Subject Area #8

The excuses Christian Churches have used to avoid standing up for

numerous and abundantly plain non-moving Earth Scriptures--and the true

science that supports those Scriptures!--are no longer valid excuses. The

fact that the Pharisee’s evolutionary 15 billion year Big Bang Model has come

out of the closet with its anti-Bible "creation scenario" leaves no more wiggle

room for Christian Churches...and especially the "Creationists" in them.


GO -  "Sixty-Seven Scriptural References Which Tell Us That It Is The Sun And Not The Earth That Moves." (3 pgs)

GO - "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words", Part IV "The Size and Structure of the Universe..." (8 pgs)

GO - "The Real Opiate Of The Masses: EVOLUTIONISM" (2 pgs)

GO - "God’s Promised Judgment Begins At The ‘House Of God’" (15 pgs)"

GO - "Sola Scriptura I - The Only Lawful Guide for Christian Church Doctrines"  (7 pgs)

GO - "Sola Scriptura II -The Effort to Destroy Christianity: The Scheme and the Remedy" (7 pgs)

GO - "Sola Scriptura III - Evolution and Acceptance of a Homosexual Lifestyle"  (7 pgs)

GO- "Sola Scriptura IV - Kabbala Phariseeism or Bible Christianity?"  (7 pgs)

GO-"The Scripturally Mandated Destiny For All Churches During The Fall Of Babylon"  (12 pgs)

GO - "Creationists [Door Open] Who Accept Copernicanism Don’t Realize That, Without It, The Big Bang Cosmology Which They Reject Would Immediately Self-Destruct And Destroy The Entire Superstructure Of Evolutionism" (7 pgs)

GO - "Creationist's End Time Doctrine Is Blocking Exposure of the Evolution Lie"  (7 pgs)

GO - "These Are The Chief Obstacles Now Preventing The Truth About The Size And Structure Of The Universe From Getting To People Everywhere" (5 pgs)

GO - "Dr. Humphreys' Universe: Neither Biblical nor Scientific" 3 pgs

GO - "It’s Hardball Time Creationists: No More Stonewalling Against Bible Geocentrism" (17 pgs)

GO - "Genesis I: 1-5: Creationist Stonewalling Of Bible Geocentrism: Decision Time Approaches...." (18 pgs)

GO - "The Universe: Finite Or Infinite?" (5 pgs)

GO - (ibid #3) "Size and Structure...Part VI: Unyielding Evidences of Flagrant Deceptions In The Measurement Of Star Distances" (19 pgs)

GO - "Three Part Response To Book Review In A Creationist Publication" (5 pgs)

GO - "Part I: What Is Behind The Rising Tide Of Paganism In Christian Churches Worldwide?" (9 pgs)

GO - "Part II: Same Title" (8 pgs)

GO - "Darwin And The Church In England: Are We [in the USA] Next?" (4 pgs)

GO - "Exposure of Copernican-Based "Evolution Science" as a Contra-Scientific Religious "Creation Scenario" Will Divide the Populations of the World" 7 pgs

GO - The Bible Promises A Brief Satan-Empowered Global Government  1 pg

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