Hate Crime Laws

"Hate Crime" is a new name for an old game.

The object of the game is to stop all investigation and reporting of real hate crimes, and to prevent the exposure of the criminals behind them.

The "Hate Crime" game as actually played is a "Hate Truth" game. Itís the Orwellian "doublespeak" in practice. Itís Nietzscheís "transvaluation of values". Itís Einsteinís "relativity". Itís Deweyís "new logic". And, behind all this, it is Satanís "angel of light deception".

"Truth", in this game, is the thing that is really hated. The enemy in the game--"The Truth seeker"--must be thwarted, slandered, libeled, eradicated. All values and Truths must be perverted and made "relative" and everyone must become "tolerant" of the perversions. "Absolute Truths" are the most hateful of all to the lovers of lies who devote themselves to this game. They declare in every university classroom: There is no such thing as "Absolute Truth"! (And thatís the absolute truth....)

So, at bottom, the suppression and elimination of certain powerful Truths is what "Hate Crime" laws are all about. If these few loaded Truths were to get out of the bag world wide, the whole game of defeating Truth would be over and the real criminals would be exposed. Thus, suppression and elimination--and spreading endless lies and confusion about what Truth is--are priorities for the real criminals. They must never relax their vigil, and they must be ever active with "democratic" sounding strategies that will protect "the evil they call `goodí" (Is. 5:20).

Thus, oozing "tolerance" and "altruism" at first, of course, the scope of "Hate Crime Laws" steadily broadens. Increasingly stiff fines and prison sentences are pronounced on those known to be "politically incorrect" or even guilty of "thought crimes". Lenin and Stalin instituted Hate Crime laws early on in the officially atheistic Soviet Union...one of the first being to outlaw any anti-Jewish speech or writings. Many countries are moving steadily toward following the Soviet Communist pattern by enacting similar laws today. In the USA there is an unmistakable crescendo from the Jewish controlled ADL, WJC, ACLU, etc., for the passage of ever more broad and harsh Hate Crime laws with the same goals.

World Court Under One World Government

The mechanism for implementing Hate Crime laws is, of course, the courts. With a One World Government about to become reality, there will need to be a World Court. This Court--without jury, bail, or appeal--will see to it that Draconian Hate Crime laws are instituted which mandate slavery and death to all who dare challenge them. The law then will be: If you hate lies ( i.e., what the Governmentís Court [and rubber-stamp legislature] says is true), you are guilty. Period.

That the Bible speaks specifically about the coming of just such a Satan- worshipping One World Order, any who will look can readily confirm (Rev. 13:4; 17:12-14; etc.).

The fact that this utter Babylonian Confusion about Truth & Lies which surrounds us today was foretold in the Bible over 1900 years ago is surpassingly interesting, most would admit. And the Biblical assertion that this prophesied One World Government will only be allowed by God to operate "one hour" (Rev. 17:12) before the confusion is ended and Babylon Falls is also quite interesting. Both developments are there to read (Rev. 17:14-17; 18:2,7,8,10,17,19;etc.).

Blame for Triumph of Lies Falls on Churches

The same Bible telling of a OWG also tells everybody that Godís Judgment upon the apparent triumph of evil in our time will begin at the Christian Churches (I Pet. 4:17,18)! Thatís right; the churches! God holds the churches responsible for letting the plain Truths of His Word be corrupted and maligned and discarded. HE says in those verses that the churches are full of "disobedient, ungodly sinners" and that even "the righteous at the house of God will SCARCELY be saved"!

Thatís strong stuff!

Why so strong??

Simple: It is the churches--both Catholic and Protestant--that have permitted and embraced and spread wholesale corruption of Bible teachings. It is the churches that have allowed and furthered the decline of Bible credibility to the point that "Post Christian Era" is a common label given by modern historians to these days in which we live. (For a 15 page analysis of why Godís Judgment begins in the churches, go HERE.)

None of this decline affects the inerrancy of the Bible, however, nor the precise fulfillment of what is written about the end of this earthís history. As God has said: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (Matt.24:35). Believe it. And again: "...my word shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it" (Is.55:11). You can believe that too....

It ainít over until that corpulent diva sings, someone says. But listen closely...you can hear her gargling Listerine just offstage right now....

So, those of you who count yourself among the "righteous" in the churches, take note that you are on thin ice, that indeed you are in Babylon too (Rev. 18:4), and you must come out if you plan to be on Godís side when the lies hit the fan! Get ready to accept the fact that much of what you have been taught is not what the Bible says. No matter how locked into this church doctrine or that one you may be; if it demonstrably contradicts Scripture, it is a work of the Devil and God has said that all those works will be destroyed by Jesus, the Lamb of God. (I Jn. 3:8; Rev.17:14).

