Part I

Will Christians et al Fight Back When They Realize

That The Bible-bashing "Big Bang Creation Scenario"

Is Just A Competing Religious Concept From The Kabbala

Brought To Pass By A Theoretical Science Establishment?

    The metaphysical Kabbala is the chicken; modern Big Bang Cosmology is the egg that it laid; and "science" is the name of the dish that has been served to the world to answer all of man's questions about the origin of the universe, the Earth, and mankind. The exposure of those long-hidden but simple facts is capable of putting events in motion that will forcefully and finally restore the Bibleís Credibility from the first page to the last.

    How so? Letís see....

    The beginning, the root, the bottom line of all that is called "knowledge" rests on what people believe to be the Truth about the ORIGIN of all that exists. That includes the Universe and all that is in it, including most especially the Earth, all plant and animal life, and mankind itself.

    This obvious Truism about ORIGINS is basically beyond argument. One canít start back any further than the ORIGIN of everything when building a knowledge bank. Consequently, the single most important spiritual and intellectual pursuit for mankind today is to search out, identify, evaluate, separate, and eliminate the deceptions that are confusing mankind over what the Truth is about the ORIGINS of the Universe and all that is in it, ourselves included.

    There is a link which covers these foundational points about how our "knowledge" came to be what it is today. It is entitled: "Exposing The Copernican Connection: The Cataclysmic Impact On Every Field of Modern Manís Knowledge.." (HERE). That is a good place to start if you if you donít already understand the overriding importance of this issue....


    As noted in that essay and confirmed (HERE - HERE), mankindís "knowledge" today about the ORIGINS of the Universe, the Earth and all life forms is dictated by a Theoretical Science Establishment which we have all naively presumed to be a wholly secular, non-Religious, purely scientific operation. As the essay points out, that presumption was wrong. The result of this naivetť from Copernicus to Newton to Darwin to Einstein to Sagan to Wickramasinghe is that this allegedly secular "knowledge" that rules in the schools and universities and all forms of media is the dominant creation scenario of the religion of Kabbala-based Judaism that has been made into textbook fact by a Theoretical Science Establishment based on occult math and fraudulent use of computer technology HERE (pp.8,9) - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).

    Some opposition exists, of course, in the form of objections here and there to the evolution monopoly in the schools, and in the work of various Creationist Organizations that expose the gaping holes in the whole Darwinian Mythology. But this opposition is unable to win because--for one thing--the scope of the power that is arrayed against it.

    But that is not the main reason the Creation Establishments cannot defeat the opposition. They do some real good but they are constantly fighting a rear guard action and constantly retreating. This lamentable situation prevails primarily because the intelligence behind the Creationist strategy is incomplete, misdirected, and never more than marginally effective in isolated instances. That strategy is weak because of a lack of understanding of at least three factors that are essential to success but are not being used by Creationist strategists.

    The three intelligence factors that prevent the anti-evolution forces from going on the offensive and beating their adversaries in the ORIGINS battle are:

    1) They either donít understand or are choosing to ignore the Symbiotic Connection between the success of the Bible-bashing Copernican Revolution and the success of the Bible-bashing Darwinian Revolution. This unquestionable connection must be understood and broadcast in order to activate a strategy that will expose evolutionism as a lie from top to bottom. Several links prove that connection: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE.

    2) They either donít understand or are choosing to ignore the fact that they have been outflanked by the shift of emphasis from evolution on Earth to the evolution of extraterrestrials...begat by bacteria hitchhiking in comets and spreading seed for evolution all over the universe, Earth included (HERE). The backbone of the Big Bang Expanding Universe Model--without which all of this science-fiction extraterrestrial evolution nonsense would die on the vine--is the contra-Biblical Copernican model of a rotating and orbiting Earth. The Creationist Leadership not only stonewalls against incorporating an all-out attack against this Copernican Cornerstone of the evolution-friendly universe of modern cosmology, they embrace and promote that Heliocentric Cornerstone that is killing Creationism and Bible credibility along with it. This has got to stop!

    3) They donít understand that todayís "science" model of the ORIGIN of the Universe (incl. the Earth and mankind) is a Model that is derived from a "holy book" (Kabbala) which is a part of the Religion of Judaism. Once this seminal historical/spiritual connection is understood and factored into Creationist strategy, the heart of the ACLUís ever-present and effective appeal to the Constitutional "no establishment of religion clause" is swept away (HERE). That objection has always centered on the accusation that allowing any teaching of science in the schools which claims to disprove evolutionism is just a Creationist tactic aimed at teaching Bible-based religion with tax monies.

Now letís put that shoe on the other foot, i.e., the one that it fits!

    There is no way that the ACLU et al can make a sustainable argument that it is right and proper for tax monies to be used to support the "creation scenario" of Big Bang Evolutionary "science" Model. Why? Because that "science" fulfills the creation scenario of the Religion of Pharisaic Judaism as taught in one of their holy books, namely, the Zohar/Kabbala, and the ACLU is known to be the legal arm for Talmud/Kabbala-based Judaic causes in the USA, thatís why (HERE - HERE).

    And, given the demonstrable Kabbalic origins of the Relativistic Big Bang Expanding Universe Model, the ACLU certainly can no longer argue that the science which upholds the "Creation Scenario" of the Religion of Christianity as expressed in the holy book called the Bible is forbidden the access to tax-funded classrooms because it is religion and not science. Case closed.

