Subject Area #6

The Evolution Monopoly in public education in the USA can now be ruled unlawful

 under the same "Establishment Clause" of the Constitution that has been used

consistently to defeat all challenges to that Monopoly in the Courts. These six

links set forth an air-tight legal case for expelling Evolutionism from the schools.

The last three use GA HB 179 as a prototype for all courts & legislatures in the USA.


Responses in Three Parts to Biologist Dr. Camp's

Support of Evolutionism in the Local Paper

GO - "Part I: Evolutionism: It’s Time To Play Hardball" (7 pgs)  

GO - "Part II: Evolution Is A RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE That Is Taught In Violation Of The "Establishment Clause" Of The U.S. Constitution" (9 pgs)

GO - "Part III: Points Of Fact And Law For Conducting Cases Involving The Teaching Of The ‘Theory’ Of Evolution In U.S. Schools" (The Anti-Evolution "Brief") (6 pgs)


Three Part Legal Model for Removing Evolutionism from the Schools in the USA

GO - "PART I - Proposed Georgia HB 179 Model" 3 pgs

GO - "PART II - Attachment of Evidence for HB 179 Model" 6 pgs

GO - "PART III - Addendum With Extra Related Evidence for HB 179 Model" 9 pgs


The Important Difference Between he Humanist Religion and the Pharisee Religion

GO -  "The Similarities and the Differences Between the Humanist Religion and the Pharisee Religion Relevant to "Evolution Science" and the U.S. Constitution" 2 pgs


GO - "Intelligent Design Pitfalls: Is 'ID' A Genuine Threat To The Evolution Monopoly?  Or Is It A Tricky Compromise To Save Factless Evolutionism? 4 pgs



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