Ten Step Process For Exposing And Destroying

The 15 Billion Year Evolutionary "Creation Scenario"

1) Understand: There appear to be three basic ways to explain the Origin of all that exists; namely:

    a) Creation by God in six literal days about 6000 years ago with no evolution involved whatsoever.

    b) An explosion of a "substanceless substance" some 15 billion years ago has created all that exists solely by naturalistic random chance "evolution".

    c) Everything has evolved over the same billions of years, but under some level of supernatural direction which can be attributed to some kind of g’d of one’s choice...(except for the Biblical God Who required only six 24 hour "evening and morning" days with NO evolution!).

2) Though there appear to be three explanations, it immediately becomes obvious that there really are only two. One of these explanations involves no evolution at all and is brought about by God in six literal days. The other two require billions of years of evolution with or without supernatural intervention. Hence, there are only two models, viz., a non-evolutionary six day creation model, and an evolution-dependent two part model requiring billions of years. 1)No Evolution...Six days. 2)Evolution...Billions of years.

3) Basically unknown to the world until about 20 years ago is the now revealed and undisputed fact that the 15 billion year evolutionary model is derived from a holy book (Zohar Kabbala) of the Pharisee religion. Also from the same religion the now available facts tell us that the other essential components of the evolutionary model-- beyond the indispensable 15 billion years--i.e., heliocentricity [300 years before Copernicus] Relativity, a Big Bang, an Expanding Universe, etc.] are also found in the once secret writings of Kabbalist sages over at least two millennia (begin HERE, also: HERE - HERE -HERE).

4) Since the facts about this astonishing revelation recently became available to an unsuspecting world, it remains only that the five alarm wake-up call embedded in those facts (which impact every living person!) be made available everywhere, i.e. todo el mundo. What message? This: The root of all evolution-based belief--both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial--is actually another "creation scenario" from another "holy book" belonging to the anti-Christ religion of Pharisaic Judaism.

5) In light of the magnitude and scope of this deception and its demonstrable control over all of modern man’s "knowledge" (HERE), the first thing for those who despise having their minds controlled by ANY CABAL of religionists to understand fully, is that the time is past when evolutionism--and all teachings based on it--can be classified as secular science. Evolution is not secular; it is religious. Evolution is not science; it is contra-scientific hypothesizing bereft of the first piece of indisputable evidence. Evolution contradicts all observation-supported true science (HERE-HERE-HERE).

6) Given those demonstrable facts, it is reasonable to ask how a deception of this magnitude could be pulled off so smoothly over many centuries. The answer is at hand and easily understood in the next paragraph and in numbers 7-10 following:

The completion of Jesus’ ministry and His New Covenant with "whosoever will" in the 1st century A.D. spelled out the end of the Old Covenant with the Hebrews alone, (e.g. HERE, etc.).  Biblically, this meant the end of the Hebrew’s "chosen people" status, and the end of the Pharisaic Religious Establishment (in spite of all Pharisaic and Dispensationalist efforts to restore it: HERE - HERE - HERE). As was well known centuries before Jesus (Aristarchus’ heliocentricity: 3rd century B.C., Gnostic evolutionism, etc.), the single most effective way to destroy the Bible and the Biblical God’s credibility was to destroy the credibility of the literal six day creation account. In the 1st century A.D. Rabbi HaKanna inscribed his mystic formula which determined that the universe was 15.3 billion years old (HERE, p.6). This is the same age that has become textbook cosmology today! (Keep in mind: Without those billions of years of evolutionary "science" Pharisee control over all Scientific and Religious "knowledge" (HERE)-- would be impossible.)

7) In the 13th century the esteemed Kabbalist, Raban Nachmanides, inscribed (for Kabblist Rebbe's eyes only) the other four essentials of the Kabbalist Big Bang Evolutionary "creation scenario", namely: a) Aristarchian heliocentricity (300 years before Copernicus...who also initially recognized Aristarchuscontribution); b) Relativity; c) The "Big Bang"; d) An expanding Universe. The world knew nothing of these ultra secret Kabbalist writings until 15-20 years ago. In the 16th century--as the Copernican Model provided the launch pad--the venerated Kabbalist, Isaac Luria, connected the dots from HaKanna and Nachmanides, and by his death in 1572 had completed the formula for progressively destroying the Biblical six-day "creation scenario" and replacing it with the Kabbalist 15 billion year "creation scenario". Kabbalist Ashlag then revealed (1922) Phony Physics would play, and that Satan is the anti-Christian Kabbalist g'd. (HERE)

