Part V

The Oral Tradition Concept

The Chosen People Concept

The Messiah Concept

In addition to what weíve seen about: a) Kabbalismís makeup and control of The Theoretical Science Establishment; b) The effect that this control has on Jews & Christians; and On the world at large, etc., c) It is now important to understand something about "Why" the Kabbalist/Talmudic agenda has the goals that it has.

There are three concepts that help sharpen that understanding, viz., The Oral Tradition Concept, The Chosen People Concept, and The Messiah Concept.

The Oral Tradition Concept

Note this from a friendly source:

"While there have been Jewish groups which were based on the written text of the Torah alone (the Sadducees, the Karaites), most Jews believe in the oral law.

These oral traditions originated in the Pharisee sect of ancient Judaism, and were later recorded in written form and expanded upon by the Rabbis.

Rabbinic Judaism has always held that the books of the Tanach (called the written law) have been transmitted in parallel with the oral tradition. They point to the text of the Torah, where many words are left undefined, and many procedures mentioned without explanation or instructions; this they argue means that the reader is assumed to be familiar with the details from other, oral, sources. This parallel set of material was originally transmitted orally, and came to be known as the Ďoral lawí. However, by the time Judah Ha-Nasi (200 CE) much of this material was edited together into the Mishnah. Over the next four centuries this law underwent discussion and debate in both of the worldís major Jewish communities (in Israel and Babylon), and the commentaries on the Mishnah from both of these communities eventually came to be edited together into compilations known as the Talmud.

Halakha, the Rabbinic Jewish way of life, then, is not based on a literal reading of the Torah or Tanakh, but on the combined oral and written tradition, which includes the Tanakh and Talmud." 1

Another succinct quote from a friendly source on the matter of the oral tradition confirms the one above:

"In the Jewish world, a written Torah needs an oral tradition to make it complete...." 2

Yet another friendly commentator, this one dealing with one of a host of contradictory Rabbinic teachings, focuses on this particular one concerning whether it is the sun or the earth that moves, with the author upholding the earth moving view...as we would expect:

"...Here we have different opinions on what happens when the sun sets. Unlike differing explanation of Torah matters, where we say Shivim Panim LíTorah (The Torah has seventy facets), we are dealing with a physical phenomena here; only ONE can be right. So one of the Rabbis must be wrong! (This is aside from the fact that they are both wrong.)...." 3

Comment: These summaries tell us that a few men have compiled and controlled the oral law and the traditions of the Religion of Judaism basically since the Babylonian Captivity. In Erubin 21b of the Talmud, the absolute supremacy of Rabbinical pronouncements over both the Bible and all Jews is made clear: "The commands of the Rabbis are more important than the commands of the Bible. Whoever disobeys the Rabbi deserves death, and will be punished in hell with boiling excrement." Some of the more Orthodox Jews might want to recall Psalm 118:8 in this context: "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

The Chosen People Concept

The Talmud/Kabbala teaching about the question of equality of all people before God and the Christian teaching from the New Covenant on the same subject couldnít be more opposite. Likewise, the New Covenant cautions and warns Christians about putting unreserved trust in the authority of their teachers and preachers and other leaders (II Cor. 11:13-15; I Jn.4:1; II Pet. 2:1; Rom. 16:17,18) while the Rabbinic teaching is pointedly the opposite, as seen just above.

The Christian teaching from the New Testament is that Christ forever tore down "the wall of partition" between Jew and Greek (Eph.2:14), that "there is no respect of persons with God" (Rom. 11:11), that "whosoever will" can take "the water of life freely" (Rev. 22:18); that not one man but Church Elders formulate doctrine (I Tim. 5:17), that lay people are "to search the Scriptures daily" to determine "whether those things were so" (Acts 17:11), that lay people are to realize that Satanís ministers frequently get into positions of preaching and teaching about Christ (II Cor. 11:13-15) and must be monitored by lay people who are to "test the spirits whether they are of God" (I John 4:1). Even Jesus stated that"...the Son can do nothing of Himself; but what He seeth the Father do..." (John 5:19), and said plainly that "..my Father is greater than I " (John 14:28) and "Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God" (Matt. 19:17).

The precise opposite Rabbinical teachings are evident in the Talmud (HERE), a few examples of which are listed here:

In Baba Mezia 86a: "A dispute in heaven between God and a group of Rabbis is settled when a great Rabbi on earth votes for God."

Baba Bathra 10b: "The deeds of Israel are righteous, but the Gentiles are capable only of sin."

