JUDGEMENT: What Really Happens? (One Page Summary)
    The greatest error in Christian teaching about Salvation has arisen out of the failure to connect I Jn.2:29; Rom. 2::11-15; Matt. 5:28,29; etc. with Jude v.24. These powerful Scriptures say flat-footedly the Biblical God of Love has made a way--even for billions who never or barely even heard of Jesus--to get to heaven.

    Taking Scriptures such Jn. 14:6 to mean what they say, the churches have been led to preach that the only way anyone who has lived since Jesus can get to heaven is to confess "with the mouth" (Rom.10:9,10) Jesus as Savior. Period and paragraph.

    Given the Biblical God's mercy and love throughout, this never made sense. Then I discover that this truth--as employed by the church--conflicts with a ton of plain Scripture, as well as those character traits...His justice, mercy, love, forgiveness, etc.

    What to do?! Am I to agree with the churchesí teaching that anyone who doesnít handle "salvation" according to their understanding is going to hell? Must I conclude that thousands of millions of people who never heard of Christ (or barely heard, or didnít understand what they heard, etc.) are ALL doomed to miss eternal bliss with Father God and Jesus on the New Earth?!

    What am I to do with the "resurrection to life" of Jn 5:28,29, i.e., those judged "good" by their works who are distinct from raptured Christians (I Thess.4:16)? And the same powerful principle in Rom. 2:11-16? And Godís character traits? And those from "east, and west" (Mt.8:11) judged "according to their works" (Rev.20:12,13; I Pet.1:17; James 2:24; I Jn.2:29)?

    Well, I can tell you one way to keep the powerful truth in tact that no one is going to get into heaven unless they confess Jesus as Lord, and, at the same time allow other millions who didnít know Jesus...who have had a heart for God (certified by their works of righteousness:I John 2:29;  Rev. 20:12,13) into heaven too....

    That way will be welcome to all who love our infinitely fair God and His Word: All people--those who have confessed Christ and meant it, and those who never knew Him but who God knows by their works that they had the heart to confess Him Lord of their lives if they had known--will be at Judgment. This latter group of millions will rejoice exceedingly then and there when they learn Who Jesus Is and--because of the Holy Spiritís record of their right hearts--will bow the knee joyfully on the spot and receive grace to accept Jesus as Savior. Then, fulfilling Scripture literally, Jesus will accept them, be their Savior, and present them to the Father joyfully (Jude v.24)!

    This Judgment Day Salvation will accommodate past generations with a right heart who have died without knowing Jesus as Savior. The end time generation will know Jesus is Lord and must accept Him as such to be saved during the Fall of Babylon (Rev. 17:14) Click HERE for a source that clears up what God has said on this subject.