Part III


Theological Anarchy


Kabbalists In Control All Along?

    As noted in Part II it is hard to believe that "the religion of Judaism" could be as fragmented as it is in a total world population of only 20 million or so and still manage to give the impression that it is unified on the matter of religion.

    It is even harder to grasp that the secretive, barely heard-of sect of Kabbalism embodies the doctrines that have succeeded in establishing an evolution-based "creation scenario" as a "scientific fact" that has crippled and almost destroyed the creation scenario of the Bible, long held by Orthodox Jews and Bible Christians to be inviolable. (The creation scenario of Islam given in the Koran is very similar to that in the Biblical account and, as such, is equally nullified by the triumph of the Kabbala-taught Relativistic Big Bang Fifteen Billion Year Old Expanding Universe Paradigm. Thus--since Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism can co-exist with this Paradigm--Kabbala/Talmud-based Judaism is virtually triumphant in establishing its "Origins Scenario" as the world’s standard belief about the Origin of all that exists.)

    Hard to believe or not, this is the true situation. To confirm not only the extraordinary "denominationism" in Judaism, but also the low-profile yet very real dominance of the Kabbalists over Judaism’s quasi-anarchic splinter groups, we call on the statements of several knowledgeable Jewish observers:

    Hasidic Judaism, for example, one of the larger groups, was founded by...

    "Israel ben Eliezer (1700-1760).... He and his disciples attract many followers and establish numerous Hasidic sects. The European Jewish opponents of Hassidim (known as Mitnagdim) argue that one should follow a more scholarly approach to Judaism. Some of the more well-known Hasidic sects include Breslover, Lubavictch (Chabad), Satmar, Gerer, and Bobover Hasidim...." 1

    That’s five "denominations" in just the Hasidic sects that are "well-known".

    A perceptive Hasidic Jew living in Minnesota, USA tells us further that:

    "...there are lots of different groups [of Hassidim]. Lubovitchers are best known...but there are many other Hasidic groups [that] are equally important in the Hasidic world..

    Before the Holocaust, there were a lot more Hasidic sects...than there are today. Some of the better known ones...are: Amshinov, Alecsander, Belzer, Bobover, Bostoner, Boyaner, Breslov, Ger (Gur),Karlin-Stoliner, Kloisenberger, Lubovitcher (Chabad), Modzitzer, Muncatz, Radziner, Satmar, Skvirer, Slonimer, Tauscher, Vizhnitzer, etc., etc., etc.

    How many [Hasidic] groups are there? Hard to tell....I suppose if you count all the smaller groups, there are a couple hundred or so." 2 (Emph. added throughout)

    A couple of hundred "denominations"! That’s a lot! And we haven’t even gotten to some of the other sects.! Actually, these and all groups that will be named-- except the Karaites-- "come from the 1st century sects which included the Pharisees, Sadducees, the Zealots (?), and the Essenes. Of these, only the Pharisees survived, and all Jewish groups today are descended from them." 3

    Since the Pharisee sect is the main one that called for Jesus’ crucifixion, and since it is alive and well in all Jewish groups today, that information seems a rather pertinent factor to weigh in if one is to look for a suspect as to who or what and how the creation scenarios of Christianity, Islam, and Pentateuch-based Judaism attributed to Moses could gradually be destroyed and replaced by a Big Bang creation scenario attributed to Kabbalist Rabbis (Rebbes) HaKana,  Nachmanides, Luria, et al.

    Is the triumph of today’s Big Bang Paradigm--which is certified by a Theoretical Science Establishment--a clear confirmation that those ancient mystic Rabbis and Rebbes were supernaturally gifted sages and prophets of God? That’s what Kabbalists are saying. Or, is that triumph--which is smashing the cornerstone of Bible credibility and hence of Christianity--a long-laid, supernaturally motivated strategy to destroy God’s real plan through Jesus Christ by destroying the Bible’s Credibility and replacing the Creation Account with the Kabbala-confirming "creation" scenario, which scenario has been brought to pass by the very "science falsely so called" establishment that Christians were warned about by that exceptional Hebrew from the Tribe of Benjamin, Saul of Tarsus (I Tim. 6:20,21)?

    We will be looking to unravel that mystery as we progress. But for the moment, a little more about the Hasidim specifically and the incredible denominational fragmentation within Judaism generally....

