins of everything.Those who subscribe to the teachings of the Kabbala form one branch of Judaism. Though many Jews oppose those teachings and are hard-core Bible Creationists, those who do subscribe--Zionists chiefly--dominate in Israel and control policy everywhere else.†† As is made clear under the link above, Rabbi Nachman also advocated that branch of Jewish Nationalism which today is called Zionism.It will be noted also that Rabbi Nachman laid the groundwork for Einstein’s ideas (and championed reincarnation as well) .†† Also noteworthy is the fact that Kabbalists strongly oppose not only the Christian Bible but also the pure Torah Jews who revere at least the Pentateuch of the Bible.In those five books Big Bangism and all that goes with it are denied and the Designer God explanation for the Origin and Purpose of all things is given.(Don’t confuse serious Torah Jews with Zionist Jews!)

Question: Do people who believe in the Big Bang Cosmology know they are following the Kabbalistic teachings of Rabbi Ben Nachman?

†† Answer: Some certainly do.Most certainly do not.†† The big eyebrow raiser here concerns those who do know!Think about the purpose and the scope of the deception involved here!These deceivers are not only succeeding globally in fulfilling the Origins teachings of mystical Kabbalism by causing it to be accepted as the cornerstone of modern cosmological “science”, they are at the same time cunningly and skillfully destroying their arch-rival for all Truth by destroying the creation teachings (a stationary earth & all life forms) in the Bible! (and Koran!)

†† Question: What options are open to those who believe the Big Bang explanation for all that exists but did not know that this explanation is in fact theologically and not scientifically based, and that the stated goal of the Rabbi behind this theology is the destruction of the New Testament of Jesus Christ and its teachings?

†† Answer: These options stand out:1) Stick to the Big Bang teaching and becomea Kabbalist Jew who maintains that his holy book’s explanation of origins is scientific and correct and that the Bible’s explanation of origins is unscientific and incorrect.2)Stick to the Big Bang teaching and claim it is scientific even if it does come from a Jewish anti-Bible “holy book”, and refuse to be identified as a Kabbalist Jew.3) Recognize that you (along with multitudes!) have been tricked into believing that Big Bangism is pure science when it is really pure Kabbalistic theological warfare against the Bible, and do what you think is right.

†† Question: Once it is realized that Zionism is also derived from anti-Bible Kabbalism, what should the scores of millions of evangelical Christians who give all-out support to Zionist Israel and its ubiquitous outreach do?(Go HERE...)

†† Answer: Keep on doing it, give up your Christianity, and become Talmudist/ Zionist/Kabbalist Jews in fact.... Either that, or recognize that you are caught up in a spiritual mega-deception which hates Jesus and His New Testament and begin untangling yourself from the quasi-Biblical, Zionist-connected false doctrines you have embraced as a result of this deception....

†† Question: Once realized that Einsteinian Relativity is also derived from the same anti-Bible Kabbalist source, what should anyone do who does not wish to be a supporter of that source?

†† Answer: They should first understand:a)That Relativist cosmology is pure, unadulterated bunkum and demonstrably so. (Read: Einstein chapters and Index listings in The Earth Is Not Moving.) b) That Relativism, stemming from the Kabbala, is a concept not limited to cosmology but one that is designed to overturn every Christian moral teaching there is by making all Truth and Morals relative also (and has succeeded to a very great degree!).Once this is understood it will berecalled how the separation of church and state Amendment has been used by the Zionist controlled ACLU in the U.S. to silence all things Biblical and Christian, and it will be readily appreciated how the Relativist [no truth] teaching from the Kabbala has been spread into all subjects and matters of behavior and conduct disguised as purely secular “science” and “social studies”, etc.It is now time to vigorously apply the Separation clause where it really belongs, namely, by separating Rabbinical Kabbalism’s teachings of Relativism and Big Bang Origins of man and all that exists from State and Federal tax monies!

†† Obviously, bringing all this into the open would require a REVOLUTION WITH A CAPITAL “R”!The operative word relevant to Big Bangism and Relativism (and a couple dozen major spin-off connections) is the word: DECEPTION.The bottom line on revealing the nature of these deceptions is three-fold: 1) One soon realizes that this whole business about Origins is Spiritual Warfare about who God is, what He has done, is doing, and is going to do.†† 2)Attached to that realization is a growing awareness that the objective in this Spiritual Warfare on the part of the Kabbalist Zionists in particular and the Talmudists in general has been the destruction of Bible Credibility as the source of Truth on Origins and all else.3) It also becomes too plain to miss that there is a clear choice being offered to everyone who sees what is going on...a choice between a Designer God Who is the God of the Bible, and the Christ-hating, Energy-Created-Everything-god of the Kabbala.

