Kabbalist “Superstring” Physics


This subject belongs with the seven part series entitled “Kabbala”.  It could be added to Part II where several examples of confirmed historical facts reveal that today’s Big Bang Paradigm of evolutionary cosmology is derived from the Pharisee Religion’s “holy book” Kabbala,  going back at least to the first century A.D. (HERE, p.2)


At the time of those writings (about three years ago) I read through a good bit of information which included references to “Superstrings”, but I didn’t get a grip on how important the subject really is at that time.  An understanding of the mind-set that has produced this huge and utterly amazing and willful deception surrounding the connections between the mystic Kabbala and modern science continues to grow.


So—laying aside a growing pile of hard copies of articles on the subject—it is time to focus on the “creation” context embodied in one well written twelve page article by Ajaenna E. Ziman for the “Kabbalah Centre” entitled “Adam & Atom”.  (The full electronic URL reference is):


(emph. added and page numbers given throughout.  My remarks in red)



“Physicists Dr. Michio Kaku and Fred Alan Wolf and Kabbalist Theologian Rav Berg discuss the differences and mostly the similarities between physics and Kabbalah, the author notes up front. (p.1)   Theoretical physicist Kaku lays the foundation, saying: “By unraveling the mystery of creation, a God-like power would be put into the hands of humans.” (p.1)


Then, theoretical physicist Wolf explains: “The strength of physics is that it gives us physical proof.  Its weakness is that it does not provide us with any subjective insight. That is a job for the mystic.” (p.2) ENTER THE KABBALIST is the next heading. (p.2)


“…Kabbalah can explain the mathematics of physics as well as providing a deeper, spiritual comprehension of religion’s literal teachings”, says Kabbalist Rav Berg.  The author explains: “In other words, Kabbalah gives us the tools to understand the languages of both science and religion.” (p.3)


[Lest there be any doubt thus far that theoretical physics and the “holy book”

Kabbala work together to present an “origins scenario” that the world has

been led to believe is supported solely by secular science with no religious

connections, we proceed with further quotes]:


Author Ziman tells us that Kabbalah and physics “…work together to draw a picture of the mysteries of such phenomena as the big bang, parallel universes, relativity theory, and the superstring theory.(p.3)


[We should note that each aspect of this “phenomena” constitutes a vital part of today’s “science” about the Origin of the universe now taught everywhere as secular theoretical astrophysics even though each phenomenon mentioned (plus others) has its source in the long-hidden pages of the anti-Christ, anti-Bible Kabbala.  No advanced degrees in anything—except perhaps a Ph.D. in Chicanery—is required to see what is already very plain here (and in the Kabbala Series (HERE), namely: Every part of the alleged Big Bang-production of a 15 billion year old evolved universe is nothing more than a replacement of the Biblical Creation Account with an alternative “creation account” lifted from the mystic Kabbala and brought to pass under the guise of being secular theoretical science.]


Kabbalist Rav Berg tells of some of Kabbalist Einstein’s contributions (p.3), and the BIG BANG THEORY is highlighted (pp.3-5), and the standard time frame mantra is gratuitously inserted in case anyone has forgotten: “…There is a link between the events that occur in our daily life and that singular event that occurred some fifteen billion years ago.” (p.4)


No mention is made of the fact that these indispensable 15 billions of years were worked out in the first century A.D. by the Kabbalist HaKanna.  Using a 15 letter name for g’d he deduced that the universe was 15.3 billion years old.  Then, in the 20th century a long list of Kabbalist-friendly “scientists” from Einstein, Friedmann, Bohr, Gamow, Penzias, Sagan et al gave the world a 15 billion year old relativistic Big Bang evolved universe and the world calls it non-religious “secular science”. 


The SUPERSTRING THEORY sub-title is worked out on pp.4,5.  Einstein is said to have “…spent his last thirty years working toward…the Unified Field Theorythe ultimate goal of all physics, the theory to end all theories.  Meet the superstring,” we are told:: “…the superstring theory and Kabbalah’s explanation for a multi-dimensional construction of the universe are astounding.” [They certainly are!]