    This Hasidic Jew tells us these things:

    "Satmar and Lubovitch are the two political extremes -- among Hasidim, you will also find everything else in between....some Lubovitchers believe their late Rebbe (Menachem M. Schneerson) to have been a candidate for the Messiah. Other Hasidic groups do not agree with this.....The Lubovitch definition of a Rebbe tends to place him on a higher pedestal than most other Hasidic groups place their Rebbes. Lubovitchers believe a Rebbe is born a Rebbe, with an innately higher soul than ordinary people. Breslover Hasidim, on the other hand, believe...that a Rebbe is not born any different from ordinary people....For Hasidim...the Rebbe is regarded as a spiritual master and guide in the mystical sense....In many ways, a Hasidic Rebbe is loosely analagous to a Hindu guru...he is more than just an ordinary rabbi. He is more like a saint or holy man.... Hasidism [itself] is a form of mystical Orthodox Judaism." 4

    Another observation about the Hasidic Rebbes is noteworthy because it contradicts the great Rabbi Maimonides who was emphatic that there could be no intermediaries between man and God:

    "...since the 1800’s some Hasidic Orthodox Jews have begun to teach that their leaders, called rebbes, are indeed an intermediary between man and God." 5

    Another commentator amplifies another important fact about Hasidism:

    "Kabbalism was able to meld into main line Orthodox Judaism through Hasidism...kabbalism was absorbed into the doctrine of Hasidism which popularized the mystic teachings...." 6

    The point here is that Hasidism is a form of mystical Orthodox Judaism--in contrast to the other main "denominations" of Judaism--and is admittedly and openly guided primarily by Kabbalst Rebbes. With that, we can take a quick look at some of those other "denominations", and then draw a conclusion or two.


    Matters concerning a Messianic age, an afterlife, a personal God, reincarnation, etc., are addressed by all sects in Judaism, and little agreement amongst those sects can be found. Note these views on those subjects:

    [Maimonides in the Talmud] "The Messianic age is when the Jews will regain their independence and all return to the land of Israel. The Messiah will be a very great king...even greater than King Solomon. Nothing will change in the Messianic age.... Rich and poor, strong and weak, will still exist.... The world will continue as it is..... all prophecies regarding the Messiah are allegorical.

    This principle is accepted by Orthodox Jews. Conservative Jews vary in their beliefs, some affirming a personal messiah, while others affirm a messianic era....

    Reform Jews...are more likely to believe in a messianic era than a personal messiah. Reconstructionist Jews reject the idea that God can send a personal messiah to bring about a messianic age, but they do teach that man can use the power or process termed God to help bring about such a world." 7

    Regarding an Afterlife, these are some disparate views:

    "If you ask many Secular or Liberal Jews whether Judaism teaches that the soul is immortal or if there is an afterlife, they will likely answer that Judaism doesn’t believe in afterlife; rather, most people will say that Judaism is a this-worldly religion which concentrates on the here and now. While it is certainly true that Judaism does concentrate on the importance of this world, the fact is that much (not all) of classical Judaism does posit an afterlife....

    Classical rabbinic afterlife teachings varied in different places and times; they were never synthesized into one coherent philosophy. As such, the different Jewish views of the afterlife are sometimes contradictory...."8

    Regarding the concept of a Personal God:

    "Maimonides and other medieval neo-Aristotelian theologians claimed that only fools and children would believe that God rewarded or punished people; in fact, no such rewards or punishments exist...."9

    "Alfred Edersheim writes, ‘...neither Eastern mystical Judaism nor the philosophy of Philo, could admit of any direct contact between God and creation. The Kabbala solved the difficulty by their Sephiroth, or emanations from God, through which this contact was ultimately brought about, and, of which the EnSoph, or crown, was the spring’ (or first of the ten emanations that man could ‘climb’ like a ladder to actually‘ get to God’.)"10

    As for Reincarnation, we first hear from the Zohar, "the central writing of Kabbalah":

    "...To put it shortly, our beliefs in resurrection and afterlife vary widely... It is a matter of debate in Jewish tradition as to whether the post resurrection life is permanent, or temporary.... Nachmanides believes that...it must be eternal. Maimonides opines that the ultimate reward...refers to the non-physical existence after life.... Rabbi Yosef Albo agrees with Maimonides that the post resurrection life isn’t permanent. To be specific, he believes that the lifespan will be 1,000 years...Now, for a more mystical explanation...this is the dominant one:....One might be reincarnated into a new body...." 11   