†† Plainly, since both teachings about Origins are derived from “holy books” and not from factual science, the label “Atheist” is a misnomer for anyone who chooses the side he/she thought was free of such “religious bias”...and then finds out differently.

†† That being the case, let me--as a former atheist thoroughly deceived by the Kabbalistic teachings masquerading as “science”--invite you hundreds of millions of atheists who are in that same boat right now to begin re-evaluating the situation, find out what the facts really are, and then do what your heart tells you is right.In one very, very important way an honest atheist who deeply believes that the Big Bang and all the rest is established Truth which has totally destroyed Bible credibility or any other Creator God idea, is in a position where God can work with him/her because he hasn’t compromised what he believes to be unshakable Truth.†† It is the Compromisers with Truth that God intensely dislikes and says: “...I will vomit out of my mouth” (Rev.3:15).†† Be “hot or cold...not lukewarm” He says.People who are hot for Truth--and genuinely believe that the secular humanist view supplies it (as I did!), frequently disdain and even pity those poor deluded Bible believing Christians whom they see as being opposites to themselves; zealous, to be sure, but cold as far as Truth is concerned.Likewise, those Christians who are hot for the Truth and believe the Bible supplies it frequently disdain and even pity those poor deluded atheists and agnostics whom they see as being opposites to themselves; zealous to be sure, but cold as far as Truth is concerned.

†† The fact of the matter for the genuine truth seekers in both of these seemingly opposite camps is this: They both love Truth and are driven to live it and further it in the world.Both sides labor under multiple deceptions which they believe to be part of the greater Truth they have discovered.†† The honest religious person labors under a plethora of deceptions, i.e., a veritable smorgasbord of doctrinally twisted false teachings about God which he believes to be true; hence all the religions and doctrines within religions....In like manner, the honest anti-religionist labors under a plethora of deceptions, i.e., an equally varied smorgasbord of false teachings about his secular god of “science” which he believes to be the mother of all truth, and his benign acceptance of all the hypotheses and theories that come his way which are supportive of his basic secular humanist beliefs.

†† The obvious upshot here is that genuinely honest truth lovers in both camps (c.25%?) will grab every demonstrable truth that comes down the pike, hold on to it, and eagerly look for another one, casting off whatever deception is overthrown by each new discovery of a truth.Having the same heart for Truth, they are on a converging course that brings them closer together with every truth established.

†† So--focusing again on the discovery that Big Bangism and all it entails is really the teaching of the religion of mystical Kabbalism rather than cosmological reality discovered by pure science--we see that this mega-deception has triumphed in both our Truth seekers camps!The atheist has been deceived into believing that the Big Bang, with its billions of years and expanding universe corollary, is the product of scientific discovery which effectively undermines the Bible et al and substantiates his atheist philosophy.Seeing the real source of his foundational belief about Origins, he now realizes that he has been deceived.He can now cheerfully and thankfully begin to squeeze that deception out of his thinking, and eagerly and swiftly begin to seek what comes up next as a result of renewing his mind on this one foundational belief about the origin of all things, himself included.

†† In the same way, the deceptions that open up before the honest religious person’s eyes by learning of the various Kabbalistic connections is just as great a revelation as it is to the atheist.The realization is simultaneously de-stabilizing and gratifying, just as it is to the honest atheist.The honest religionist may experience more than a little since of guilt and betrayal because--if he is Christian or Muslim-- he knows the Bible and the Koran present an explanation for the Origin of all things that rule out the Big Bang paradigm and all that rests upon it.He is guilty of allowing an unproven and unprovable and logic-defying hypothesis from another religion (which, incidentally, classifies him as goyim/cattle) to overturn the foundational teaching about Origins presented in the book (Bible or Koran) which is the source of what he believes to be Truth on Origins and a hundred other things.He has betrayed his God by not trusting His explanation of Origins and trusting instead what he was told was “scientific”, which turns out not to be “scientific” at all.Embarrassing?Yes.But exciting too, for he believes that Truth alone can set him free (from deceptions) [John 8:32], and he longs to be as free from deception as possible!

†† You can see all the twists and turns involved here for Truth seekers in both camps....

