A Heavy Overdose of Evolutionary Propaganda

Thinly Disguised As A Scientific Explanation For The

Rampant Obesity Problem In The United States...

It is a well kept secret that--along with all the rest!--the magazine media slips promotion of the evolution mantra into the text of just about any subject you can name. Heck, you can find it in Lawn and Garden mags, Mechanics Illustrated mags, all the big slicks...with National Geographic leading the charge. Whatever.

But the 6-7-04 issue of TIME takes the cake.

In a big fat Special Issue with the cover design of a bathroom scale pointing to 262 lbs. and entitled "Overcoming Obesity In America", TIME carries its decades-long pandering to the little gíd of evolutionism to new heights. In a series of articles weaving their way through copious advertising from about page 57 through page 113, the sub-title of the first article written by Michael D. Lemonick [and reported by David Bjerklie] lays the evolutionary foundation for all that is to come:

"Diet and lack of exercise are immediate causes--

("of How We Grew So Big")

but our problem began in the Paleolithic era.

(emphasis added throughout)

(In case you are rusty on your early courses in evolutionary indoctrination, the Paleolithic Era is said to have extended from 500,000 to 10,000 years ago...)

Wasting no time in reinforcing the sub-title above, the author informs us:

"...Obedient to the inexorable laws of evolution,

the human race adapted over millions of years to living

in a world of scarcity, where it paid to eat every

good-tasting thing in sight when you could find it.

Although our physiology has stayed pretty much the same

for the past 50,000 years or so...." blah, blah...

His writing is embellished by a "photo-illustration" covering two pages. As life-like as can be, we see a fat family with a fat dog around a swimming pool. Such "photo-illustrations" are virtual reality fakes, of course, a type of computer- programmed deception widely used by the space science community (HERE - HERE). On the next page a painting of the inside of a big cave is occupied by a stereotyped ape-man family and has this caption: "Hunter Gatherers: We inherited their appetites". Two and three paragraphs further along our education continues:

"...As developing areas like, for example, Southeast Asia and

Latin America catch up economically and the inhabitants adopt

western lifestyles, their problems with obesity catch up as well.

By contrast, among people who still live in conditions most like

those of our distant Stone Age ancestors--such as the Maku or

the Yanomami of Brazil--there is virtually no obesity at all.

And thatís almost certainly the way it was during 99.9% of human evolution.

For most of the 7 million years or so since we parted ways with chimps,

life has been very harsh...."

Not one to lose sight of his topic of evol...er, ah, obesity, that same paragraph further enlightens us as to why people are fat:

"Our earliest ancestors probably ate much as their cousins the apes did,

foraging for fruits, shoots, nuts...Fruits, full of natural sugar...and the instinct

to seek out and consume them [fruits, etc.] evolved in many mammals long before

humans ever arose...."

The next seven paragraphs relentlessly hammer home the evolution leitmotif:

Paragraph 1 of 7..... "Our love affair with sugar--and also with salt...

goes back millions of years...."

"It was some 2.5 million years ago that our hominid

ancestors developed a taste for meat...."

"...according to Katherine Milton, an anthropologist at

the University of California, Berkeley, Ďthe incorporation

of animal matter into the diet played an absolutely essential

role in human evolution."

Paragraph 2 of 7..... "...meat...helped our human ancestors grow taller.

The first humans were the size of small chimps....

Emory Universityís Dr. S. Boyd Eaton says the fatty acids

found in animal-based foods would have served as a

powerful raw material for the growth of human brains."

Paragraph 3 of 7..... "Because itís so packed with nutrients, meat gave

early humans a respite from constant feeding...."

Paragraph 4 of 7..... "...Berkeleyís Milton points out, the brainís growth

may have been facilitated by abundance of animal protein,

but the brain operates on glucose, the sugar that serves

as the major fuel for cellular function...."

Paragraph 5 of 7..... "The appetite for meat and sweets were essential to

human survival, but they didnít lead to obesity for several

reasons. For one thing. the wild game our ancestors ate was

high in protein.... For another, our ancestors couldnít count

on a steady supply of any particular food...."

Paragraph 6 of 7..... "...In essence, early humans ate what amounted to the

best of the high-protein Atkins died and the low-fat Ornish diet....

"To get a sense of their endurance, cardiovascular fitness,

musculature and body fat, say evolutionary anthropologists,

look at the modern marathon runner."

