Subject Area #2

Without alleged billions of years there would be no evolution "theory".  Period.

NASA and its global Space Agency Clones now supply those billions of years.

Obesity, Madonna, and UFO’s are examples of the boundless Evolution Promoting Circus.


GO - "NASA’s Agenda: Promoting Copernicnism & Evolutionism" (5 pgs)

GO - "The Spiritual Roots of NASA's Big Bang Premise" (5 pgs)

GO - "Space Science: Mass Hypnosis At Work"  (3 pgs)

GO - "Kepler Telescope Lies From NASA" (2 pgs)

GO - Mars Missions, Part I: "The Evolution Deception Goes Into High Gear" (4 pgs)

GO - Mars Missions, Part II: "Australian Scientists and Their Dog..." "NASA’s Engineers and Scientists..." "The Martian Landscape: A Reality Check" (8 pgs)

GO - Mars Missions, Part III: "NASA's Latest Lies Seek To End The Evolution Debate and Declare Victory For The Kabbala’s Origins     Scenario Over TheBible’s Origin Scenario" (9 pgs)

GO - Falsifying The Geosynchronous Satellite Concept  (7 pgs)

GO - "Transparent Deception In Yet Another Alleged Extra-Solar Planet Discovery" (5 pgs)

GO - "Evolution’s Vain Search For Credibility Continues" (All hail "Phosphorus"!)  (3 pgs)

GO - "A Heavy Overdose Of Evolutionary Propaganda Thinly Disguised As A Scientific Explanation For The Rampant Obesity Problem In The USA" (5 pgs)

GO - "Madonna And The Kabbala: A Copernican Connection" (4 pgs)

GO - "Archives Debunk UFO’s" (3 pgs)

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