But what of those in both the atheist and the religious ranks who are there for reasons other than a passionate desire for Truth??†† Are they on one side or the other for mundane reasons such as family input and/or educational input or just plain expediency...or all the above?Doubtless these reasons would cover a big percentage of folks in those ranks.†† A passionate love and pursuit of Truth is not the primary motivator with these folks.There may be a passionate love and pursuit of other things which are viewed as more relevant than Truth, and these may be pursued for the reason that those in pursuit simply do not believe there is any Absolute why knock one’s self out seeking after it?

†† (Given the increasingly sophisticated indoctrination into evolutionism and relativism in the last few generations, this wide-spread view is understandable.Nevertheless, it is an acceptable excuse only so long as no clear Truth is presented,understood, and received.When plain Truth comes on the scene--any scene where any deception is operating--those who love the Truth will receive it gladly, but those who cannot receive a love of the Truth will not only reject it; they will hate it.†† Hating Truth is tantamount to hating God.The lukewarm, compromise position which plays fairly well in the secular world is one, however, toward which the God of the Bible turns His back.Compromisers who have a plain Truth forced on them that they don’t like, say to God, in effect: “Let’s make a deal.”God replies: “This is the deal.”)

†† The central fact about these middle-of-the-roaders (where matters concerning the Origin of all that exists is concerned) is this: They do not trust what some call the written word of God (the Bible or Koran) to actually be the Word of God.Atheists, naturally,would not be expected to trust either source.But now that the deception about Big Bangism stares them in the face, they must quit just going along with the Kabbalist paradigm because they believed it was true science.That belief is kaput. They must now do SOMETHING with the new information!

†† The same is true for religious fence straddlers.There is no fence to straddle.They only have the choice of getting more serious about serving their God--which means getting more serious about trusting their Bible or Koran--or they will have to get serious about becoming Kabbalist Jews and serving the god Kabbalism/Talmudism proffers.“Science” can’t help them; it’s not a factor.There is no “Science” involved!It’s one religion--i.e., Kabbalism (with its Big Bangism, Zionism, Relativism, and animistic re-incarnationism--or another, i.e., Christian or Muslim.(Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc., with their evolutionary and reincarnation concepts are kindred spirits with the Kabbalistic Origins paradigm.)Obviously, the choices of religion left to the honest Truth seeker narrow down sharply when the Big Bang’s Kabbalistic connections are exposed.(More on Koran & Bible HERE.)

†† Since exposure of deception on the subject of Origins forces the re-thinking of what cosmological Truth really is across the board, it is surpassingly important to understand the role of Copernican heliocentrism vs Biblical and Koranic geocentrism in all this.Not only are the whole Darwinian & neo-Darwinian evolutionary concepts totally dependent upon the billions of years which Kabbalistic Big Bangism provides, get this: so also does the universally believed-to-be scientifically proven Copernican moving earth system depend upon Big Bangism and hence upon Kabbalism to retain its credibility.When Big Bangism goes into the black hole of discarded scientific hypotheses, the Copernican system of a rotating and orbiting earth goes with it.Here’s why:

†† Keeping in mind that the Big Bang Religion is dependent upon billions of years--just like the Evolution paradigm, these other facts fall nicely into place:

†† A) The Expanding Universe Concept is not an optional concept where Big Bangism is concerned.Indeed, it is the raison d’Ítre for Big Bangism, and, as such, the very backbone of modern cosmology. No Big Bang, no Expanding Universe...and vice-versa.†† They go together and one cannot exist without the other, and both are teachings from 13th century mystical Kabbalism.†† Those of us who have been deceived by these teachings--thinking they were scientific concepts (and who has escaped such teachings?!)--can now realize that we were all duped into promoting a very low profile religious cult we didn’t even know about!

†† B) When one does the math using Time and Distance figures currently viewed as cosmological gospel [15 billion years since the BB; earth’s age 4.6 billion years; furthermost alleged galaxy to date 10 billion light years away] we find the earth and everything else must be moving away from the blast center at c. 670,000,000 MPH.This is the speed of light!Work that in with the alleged rotational speed of 1000+MPH, an alleged orbital speed of c. 67,000 MPH, and an alleged speed around the galaxy of c. 500,000 MPH.... Then add the above speed of the “shrapnel” away from the blast of 670,000,000 MPH.... You can believe the earth is travelling all these speeds at once if you want to; but you certainly don’t have to believe it, because there is no evidence to confirm it!Not by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin!(Not incidentally, if any further “discoveries” are made even three feet beyond the crazy ten billion light years now being claimed, the 15 billion year old Big Bang claim will have to be bumped up to 20 billion years or so.The pieces from a hand grenade or any other blast poop out after a few seconds or minutes; but not the Big Bang.Like the battery commercial, it just keeps on going and going and going....)

