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"...something of a classic. I found the style extremely entertaining and sometimes hilarious... It was just the style which would give the book a wide audience and open the eyes of a lot of people."

Martin Gwynne, Essayist, London, England

"I will present your book in our review... I appreciate it very much."
Yves Nourissat, Dijon, France

"Well done!"
Walter van der Kamp, Educator, Author, Lecturer. BC, Canada

"Scientifically documented, logically valid, scripturally sound, your book,
The Earth Is Not Moving, recaptures the God-given common sense and wisdom that modern science has long abandoned."

James V. Forsee, Educator, Louisville, KY

"I found it to be chuck full of fresh ideas.... Your best coverage was of relativity and Einstein. That stuff is riddled with flaws and you made the most of them."
R.G. Elmendorf, Engineer, Pitt.PA

"I finished reading your book last Sunday. I tremendously enjoyed it. The style was very enjoyable....I believe any lay person...with an open mind could understand it."
J. Henry, Ph.D., Physicist, Tenn.Temple U.

"Can't wait to tell you your book is WONDERFUL! It is simply great! I have recommended it as highly as I can.
Paula Haigh, Book Reviewer, KY

"I wish I were rich - I'd buy copies for all my children and grandchildren and for the schools."
Peggy Wink, Lantana, FL

"I have enjoyed your book. The subject provides meaning to lots of verses and is very exciting."
Gordon Bane, Farmer, KS

"Finally, for your own good and education, please order the following book: The Earth Is Not Moving."
David Corum, Upham, ND

"What a delight to read your excellent worthwhile book.... I totally agree with all that you stated."
J.H. Tonn, Brookings, OR

"I have just terminated reading and absorbing your book The Earth Is Not Moving.... This volume is truly `earth shattering'.... You have done a magnificent research work and there is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit has guided...your thinking and hand...."
Theophile Oosterlinck, Flushing, NY

"Thanks so much for...your very interesting, witty and informative book The Earth Is Not Moving. I have made gifts of at least 3 copies...."
Joseph O'Brien, Brooklyn, NY

"I came across your book THE EARTH IS NOT MOVING.... I had never heard of the thought before. So I bought the book and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is much proof that we have been fed another lie...."
Henry Klassen, Dunseith, ND

"Every time I lend out your book `The Earth Is Not Moving' my friends end up paying me for the book so they can keep it!....Please send me two more copies...."
Helen Scafate, Massillon, OH

"I just finished reading your book The Earth Is Not Moving. It's a real eye-opener. I never believed in evolution. Now, I don't believe the earth moves."
Donald Self, Norfolk, VA

"Enclosed is an $8.00 M.O. for the book on Hell. I have read the book, "The Earth Is Not Moving" and regard it as very informative...."
Donald Cox, East Bangor, PA

"I am a missionary serving in Hungary...have recently completed a Ph.D in the history of science.... I am reading with interest your book The Earth Is Not Moving, which I have borrowed from a friend. I would like to obtain my own copy to study further...."
Terry Mortenson, H-2045 Torokbalint - Hunyadi Janos u.3 - Hungary

"I received your book The Earth Is Not Moving and find it interesting and thought provoking. Please send me the books and pamphlets listed in the back of the book. I have enclosed $76 in payment for these...."
Tim Hemry, Novelty, Ohio

"Totally fascinating. I enclose....for "The Earth Is Not Moving...."
Christopher J. Cradock-Henry, Kelowna, BC

"I was much interested in your book "The Earth Is Not Moving". It was like a breath of fresh air and explained why the Church did not fight back concerning the teaching of evolution...."
Aneta Ziegler, Walnut, IL

"I am now reading your book, The Earth Is Not Moving, for the second time.... I'm getting a lot more out of it the second time because I've learned a lot since I first read it.... I have a friend...who says this could not be so. I gave him the book to read. The next time I talked to him he had changed 180 degrees...."
Henry Klassen, Dunseith, ND

"A very interesting book. It confirms suspicions I've had for years. Thank you for doing the research and work necessary to expose those clowns. Loved the line E-3/4 MC2. I couldn't stop laughing."
David Peers, Gibsons, B.C.

"The "religious" part of your book did not interest me at first. However, now I must give my neglected Christianity a second look... I am very grateful for your compelling book, and plan to buy your others soon, as funds permit."
Joe Mack, Los Alamitos, CA

"I am only half finished with the [Earth] book, and it is very well marked up. It is a real revelation for me.... I am about to mark up the rest of your great book...."
John Domen, Succasunna, NJ

"Please send me one copy of your geocentricity book, for which I enclose a check.... I loaned my copy out about 6 months ago and can't get it back, it is so well liked and useful...."
Mark Shea, Chicago, IL

"I am only about half-way through THE book... [it is ] riveting...."
Charles Grove, Reedsport, OR

***added between 2/14/01 and c.1/1/02***

"One of my 15 favorite books of all time."  Appeals Court Judge (Ret.), Braswell D. Deen, Jr., Atlanta, GA

"Thank you.  I do appreciate your book, The Earth Is Not Moving, so much.  Please send me your other books [Heaven...; Hell...; Satan...; Millennialism...; Preterit View...; Judgement...; ck. encl.] " Ben Zavorka, Cheyenne, WY

"The Earth Is Not Moving is the only one of your books I've read, and as you can see, I'm ordering another copy.  I have recommended it to friends  (and strangers).... Time will tell." [Also ordered: Judgement...; Alcohol-Bible...; Evolution...; Hell...;  Millennialism...; Heaven....]  William DeBusk, Winston Salem, NC