Kiddushin 49b declares that: "Israelites possess 90% of all wisdom. The other 10% is spread out among the Gentiles."

Yebamoth 98a: "All Gentile children are legally bastards, since Gentiles are only animals."

Sanhedrin 43a: Jesus was guilty of sorcery and apostasy; he deserved execution. The disciples of Jesus deserve to be killed."

Shabbath 116a: "The Gospels are the falsehood of blank paper and the sin of blank paper. The Gospels are to be burned; the New Testament is like blank paper."

Baba Bathra 54b: "Property of Gentiles is like the desert; whoever gets there first gets it."

Though less direct than the Talmud in its dogmatic elitism and superiority complex, the same exclusivism is ever-present in the Kabbala because its Rabbis and Rebbes are Talmudists as well:

"...The idea of God as a duality or trinity is heretical for Jews to hold; it is considered akin to polytheism. Interestingly, Jews hold that while such conceptions of God are incorrect, it is acceptable for gentiles to hold such beliefs." 4

"...This [the angelís objections to Moses having the Torah] was perfectly acceptable to them [the angels] and they withdrew their objection. And what of the few spiritually advanced, saintly people who can delve into the secrets? They [the Kabbalist Rebbes and Rabbis] understand the danger and keep the secrets secret, just as the angels wanted." 5

"...The Talmud in fact declares that rabbinic interpretation is superior to the biblical forms of prophecy." 6

Most Jews--by their own admission--realize and accept the fact that their Talmud and Kabbala outrank the Bible in all doctrinal matters. And, as weíve just seen (and could see a lot more!), it is understood--at least in Rabbinic circles--that those tomes reflect the same Pharisaic disdain for Gentiles, the same arrogant propensity to make themselves equal with God, and the same rejection of Jesus and His teachings that they had when they called for His crucifixion. He taught that God abhorred their subversion of His Old Covenant with their endless ordinances, confusing legalistic distortions, profiteering, and insistence upon a conquering Messiah who would accept them the way they were and would make them world rulers. Instead, Jesus came with other messages they would not hear then and will not hear now...at least not until certain New Testament prophecies are fulfilled. All of this brings up the subject of the Messiah:

The Messiah Concept

        "...when we talk about Ďa messiahí, we are merely talking about a king of

the Davidic line; not some kind of supernatural entity or one-of-a-kind event....

...The messiah, like all people, will live and die....

...The liberal movements, such as Reform do not believe in a personal

messiah, but do believe in the concept of a messianic age...." 7

Another source says: "The traditional Jewish understanding of the messiah is non-supernatural, and is best elucidated by Maimonides...who writes:

ĎThe Messianic age is when the Jews will regain their independence and will return to the land of Israel. The Messiah will be a very great king.... Nothing will change in the Messianic age, however, except that Jews will regain their independence.... The world will continue as it is.... all prophecies regarding the Messiah are allegorical.... each of us is free to fashion personal speculation..í" 8

As noted in Part III, with scores and scores of "sects" under the broad designation of "Judaism", there are several different concepts about the Messiah matter. Maimonidesí "...principle is accepted by Orthodox Jews. Conservative Jews vary in their beliefs, some affirming a personal messiah, while others affirm a messianic era.... Through the doctrine of a Messianic figure, Judaism teaches us that every individual...has the responsibility to bring about the messianic age.... Reconstructionist Jews reject the idea that God can send a personal messiah or bring about a messianic age..." 9

Since none of the "denominations" of Judaism has the "Messiah Concept" that Bible Christianity has, it is to be expected that there can never be any genuine rapprochement between the two religions. The oft-heard talk of a "Judeo-Christian Heritage" amongst duped Dispensationalists (HERE) is really a self-destructing hyphenation. The central theme of Christianity is that Jesus is the Biblically prophesied Messiah Who was rejected and condemned to death by the Pharisees... Nothing has changed. Modern day Pharisaic Kabbalist/Talmudic counterparts hate Him and the New Testament Church and have succeeded in a hundred ways toward fulfilling their goal of destroying what they failed to destroy 2000 years ago.

With few Jews remaining who hold on to a personal God who interacts with all who seek Him, the reality of the controlling Messiah Concept of Judaism is that it is the Zionist State of Israel. As with the fact that modern day evolutionary "science" --as envisioned by the Ramban Nachmanides long ago--has been brought to pass through the chicanery of a Theoretical Science Establishment, so has Maimonides' vision of a Messianic Zionist State been brought to pass through the chicanery of evolution-grounded Social and Behavioral "Science" Bible-bashers from Marx and Engles and Freud to the present day. The fruit of this communist-socialist-Kabbalist brainwashing has produced the political, historical, economic, and psychological landscape that has made possible the Kabbalist vision of a Messianic State under the control of Zionist Israel a de facto reality today and one all set to become the prophesied de jure seat of global control tomorrow (Rev. 11:8).