†† C)Thinking back on those speeds just above (B), one may well ask: “Why is Copernican Heliocentrism necessary to the Kabbalistic cosmological paradigm anyway? There are several reasons.Here are a couple:

†† 1) As one and all can confirm, there is no “expanding universe” concept in the geocentric (non-moving earth) cosmology. In that cosmology (which has never been disproved), the sun, moon, and stars go around the Earth just the way we see them go.And, as noted elsewhere, the “Expanding Universe” concept is meaningless without the Big Bang concept, and vice-versa.Those two are interdependent.They can not be separated.

†† Ipso facto: The geocentric/Biblical Earth--stationary and immovable at the center of everything--had to be gotten rid of before Kabbalistic Big Bangism with its Expanding Universe and Relativism could be offered as a “scientific” hypothesis (which hurdled over “theory”and became “fact” before you could say Albert Eins..). ††

†† So Copernicanism is not just a little change from the sun going around the Earth to the Earth going around the sun.Huh uh.Rather, Copernicanism is the indispensable and carefully laid foundation upon which modern day Kabbalist cosmology stands triumphant and seemingly beyond attack, much less exposure and defeat.(Rev. 18:7b; I John 3:8,; etc., not withstanding!)

†† 2) As we’ve seen, billions of years are needed in both the Big Bang paradigm and the Darwinian paradigm.Neither concept can survive without those billions of years, and both concepts have flourished very nicely after being granted those billions of years.One paradigm has totally conquered the Physical “sciences” of Astronomy and Physics with its invented mathematics from Copernicus thru Newton to Einstein.The other paradigm has almost but not quite conquered the Natural or Life or Biological “sciences”, partly by totally falsifiable fossil claims, partly through thoroughly discredited homology and recapitulation forays, partly thru counterproductive hypotheses about mutations, gene recombinations, natural selection, and other big talk.But their main prop has been and now is a big beaker full of arcane-sounding time dating techniques that would be comical if they weren’t taken so seriously.Many excellent books by Creation scientists blow all these techniques away, including my own: The Truth About Evolution (7th printing).

†† The point here as with the claims of Big Bangism is the TIME factor.No billions of years, no evolutionism and no Big Bangism.†† Hmmm.Does that mean that the Kabbalistic paradigm ALSO includes Evolutionism?!And, if so, does that mean that the success of evolutionism depended on the success of Copernicanism?

†† Yes, to both questions.(For answers to the 2nd question, see:“The Monkey Trial” - Tennessee, 1925 & “The Symbiotic Relationship Between Copernicanism and Darwinism” & “Copernicanism and Darwinism: Inseparable Concepts”.)

†† As to the 1st question (whether the Kabbalist paradigm also includes evolutionism) we note the obvious for starters...which is that NASA’s “Origins Program” is a 100% evolution-based enterprise.††† This program--hunting extraterrestrial evolving life forms which, if allegedly found, would automatically confirm and legitimize earthly evolutionism--tells of NASA’s agenda.This Evolution confirming agenda in the Space Program has as its foundational premisethe acceptance of the Kabbala’s Big Bang-Expanding Universe concept.Hence, Kabbalism’s origins scenario--which includes the origin of the Earth--is seen to cleverly embody a conviction that macro-evolutionism accounts for all life on Earth. This conviction is then extrapolated to declare that there is evolved life all over the place in the Big Bang Expanding Universe.Yes, the Kabbalist Big Bang paradigm includes evolutionism.††

†† Remember the all-important TIME factor.... There is one indispensable ingredient to the evolution hypothesis, i.e., TIME, and lots of it!Without enormous amounts of TIME, evolution “theory” can never, ever even get to first base (much less tag third and be heading for the home plate as it now is under NASA’s VR coaching).

†† Now these great ages weren’t suddenly sprung on the world by Darwin’s book in 1859.Greater and greater ages for the universe were being theorized whenever and wherever the Copernican model replaced the Biblical model.Ape-man theories were being widely advanced by the mid and late 1700’s...Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus, being a forerunner in that advancement.†† By 1830, British lawyer Sir Charles Lyell proposed his “geologic column” theory and the concept of “uniformitarianism” that went with it.Both incorporated great ages totally incompatible with the Biblical Creation calendar.

