Subject Area #1

The following subjects confirm that the Copernican Model of a rotating,

orbiting Earth is a factless, observation-denying deception that is the keystone

which is holding up all of modern man’s false "science" and "knowledge".

It’s time for the truth.


GO - "Exposing The Copernican Deception: The Cataclysmic Impact On Every Field Of Modern Man’s ‘Knowledge’" (7 pgs)

GO - "Star Trails: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" (6 pgs)

GO - "From Copernicanism Through Big Bangism, Modern Cosmology’s Model Of The Universe Is Built Solely On ASSUMPTIONS"(10 pgs)

GO - "What Would Be The Effect Of Exposing Copernicanism As THE KEYSTONE That Is Holding Up ALL Evolutionary Science?" (7 pgs)

GO - "Pythagoras: The First To Mix Religion And Mathematics?" (6 pgs)

GO - "The Monkey Trial - Tennessee, 1925" (1 pg)

GO - "The Symbiotic Relationship Between Copernicanism And Darwinism"(3 pg)

GO - "Copernicanism And Darwinism: Inseparable Concepts Historically, Philosophically, Spiritually, And Scientifically" (7 pgs)

GO - "Darwin’s German Bulldog and Marx’s Right Hand Man Recognized The Unbreakable Link Between Darwinism And Copernicanism" (4 pgs)

GO - "The Theoretical Science Establishment Controls Cosmological And Biological Sciences" Part I: "COSMIC ANCESTRY: The Desperate Embrace Of The Panspermia Hypothesis Tells The World About The Plight Of Evolutionary Theories" (7 pgs)

GO - "Part II: "The History Of Big Bangism’s Triumph: A Comedy of Errors" [Note especially: "Reconstruction of Mathematics", p.9 of 14] (14 pgs)

GO - "Tycho Brahe Poisoned?!" (2 pgs)

GO - "Ten Step Process For Exposing And Destroying The 15 Billion Year Evolutionary "Creation Scenario" (3 pgs)

GO - "Quotations From Contemporary Scientists Declaring A Non-Moving Earth Model Just As Valid As The Copernican Model" [Note: I do not accept this compromise approach.  One Model must be a lie, and you can know--as anyone can--which Model that is!] (3 pgs)

GO - "The Bottom Line About The Universe And All Life" "Part IV: The Theoretical Science Establishment Controls Cosmological and Biological Sciences"  (33 pgs)        

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