Popes Have Both Condemned and Embraced


As with early Protestant Church leaders, 16th and 17th century Popes generally renounced in the strongest language the rise of the Copernican Model of a rotating and orbiting earth. And, as with Protestant Churches so with the Roman Church since those times (with a few exceptions to this day), all that renunciation and opposition has been basically silenced. From Copernicus/Kepler/Galileo/Newton and on through Einstein, the Big Bangites, Sagan’s extraterrestrial delusions, etcetera, the triumph of the Theoretical Science Establishment (made possible by The Copernican Revolution) has long buried any thought in or out of the Churches of resurrecting Biblical Geocentrism which denies not only Copernicanism, but the Darwinism it spawned, and all that is built upon those two pseudo-scientific evolution myths.

Although those early Protestant Church leaders were no less vocal in their denunciation of Copernicanism than the Roman Church, the latter’s pronouncements have proven to be a much more painful doctrinal problem. This is true, of course, because the Pope’s decrees on doctrinal matters are counted as being from God Himself, i.e., infallible. If infallible Popes in those early centuries declared Copernicanism to be a heretical doctrine, then equally infallible Popes gradually compromised and ultimately reversed that stand and accepted Copernicanism (and Darwinism, as JP II did), then clearly one set of Popes is fallible.

So, as is not difficult to see, this precise doctrinal conundrum over whether the earth moves or whether it doesn’t is one that affects the credibility of another doctrine central to the Roman Church, i.e., the doctrine of Papal infallibility itself. God--allegedly speaking infallibly through the Pope--obviously cannot declare for many centuries that the earth is immobile and cannot be moved, and then change His mind because claims from the Theoretical Science Establishment have convinced the world that it is a fact of science that it does move. Clearly, this sledgehammer blow to the doctrine of Papal infallibility immediately opens the door wide to questions about the credibility of other doctrines of the Roman Church.

Ironically, this very same conundrum over the very same doctrine of a non-moving Earth is--as amplified in several links in this Web Site--the tactic that has been used to destroy the credibility of the Bible as the infallible Word of God.

As we shall see just ahead in excerpts from The Pontifical Decrees Against The Doctrine The Earth’s Movement (Rev. William W. Roberts, 1885) the Roman Church based its official position against Copernicanism on the grounds that the Bible declared that it is the sun and not the earth that moves. This was the Word of God, they declared, and no Catholic, Galileo or otherwise, could deny that Word without being a heretic. Plain and simple. As with the Catholic denunciation, so with the Protestants. "All branches of the Protestant Church...vied with each other in denouncing the Copernican doctrine as contrary to Scripture," wrote Andrew White.  Historian Thomas Kuhn said: "Protestant leaders like Luther, Calvin, and Melanchthon led in citing Scripture against Copernicus and in urging repression of Copernicans."(http://www.leaderu.com/science/kobe.html, p. 3)

Thus the issue--no matter which way one comes at it--was/is whether the Bible is the infallible Word of God--as it claims to be and as billions of people have agreed that it is--or whether it is fallible. If the former, then the early Popes and Protestant leaders were truly representing God on this foundational Creation doctrine wherein the Earth was the focus and there was not even a sun to orbit until the fourth day.

In the other scenario where the Bible is fallible, all Popes and Protestant leaders (from about Newton’s time to today) who have reversed their early position and denied the geocentrism Scriptures outright, or tried to twist them to say the opposite of what they say, have declared that the Truth on this subject is what the Theoretical Science Establishment says rather than what the Bible says. In other words, those who deny the plain Biblical statements (HERE) that it is the sun and not the earth which moves, have --intentionally or unintentionally--aligned themselves with those who deny the infallibility of the Bible and instead attribute infallibility on this foundational Creationist teaching to the pronouncements of the Theoretical Science Establishment.