†† The point here is that the acceptance of Copernican cosmology not only torpedoed the Bible amidships, it opened the door to the acceptance of a longer and longer period of TIME for the whole universe to come into being, for the earth to form and cool off, and for everything else to get ready for the lightening to strike the mud and start life off on its evolutionary course.That the acceptance of enormous TIME frames--absolutely necessary to the success of Darwinism and now the Kabbalist Big Bang paradigm--began with the success of the Copernican Model, there can be no doubt.Neither evolutionism nor Big Bangism could ever, ever, ever gotten off the ground if Copernicanism hadn’t opened a way to claim increasingly great stretches of TIME.

†† Darwin fussed with Sir William Thompson who had calculated that it took some 98 million years for the earth to cool enough for evolution to begin:“Mr. Darwin represented that it must have taken three hundred and six millions six hundred and sixty two thousand four hundred years....”(HERE, p.22)

There had to be a build-up, a gradual escalation of the length of TIME that would be accepted by scientists for the age of the universe, the age of the earth, when evolution began, and when modern man first appeared.These ever-increasing guesstiments could then be passed on to the masses thru “education” the Universities first, then on down to the kindergarten.It’s all pretty much settled now: A Big Bang started it all 15 billion years ago; the earth formed 4.6 billion years ago; life started 3 billion years ago; the dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago; modern man appeared maybe 1 million years ago....(We are talking “Mythology” with a capital “M” here!)

†† If there hadn’t been three centuries of steadily escalating claims about the age of the universe after Copernicanism was launched,does anyone think the Darwinians could have gotten away with their guesstimates, or that the Big Bangers could have just announced 15 billion years off the wall and gotten away with it??

†† Not likely.So what we see here is that neither the advent of Darwinian Evolutionism nor the advent of Big Bangism is a separate and unrelated event.Rather, along with Copernican Heliocentricism which preceded and paved the way for both of them, they constitute a clear unfolding of a centuries-old Kabbalistic strategy for destroying Biblical Creationism, Bible credibility, and finally, New Testament Christianity.†† Whether the unfolding of such a plan to destroy Christianity could have been conceived and carried out without supernatural guidance, I leave to the reader’s judgement....

†† D) Thus we see a pattern that cannot be denied:

         Copernicanism conquered the Physical “sciences” and paved the way for the success of Darwinism and the capture of the Natural “sciences”.

         The success of Copernicanism gradually supplied many millions of years which were necessary to lend credibility to Darwinism.†† Then here cameRelativity around the far turn (with its light year distances which required a LOT of time).The way was then open for Kabbalistic Big Bangism closing fast in the stretch tocross the line a winner of 15 billion dol., er, ah, years, that is....

         Big Bangism’s 15 billion years of Expanding Universe then provided the rationale for millions of replications of sun-earth type scenarios in deep space where ETs of one sort or another (more advanced or retarded than earthlings) have been evolving.

         Billions of $ are then spent in every media outlet to fasten all this in people’s minds.Pres. Carter and other dignitaries were sending coded messages “out there” a quarter century ago.By the turn of the millennium scarcely a dissenting voice to all this hoopla could be heard.Space “science” had definitely become a world-wide religion.People just didn’t know how true that was...and which religion it was!

         Still, with polls and School Board rebellions, etc., continuing to show a deep and wide grass roots resistance to evolution’s crazy claims, there is always a sense of a job not completed on the part of evolutionary zealots who mean to silence that resistance once and for all by “proving” extraterrestrial (and hence, terrestrial) evolutionism thru NASA’s high tech, Big Bang-dependent “Origins Program”.

         The incipient One World Government will then take this “proof” and very “reasonably” endorse cafeteria-style, pan-theistic religionism and proceed to “hate crime” exclusivistic New Testament Christianity into oblivion.

†† E) Once the Kabbalist Big Bang/Expanding Universe teaching is understood to be religion and not science, the never disproved Geocentric Model of the universe with our stationary Earth at the center is seen to be the only alternative model available which accommodates all the phenomena!†† This realization is all the more dramatic as we are quickly reminded that every single thing we actually see and know confirms the non-moving Earth model!The rest is pseudo-scientific on afterburners with computerized telescopes and cameras producing what they are programmed to produce.(Go HERE for info on telescopes, cameras.)