There are several Bible-bashing teachings that the churches could have challenged and defeated over the centuries. Rather, whether unwittingly or intentionally, God knows (I Tim.1:13; II Cor.11:13-15), many false teachers have embraced and spread false doctrines until the Word has lost virtually all credibility as the one and only source of Absolute Truth. This pattern is just as evident even in supposedly Bible honoring churches. (One Page Summaries of fourteen such doctrines show why Judgment upon apostate churches must come and why Hate Crime laws will be redundant in the world system that follows the Fall of Babylon.) [HERE]

Three Big Dominos

Indeed, the exposure as false teachings of even two or three of the subjects of the One Page Summaries would cause major upheavals in the churches. If the first two exposed lies are the Creation-connected Copernican and Darwinian myths (as they surely will be; Rev. 14:7), the impact will be so great that it will immediately spill over into the secular world and destroy the foundations of its "knowledge" (HERE).

The prophesied separation of the entire world into Satan worshippers and God worshippers (II Thess.2:10; Rev.13:7; Rev.18:2,4; etc.) tells us that this exposure of world-controlling lies is precisely what to expect. (How else could the entire world be divided into overt worshippers of Satan ["the father of lies": Jn.8:44] on the one side and worshippers of God ["who cannot lie": Titus v.2] if all Truth has not been forced on the world as promised?! [I Jn.3:8; II Thess. 2:10; Rev.17:14; 18:2; etc.]

Yet, here is a third lie--a third domino--abroad that is not as large calibre as Copernicanism and Darwinism, but it is still powerful enough that its exposure will have global impact in and out of churches. Indeed, the protection of this third mega-lie is so urgent that "Hate Crime" laws are already in force in several countries and being spread rapidly in an effort to prevent its exposure.

This lie concerns the demonstrably false claims that Hitler exterminated Six Million Jews during WWII. Even Jewish writers have scaled down this number greatly, and ace Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal himself has admitted that there were no gas chambers. The evidence is clear: most of those who died were shot on the Eastern Front, and a large percentage of those were Partisan fighters against the Germans (as Rich Cohenís book, The Avengers, Knopf, NY,2000) graphically depicts. Whatever the numbers, a "Holocaust Industry" has grown up around this issue and has exacted hundreds of billions of dollars from Germany and Switzerland and the USA.

Norman Finkelsteinís current bestseller The Holocaust Industry warns his fellow Jews that this insatiable "extortion racket" (p.89), which is seeking ever more billions to line the pockets of a few Zionist zealots, is causing a rise in hostility toward Jews. In one of several trenchant assessments of this situation, he says:

"The shakedown of Switzerland and Germany has been only a prelude to the grand finale: the shakedown of Eastern Europe. With the collapse of the Soviet bloc, alluring prospects opened up in the former heartland of European Jewry. Cloaking itself in the sanctimonious mantle of Ďneedy Holocaust victimsí, the Holocaust Industry has sought to extort billions of dollars from these already impoverished countries. Pursuing this end  with reckless abandon, it has become the main fomenter of anti-Semitism in Europe." (p.130; emph. added).

Asserting that: "The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the Ďgreatest robbery in the history of mankindí", and that "The Holocaust Industry has clearly gone berserk" (pp.138,39), Finkelstein elaborates in his "Conclusion" on the theme that this could be a dangerous practice which could result in a backlash against Jews in the USA:

    "Organized American Jewry has exploited the Nazi holocaust to deflect  criticism of Israelís and its own morally indefensible policies. Pursuit of these policies has put Israel and American Jewry in a structurally congruent position: the fates of both now dangle from a slender thread running to American ruling elites. Should these elites ever decide that Israel is a liability or American Jewry expendable, the thread may be cut." (p.149; emph. added.)

On his last page, author Finkelstein concludes with a statement which is in perfect harmony with what "Historical Revisionists" (HERE) desire to do On his last page, author Finkelstein concludes with a statement which is in perfect harmony with what "Historical Revisionists" (HERE) desire to do relevant to reporting documented facts about the Holocaust...without being labeled "anti- Semitic" or put in prison. He says:

"The challenge today is to restore the Nazi holocaust

as a rational subject of inquiry. [Right on!] The abnormality of

the Nazi holocaust springs not from the event itself but from

the exploitive industry that has grown up around it. The

Holocaust industry has always been bankrupt. What remains

is to openly declare it so. The time is long past to put it out

of business." (p.150; emph. added.)