Paragraph 7 of 7..... "That was the condition of pretty much the entire human

race when anatomically modern humans first arose,

between 15,000 and 100,000 years ago...."

With the evolutionary foundation of all that he and others say in this Special Edition based wholly and unabashedly upon the demonstrably false evolutionary premise, the author brings in three paragraphs of modern statistical stuff about nutrition, farming, work, etc., and connects it all to evolution once again:

"...Evolving during a time of scarcity, humans developed an

instinctive desire for basic tastes--sweet, fat, salt--...."

The final paragraph gives a little pep talk and closes with a solid reinforcement of the unspoken theme...nay, the very heart of the article, and hence the heart of this Special Edition of TIME magazine:

"...everyone involved acknowledges that the problem [of obesity]

is real and that solving it will be as hard as anything weíve ever done.

After all, itís not easy to fight millions of years of evolution."


In time tested fashion, after coming as an "angel of light" doing the "right thing" to not only inform people about the suddenly realized obesity problem, but to inform them that we must understand that we evolved over billions of years from various animals with different eating habits, the necessary foundation is laid for yet another bogus crusade for millions to embrace.

Itís not enough to get millions shadow boxing with chimeras like "global warming", UFO spies, "hate crimes", impending extinction of snail darters, spotted owls, etcetera ad nauseum, we now must heed the call to join in a long battle to overcome eating habits allegedly inbred over millions of years of evolution.

The obvious major cause of so many fat people in the U.S.A. and other "advanced countries" is never stated, of course. Itís the same thing that has gone so incredibly far in dumbing-down, crimalizing, and de-humanizing people everywhere, whether they are fat or skinny or Bow-flex models.

What is to be expected when God has been forcibly removed from schools and public places for over forty years? When "science" education in and out of the schools has taught the lie of evolution for over two generations with taxpayerís money? When condoms are passed out to mere children in "sex-education" classes? When homosexuality is taught as just another life style? When the adult world allows a few judges or legislators to pass laws that will fine and imprison a person who purchases space in a newspaper to print a half-dozen Bible verses denouncing homosexuality? When violence, lewdness, tastelessness of every description is dished up 24/7 as "music" and "entertainment"? When essentially all media forms ooze evolutionary propaganda day and night like that seen on the preceding pages??

Evolutionism is the culprit. Look no further. It is the largest cause of not only rampant obesity, ignorance of basic health care, dependence on mind-warping pharmaceuticals along with illegal drugs, etc., but also rampant confusion about Truth in every area of manís "knowledge" (HERE).

It is not possible to take away mankindís belief in a Creator God Who offers (and can obviously deliver!) on a plan for an eternal blissful life...and replace that plan with a belief in a mythical "cosmic egg" which miraculously appeared 15 billion years ago, exploded, and created all that is...without guaranteeing that everyone from cradle to grave will behave as if there is no meaning or purpose to life...except for drugs, sex, and FOOD, FOOD, FOOD.

Yet that is what evolutionism ( the Devilís counterfeit of Godís Creation) has very nearly persuaded the world is the truth about Origins. Mark it down: There are only two explanations for the existence of all that exists: God or evolution.

Forget the "God and evolution" compromise. Though held by millions who think evolution is proven and must be compromised with if they want to hang on to God at all, the demonstrable truth is simply this: a) There is not the first piece of indisputable evidence that any living thing, anywhere, anytime has ever evolved into a different species. The Biblical "after its own kind" stands as an unassailable fact of true science in spite of all that false science has tried to do to with its wild experiments and lies (HERE); b) Evolutionism is the "creation story" of the anti-Bible, anti-Christ religion of Pharisaic Judaism taught in the Kabbala and secretly brought to pass by a theoretical science establishment (begin HERE).

Hey! If Kabbalic Phariseeism is the religion you want to follow, go for it! Just donít call it science! And give up calling yourself a Christian or any other believer in the Creator God! Get it through your head: There can be no Christ, no Christianity, no Heaven...unless the Biblical Account of a six-day Creation is the true explanation for all that exists. That Creation required no evolution whatsoever. It required no millions and billions of years. It is belief in nihilistic evolutionism that has produced not only too many fat bodies, but also too many fat heads.


As demonstrated frequently (HERE -HERE -HERE, etc. ), exposing the Copernican mythology is all it will take to put evolutionary paganism--terrestrial and extraterrestrial--over in the "flat earth" section of the library. Obesity? Well, forget all the evolutionary indoctrination, seek God, and start eating sensibly....