†† F) Examples of logical confirmations of a non-moving Earth abound.We know the sun and moon arise in the East and set in the West because we see them do that and no one has ever seen them do anything else.We are told that the sun doesn’t really rise, but that it appears to rise because the Earth is rotating Eastwardly toward it.There is, of course, no indication whatever that the Earth is rotating at over 1000 MPH in any direction; no one has ever seen it do so; no experiment has ever proven it to do so.Yet, we are told that “science” settled this long ago.You want to pass the test, Kid??Check “It rotates”.Then the Moon’s behavior enters the debate.†† You see it arise in the East and set in the West just like the sun, only about 54 minutes later each day.†† If some smart kid asks how that works with the Earth rotating around so fast that the sun doesn’t even need to move for it to go all the way across the sky every day,he will get this answer (if the teacher knows): The Moon isn’t really going E to W like we see it go; it is actually going in the opposite direction, W to E, at over 2200 MPH.How do we know this?We don’t see it; there is no evidence whatsoever to support it.Then, why do we believe it?†† We believe it because “science” tells us it is so.Why does “science” tell us it is so?Because the whole Copernican model depends on it and would be utterly falsified if the Moon goes the way we see it go.More to the point: The Bible would be right on this major doctrine (and the Koran too) INSTEAD OF THE KABBALA...for the Kabbala teaches Einsteinian Relativity too and Relativity includes the conviction [not the proof!] that everything has to be inertia allowed.†† Hence the Earth must rotate daily and orbit the sun annually...and the Moon must go backwards from the way we see it that the math will work and give us a sun-centered system instead of an Earth-centered system.(Lots more on this...and why the counter arguments are no good in The Earth Is Not Moving....)

†† G) Thus has Bible (& Koran) bashing pseudo-science paved the way not only for Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, Deweyism, et al, but also for Einsteinism (Relativity) and finally Big Bangism with its Saganesque and Goldinite andSpielbergian evolved extra-terrestrials way “out there”.†† And, by cracky, with all those billions in taxpayer’s money to assist, NASA in fulfilling its Kabbala-based “Origins Program”. By outfitting the computer programmed funny telescopes and cameras with high tech Virtual Reality capabilities, they mean to pull it all offso that you can actually see what isn’t there in the comfort of your living room.

†† H) Parenthetically, some historian (lay or professional, no matter) with a concentration in late Medieval European and Near Eastern developments should trace the spread of Kabbalist Rabbi Nachman’s Big Bang Expanding Universe writings in 13th century Spain to early 16th century Poland where Ashkenazi synagogues with Kabalistic Rabbis were apparently well represented, and where Copernicus was reviving Aristarchus’ heliocentric model (which was immediately lambasted by Protestant and Catholic alike as contradictory to Scripture...a fact papered over by poltroonish clerics for nearly five centuries now).†† Anyway, as noted elsewhere, Kabbalist teachings dominated Jewish theology between 1500 and 1800 (and have been enjoying a revival since WWII).†† Seeing such, is it any wonder that practically every revolutionary change in political, economic, cultural, scientific, and religious matters since that period--has been led by Jews of Khazarian-Ashkenazi descent from that part of the world where Kabbalism’s Bible destroying agenda had its deepest roots??

†† I) Finally--realizing that over 200 experiments showing no earth movement in the 1880’s had Copernicanism on the ropes until Einstein came along and saved it with his Relativity mumbo-jumbo--we begin to put two and two together.†† Einstein’s Relativity idea comes from the same Kabbalistic writings which gave us Big Bangism andZionism, as we’ve noted.In other words, Zionist Einstein’s E=MC2 formula, i.e., energy produces matter, is the same concept as Rabbi Nachman’s explosion of energy into all the matter in the universe.†† Beyond that, Einstein’s Relativity concept killed off the threat to physics and astronomy which “disciplines” werewithin an inch of being forced to accept the results ofthose experiments which showed no earth movement.†† Einstein’s Relativity “theory” saved the Physical Science Establishment from having to recant on five or six generations of hawking Copernican heliocentrism as a factless fact.†† Phew!That was close!†† But a savior came just in time, and Einstein was his name.He decreed that all motion is “relative” (either the train or the train station could be moving, etc.) so there is no way to say the earth is stationary.†† By thus thwarting any return to Biblical (& Koranic) geocentricity, Einstein became the toast of the world’s science establishment and the choice for Man of the whole bloom’n century as ‘99 faded out.Little wonder that he was offered the first presidency of the Zionist state of Israel when it was formed in 1948!†† Little wonder that Kabbalistic Big Bangism was able to sink its teeth in and become the backbone ofZionist control of the space program.In this position, spectrographic hypotheses showing us what is not seen, claim that the universe is expanding beyond tens of billions of light years distance (utter goofydom!).†† Make no mistake;NASA’s Origins Program fully intends to technologically produce extra-terrestrial life “out there” thru life-like Virtual Reality Simulations and thus “prove” evolutionism. (“Disney” is part of all this deception and boldly shows off the level of VR technology in the movie “Dinosaur”.) This entire pseudo-astronomical coup is calculated to put an end to Bible Creationism in particular and ultimately to all Bible credibility.Thus would be fulfilled the Kabbalistic goal of defeating Christ and Christianity by destroying the Bible’s credibility on the foundational Origins accounts.