"...A lot of people have expressed extreme astonishment that Hasidim would believe in things like reincarnation, prophetic dreams...ideas which are often labeled as New Age. What can I tell you? For them maybe it’s New Age, but for us it’s ancient history... There are many Hasidic stories about reincarnation and similar topics.... 12

    "After death, the human soul is judged and allotted to paradise, hell, or transmigration [reincarnation]...." 13

    There is much, much more that could be said on these beliefs and the radical contradicting positions of Rabbis, not just on these subjects but on all subjects. As noted, this smorgasbord of beliefs...this cafeteria style religion...is not confined to Judaism but is apparent in Christianity as well. When that comparison is made, however, it is well to remember two points, one that makes this a very poor comparison, and one that makes it a surprisingly good comparison. In the first case we can readily see that comparing Twenty million people who have over two hundred doctrinally divided sects (and possibly a 50% atheist count) with perhaps 1800 million people and a smaller number of sects (with 0% overt atheists) can give no meaningful result.

    On the contrary though, if one sect is actually exercising Qualitative and even Quantitative control over the religion of Judaism--despite all the seeming fragmentation--then that puts a little spice into the comparison game. And it becomes even more spicy if it turns out that this one sect that is demonstrably in real control of the religion of Judaism is also demonstrably in real control of the religion of Christianity! Yet that is precisely the case because: a) Whichever religion has the Origins Scenario that has become foundational to all worldly "knowledge" ultimately wins Religion’s Superbowl...and the Kabbalist Big Bang Origins Paradigm is two touchdowns ahead with seven minutes left to play. b) ALL Christian Churches long ago capitulated to the Bible-bashing Copernican Heliocentricity Model which is the indispensable cornerstone of the Kabbalistic Big Bang Paradigm. c) Both Zionism and Dispensational Millennialism are ancient Scripture-destroying concepts derived from anti-Christ Rabbinic Kabbalism and now control allegedly Bible-Fundamentalist Christian evangelism (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

    We’ve seen the clear evidence in Parts I & II that the age of the universe accepted by today’s cosmological science apparatus is between 15 and 16 billion years. Physicist Schroeder declares boldly that this is no longer a theory, but is a "fact" based on the "fact" of Einsteinian Relativity 14 (another essential ingredient in Big Bangism from the Kabbala!). And, with equal brashness, he gives the credit for this supernatural understanding to the Kabbala writings of Rabbi Nachmanides in the 13th century...as noted in his Internet posting HERE and throughout his book, The Science of God. He then goes through a futile and positively tortuous effort to make the Genesis Week of the Bible also fit his 15.75 billion year age of the Kabbala.

    We’ll come back to the gaping holes and real meaning of this theological slight of hand in a later part of this series on the Kabbala, but as no one can deny--mumbo jumbo or not--this Kabbalic age of the universe (15+ billion years) is the guiding "fact" in today’s cosmology. Nor can it be denied that this "fact" has the multiple effects of: a) Establishing a Kabbalic foundation for the Origin of the Universe and all that is in it; b) Destroying not only the credibility of the Biblical Creation Account (and the Koranic Account), but also the credibility of all the Bible’s teachings right on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ; c) Not just crippling virtually all opposition from Bible-honoring Christians, but also enlisting their most powerful Zionist controlled leaders in bringing about not only their own self- destruction but that of Bible-based Christianity itself (HERE).

    Such is the real agenda and accomplishments of Kabbalistic "science" in the world today.. even if many old-line Orthodox Jews aren’t aware of it.

    Moreover--as seen earlier--the size of the Universe is now determined by the dictates of the Kabbala. That book--in addition to outlining the "Relativity" concept to allow the 15+ billion year age of the Universe--also outlines the Big Bang and Expanding Universe concepts which give license to claim billions of light year distances to the stars. Both of these myths about the age and size of the Universe have been brought to fruition by a Theoretical Science Establishment which has used NASA’s "Origins Program" to establish the Kabbala’s reign over all "science". (HERE).