Likewise, the modification and transfer of the ancient Kabbalic concept of Dispensationalism to Christian Fundamentalist End-Time Teaching has been and is an essential ingredient in the successful establishment of Kabbalist Zionist Israel as the seat of the coming Global Judaic Empire. Christian opposition had to be not only kept off balance, but actually enlisted in the Kabbalic Plan. And this has been accomplished. By use of the Dispensationalist Scofield Bible Notes in Baptist and Pentecostal et al Seminaries since 1909, a tortuous and contra-Scriptural eschatology has tricked and converted much of the evangelical wing of Christianity into zealously fulfilling the anti-Christ Kabbalic "Messianic Age" with its Scripturally impossible belief that it is Jesus Who is coming to rule for 1000 literal years. See the Scriptural impossibility of that belief HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.

Itís time that Christians faced up to the fact that Christianity has all but succumbed to a hostile takeover by the religion of Kabbala-Talmud Controlled Judaism, i.e., by modern day Pharisees.

That religion is opposed to every major precept in the Bible. Those precepts tell of a Father God of Love (I John 4:8) whose Plan was carried out through His only begotten Son, Jesus. Mankindís need for a savior is a Christian Biblical teaching that is in direct conflict with that of Judaism, as their own writings testify:

"...salvation is not a Jewish concept, as it implies a focus on the afterlife, which is not a significant focus of Judaism.... Jews believe that people are supposed to do the best they can at being good.... Jews believe...you have the power to perfect yourself...." 10

In those thoughts--and others like them--can be seen the core of what is called "humanist philosophy" which dominates in every academic and media outlet in the modern world today. This is not a "secular" philosophy! It is the Bible- destroying Talmudic/Kabbalic religion of Pharisaic Judaism in an "angel of light" mini-skirt and with a very low dťcolletage. And it is this supernaturally guided religion that has the strongest wing of its natural opposition (Bible-based Christians) dancing to whatever tune it plays! No wonder they scoff at Christians and others and mock Jesus and believe in their superiority and that of their "sages"!

Hah! But not to worry! The Dispensationalist lie and all the rest has been a necessary ingredient in the development in Godís Perfect Plan from the "beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18; I Tim 4:1b). All of mankind--Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Atheists, Agnostics--are going to get the whole truth of the matter (II Thess. 2:10). There is a Scripturally mandated and irreversible end to this earthís history. That culmination is preparing to enter its last phase with the establishment of the goal of all "secret societies", namely, a One World Government.

When all Truth from the Sovereign God of the Universe is imposed upon the world (Rev.14:6,7; 17:14), Babylon--Satanís controlling edifice of deceptions (II Cor. 4:4) --will have its "angel of light" mask ripped off, will fall, and will become the overt Satan-worshipping habitation of every foul thing addressed here: Rev. 18:2; 13:4. This will continue through the prescribed Seven Trumpet and Little Season time frames (details HERE & HERE). When those are played out the New Earth with its New Jerusalem and New Heavens will begin the promised paradisiacal eternity.

Every living soul on earth is going to hear and understand what Godís Truths are and what Satanís Deceptions are (II Thess. 2:10-13). And every person is going to make a choice as to which side they are going to get on, Godís or Satanís (Rev. 13:4,7). Scripturally, the "Rapture" of I Thess. 4:13-19 can only come on the last day of this earthís history for reasons given above: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE. The deceptive "Left Behind" bug-a-boo is a by-product of Kabbalist control over Christian Zionists and their Falwellian Dispensationalist eschatology (HERE).

Notice the nature of the message that God will use to break the dam on ALL deceptions that are now dominant in the world:

...Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His

Judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven

and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

(Revelation 14:7)

In plain words: Glorify and Worship the Creator God of all that exists. HE created it all just as Moses recorded. His resources were not so puny that He had to work it out over a period of 15 billion years. He spoke and what He spoke happened and no "mythematical" Kabbalist sorcery is going to prevent that fact from reaching every ear. Furthermore, no diabolic Talmudic antithesis of all the moral imperatives that God has inspired from Moses to Jesus and the Apostles is going to escape exposure in the Fall of Babylon time frame of  Godís End Time Drama.

