The First to Mix Religion and Mathematics?

    Pythagoras (c.582-530 BC) is sometimes represented as a man of science. At other times he is represented as a preacher of mystic doctrines. The truth seems to be that both characterizations are accurate. "The union of mathematical genius and mysticism is common enough," notes The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 1 That conclusion appears to be an historically sustainable conclusion all the way from old Pythy right on through Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Einstein, Sagan, the Cabalistic Cosmologists and assorted Big Bangites, and even the quaint math-modeled Panspermia "theory" of professors Hoyle and Wickramasinghe. You know the one; itís all about alleged comet-borne bacteria kick-starting evolution on the Earth and throughout the alleged millions of galaxies (HERE).

    One could wonder of what sort was the "religion" that was mixed in with "mathematics" to achieve the theories of the above-named "geniuses". And, since pure mathematics knows nothing of subjectivity, much less of religion, isnít it immediately clear that increasingly arcane mathematics has been nothing more than a specialized tool employed to create a rich variety of "scientific hypotheses"? And is it not equally clear that it is this mystic tool of arcane math which has established the idol of scientism in the all branches of "knowledge" while furthering the "religio/ philosophical" proclivities of the "geniuses" in the driverís seat at the time?

    As for Pythagoras, his religious side led him to teach the doctrine of Rebirth or transmigration [of souls]. Xenophanes made fun of him for pretending to recognize the voice of a departed friend in the howls of a beaten dog. Empedocles seems to be referring to him when he speaks of a man who could remember what happened ten or twenty generations before. It was on this that the doctrine of Recollection, which plays so great a part in Plato, was based. The things we perceive with the senses, Plato argues, remind us of things we knew when the soul was out of the body and could perceive reality directly." 2

(Here we see the real origins of the "immortality of the soul" doctrine which is still a pillar in the Roman church and many Protestant Denominations. This Pythagorean/Platonic Paganism is, of course, the essential cornerstone of the eternal torture chamber Hell doctrine. This is a demonstrably contra-Scriptural teaching that has misrepresented God and will be one of the false doctrine heavyweights to be exposed in the coming Fall of Babylon.   A 110 page book that tells the Biblical truth about Hell  is available HERE.)

    As for the cosmology of Pythagoras, we learn that it "...started from the cosmical system of Anaximenes, which tells us that the Pythagoreans represented the world as inhaling Ďairí from the boundless mass outside it, and this Ďairí is identified with Ďthe unlimitedí." 3 (Now there is a cosmological concept we donít hear much about...the "inhaling air" part, that is. The amorphous "unlimited" as a god designation, however, fits quite well with a variety of attenuated agnostic concepts that characterize many past and present leaders in the Theoretical Science Establishment, Kepler (HERE) and Sagan (HERE) being prime examples.)

    Anyway, the summary given in the Internet sketch is this: "Briefly stated, the doctrine of Pythagoras was that all things are numbers. In certain fundamental cases, the early Pythagoreans represented numbers and explained their properties by means of dots arranged in certain Ďfiguresí or patterns." 4

    So, the long and the short of it is that Pythagorean mysticism--fetchingly disguised as something "scientific"--reduced practically everything to mathematical numbers.

    Does that ring any kind of bell in our "information age", frequently called the "digital age"?

    Because factual math is so dependable, so exact, so capable of producing technological marvels, people have had good reason to trust anything that is said to be mathematically supportable...such as the Copernican Heliocentricity Model for example; and Newtonís work...and Einsteinís, etc. The same is true of factual science, of course.

    Little, however, do people in general even remotely suspect that there is any subjectivity (much less occult spiritism!) involved in either mathematics or science. The general belief is that both math and science are strictly objective enterprises, and strictly secular tools in the hands of a rather elite band of altruistic laborers for mankind. The Theoretical Science Establishment has cultivated the image that it is uniquely removed and aloof from any contamination by philosophies and religions. The Establishmentís mantra is that Mathematics and Science represent a dedicated search for "Truth". You want proof?? Just take a look and how they got rid of all that superstitious stuff about a God Who created everything that exists in the heavens and on earth! Yeah, man....