8) But why would the vast and mighty Christian Civilization from the 16th century to today exchange the Biblical Creation Account of its religion for the "creation account" of an avowedly Christ-hating religion?! Why would Christendom--with its cornerstone belief in the Biblical God of Creation Who offered (and obviously could deliver on a promised eternal plan for all mankind)-- exchange all that for a predominantly agnostic religion which teaches intense hatred for Jesus and precisely opposite moral and ethical values to those found in the Bible (HERE) ? Why would Christendom abandon the Biblical Hebrew writers and accept the mystic writings of a handful of Rabbinic "sages" set forth in their intensely secretive, Bible-destroying Talmud/Kabbala holy books? How could a self-serving religion which views non-Jews as sub-human cattle, ever hope to convince the Christian World to abandon its Biblical God and His love-driven plan for all mankind on an eternal New Earth (HERE)? How could such a thing be pulled off?!

9) How indeed?! The outcome of a contest between the huge Christian Religion with its foundational Six-Day, exnihilo Biblical Creation Account, and the tiny, esoteric, and mystic Religion of Pharisaic Judaism with its 15 billion year Kabbala-based Evolutionary Account, could hardly have ever been in doubt if the world from Copernicus to today had known what was going on! The issue has never been presented as a "creation scenario" from one religion that is competing with the "creation scenario" of another religion. No, no, no! No such contest of different religious creation models has ever been leaked to the world until about 15-20 years ago... through the Internet principally, and in books (e.g., HERE - HERE). Rather, what has been offered in every single instance in over 4-1/2 centuries is a battle for the minds of mankind over whether the Bible-based Creation Account of the Christian Religion--and the God behind that Creation--or the Kabbala creation account of the Pharisee Religion masquerading as a secular science establishment--claiming no religious connection whatsoever--would win that battle! The world has never, ever been given even a hint that there was a Religion that taught all of the components of today’s 15 billion year old Big Bang Paradigm of an evolved universe, Earth, and Mankind. In short, until some15-20 years ago, the whole world has been kept totally in the dark from Copernicus forward about the fact that the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm is the fulfillment, i.e., the manifestation of the "creation scenario" of the Talmud/ Zohar/Kabbala-based Religion of Pharisaic Judaism. The world has been led to believe that each of the five components of the Big Bang Model (Heliocentricity, Relativism, 15 Billion Years, Big Bang, Expanding Universe - [superstrings & parallel universes are more recent additions: HERE] - is backed up by completely secular science evidence with no religious agenda whatsoever. One may judge how far this Model would have proceeded from Copernicus to today if the secret religious cabal behind it had not been secret...and how far it will proceed as that cat comes out of the bag!

10) The tenth step in understanding how evolutionism is going to be exposed and destroyed centers on recognizing the fact that the Copernican Model is the keystone that is holding up the Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism (HERE). That keystone is entirely assumption-based, factless, and contrary to all known science (HERE - HERE - HERE ). By making the Sun just one star amongst alleged trillions-- and the Earth just gravitationally captured space flotsam--the stage was set for a steady expansion of the age and size of the universe until it reached the Kabbala’s religious requirement of a 15 billion year age and a 15 billion light year radius. Without those billions of years, evolutionary mythology--in all its ramifications (HERE - HERE)--goes down the toilet where it belongs. The level of deception and outright fraud involved in maintaining the critical 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year radius mantras can be grasped (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE etc.) Biblically, Satan--"as the god of this world" and ruler "of all its kingdoms" (II Cor. 4:4; Matt. 4:8,9)--now has all of his eggs in one basket, as far as protecting his kingdoms and position is concerned. His moves on God’s chess board are limited to those that drive him inexorably toward the place where it is written: "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord..." and "...the devil knows that his time is short...." (Rev. 11:15; 12:12).    ***[Audio Sessions--Series I, Part II--highlight nine reasons why the Copernican Model is a Contra-Scientific amalgam of observation-denying assumptions. HERE]

Satan’s Biblically prophesied end (Rev. 20:11; also HERE) tells the world that he will lose his battle to prevent an all-out attack against the vulnerable Copernican Keystone (Rev. 17:14), now holding up his entire edifice of deceptions. Once that factless lie is exposed, the edifice will crumble suddenly and usher in the Seven Trumpet and "little season" Biblical time frames followed by the promised eternal New Earth. (HERE - HERE - HERE)