Still, the circus goes on. Even though the war ended over 55 years ago, the media drumbeat--like the Battery Bunny--goes on and on and on.... There are still so many survivors getting money and TV time that it is obvious that there either werenít very many Jews who died in the camps or that the Germans were not very efficient in carrying out their alleged "Final Solution". One would hope that the warnings of Finkelstein and other concerned Jews to the Zionist-led Holocaust "extortionists" would be heeded; but it is a dim hope.

Even now ADL and WJC and other powerful Jewish lobbies are hard at work in every state in the USA to get hate crime legislation passed. They are feigning with left and right jabs--homosexual rights, gun control, unrestricted abortions, etc.--while getting set to deliver their one-two knock-out punches, i.e., those laws that would make it a "hate crime" punishable with fines and imprisonment to: 1) challenge any aspect of the Holocaust; 2) say or write anything critical of any "identifiable group" ,e.g., Jews especially, and also homosexuals and other "alternative" lifestyles. (Clearly, the goal of #2 is to criminalize Bible honoring Christians who would speak out against the homosexual agenda, for example. They could then be charged with a "hate crime" because of "group defamation"; AS IS NOW THE CASE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA!)

One glaring example of #1 above involving freedom of speech and freedom of the press (unreported in the admittedly Jewish controlled major media) involves the Osterhout Public Library in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. This library banned the Jan.-Feb. 2001 issue of The Barnes Review , a publication devoted "...to bringing History into accord with the facts". By removing this publication, the library violated four of six of its own "Library Bill of Rights" which specifically proclaims that such selective book-banning must not take place!

The reason for this blatant censorship in a tax-supported library in America?? Simple. This issue covers in the entire explosive Holocaust issue with crisp, well-written, meaningfully illustrated, amply documented facts about the whole Hitler era and the Jewish Holocaust claims. No other publication has presented such a wealth of hard hitting refutations of the main allegations of the Holocaust Industry promoters in such readable form and such a short space (76 pages).

From its cover story proving that concentration camp inmates were paid for their work with specially printed high quality money...to reminders that the Zionists declared an economic boycott on Germany in 1933 and declared war on Germany in 1939...to total refutation of the alleged "shower gassings with Ziklon B"...to irrefutable statistical evidence scaling down the 6,000,000 mantra by at least 100% and more probably by 400%...to proof that the breakdown in supplying the camps in the desperate last months of the war brought disease and death to a host of inmates without regard to whether they were Jews or not...to understanding that the results of this tragic situation is what is reflected in the photos of the horrendous conditions encountered when the camps were liberated...to scores of other vitally pertinent matters pertaining to the whole issue of the Holocaust...this publication--if widely distributed and read in the USA and other countries--is absolutely capable of toppling this lie-laden Holocaust domino. More, this publication is capable of opening a can of worms that could easily begin an exposure of Zionist complicity in virtually every movement now afoot in the world which is designed to bring Bible-dependent Christian-based Western Culture to its knees.


In short, this issue of The Barnes Review contains precisely the kind of information that the ADL, etc., wants desperately to outlaw as a "Hate Crime", and it is no surprise that the ADL played a part in instigating the ban of the publication at the Library in Pennsylvania. (For copies, go to www.barnesreview.org for particulars or send $6 to 130 Third St., S.E., Washington, D. C., 20003)

Parenthetically, as can be readily appreciated, the impact that toppling this third domino would have on those Christian churches which are doctrinally wedded to Zionist Israel would be such as to quickly wreak havoc in their ranks! Indeed, a full scale blowout of the Holocaust conspiracy would automatically spill over into a re-assessment of all church doctrines wedded to Zionist Kabbalism and would quickly reveal why Judgment begins "at the house of God"! (HERE & HERE).

Is it any wonder then that Hate Crime laws are specifically targeted to stop all questioning of the Holocaust in speech or print?! Is it any wonder that people are already being sent to prison in Germany and a half dozen other countries for simply exercising free speech and freedom of the press if their comments get into the real facts surrounding the Holocaust?? Is it any wonder that feverish efforts are being made to get the USA and England in particular on the ADL/WJC/Bínai Bírith bandwagon so as to stifle any and all Historical Revision on the Holocaust by making it a "Hate Crime" to question the Six Million mantra?