    How utterly deceived weíve all been! Mathematics and Science have been the Devilís playground at least since Pythagoras! Because of the trust and respect that real math and real science command, they both together have provided the perfect soil in which to plant deception without ever being suspect of wrongdoing...much less detected, exposed, and shut down. Perish the thought!

    By the third century B. C. The Greek astronomer, Aristarchus of Samos became probably the first to state that the earth revolves around the sun. (In his book, Copernicus gave credit to Aristarchus, but it was removed.) How he justified his claim is not known, but his idea was quoted by Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and physicist in the same period...who also gave no evidence for the heliocentricity concept. 5 One can readily imagine how the impulse to theorize by these pagan philosopher-scientists grew over the next couple of centuries, so much so that the Apostle Paul marveled at the host of gods they worshipped in Athens (Acts 21-24) and gave this warning from God to Timothy (I Tim. 6:20,21) and to all of us:

Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,

avoiding profane and vain babblings,

and oppositions of science falsely so called:

Which some professing have erred concerning the faith....

    All that was necessary to take advantage of peopleís trust in math and science was to allow assumptions and insupportable hypotheses into the picture where scientific work was going on. Then...laud the hypothesizers as the real intellectuals; reward their musings with prizes and position beyond those mundane engineers and workpersons who just plod along with their facts and factually supported hypotheses. Then, once the "scientific elite" is in control--i.e., the theoreticians--all of the assumptions and hypotheses can be upgraded to "theories" and "laws" and just plain "facts".

    In other words, all that was necessary to move mathematics and science from being demonstrable purveyors of factual truths to purveyors of nihilistic philosophies and mystic religious myths was to allow a Theoretical Science Establishment to get a beachhead on the "True Facts Continent". Once that beachhead was established with a mathematical model of the "solar" system, the "Copernican Revolution" (it was a revolution all right!), swung into high gear in the universities. There, it steadily conquered the "Queen of the Sciences", i.e., Astronomy, and proceeded to transform Physics to suit the new mathematical model.

(Go HERE (p.9)  for an interesting account of a "restructuring of mathematics" to uphold Copernicanism agreed upon by Communist Physicists in modern times....)

    Amazingly, the Copernican Revolution was carried off without the first piece of indisputable evidence, and that fact remains true to this hour. The only achievement of this mega-deception that is undeniably factual, is this: The ursurpation of the role of the Astronomical Sciences by The Theoretical Science Establishment (beginning in earnest with the triumph of the Copernican Mathematical Model and paving the way for anti-Bible Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, and Saganism ) planted the seed for the destruction of the Bible, and hence Christianity, as the source of Absolute Truth from God for all mankind. The completion of this goal is well advanced and is thought by many to be inevitable in the generation now approaching maturity.

    At once the most egregious and yet most successfully hidden examples of a mystic religion secretly underpinning and driving what the world has believed was purely secular science are those of the 1st, 12th, 13th, 16th, and 20th century anti-Bible, Kabbalist pieces of their Evolutionary Creation Scenario. When put together, these occult-math-dependent scenarios incorporate all five indispensable parts of what has become todayís cosmological textbook "facts", viz., 1) A 15 billion year old universe (1st century Rabbi HaKanna; 2) Heliocentricity (This mother of today's 15 billion light year thick universe was resurrected from the 3rd century BC Aristarchus Model  by Rabban Nachmanides 300 years before Copernicus and his contemporary Rabbi  Isaac Luria in the 16th century.)  3) Relativity (Raban Nachmanides' 13th century concept launched by Zionist-Kabbalist Einstein & Co. in the 20th century); 4) Big Bangism (Again, Nachmanides'  13th century concept, put into theoretical science's hall of fame by Kabbalists Penzias, Sagan et al in the 20th century.); 5) Expanding Universe (Attributed to Hubble in 20th century--who denied it.  Anyway, a necessary theory based on Big Bang assumption. )  (HERE  & HERE  & HERE).

    Theese eez a gud treek, no? Think about it. 

    Pythagoras, you started someth'n didn't you?  Did you get the seed for all this from what came out of the Babylonian Captivity when you were a young man?? You wascal you....


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