    This victorious trampling of real science, common sense, and the Bible began with "The Copernican Revolution" which--300 hundred years before Copernicus-- was resurrecting Aristarchus and being taught in the Kabbala. That Revolution was completed by using ever more occult Pythagorean mathematics (HERE) and unabashed manipulation of technology...particularly since the computer revolution (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE)   (At the conclusion of this series, we shall further uncover the well hidden role of Copernicanism in all this....)

    But before that we need to get a more complete understanding of the Kabbalic (and Talmudic) teachings and the hidden, secret occult power behind them (which will be made plain in Part IV)....

    Relevant to the question raised in the title of this Part III essay, however, just keep these summary thoughts from the foregoing evidence in mind:

    The almost anarchic doctrinal fragmentation within the religion of Judaism belies the fact that the Big Bang "creation scenario" of the Kabbala dominates in practically all the sects (just as it does in Christian "denominations"). What ultimately matters in religions is the credibility of their Creation Accounts. All else stands or falls on that foundation. It stands there because those "Creation Accounts" determine the nature and character of the Designer God behind the ineffable design in all that exists. Thus the degree of hope and expectancy that mankind can have for its greatest longing, i.e., a joyful and eternal life, is inextricably tied to the kind of God that talks to us through His creation and whatever other means He chooses.

    Therefore, Kabbalist Judaism has done something far beyond supplanting real science and establishing a pseudo-scientific evolutionary "Creation Scenario" in its place as the standard for the whole world and all its religions. Surpassing that feat (which is pure deception, i.e, religion claiming to be science!) is the replacement of the Creator God of Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and even Islam with the illusory, indifferent, impersonal, and mystical g-d of the Kabbala who offers nothing to those who extol him/it

    The Biblical Creator God described by Moses offered mankind the hope and reasonable expectancy of a joyful eternity. This all-knowing and all-powerful God created man in His Own Image! He commissioned the great prophet Isaiah et al to make it known that this first earth’s history would be just the briefest dot at the beginning of an eternal time line on a paradisical New Earth where all evil is forever vanquished (Isaiah 66:22-24; 65:17; Rev. 21:1,3). From the Creation Week (what kind of god needs 15 billion years?) to this old earth’s total destruction and disappearance (II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 20:9,11), the whole flow of this earth’s history has been necessary for the Perfect Conclusion of the Perfect Plan of a Perfect God. (Acts 15:18 says it all: "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world.")

    But those prophets inspired by the God of the Biblical Creation Scenario-- from Moses on through--have been replaced by another group of prophets of the Kabbala/Talmud. Their teachings cancel-out and supersede those of the Bible. Moses’ account of God’s Literal Creation Week is replaced by the accounts of various Kabbalist "sages" who say it took 15 billion years of evolution in space and on earth to get where we are. And, of course, the whole progression of the Biblical God’s Plan from Adam and Eve to Jesus and Heaven is pooh-poohed and replaced with an amorphous g-d that has no interest in man and no plan for him. This g-d just set off an explosion 15 billion years ago and went out to lunch and isn’t coming back!

    This useless g-d that has been pushed on the world by a Theoretical Science Establishment fulfilling a Kabbalic counterfeit of the Bible’s creation account, is, at bottom, an anti-intellectual, illogical, and demonstrably ridiculous concept. The destiny of this concept--as prophesied over 1900 years ago--is to have its Satanic origin exposed "one hour" (Rev. 17:14) after the Talmudic/Kabbalist planners consummate their ancient goal of establishing their version of a "Messianic Kingdom", that is to say, a One World Government, under their control, headquartered in Jerusalem (Rev. 11:7,8).

    So, having secured their pseudo-scientific evolution-based mythology as the ruling Origins Paradigm in the "science" textbooks of the world, Kabbalic Judaism is in firm control not only of all Jewish religion, it is just as firmly in control of the most powerful wing of Christian Fundamentalism. More, as noted, through hi-tech Virtual Reality fraud and flim-flamery in space "science" (HERE - HERE -HERE - HERE), all systems are "go" to put the Bible God out of the Creation business altogether.

   Mindful now of the Kabbala’s (and the Talmud’s) agenda of destroying the Bible’s credibility right on through The New Testament of Jesus Christ, let’s draw back the curtain of secrecy that has surrounded Kabbalism for centuries and learn some more about this religious coup to end all religious coups.... (Part IV: HERE)



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