As previously underscored, the whole push to enact "Hate Crime" laws is a major part of a step by step agenda designed to make the preaching and teaching of Bible-based Christianity a criminal act punishable by ever increasing fines and longer prison terms. The hatred of Jesus and all of His teachings fuels the Zionist fostered movement to stop any and all attempts to discover and expose deceptions such as those that undergird the "holocaust industry" ripoffs. Such an expose` would rapidly escalate into a revelation of the incredible scope and depth of Jewish power and control which demonstrably extends to every important facet of life in todayís world. The Holocaust cat must be kept in the bag, and making any challenge to the ADL establishment version a "Hate Crime" is the strategy for accomplishing that end.

Non-Zionist Jews such as Finkelstein--and there are many of them!-- are justifiably fearful that these latter-day Zionist Zealots are pushing too hard and too fast with their radical agendas such as the relentless promotion of: homosexuality; unrestricted abortions (of non-Jew babies only?); Pagan animism disguised as "environmentalism"; mis-represented gun-grabbing schemes; ongoing Holocaust extortions, etc. Like-minded agendas, over-zealously pushed in Germany in the Ď20ís and Ď30ís brought on a backlash that uprooted prosperous and largely assimilated Jewish populations all over Europe. The fear amongst non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews (and probably some thinking Zionists) is that the same kind of uprising against these agendas in the USA and elsewhere could easily be ignited again. The sparks are everywhere and spreading.

History is too replete with examples of this pattern for it to be ignored much longer by those who know that pattern is real and can see it coming together again Big Time....


The great irony in all this is that even though both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible depict Jews as a stiffnecked and troublesome people, New Testament Christians are admonished to love and help them (Rom.11:31). In Judaism, the Jewish Holy Book (the Talmud) is counted above the Bible, and, (in contrast to Christ's message of love and truth and justice), reeks of overt hatred of Jesus and Christians and the New Testament, and all non-Jews for that matter!   New Testament Christianity worships a God who "is no respecter of persons" where there "...is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision..." (Col.3:11). Christianity is a spiritual system where "whosoever will" can come to God without regard to status or race, and on an equal playing field, have hope for eternal life on a paradisiacal new earth. Talmudic Judaism teaches quite the opposite: g/d makes Jews superior over everybody in the world and gives them the right to cheat, lie, have intercourse with girls three years old, sodomize young boys, steal property, generally cause ruin in any way possible, and even kill non-Jews with g/dís blessing, while they, alone, can go to heaven. (See "Talmud" HERE.)

Christianity, the religion of love for all who love the God of Truth is now being driven to the wall by Talmudism/Kabbalism/Zoharism, a collective religious system that teaches hatred and disdain for every gentile and anyone else who objects to the diabolical perversions of justice and sex that this system espouses.

These latter-day arrogant Pharisees are the authors of the "Hate Crime" laws being enacted to protect them from being exposed as the chief catalysts behind a variety of efforts to destroy the teachings of the Bible from Creation on thru the New Testament. They know that true scholarship turned loose in the world would quickly bring about that exposure and that it therefore must be criminalized and prevented from coming forth.

What these modern day Pharisees really hate is the same thing they hated when Jesus confronted them, namely: The Truth which declared that their idea of religion was not from God but from Satan (John 8:44). They hate the New Testament of Jesus Christ and publicly burn it with Government sanction. (See Jewish History, Jewish Religion, by Jewish author, Israel Shahak, p.21: "...on 23 March 1980 hundreds of copies of the New Testament were publicly and ceremonially burnt in Jerusalem...." Shahak, a resident in Israel since 1945, sounds the same warning notes as Finkelstein and other non-Zionist Jews, arguing, for example, "...that the roots of Jewish chauvinism and religious fanaticism must be understood, before it is too late...[and that] classical Judaism is used to justify Israeli policies that are as racist, as totalitarian and as xenophobic, as the worst excess of anti-Semitism...."[cover])

If non-Jews write such as this (or even much milder comments!), they are immediately tarred with the big "anti-Semite" brush which is always at hand. Many such "anti-Semites" have already been fined and imprisoned under "Hate Crime" laws in Germany and France and elsewhere. Now those same laws are being spread to Canada and Australia by the Zionist Jews who rule the roost and who stubbornly ignore the wise counsel of their own people who do not share their Pharisaic racism and xenophobism...and who see a backlash coming.

