Eclipse Correction...

In The Earth Is Not Moving (pp.207-214) there is a piece entitled "Eclipses" wherein I attempted to show that the direction of the moon’s shadow on the earth during a solar eclipse would be different in the heliocentric model from what it actually is, thereby revealing a classic flaw in the heliocentricity model.

Alas, it turns out that the direction is the same in both the geocentric and the heliocentric models, and I regret that error.

There is still an upside for Biblical Geocentricity in this particular phenomena, however. Consider the incredibly precise information about the location, direction, speed, expiration, etc., of these eclipse shadows that calculations based on a fixed earth had always provided before the Copernican Model was widely accepted. But even more interesting--as even our encyclopedias tell us--precise calculations regarding eclipse shadow movements that are still relied upon today are based upon a non-moving earth! This is quite astonishing, is it not? Here we have this singular example of indisputable mathematical precision--unfailingly certified with every solar eclipse--being based on a stationary earth which, of course, is universally declared to be non-existent and anathema to modern science!

Those who would say that there are mathematics based on a moving earth that give the same results are talking nonsense. Whatever different math symbols are used to fit a moving earth must ultimately be the same as the non-moving earth math or the predictions would fail. Only one set of calculations can be the right one; any other would be different and would produce different results. This simple fact still provides very strong evidence for the Biblical Model of a non-moving earth...whether the shadow goes the same way in both models or not.