"I have just received The Earth Is Not Moving.  Thank you!  I noticed you have written a book on Preteritism.  I have to have it right away!  I appreciate your writing style and faithfullness to the inerrancy of Scripture.  Reading your book is like a "time of refreshing"....  "PS: Also send a copy of The War The Lamb Wins."  Jason Corum, Brooklyn Park, MN

"I read The Earth Is Not Moving two years ago.  Your dissection of Einstein et al was excellent.  I've had my suspicions for years.  This same phony science plus psychology produced the man-made religion of "Ecology".... [Wanted geocentric model of movement of solar system.... Sent one.]  David Peers, Gibsons, B.C., Canada

"Nice talking to you.... I enjoyed the truths in your book and look forward to showing Geocentricity to others...."  Martin Wolcott, Hebron, NH

"The Earth Is Not Moving is a very informative book that I truly enjoyed.  I must have the rest of the books Mr. Hall has written."  [Gave list of 8 titles and ck.]  Patricia Figley, Toledo, OH

"I love your books, I get so engrossed in them.  The Truth is so exciting.  I love it.  Even so Lord Jesus.  Come.  Soon!  ...Thank God for your insight."  [This is the same Patricia Figley as in the preceding citation.  She further ordered: Judgement...& The War The Lamb Wins.]

"I was delighted to find The Earth Is Not Moving on the Internet.  I have been trying to find a copy for my high school son who had to return a borrowed copy.  Please send me a copy for his own!  Thanks."  Nancy Fessenden, Amherst, WI

"Please send me two copies of The Earth Is Not Moving.  My friend and I became interested in geocentricity while doing a book called They Came From Babel, which (as you probably know) uses your book for a reference several times.  We were hooked!  Now, as a high school Bible Study Teacher, I have some students who want to know more.  It makes for long, but deep and interesting classes!  Thank you.  God's blessings to you."  Peg McGrath, Two Rivers, WI

"Enclosed is ___ for another 10 copies of your book The Earth Is Not Moving.  Everyone who has purchased one from me has told their friends.... Bohica Concepts, Randy Grimes, Randle, WA

"...I have been studying and researching things since reading your book and have come to the conclusion that the earth is not moving, just as the Bible says.  In fact, I preached about this subject over two Sunday evenings and it was well received.  Send two more...."  Bill Hendricks, Pastor, Grafton, IL

"I have just finished reading the book The Earth Is Not Moving.  Kudos!  A great work.  A real eye opener.  Send book list...." Dr. Van Harmon, Tualatin, OR

"I appreciate your ministry because you are in the Word.  Your writings are like water to a thirsty man.  The Holy Ghost has used them to revive my soul...." [Send copy of The War The Lamb Wins]  Frithjof Olderr, Watertown, SD

"Really enjoyed The Earth Is Not Moving!  Send these others: [Heaven...; Hell...; Satan...; Millennialism...; Judgement....] Thanks, and God Bless!"  Dennis Freed, Montrose, CO

"Please send The Earth Is Not Moving.  I am really looking forward to this study.  I ordered Bouw's books too.  Your web site is great!  Especially the links for Creationists.  It is Great!Caro DuBose, Andrews, TX

"...Enjoying The Earth Is Not Moving.  [Send: Judgement...; Heaven...; Hell...; Millennialism....]  Thanks again."  Ron Casmer, Roanoke, TX

"A friend of mine gave me a copy of your book The Earth Is Not Moving.  Whenever I lend the book, friends hate to return it.  Your sense of humor is heartily appreciated.  Your research is certainly appreciated and well presented.... I have copies of all your books.  Let me know if you have written other books lately."  Helen Scafate, Massillon, OH

"...The Earth Is Not Moving arrived and I have read it with great pleasure.  It came up on the Sturm List, an email list for Classical Education in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod...." Christian Kopff, Honors Program, U. of CO at Boulder

"I have just finished reading The Earth Is Not Moving and I thank God He led me to your web site.... Thank you once again for your very timely book that proves to me, once and for all, that God's Word, the Bible, is the absolute Truth, and the final Word on every subject on which it elaborates...."  John Baxter, South Australia, Australia

***Scores more kept in folder since Jan. '02***

I will add this last testimonial received yesterday 11.12.05 from BC, Canada.  A reader there had sent my response to a question he had to a friend of his, who replied:

"...You are talking about the Fixed Earth site, right?  by Marshall Hall? I have his book.  It is the most mindblowing thing I've read in my entire life.  Worth every penny of the $30 he charges [Canada].  Do you remember as a little kid, people might try to trip you up by yanking your pants down to your ankles?  That is exactly what Marshall Hall has done to the entire scienfitic establishment.  I am in awe of his knack of going for the jugular..."  

That was encouraging! 

After years of testing, it now seems fair to conclude that the book--together with hard new facts on the web site--has the power to bring down Bible-destroying "science falsely so called" ( Tim. 6:20,21), and to dramatically force a global  recognition that the Bible is the inerrant and indestructible Word of God on every subject it addresses... regardless of whether the whole world says otherwise or not. This power comes from  the God of that Living Word, of course (Heb. 4:12), and only incidentally from any poor efforts of mine to exalt both that Word and Its Author. 

That said, let it be underscored here that the Bible teaches plainly that the Earth is stationary at the center of the universe (HERE - HERE - HERE), and that it is emphatically not a rotating, sun orbiting product of billions of years of evolution.  Thus, in spite of  the fact that the whole world--including every Christian Church--has bowed the knee to a false science Idol from another religion, it is God and His Word that will triumph "one hour" (2-3 months) after a World Government is established, exactly as written over 1900 years ago (Rev. 17:14)....