In the latter scenario wherein the Bible is fallible, not only were those early Popes and Protestant leaders badly duped by trusting the Bible to reveal Absolute Truth about the Origins of all that exists, but that trust itself must be judged to be totally unfounded where anything else in the Bible is concerned. Once this trust in the absolute credibility of the Bible on its foundational Creation teaching was broken and shifted over to the Theoretical Science Establishment, the rotten apple was in the barrel. The inevitable progression from "scientific" Copernicanism to "scientific" Darwinism to "scientific" Freudianism, Nietzscheism, Deweyism, Einsteinism, Saganism, Wickramasingheism, etc., was totally predictable when you think about it from the standpoint of Satan’s assigned role in the Scriptures as supernatural liar and deceiver extraordinarie (Ex. John 8:44; I Tim. 4:1b). (Consider also: Satan: What Makes Him Tick? HERE)

When this progression is demonstrated and recognized as the historical fact that it is (HERE), the wool gets very tight for those who are committed to Truth (II Thess. 2:10), the God of Truth (Titus 1:2), and the Word of Truth (Ps. 138:2; John 17:17). Very tight indeed! That is why it is written that Judgment begins at the "house of God" (HERE). Whether that house be Catholic or Protestant is not the point. God’s Truth as given in His Word is the "hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces" (Jer.23:29). "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Words shall not pass away" (Matt.24:35). Neither, as God wrote through Isaiah (55:11), shall my Word "...return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it". (Is the time near for that promised accomplishment? There is, after all, indisputable evidence that Copernicanism is the foundation of all of modern "knowledge" (HERE). And if that mega-fact is indisputable, how much more so the conclusion that the exposure of Copernicanism as a purely mathematical model--which scientists know is unproven (HERE), and which in turn is seen to be the fulfillment of a Rabbinical creation scenario--is the designated first domino in the Biblically promised sudden Fall of Babylon and division of the world into Satan worshippers and those who get on God’s side [Rev.17;12-14; 18:2; II Thess. 2:10; 13:2-8; etc.] !!)

So--though what follows is an appeal to Catholics who would agree with Irish Catholic O’Hanlon quoted in the September ‘02 Bulletin, namely that, "..the church is in pieces, all coherence gone......"--this appeal is also to Protestants who could say the same thing. O’Hanlon hits the nail on the head when he pegs The Copernican Revolution as the mother of a Satan-launched offensive against Bible Credibility, a Revolution that paved the way for The Darwinian Revolution and its offspring, all of which have paralyzed the best that churches have to give to mankind in this life when they refuse to deviate from plain Scripture teaching....

Here then, is a sampling of quotations from the book wherein Rev. Roberts tussles with a Dr. Ward et al to establish the point that there is no way of getting around Papal denunciation of Copernicanism over a long period of time. (AT the conclusion of these quotations, a link is provided for those who would like to access the whole book.)

Some Quotations From

The Pontifical Decrees Against the Doctrine of The Earth’s Movement

and the Ultramontane Defense of Them

"1605-1621 - Reign of Pope Paul V, who issued a 1616 decree condemning Copernicanism.

1623-1644 - Reign of Urban VIII, who issued a 2nd decree [1633] condemning Copernicanism.

1655-1657 - Reign of Pope Alexander VII, who issued a Bull [1644] reinforcing that Copernicanism was heretical...." (p.1 of O’Hanlon’s 4 page intro.) [Color is my emphasis]


"The Cardinal [Bellarmine] begins the paragraph immediately preceding the remark in question by observing that the Copernican interpretation of Scripture is already under the ban of the Council of Trent...." (p. 24. Also p.26: That Council met barely three years after Copernicus’ book was published in 1543.)