†† That is the plan that continues to unfold, the plan that seeks to give complete victory toKabbalism’s teachings about the Origins of all that exists.†† But, just as it is not possible to be an Atheist and advocate the Biblical or Koranic explanation for the Origins of everything, just as surely can one can not remain an Atheist and advocate the Kabbalist explanation.They are all “holy books” giving a “religious” explanation for Origins.They all say that God did it, so one can’t believe in any of them and be an Atheist.††

†† With that much nailed down, my personal hope is that a great number who have taken the atheist path will recognize that they have been deceived as badly as I was into following a religion whose “scriptures” come from the Kabbalah/Talmud.††† Whether Zionist atheist or “gentile” atheist, the fact is that the “science” that has convinced hundreds of millions that there is no God is really a religion which has just used pseudo-science to describe how the god of that religion created everything.The only big question one has to answer now is whether the Kabbalist/Talmudic god who teaches Hatred of all but the Jew, who endorses Murder, Sodomy, Pedophilia, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Big Bangism, Zionism, Relativity, Reincarnation, and your kind of god or if you much prefer a God Who is the opposite of all this.†† If you see what has happened and prefer the God of Love and Truth to the god of hate and lies, then take a fresh look at the Bible and especially the New Testament.This New Contract is between the Creator God who declares that He is “no respecter of persons”, that “whosoever will” can share eternity with Him, that there is “no more Jewnor Greek” distinction.... He is a God Who preaches Love and Truth and eternal bliss for all who can love Him and His Plan.The god of Kabbalism is the god of the Talmud.This god is the opposite of the Christian God.If you don’t know the kind of hatred, injustice, immorality, and exclusivity of the Talmudic/Kabbalistic god, you can read it HERE.If that’s what you like, go for it; but don’t call yourself an Atheist anymore.Stand up for the god who hates Love, Truth, Morality, Peace, Life, and loves Hate, Lies, Immorality, Violence, and Death, if that is what you like.You may say that there is a lot of God-ordained Violence and Death and Chosen People exclusivism in the Bible, so what’s the difference?That’s a fair question, but there is a perfect answer.All that was in God’s Old Covenant (Contract) with a very small percentage of the world’s people.It set up some rules that were better than anything else around...a step in the direction of God’s wonderful Plan, but not that Plan.That completed Plan ( a New Covenant/Contract open to everyone) was foreordained to supercede the inferior Old Contract and it did!†† This New Testament (Covenant/Contract) which God offers to everybody is a whole new and more wonderful ball game than the Old Contract was.†† The Old Testament was “Religion 101” and was absolutely perfectly designed to achieve the limited purpose for which the Designer God designed it.(HE is in the design business from start to finish!)The Jews were the “test group” in that Old Contract.Like any other group He could have isolated for this demonstration of the first part of His two part lesson, they failed.In Romans 11, especially vs.25 on, God explains why this had to work this way, and how He plans to reward the Jews for the tough but essential role they had to play in the First Act in His Two Act Drama called the “Old and New Covenants”.

†† HE had to make a contrast between the kind of God He presented Himself as in that Old Contract with the kind of God He presents Himself as (thru Jesus) in the New Contract.†† That New Contract is “Religion 102” and those whose heart’s desire is for pure love and justice can find it all here.†† An honest seeker of Truth will not fail to check this out to the limit.This is especially true in light of the realization that modern man’s “science” is the cornerstone upon which are built not only all secular views and philosophies of life, but are built also all the religious views derived from Kabbalist/Talmudic teachings about Origins and every other aspect of life.The question for Truth seekers whose eyes begin to open when they learn these things cannot be other than this:Why does the Kabbalist/Talmudic religion (which endorses lying, stealing, murder, sodomy, pedophilia, racial superiority, etc.,) hate the Bible and dedicate itself in particular to destroying the credibility of Jesus Christ, Who is not only the apotheosis of the whole Bible, but isthe completion of God’s message to all mankind as to what HE (the Father) is really like??††