“The superstring theory postulates that all matter and energy can be reduced to tiny strings of energy vibrating in a ten-dimensional universe.  Dr. Kaku…speaks of the superstring theory as strings on a violin. He says that by studying the vibrations or harmonics that can exist on a violin string, one can calculate the infinite number of possible frequencies that can exist….” Etc. (pp.5,6)  He concludes: “To its critics, it borders on science fiction.” (p.6)  [“borders”??  But, hey: Hats off! This is “higher physics”.]


THE DEGREES OF SEPARATION (pp.6-8) covers more on the alleged ten dimensions of space; on “Ein Sof (or the Endless, Infinite World…a ten-dimensional universe is Kabbala’s Tree of Life…ten Sefirot, emanations, or contextually, vessels….”  “Dr. Kaku admits that the similarities between Kabbalah and the superstring theory are intriguing. It’s eerie how the ‘magic numbers’ of physics are found in the Kabbalah.’”[Def. “eerie”: “uncanny, weird…to arouse superstitious fear.”]


PARALLEL UNIVERSES AND THE MEANING OF LIFE (PP.8,9)    Ziman writes: According to kabbalistic wisdom, there are two parallel universes: one highly ordered; the other, random and chaotic….The task belonging to humanity is to achieve a balanced and harmonious integration of these two universes….”


[This is clearly a philosophical, metaphysical concept rather than a scientific concept, and different features of the philosophy are expanded for several paragraphs.]


“In a nutshell: The attributes of the Light are the ability to share, to be a cause and, therefore, to be in control; the attributes of the vessel are the desire to receive, to be the effect and, therefore, to be controlled by something or someone other than itself.  The Light is the cause and proactive.  The vessel is the effect and reactive.”


[The point of this sophomoric profundity?]


Theoretical physicist Wolf “…speculates on the meaning of parallel universes…. We came here to learn how to be proactive, sharing people and to learn how to shut down the reactive impulses in our nature.  Through this transformation, we can unleash the energy locked inside our soul, achieving resonance with the Light and transcending the chaos of the linear world of illusion.” [Ahh; “physics” + tax $ = ?]


THE MOUNTAIN AND THE ROCK (PP.9-11Note what the author interjects:

“If the questions arising from scientific discovery [the big bang evolved universe] cannot be answered by the scientist, they are handed over to the religious or mystical systems for interpretation. We [kabbalists] seek the essence and the truths hidden in the mathematics of physics.  However, few systems have given context to the information we have been granted by the [evolution based] scientific community.  Until now." [Now we have a system which explains the origin of all that exists through 15 billion years of evolutionism and we are free from that other anti-evolutionary system with its personal God and directions for attaining eternal life.  What a deal!]


Rav Berg takes the hand-off from the author and runs with it: “The wisdom of Kabbalah predates Einstein, Newton, Galileo, the giving of the Torah, even the big bang.  Kabbalah was and is present as energy, as the wisdom of nature, law, and metaphysics, and is, therefore, the seed of everything.”  [Rom. 1:18-25]


Near the end (p.10) we learn that: “The historic linage of this school of thought can be traced back to the 2nd century.” [And further back than that: Try the Babylonian Captivity!]


[So, “superstrings theory” is yet another blatant example of how contra-scientific, Christ-hating Pharisee Kabbalist Occultists (using theoretical non-science and phony physics) have deceived the whole world into believing that 15 billion years of Big Bang Evolutionism has produced all that exists.  Anyone can know that evolution is a lie by just studying the facts But now anyone can also know that evolution is a double-damned lie. It has never been “secular” science as the world has been led to believe.  Rather, it has been a long labor of a Cabal of Pharisee Religionists to destroy the Bible’s credibility from Creation to Jesus to Heaven.  That labor will soon be known to all to have been in vain.]  (Matt. 24:35; Matt. 16:18)