Salvation Requirements Will Be Changed When Bible Inerrancy Is

  Proven By The Exposure Of The False Science Establishment's Deceptions   

                                     (Note: “Sola Scriptura IV” expands all aspects of this Biblically  promised reality HERE.)                           


All true Christian preaching--about Salvation or any other doctrine--ultimately rests on the credibility of the Bible. A thousand sermons based on Bible miracles are reduced to blind faith opinions if the Bible is not inerrant, sufficient, and infallible.


Pure faith in the Bible’s inerrancy has served many generations without the need to have proof to back up their faith.  However, reason for such strong faith has been under increasingly heavy attack since the Copernican and Darwinian Revolutions and since Einstein and Sagan.1  So successful is that attack that dramatic evidence capable of totally discrediting the attackers is now required...and urgent.


The major weapon used against unshakable faith in the Bible's credibility has been and continues to be the supposedly “scientific”, supposedly “secular” theories of heliocentricity, evolution, relativity and Big Bangism.,   Despite the utter failure to produce a single piece of indisputable proof for any of these “theories”, they have, nonetheless, succeeded in reducing the number holding to that unshakable faith in the Bible’s credibility to a badly fragmented and confused Evangelical wing of Christianity.  


Happily, though, the hard factual evidence needed to expose those factless theories and completely justify faith in Bible inerrancy is no longer a vague hope.   Indeed, that evidence is available to one and all, and it declares that these theories are: a) Assumption-based “science-fiction” from start to finish.2 b) Fraudulently conceived and maintained.3 c) An alternate “creation scenario” of an anti-Christ Religion.4


In short, once the proof of those three areas of factual evidence is confirmed, the attackers will be dumbfounded.  All reasons for anyone to deny Bible inerrancy will have been vanquished.  Verily, the revelation that a specific anti-Christ religion has succeeded in establishing a mythic Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism will render that Paradigm and all its components incapable of fooling the world any longer. The days of hiding behind its mask of “altruistic secular science” and claiming no “religious agenda” will be over.


Then, once these Truths are loosed in the world, conviction about the Bible’s inerrancy will be established quickly and irresistibly, both to those who welcome those Truths and those who hate them.  Both groups are religious.  Both have their beliefs about God/g’d. Both have their holy booksThe only choice will be which God/g’d and which holy book each individual decides to follow.5


This forced division will further confirm the Bible’s inerrancy, for it was written over 1900 years ago that precisely such division would occur, and that a hefty  majority ruling the world will hate the Truths and become overt Satan worshippers.6a  


Obviously and unavoidably the doctrine of Eternal Salvation promised in the Bible will undergo a radical upgrade for those who choose to stay on--or get on--the Biblical God’s side after the “Truth Blitzkrieg” of the “war the Lamb wins” brings about Babylon’s Fall. God doesn’t judge people on whether they follow the Truth unless He knows that they know it.6b By the end of the Fall of Babylon the whole world will know all they need to know about God's Truth. Scripture is clear that this covers all honest-hearted people in all religions (and even no religion) throughout all of earth’s history.7


After Babylon (Satan’s Empire8) has been exposed and all of his lies and God’s Truths are known to everyone, the Salvation Upgrade will involve two major classifications of change for those who elect to be on the Biblical God’s side through coming events.


One classification involves the kinds of changes necessary for those in Christian Churches who count themselves already Saved.  The other classification involves basically everyone else who sides with the Truths they have learned.  These--whatever their previous religious on non-religious status might have been--“receive a love of truth and are Saved(unlike those who can not receive “a love” of the truth and will “perish” because they choose to worship Satan, believing he will win).9


The way to Salvation will be open only to those who overtly align themselves with the God behind the Truths that cause Babylon to Fall. The rich diversity of False Doctrines that have taken hold in the plethora of denominations and splinter groups in Christendom10 will quickly be exposed when the Head Domino of Evolutionism goes down.  Of the four named groups in these churches, great change will be required in three, because even the fourth group “is scarcely saved.11


Once all lies are exposed and complete Spiritual Truth is known, it will not be possible to continue clinging to a disproved doctrine and still claim to be Saved, no matter how dearly the false doctrine was held In sum: From the Fall of Babylon forward, Salvation will be open only to those who openly embrace--though some will temporarily pretend to embrace-- all the Truth God has shown the world during Babylon’s Fall.  


Overt rejection of known Truth at this juncture will signify a willful alliance with Satan and willful rebellion against God and His eternal Plan through Jesus.  Believing Satan will win (Rev. 13:4), those who elect to follow him forfeit--without recourse--all hope of Salvation through Jesus according to the Biblical promises.


Those, however, who elect to stay--and do stay--on God’s side through the promised Seven Trumpet Plagues will escape the wrath of those plagues (Rev.18:4).  In doing so, these will have taken a very large and necessary--yet still conditional--step toward their eternal Salvation.


Because many will get on God’s side based on personal calculations rather than genuine conviction about the Truths they have had to learn, their Salvation is conditional. Accordingly, the promise does not apply to those who give in and take the Mark of the Beast which occurs during the 6th Trumpet time frame. (Rev. 14:9-12). [Note: No Rapture at this late date! Another major doctrine going down when Babylon Falls.] One further winnowing of the fakers who have survived the Mark period (by virtue of being able to be self-sufficient for several months) comes shortly before the “little season” (Rev. 20:3) ends on the last day of this earth’s history. These too--though they survive until the last day comes--will show their true colors and will not be raptured, i.e., not Saved.12  


As far as the heaven/hell destination of all people since Adam and Eve is concerned, the Biblically certified answer on the last day when the resurrection occurs and the old earth is destroyed is this: a) The dead in Christ are “Raptured” (I Thess. 4:17); b) Those alive in Christ are Raptured (same verse); c) All those in the graves who are not in the Rapture are resurrected, “those that have done good to the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation” (John 5:28,29; 13); d) Those alive and not raptured are pre-judged and will receive their sentence (along with the dead in letter [c] “that have done evil”) at the White Throne Judgment (Rev. 20:11,12).  


The martyrs (by definition, all dead) are a special case.  They will be the first to be resurrected in heaven (Rev. 20:5) when the last Two Witnesses (Gr:“two martyrs”) are raised just before the 7th Trumpet (Rev.11:11-14).  Their arrival completes the martyr roster (Rev. 6:11;20:4) and they reign with Jesus through the 7th Trumpet.14  On the last Day (after the “little season”: R. 20:3) they are further honored by coming with Jesus and the Father (I Thess. 4:13) to witness the rapture, the general resurrection, this earth’s destruction, the Judgment, and the beginning of eternity on the New Earth.


So--during the Fall of Babylon--the old unshakable faith in the Bible’s inerrancy will be justified. The Bible will be known BY ALL to be the Truth of God when facts now available rip the mask off of the Pharisee Religion’s fraud-laden, contra-scientific, evolution-based “creation scenario”.  All the world will know that the God of the Biblical Creation rules and that His End Time Drama15 has commenced.


Once the Christian Religion’s evolution-free creation scenario is confirmed, and all false doctrines and religions are exposed, the criterion for eternal Salvation will be reduced to one option.  For the first time ever, eternal Salvation will be open to those worldwide “who can receive a love of the Truth” that all have been given.  All who cannot receive the love of the Truth will follow Satan and “perish” (II Thess.2:10).


As was written over 1900 years ago, all this will unfold “one hour” (2-3 months) after the now widely anticipated, Biblically promised Global Government is seated.


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