†† To those ready to consider renewing their minds on all this (Rom.12:2), I would offer this advice arrived at from experience:Don’t run out too hastily and join (or re-join) the Catholics or some Protestant denomination (or seek out Mohammed or Buddha or whatever).First, ask the Designer God you know is there what to do next (“ye have not because ye ask not...”)†† He is eager to guide you toward all Truth.He designed a way to do that for all who seek Him.†† He is not in the hate business; He is in the love and Truth business, and He loves everyone who wants to be in that business with Him, regardless of race, gender, or background.

†† The problem with putting your trust in this church or that one, or in some other religion, or some preacher or priest, is that all of these are also in deep deception, and are in for a doctrinal overhaul that will culminate in one body of believers.†† I don’t know what the Koran says on this, but the Bible says that God’s Judgement begins in the churches because they are full of “disobedient, ungodly, sinners” and that even “the righteous” in them will “scarcely” be saved (I Pet.4:17,18).†† That toughness from God is required because it is the churches with their Scriptureless traditions and cavalier distortions of doctrines that have permitted the Word of God to reach its present nadir of credibility and effectiveness.(See: One Page Summaries of 14 doctrines due for Scriptural cleansing.)†† These false doctrines and useless traditions will be exposed just as surely as the hidden Kabbalistic props holding up modern science and politics will be exposed.†† That done, Truth lovers will immerge and converge out of all religions and philosophies, including atheism.

†† In you are one who feels drawn to make such a decision, and if you don’t know it already, be aware of this fact:The Bible plainly states that there will be a One World Government that looks good for “one hour”; has its hidden Satanic agenda exposed; regroups as an openly Satanic entity blaspheming God; endures thru plagues to ultimately issue a do or die ultimatum to Christians; sees a Jewish remnant turn to Christ; has its earthly leadership destroyed; rebounds to continue its Satan-worshipping global rule; is brought to an end along with the heavens and earth; and culminates when the God-promised new heavens and new earth usher in eternal bliss for those who love the God of Truth and hate the god of deception.(See: “One Page Summary” of: God’s End Time Drama for details and citations.)

†† Many Christians and members of other religions reading this will realize that important parts of their own doctrinal, political, and scientific beliefs have their roots one way or another in the Kabbalistic teachings masquerading as “science” (and even “religion” and “politics”).All such who prefer Truth to lies will immediately want to begin seeing how closely their beliefs are actually dependent upon Kabbala/Talmud teachings rather than what they thought they were dependent upon.†† (Ex: Christian “Dispensationalists” go HERE.)

†† The changes required by Catholics and Protestants (and Muslims et al) in the Truth Blitzkrieg that the Bible promises (Rev.17:14; I John 3:8) will be no less dramatic than those required of the Atheist or Deist.A separation of those who can receive a love of the Truth from those who cannot will be what shakes out of this Blitzkrieg (II Thess.2:10).†† All the secular signs are pointing to an imminent de facto global government of which the Bible speaks.†† The formation of this One World Government is the signal for God’s deception-revealing Truths to be loosed and supernaturally empowered to expose all deceptions as the works of the god of this world (II Cor.4:4), and to separate those who prefer Satan’s deceptions from those who prefer the Plan of the Creator God.

†† The Copernican System, the Big Bang, Evolutionism, NASA’s extraterrestrial “exobiology” hype, are all deceptions fetchingly disguised as “science”.The hour of their exposure as such is on God’s calendar.†† HE calls it “The Fall of Babylon”, i.e., The Fall of Confusion about what is from God and is True and what is from the father of lies and is false.

†† There is pie in the sky after all...and eternity to enjoy it.†† That ineffably great and impossible to escape Designer God is obviously fully capable of exposing and defeating those who would get rid of Him and spoil His Plans. More, He is able to deliver on any promise of an eternal New Earth populated by flesh and blood people (Is.66:22-24) who hate a lie when they see it (Rev.21:27).It’s Real.†† The tribal God of the Old Covenant could have stopped there, but He didn’t.HE had a better Plan, a better Covenant, open to all.All of this earth’s 6000 year history--including the times of both Covenants--are but a dot at the beginning of an unending line which is the promised eternal New Earth where there will be no more crying or death.†††

†† It’s real.Don’t miss it.

†† Please...