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Because of their total pro-Israel theology, the powerful "Christian Zionist" evangelical churches are, by default, the biggest supporters of the Talmud/ Kabbala-based Pharisee Religion. That Religion is killing Bible Christianity with: a) its Copernican-based "creation model"; b) its control over demonstrably anti-Bible "Dispensationalist" doctrine of a Pre-trib Rapture and a literal Millennium. The "Preterit" and "Identity" alternatives are also anti-Bible decoys. The Zohar/Kabbala and the Talmud--anti-Christ "holy books"--are the hidden destroyers of Bible-only Christian Creationism, theology, eschatology, morals and ethics.


GO - "The ‘Religious Right’: The Ultimate Source Of Zionism’s Power?" (12 pgs)

GO - "CUFI: Christian Zionists Unite to Dictate U.S. Mid-East Policy" 2 pgs

GO -  "Hagee - CUFI: Christian Zionists Unite To Dictate U.S. Mid-East Policy" 2pgs

GO - "Members of Congress, FYI: CUFI is Unconstitutional  1 pg 

GO - "Christian Zionists: A Marriage Of Spiritual Opposites" (12 pgs)

GO - "Dispensationalism & Millennialism: Their Origin and Their Future" (24 pgs)

GO - "Christian Zionism's Powerful Role In The U.S./Israel Alliance" 3 pgs

GO - "Armageddon Is A One Day 'Battle'" 5 pgs 

GO - "Dispensationalist Pre-Trib Rapture Teaching Is a Satanic Trap"  1 pg

GO - "Changing A Biblical Word Can Change A Doctrine!" 3 pgs

GO - "End Time Teachings: The Non-Biblical & The Biblical"  3 pgs

GO - "Salvation Requirements Will Be Changed When Biblical Inerrancy Is Proven By The Exposure Of ..." 3 pgs

GO - "New Earth Or Re-newed Earth?" (4 pgs)

GO - "Does Jesus Return To The Ground On This Earth?" (8 pgs)

GO - "Jesus: King Now, Or Coming King?" (22 pgs)

GO - "Day And Night In Heaven, Or Just Day?" (18 pgs)

GO - "The 7th Trumpet (about 3 months) Is The "1000 years" Of Revelation 20" (14 pgs)

GO - "Kabbala III: Judaism: Theological Anarchy...Or Kabbalists In Control All Along?" (8 pgs)

GO - "Kabbala IV: Some Insights To Ponder and Evaluate About The Hidden, Secretive Makeup of Kabbalism" (6 pgs)

GO - "Kabbala V: "The Oral Tradition Concept" - "The Chosen People Concept" -"The Messiah Concept" (8 pgs)

GO - (ibid: #4) "The Talmud" (4 pgs)

GO - "The Preterit View: Straining At A Gnat And Swallowing A Camel" [click title]  (1 pg)

GO - "The Role Of The Ten Commandments For Christians As Spelled Out In The New Testament Of Jesus Christ" (10 pgs)

GO - Part I - "Identity and Other Race-Based Teachings" (44 pgs)

GO -Part II - "The 'Identity' Teachings of Pastor Eli James et al" (23 pgs)

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