"...the Cardinal’s opinion was reported to Galileo, most probably by Prince Cesi, in the following unmistakable terms: ‘With regard to the opinion of Copernicus, Bellarmine, who heads the Congregations that deal with such matters, told me himself that he holds it to be heretical, and that the doctrine of the earth’s motion is beyond all doubt whatever (senza dubbio alcuno) contrary to Scripture.’" (p.26)


"...That the sun is in the centre of the world and altogether immovable by local movement," was unanimously declared to be "foolish, philosophically absurd, and formally heretical, inasmuch as it expressly contradicts the declarations of Holy Scripture in many passages, according to the proper meaning of the language used, and the sense in which they have been expounded and understood by the holy Fathers and theologians...." (p.27)


"We say, pronounce, and declare that you, the said Galileo, on account of the things proved against you by documentary evidence, and which have been confessed by you as aforesaid, have rendered yourself to this Holy Office vehemently suspected of heresy--that is, that you believed and held a doctrine false and contrary to the sacred and divine Scriptures--to wit, that the sun is in the centre of the universe, and that it does not move from east to west, and that the earth moves and is not in the centre of the universe; and that an opinion can be held and defended as probable after it has been declared and defined to be contrary to Holy Scripture." (p.30)


"...Urban VIII, by his decree of the 16th of June [1633], ordered a Pontifical Congregation to inform Galileo that heliocentricism had been declared and defined to be contrary to the sacred and divine Scriptures in such sense that his holding it afterwards would be ‘heresy....’" (p.31)


"...Catholics of the present day [1885] have become so habituated to Copernicanism that unless they take special pains they can do no kind of justice to the violent shock which that theory inflicted on the Catholic’s most legitimate and laudable prepossessions. Scripture, whether taken by itself, or interpreted by the traditional theology, would not lead its readers so much as to dream of any other idea, than that this earth, as it is the moral, so also is it the physical centre of the visible universe. In Scripture Statements, the earth is no satellite of the sun, but rather the sun is a satellite of the earth. ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,whereas not till the fourth day did He create the sun; and then ‘that it might preside over the earth’s day,’ and shine over the earth.’" (pp.36,37)


"The principle involves the conclusions that ‘the heavens and the earth and all that in them is’ were made in literally six days (Exod. xx.11), that the flood was literally universal, and destroyed, outside the ark, literally every living substance from off the face of the earth’ (Gen. vi. 17; vii 4, 19-23); that the doctrine of evolution in all its forms is a heresy, altogether contrary to the sacred and divine Scriptures. Let anyone read Bishop Clifford’s letters in the Tablet...and he will realize how completely Rome has abandoned the ground on which she once took her stand." (Footnote p.48: And this was written in 1885! Consider what the author would be saying in these early years of the 21st century!)


"Since it has come to the knowledge of the above-named Holy Congregation that the false Pythagorean doctrine [HERE], altogether opposed to the divine Scripture, on the mobility of the earth and the immobility of the sun...this Congregation has decreed that the said books...be suspended till they are corrected; but that the book of Father Paul Antony Foscarini the Carmelite be altogether prohibited and condemned, and all other books that teach the same thing; as the present decree respectively prohibits, condemns, and suspends all...." (pp.56,57)


"I Galileo Galilei above-named, have abjured, sworn, promised, and bound myself as above; in token whereof I have signed with my own hand this formula of my abjuration, and have recited it word by word." (p.73)


"Every one admits that Galileo during his trial was treated with unusual indulgence; and his sentence was a much lighter one than he had reason to expect.... It is assumed, we must bear in mind, that the doctrinal question had been settled, and that the decision of 1616 was absolute. The issues before it [the court] were these two: --Had Galileo willfully transgressed the order he was under, not to treat of Copernicanism in any manner? did he hold, and had he written advisedly in favour of that condemned opinion? If so, according to the former ruling of the court, his crime was heresy.

Galileo’s answer on the first count was, that he had completely forgotten that the order contained the words ‘teach in any manner....’

With regard to the second point he absolutely denied that he had meant the Dialogo to be a defense of Copernicanism...but that his real intent had been to show the inconclusiveness of the argument for the theory.... [!!]

But the evidence was dead against him. And we cannot wonder that the consulters of the Holy Office... protested against his defense, and declared their conviction that the accused had held, defended, and taught, the theory of the earth’s motion.

It remained for the Pope to determine what should be done....

...his Holiness commanded the Congregation to send copies of the sentence to all the Nuncios Apostolic, to all the Inquisitors of heretical pravity, and expressly to the Inquisitor of Florence, who was to summon a number of mathematical professors to hear it read publicly....

