Subject Area #5

The Bible teaches that the Earth is stationary and immovable

at the center of a "small" universe with the sun, moon, and stars going

around it every day. All observational and experimental evidence--and

non-occult math, i.e., true science--supports the Bible teaching.


GO - "What If?" (14 questions to ponder...) (3 pgs)

GO - "Sixty-Seven Scriptural References Which Tell Us That It Is The Sun And Not The Earth That Moves" (3 pgs)

GO - "Grammatically and Semantically The Holy Bible Is Wholly Geocentric" (5 pgs)

GO - "The Size and Structure of the Universe According To The Bible and Non- Theoretical Science": Part I: "Star Reflections In The Biblical Model" (16 pgs)

GO - "S & S... Part II: "Highly Reflective Water Crystals Are The ‘Waters Above’ The Biblical Firmament" (10 pgs)

GO - "S & S...Part III: Rare Scriptural Confirmation Of The Role Of Reflections In The Biblical Model Of The Universe" (8 pgs)

GO - "S & S...Part VII: "A Clear and Unavoidable Choice Between The Biblical and the Kabbalic Creation Models Looms For One and All. Christians First!" (12 pgs)

GO - "Historical Revisionism: A Quest For Many Truths" (13 pgs)

GO - "Hate Crime Laws" (9 pgs)

GO - "Satan’s Mortal Enemy: God’s Infallible Bible" (8 pgs)

GO - "The Rapidly Approaching Culmination of The Biblical God’s Plan From A to Z" (7 pgs)

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