Scene One, Act I begins "one hour" after the now immanent One World Government prophesied over 1900 years ago is seated (Rev. 17:12). No Kabbala- inspired eschatology is going to prevent the fulfillment of that prophecy. That prophecy alone speaks volumes about the only True God, i.e. the One Who calls the shots 2000 years in advance of their manifestation! More, this example alone shows that Bible prophecies trump all of menís puny counterfeit "prophecies" in that those prophecies display a foreknowledge of every machination involved in attempts to thwart their fulfillment and systematically describe how opposition forces will all be brought to naught in spite of their apparently invulnerable dominion (Rev. 18:7).

So it is then that this is the One True God Who has revealed that He is the ultimate cause (Isaiah 45:7; etc.) behind the success of the Talmudic/Kabbalic agenda of Big Bang creationism and all the rest! It is the God of the Bible and His Plan and none other that has allowed that agenda to be driven within reach of its goal of a Christ-destroying Global Government. It is the God of the Bible and His Plan alone that will force a Truth Blitzkrieg (Rev. 17:14; II Thess.2:10) on the world that will separate all its people into His Camp or into Satanís Camp. It is the God of the Bible and His Plan alone that calls for a Gotterdammerung for all evil, an eternal lesson that will complete His Perfect Plan for this Old Earth (II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 20:9,11) and activate His Perfect Plan for an eternally perfect New Earth (Is.65:17; 66:22; Rev. 21:1).

It is on that New Earth (HERE) where He will dwell with those redeemed Children who love Him as the God that Jesus revealed Him to be, namely the One and Only God of perfect Love and Truth and Justice and Mercy. (Details HERE-HERE)

The panorama of this earthís short history wherein Good and Evil had to be worked out (Gen. 3:22) has of necessity included a Satan doing the job he was created to do (Is. 14:16;Ezek. 28:15; Col. 1:16; Rev.12.12; etc. Details HERE HERE). This Perfect Plan of Godís is the only Plan that could guarantee throughout eternity a flesh and blood human population on the Jesus model that would have free will but hearts only for Good...and only abhorrence for Evil (Is. 66:24). (False teaching about the nature of Hell will be revealed during the Fall of Babylon too. (Details HERE - HERE)

Thus, as stressed throughout this web page, the "origins scenario" derived from Rabbinical Sources and brought to pass by a False Science Establishment is just one of the more gigantic deceptions that God from the beginning ordained to succeed so that He might unmask and destroy it along with all the rest in His prophesied Fall of Babylon, "the mother of ALL abominations" (Rev. 17:5).

As weíve seen, the Rabbinical codification of the Babylonian "Oral Tradition" as the basis of Judaism is--according to Jewish writers--the same contra-Biblical Phariseeism that Jesus faced and exposed. Likewise, the "Chosen People" concept so evident in the Talmud and Kabbala is another expression of Babylonian Phariseeism that has been anathema to God and His Word since the end of the Old Law (I Cor. 3:3-16; Gal, 4:21-31). The eclectic "Messiah Concept" and a "Millennial Age" to go with it are part of the Kabbalic-Pharisaic need to keep Bible Christians forever barking up the wrong tree, "end time" wise.

In sum: The long and the short of the role that the Sovereign God of the universe has decreed for Pharisaic Judaism to play in the history of this world is that of unrelenting commitment to the destruction of the Bibleís credibility as His inspired Word to mankind culminating in the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

Though dozens of strategies are always afoot to accomplish this goal, the chief and most deadly of them all is that which would "disprove" the Creation Account of Moses and replace it with another Account by centuries of Rabbinical Pharisaic intrigue.

ALL religions--not just Judaism--are loaded with deceptions which will be exposed forevermore in the Fall of Confusion/Babylon. But make no mistake, it is the work of Pharisaic Kabbalsim/Talmudism that will be revealed as the arch-enemy not only of the Genesis Creation account, but even more diabolically, as the willful destroyer of the New Testament foundation of Jesus Christ (Rev. 18:23,24).

Kabbala Part VI (HERE) will explain that charge....


(There are two false doctrine impediments in Christianity that have historically crippled the Gospel message of Jesus to Jews and Muslims. On e is the TRINITY doctrine; the other is confusion about the exclusivity of the SALVATION teaching. Before proceeding to Kabbala Part VI, clarification on the first of these subjects--the Trinity--will be a real help to many and can be found in a 4 page and a 12 page treatment of the subject: HERE & HERE. The other subject--"Heaven for Christians Only?" is now available HERE- - "Kabbala VI" is also linked with the other web page titles...or can be accessed HERE.



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