The Congregation submitted that his [Galileo] having written the Dialogo was inconsistent with this statement [of denial], and urged him to speak the truth....

[Pope] Urban VIII did exact from Galileo absolute and unreserved assent to the doctrine of the decision of 1616...." (pp.85,87,88,90)


"Turning to this Index, we find among the decrees the Pope caused to be added thereto, the following: the ‘Quia ad notitiam’ of 1616; the ‘monitum’ of 1620, declaring the principles advocated by Copernicus...to be ‘repugnant to Scripture... the edict signed by Bellarmine prohibiting and condemning Kepler’s Epitome Astronomae Copernicae the edict of August 10th, 1684, prohibiting and condemning the Dialogo di Galileo Galilei, and under the head ‘Libri,’ we find: [trans.] ‘These, therefore were some of the things the Pope confirmed and approved with Apostolic authority by the tenor of his Bull. It is clear, therefore, that the condemnation of Copernicanism was ratified and approved by the Pope himself, not merely behind the scenes, but publicly in the face of the whole Church, by the authority of a Bull addressed to all the faithful...." (p.93,94)


Inquire about the full computerized text at:<origins@ev1.net>



As even those few highlights show, the full weight of the Roman Catholic Church stood firmly on the side of Scripture and against Copernicanism for several generations. It is also clear that Galileo--far from being the courageous defender of scientific truth as secular history paints him--was much closer to a poltroonish wimp and liar ready to dissemble boldly when necessary to get himself off the hook. He knew he had no evidence. [Kepler likewise, only worse...(HERE pp:1,2  & HERE   (Also 18 pp. on Kepler in The Earth Is Not Moving)

The same sort of resistance to the Copernican Revolution by Protestant leaders during those years was, as noted, very much in evidence. The chief difference in that opposition from the Protestant and Catholic camps was and is the matter of Papal Infallibility. Protestants--having ultimately capitulated to scientism and denied plain Scripture on the matter...as have Catholics--can just sort of brush off those castigations of Copernicanism by Luther, Calvin, Wesley, etc., as unfortunate statements reflective of the age in which they lived.

Catholics, however, don’t have the luxury of that easy way out. If Popes speak for God, then the record is clear that God used to say that Copernicanism was a flat-out heretical rejection of the non moving earth Scriptures; but then God, speaking through the Popes, changed His mind and affirmed that the earth rotates on an axis, and orbits the sun. Moreover, the same Papal objection toward any kind of anti-Scriptural evolutionism broke down and reversed itself over the years, thereby forcing God to eat another large serving of crow if the Papal Infallibility doctrine be true. And, of course, if it be openly admitted that these two issues alone negate the keystone Doctrine of Papal Infallibility, then it is obvious that a lid must be kept on the issue by any and all means....

For my part (as a Christian convinced that both Catholicism and Protestantism--in all their fragmentations--are awash in contra-Scriptural teachings), Robert’s old book served to highlight yet again the pivotal role that the Copernican Revolution has played in the now nearly complete destruction of Bible Credibility and the transference of that credibility to a Theoretical Science Establishment. The progression (regression!) from Copernicnism to Darwinism, to Freudianism, to Einsteinism, to Saganism, to Wickramasingheism is undeniable. It is documented in a variety of links on this web page. (Ex. HERE - HERE - HERE)

Moreover, other links expose the fact that this lying mythological root of Copernicanism is no more a proven scientific fact than it was when the Popes and the Protestant leaders fought it vigorously for a century and a half and more. (Ex. HERE [under George Gamow] - HERE - HERE....)

Furthermore, still other links demonstrate that the victorious march of the Theoretical Science Establishment over Real Science has been achieved on the basis of two monumental deceptions. The first is that it is not Real Science that has nearly succeeded in reconstructing all of modern man’s "knowledge" ( p. 9 HERE - HERE). Rather, it is "science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20) that has intimidated and gagged Real Science. This triumph over Real Science has resulted in the whole world being deceived into teaching and accepting as scientific fact an absolutely insane myth. That myth is that an atom exploded 15 billion years ago and caused the creation of every single inanimate and animate entity there is. Real Science didn’t do that. (Remember: "science" [scire] means "to know"!)

