God's Word means EXACTLY what It says about the sun going around a non-moving earth (and not the earth going around the sun)??

Indeed, what has God said on that subject??

Here are some examples:

a) "SUN, stand THOU still.... And THE SUN stood still." (Joshua 10:12,13)

b) "The world also is STABLISHED [i.e.,"fixed" #3529 Strong's Con.] that
      IT CANNOT BE MOVED."  (Psalm 93:1)

c) "The sun AND the moon stood still in their habitation." (Habakkuk 3:11)

d) "He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his GOING DOWN." (Psalm 104:19)

e) "...the world also shall be stable [fixed], that it be NOT moved." (I Chron. 16:30)

f) "He...hangeth the earth upon nothing." (Job 26:7)

g) "The sun ALSO ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hastens to
his place where he arose." (Eccl.1:5)

h) " the sun RETURNED ten degrees...." (Isaiah 38:8)

i) God..."commandeth the sun, and it riseth not." (Job 9:7)

j) "...the sun shall be darkened in his going forth." (Isaiah 13:10)

k) "The heavens declare the glory of God.... In them hath He set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of  his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his CIRCUIT [orbit] unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof." (Psalm 19:1,4-6)

Add to these, Dozens of Sun Risings and Settings, etc...! (HERE)

Truly, as one scholar, a Creationist and a Geocentrist, wrote:

" is evident that geocentricity [a non-moving earth...] and the inerrant preservation of the Scriptures are intertwined." (Prof. Hanson, Tychonian Bulletin, S.89,p.21)

By way of contrast, another scholar, a Creationist and a Heliocentrist, says that he:

"...supports inerrancy and the verbal inspiration of the Bible", but nevertheless declares that in all the Scriptures above the Holy Spirit employed a "language of appearance" which gives the reader license to change the meaning to fit the heliocentric teaching. (Dr. DeYoung, Audio tape debate with M. Selbrede)

(Bible believing Christians are urged to try applying DeYoung's "language of appearance" technique to "the evening and the morning were the first [thru sixth] day"...or to the virgin birth...or the resurrection, etc., and see where you come out!)




  • WHAT IF - Kepler's mother was a witch and he was raised a warlock assigned to bump Brahe off (HERE), wreck his work, steal his records, and twist them to promote Copernicanism and help pave the way for evolutionism (which he wrote about 250 years before Darwin)? (HERE, pp.1,2)

  • WHAT IF - Galileo offered no proof whatsoever for heliocentricity but did all he could to elevate secular science over Bible science, thereby contributing greatly to the establishment of the mindset that later served evolutionism so well? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF - Creationists can know that Copernicanism is the demonstrable precursor of evolutionism both as Bible destroyer and as the guarantor that the anti-Bible false science establishment would become modern man's criterion of Truth Itself? (HERE & HERE)

  • WHAT IF - the Bible teaches a stationary earth (just like everyone agreed it did until Copernican and finally Newton's Kabbalist "mathematics" scared the churches into thinking that "science" had proof of heliocentricity)? (HERE - HERE)

  • WHAT IF - Einstein's admission that "fantasy" meant more to him than "positive knowledge" is demonstrated most powerfully in his Relativity hypothesis, (that pseudo-mathematical "great work of art" that rescued a moribund Copernicanism and fostered and vivified evolution-based Marxism, Freudianism and Humanism)? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF - mathematics has long since been an art form capable of depicting anything the "artist" wants? (And what if the ultimate "artist" behind heliocentric (moving earth) mathematics is not men but You-Know-Who?!) (HERE)

  • WHAT IF - the Michelson-Morley experiments and scores of other affirmations--particularly regarding the light fringe results--essentially prove no earth orbit around the sun? (HERE pp.97-104)

  • WHAT IF - Relativism--the savior of Copernicanism almost a century ago and the temporary victor over God's Absolutism since then--is merely a thick slice of pseudo-scientific baloney and can be shown to be so? (HERE pp. 110-133)

  • WHAT IF - God has allowed the deceptive power of Satan to be great enough thus far to prevent Creationists (and other believers in Bible inerrancy) from seeing that Copernicanism--just like evolutionism--has NO scientific proof whatever to support its "science-fiction" claims? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF -  "Ah LORD God!...There is nothing too hard for thee" (Jer.32:17; et al!) is applied to the orbital speeds required for stars in the "small" geocentric universe? (start  HERE)

  • WHAT IF - The alleged discoveries of "Dark Matter" and the anomalies associated with it regarding speed portend a radical revision in the speed-of-light dogma?

  • WHAT IF - The universe--because of complex matters involving parallax and "non-Euclidian geometry", the vagaries of reflections, etc.--is much, much, smaller than we are told? (HERE & HERE)

  • WHAT IF - It is God's Plan to first expose Copernicanism as a scientific fraud (as a certain means to bringing down not only evolutionism but the whole secular scientific establishment idol)? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF - The Copernican Model is essential to the "extra-terrestrial" hype which is nothing more nor less than a highly effective propaganda campaign for evolutionism (...we "evolved" here and "they...evolved out there")? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF -  Darwin's German Bulldog and Marx's Right Hand Man Recognized the Unbreakable Link Between Darwinism and Copernicanism? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF - Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al were all fervent believers in and zealous promoters of Darwinian Evolutionism and the Copernican Heliocentricity that preceded it? (HERE)

  • WHAT IF   - Today's Copernican-dependent, evolution-based "creation scenario" for the Universe, the Earth and all life forms including mankind is directly derived from ancient and current writings of Bible-bashing, Christ-hating Rabbinical Kabbalists?? (HERE - HERE)


  • Answered honestly from all known evidence, we know that these "What If's" add up to one inescapable Truth.  That Truth is that the Bible is just what it claims to be, namely, the inerrant, sufficient, infallible Word of the living God who cannot lie.

  • So, as a Creationist, what if you have to stand up for the plain Biblical non-moving Earth because: a) It is a pivotal feature of the Genesis Creation Account wherein (in addition to the hard evidence at this site) there was no sun to go around until the 4th day; b) The alleged size and age of the universe which provide the billions of years for the evolution hypothesis self-destructs without heliocentricity, and continued support of heliocentricity while claiming to be a literal six-day Creationist is hypocrisy; c) The now available facts demonstrating that all the concepts upholding the heliocentricity-dependent Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism comprise an alternate "creation scenario" from a Christ-hating "holy book" of the Pharisee Religion.

  • Thus,  the only choice for Creationists now taking shape is this: Are you going to be a Zohar/ Kabbala/ Pharisee Big Bang Evolutionary "creationist" or the Bible/Christian Anti-Evolution Creationist the world believes you to be?