This deep and little realized schism amongst Jews speaks of a situation very reminiscent of Pharisaic hatred of Jesus 2000 years ago. The Jewish people "heard Jesus gladly" and even "a great company of priests followed him", but the Pharisees had their way. It is the same situation now. Todayís Zionist Pharisees are out to destroy the followers of Jesus thru "hate crimes" by criminalizing certain Bible teachings, notably--in this early stage of the strategy--against homosexuality. Meanwhile, those Jews who are not comfortable with the extremist beliefs and policies of the Zionists--and even openly inveigh against them--seem impotent to stop a momentum that becomes bolder by the day (with even the Boy Scouts being boycotted by major corporations and politicians for not allowing homosexual leaders and scouts in their ranks...after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Scoutís right to exclude them!). Who can fail to see a movement toward unprecedented turmoil gaining steam all around? Who cannot see that people who have neither heart nor stomach for the Satan-inspired Phariseeism that now resides in the Zionist hate machine are going to take a stand on something soon??

Another thing that todayís Pharisees hate about Christianity--perhaps more than anything else--is that Jesus and His disciples abrogated their "chosen people" status. "No Greek nor Jew...no respecter of persons...whosoever will...wall of partition broken down...If ye be Christís, THEN are ye Abrahamís seed...etcetera, etcetera, etcetera". This is the New Testament message from stem to stern. You wouldnít know it to hear the most visible wing of Zionist controlled Christian eschatological preaching and teaching. This Dispensationalist theology is straight out of 13th century Christ-hating Kabbalism (HERE) and constitutes a major factor in the success of Zionismís steamroller agenda of annihilating Christianity thru "hate crime" laws aimed directly at criminalizing Bible teachings.

Even the Millennialist eschatology--so central to a broad wing of evangelical Christianity today--is predicated on Jews ruling the world from Jerusalem...under Jesus, of course. What if that is the name of the game all right, but sans Jesus?! Scripture declares an earthly millennial reign of Christ impossible on at least five counts: (HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE).   Christians, if you love God and trust His Word, itís wake up time!


Indeed, time is short for all of us--Jew or Gentile--to choose which is his/her God/god. The Holocaust issue is one of the main dominos now standing, the fall of which will occur with the coming Bible promised "Truth Blitzkrieg" (Rev. 17:14; 18:2; etc.). That Blitzkrieg (the "war the Lamb wins": Rev.17:14) will take place under a newly installed and very short lived One World Government (v.12) and will force that government to take off its "Humanist" mask and show its true anti-Christ face to the world. This unmasking is called the Fall of Babylon (fall of confusion) in Scripture and it produces a division between those who can and those who cannot receive a love of those Truths that will have come to everyone everywhere under the Global Government. Those who welcome and receive with gladness and love the Truths all have heard, and are happy and grateful to be freed from the deceptions they believed, will be on one side in this global division. (II Thess. 2:10-13). The other side will be composed of those who cannot love the Truths they have been forced to acknowledge. These will join in open rebellion and blasphemy against God and will worship Satan openly and give their allegiance to his chosen leader of the New World Order (Rev. 13:4-8; 18:2, 4; etc.)

It may temporarily become a "Hate Crime" to even preach this Scripturally certifiable and rapidly forming scenario, but once the division is accomplished (R.13:7), all who get on Godís side will be known to all of the Satan and Beast worshippers on the other side. All on Godís side will be guilty of "Hate Crimes" against the Satan empowered Global Government and "overcome" (Rev.13:7) (not raptured out to escape it all! HERE).


However, as pre-ordained by Almighty God Who has "known all His works from the beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18), a Goshen-like protection is provided to all on Godís side (Rev. 18:4) well into the 6th Trumpet time frame when the Mark of the Beast reign of terror runs its course (while Satanís worshippers are going through the plagues promised to all who wouldnít come out of Babylon: R.18:4). The Scripturally certified confirmation of events to this point, and on to the end of this earthís history and the beginning of the eternal New Earth, are codified in Godís End Time Drama: The Sweet And The Bitter (HERE).

So, while the "Hate Crime" tactic is basically one important outreach of a larger "Hate Truth" agenda promoted by the ADL and other agents with a Zionist mindset, its success will be fleeting in the big picture. God, not Satan, is in charge. Godís sovereignty cannot be hindered, altered, or stopped. As the first skirmishes leading to The Fall of Babylon are already being fought, and as the main battle will begin "one hour" after the Global Government becomes reality (Rev.17:12-14), it does us all good to remember those facts about Godís sovereignty.... What is ahead cannot be hindered, altered, or stopped. 

Before God launched His Perfect Plan with the ex nihilo Creation of the geocentric Earth and the creation of man and all other life forms, He knew what the Pharisees in our day would be doing with their "Hate Crime" agenda...just as He knew what they would do in Jesusí time with that agenda (Acts 15:18). (HERE)