"Click Here"  to go to the Home PageOnce it sinks in that ALL the phenomena pertaining to the cosmos is totally explainable by using a non-moving (geocentric) earth model, certain realities of the most profound sort begin to crowd one's mind and spirit irrepressibly. Among these realities are:

  1. The realization that if a deception of this magnitude has been perpetrated upon the entire literate world, then an intellectual and spiritual re-examination of ALL of modern man's "knowledge" must be undertaken by all who prefer truths to lies. Such a re-examination would in fact be a counter-revolution against all facets of modern man's" knowledge" which are dependent upon Copernicanism for their very existence (HERE). The root and the branches, you might say. . . . Hence:
  2. Evolutionism, the modern-day foundational premise of the Biological Sciences, must be re-examined. These "sciences" declare that all life forms (plant, animal, human) have arrived at their present state of ineffably complex design and function as a result of pre-existent matter acting randomly upon itself. In other words, the secular evolutionist's explanation for the origin of all life forms--the explanation taught everywhere as "science" with public funds--is said to be the result of lifeless, senseless "matter" ACCIDENTALLY acting upon itself-and producing all that exists--over millions and billions of years. After reflecting upon this "scientific" explanation of origins, all who come to realize that they have been badly deceived by this inexpressibly GOOFY "theory" (as I once was!), will want to ask themselves some serious questions, such as: 1) Could such an utterly squirrely MYTH have ever succeeded as it has without posing as true Science? (Answer: No way!) 2) Where am I to stand in such a counter-revolution against the false science establishment which has imposed its criteria of values, morals, and truth upon modern man's "knowledge" at all levels?  (again: HERE)
  3. Let it also sink in that those other subject "disciplines" that make up modern man's "knowledge", are "disciplines" that are DEMONSTRABLY rooted and grounded upon the evolutionary explanation of origins (which itself remains symbiotically dependent upon the continued acceptance of the Copernican moving earth model. (Ex. HERE).  These subject area headings are: 1) Marxist/Leninism/Humanism in the Social Sciences; 2) Freudianism in the Behavioral Sciences; 3) Einsteinian Relativity in Mathematics; 4) Philosophic existentialism, nihilism, paganism; 5) Psychological morbidity in the Arts; 6) The extra-Biblical, contra-Biblical, and non-Biblical doctrines that stultify, corrupt, and confuse the New Testament Christian message. . . . (Hinduism and Buddhism, of course, fit in with the evolutionary paradigm and account for their resurgence in the modern world.)
  4. The impact upon Truth seeking Christians of all the above should be even more poignant than the impact upon non-Christian Truth seekers (multiplied millions in both cases!). Both of these groups have in common the fact that they have been deceived equally by the Copernican lie (and many by the Darwinian lie)! The way out is the same for both populations: Find out, walk out and SPEAK OUT!   (As formerly one of you, I hope atheists will seriously consider THIS....)
  5. The special message for both groups of Truth seekers when they realize the deceptiveness of the moving earth explanation and its impact on all "knowledge" is this: Those non-moving earth passages in the Bible (HERE) are Truth from God. (Moslems too should note that the Koran has TEN references to the earth being stationary! (HERE) For the Christian (and the Muslim on this subject) these passages must not be labeled "language of appearance" or "phenomenological language". All such pussyfooting is tantamount to unnecessary capitulation to the false-science establishment! You don't have to do that anymore, so don't do it! Our non-moving earth is a totally sustainable position SCIENTIFICALLY (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.)  Stand up for it! You cannot be proven wrong!
  6. This web page has spotlighted a heretofore ignored major revelation about the fact that today's textbook cosmological paradigm (Relativity/Big Bangism/ Expanding Universe) is the fulfillment of "creation scenario" from Rabbinical writings in the anti-Christ Kabbala since the 1st century A.D.  All necessary details can be found in a seven part series entitled "Kabbala" which begins HERE.
  7. Given these verifiable Six Points, is it not time for the "called, chosen, and faithful" of God (i.e., basically Truth lovers everywhere) to boldly unite and do something BIG, something capable of pulling the rug out from under the whole Kabbalist edifice of deceptions masquerading as secular Theoretical Science?? Is it not time to join together to expose the Copernican Lie upon which rests every other Bible-bashing lie now being employed by the god of this world (II Cor.4:4)?? Is it not time for seekers of Truth everywhere--regardless of their present beliefs--to learn of the great heliocentric deception and its fruit(!), and then attack it with every weapon God makes available. . .including most especially the global internet??!

If you wonder if it could be such a time, check it out. Just check it out!    If you buy and read THE EARTH IS NOT MOVING (HERE), as many have (HERE), it will help you break into the subject, and the order will be appreciated.  If you don't get the book, no problem.   Just read several of the links and begin to discover how we have all been deceived almost beyond belief about a subject that goes to the very heart of God's Biblical Plan for this Earth and every individual who has ever lived. Then, if you want to DO SOMETHING, just  forward this www.fixedearth.com address to all your friends and simply ask them to read the short "Six Points" link.   Then, if they find that link and some others interesting and persuasive, ask them to forward that web address to all their friends and correspondents with "What do you think of this"? or a similar message.  

Other ideas for spreading this message are welcome. Let's see what can be done.  OK?

Lord Bless,

Marshall    [fefinc@hemc.net]