The second deception is, if possible, more devilish than the first. This fraudulent coup to end all coups not only was instrumental in disqualifying Real Science from explaining the Origins of all that exists, it has been disqualified on the grounds that this was not Real Science because it merely corroborated the Biblical Creation Account. It was therefore "religion" and not objective science. Indeed, Real Science facts that falsify the evolution myth have been kept out of the schools on the grounds that the whole thing is just part of a trick by Christian Fundamentalists to teach the Bible. So, in short, Real Science that upholds the Bible has, in fact, been classified as religion which cannot be supported with tax money because that would run afoul of the "Establishment Clause" in the U.S. Constitution.  But...

That has been the plan all along without deviation. This is the coup part: All the essentials of modern textbook cosmological explanations of the Origins of all that exists--namely, 15 Billion Years, Heliocentricity, Relativity, Big Bangism, an Expanding Universe--are merely the essential planks of another "creation science scenario" which is found in another "holy book", namely, the Cabala (Kabbala) HERE. This other "holy book"--along with its companion volume, The Talmud (HERE)--is the implacable enemy of Biblical Christianity. So what we have here is nothing more nor less than the substitution of a "creation scenario" from the "holy book" of an anti-Bible, anti-Christ religion serving as a replacement for the Creation Scenario of the Bible Thus, the occult Cabala’s Rabbinic version of the Origin of all that exists is taught as "Science" in every school in the world with mountains of taxpayer’s money while the undeniable scientific facts which declare a young earth and no macroevolution are forbidden in schools everywhere because it is alleged that the Biblical version of Creation is being taught! (Christians are not supposed to be ignorant of "the wiles [trickery] of the Devil" [Eph. 6:11]. Does anyone know of a bigger trick on that long list of the machinations of the Devil than this one?? I don’t.)

So, in sum, the Theoretical Science Establishment--starting with Copernicanism--has been the chief "double agent" in the corridors of both science and religion. As the undetected agent for the religion of Cabala/Talmudism masquerading as "science", this oxymoronic Theoretical Science Establishment has all but succeeded in destroying the credibility of the entire Bible by concentrating on discrediting its foundational Creation Account and replacing it with the "creation account" from 13th century Rabbinical writings in the anti-Bible, anti-Christ Cabala. This is what has been accomplished by the Theoretical Science Establishment’s certification and promotion of the Copernican and Darwinian lies all decked out in their appropriate "science" costumes.

This strategy and this strategy alone is the one capable of wrecking belief in the Bible. After all, the Origin of the universe, the earth, and all life forms constitutes the most rudimentary basis of all knowledge that there is. If people can be convinced that the Bible is wrong on its account of the Origins of everything, and that they have been superstitious dupes for believing otherwise, a moron can see that the virgin birth, resurrection, heaven...would soon be viewed the same way. No two ways about it, the Creation Account was the place for the Devil to strike. If trust in the Bible could be derailed on its Creation Account, trust in all the rest of the Bible would follow as night follows day. And as temporary "god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4) that is precisely where Satan struck.

Those early Popes and Protestant leaders were right in trying to nip the Copernican Revolution in the bud. Though they almost certainly didn't know it, that Revolution was the beginning of a supernaturally directed plan to destroy and replace the teachings in the Bible with the teachings in the Talmud/Cabala. This plan is now far advanced. It’s tenets now undergird all of modern man’s alleged "secular knowledge" (HERE). Nevertheless, it is a strategy that is destined for exposure "one hour" after the now incipient Global Government gets seated (Rev. 17:12,14). The Sovereign God of the universe holds "in derision" all who imagine they can mock Him and His Plans....

The place where God’s Judgment on all this begins, remember, is "at the house of God" (HERE). Where else??