    Obviously, the ACLU and the entire Theoretical Science Establishment has no case against the teaching of anti-evolution science once the beans are spilled about the whole Paradigm of Modern Cosmology being nothing more than the fulfillment of another "creation scenario" from another holy book of another Religion.

    Indeed, this ongoing ACLU charade can be brought to an abrupt and ignominious halt by simply presenting the factual evidence that the Big Bang Paradigm is a creation scenario derived from a religious sect of Judaism as expressed in one of its holy books called the Kabbala, and this religion is being taught as science everywhere with tax monies.

    (Parenthetically, the matter of motive behind this massive deception is readily at hand. All accounts acknowledge that--along with the Talmud (HERE)-- the Kabbala-based religion of the Pharisees is overtly and vehemently anti-Christian. As such, it therefore has motive for seeking to undermine the credibility of the Bible by effectively barring the teaching of the scientific evidence which simultaneously supports the Biblical Creation Account and destroys the creation account of the Kabbalist Rabbis (HERE). (The celebrated Kabbalist Rabbi Nachmanides himself was exiled from Spain--over two hundred years before the mass expulsion of Jews--because of his virulent anti-Christian teachings.)


    What I want to highlight briefly from here on out are some other facts about the Kabbala that should help Jew and Gentile alike to appreciate not only the magnitude of the deception surrounding this whole issue of ORIGINS (by which issue all of us, Jew and Gentile alike, have been massively deceived), but also to understand the hidden warfare over that issue that exists between Talmud/Kabbala based Judaism and Bible-based Christianity (and Koran-based Islam as well). This has been a heretofore silent warfare that effects everyone on the globe really.

    The first fact is this: The Origins Scenario endorsed by the Theoretical Science Establishment today (heliocentricity, Relativity, Big Bangism, 15 billion years of evolutionism, Expanding Universe, etc.) is rooted in 1st, 13th, 16th, and 20th century--Kabbalism (Cabalism).

    Fact two: The success of this Kabbala-based Origins Scenario as "science" is directly attributable to the careful hiding of the fact that it is derived from a religion devoted to anti-Christian (and anti-Moslem) Rabbinic teachings. This religion has cleverly disguised itself as "theoretical science" and--through fraudulent use of technology and occult mathematics ( HERE - HERE - HERE, p.6 - HERE - HERE)--has fooled the world thereby.

    Fact three: All descriptions and definitions of Kabbalism given by Rabbis, dictionaries, and encyclopedias acknowledge that it is a mystical religion, steeped in secrecy and hidden meanings which, allegedly, only a chosen few can decipher and understand. This clandestine approach to revealing God is in sharp contrast to that taught in the Bible of Christianity which is printed in hundreds of languages and taught openly around the world to all who will listen...and often by teachers of the most humble backgrounds. Jesus, Himself, said: "...in secret I have said nothing." (John 18:20). "Nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest" (Luke 8:17), etc. Can any honest and intelligent Truth seeker trust and follow a handful of contradictory "adepts" who are so "illuminated" that their wisdom must be kept secret lest the "unwashed masses" spoil it?  Spare us all from such crapology!

    Fact four: As noted in several links (Ex. HERE - HERE), the Copernican Revolution paved the way for the success of the Darwinian Revolution, and both in turn provided the basis for Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Penziasism, and Saganism. Einstein saved Copernicanism which was under serious attack from the 1880ís till Einstein's (and Rabbis Nachmanides' and Luria's!) "Relativity" concept came out in 1905 and 1916, and which had completely conquered the Theoretical Science Establishment by Big Al's death in 1955.

    Then Arno Penzias provided liftoff for the Big Bang Paradigm in 1965 (after LeMaitre, Gamow et al had done the early spadework (HERE, pp.3,7,8,9). The Copernicanism that Einstein rescued from ignominious exposure is the linchpin, the keystone of the whole of modern cosmology; the very linchpin that was described in the Kabbala over seven centuries ago...300 years before Copernicus. (See: Kabbala Part II.) Pull out the linchpin...knock out that keystone! The Truth about the role of Copernicanism in this diabolical superstring of deceptions (HERE) will force open the door for a Revolution the likes of which the world has never seen, a door that cannot be shut. God alone "opens doors that cannot be shut and shuts doors that cannot be opened" (Rev. 3:8). This door-opening and shutting operation is quite clearly prophesied in the Bible to occur "one hour" (c. 2-3 months) after a One World Government is seated (Rev. 17:12-14).... How close do you think this OWG is??

    Fact five: As with physicist Schroederís support of the Big Bang Origins Scenario and his acknowledgment that Nachmanides described the concept in the 13th century (HERE), other Jewish scholars view the success of the Big Bang Model as a confirmation of the brilliance and spirit-let conclusions of the revered Rabbi. Note:

    "Both the Ramban [Nachmanides]...and the Rambam Moreh Nebuchim...agree that there was only a single act of creation, at the first moment of the Ďsix daysí, and everything else, (light, stars, moon, life) was created from that primordial creation.

    The Ramban, who refers to what he writes on creation as coming from Ďhiddení knowledge, says that this initial creation was something so small and without physical form. This idea that everything originated from a singular point in the universe is what science calls The Big Bang!

    ...indeed our sages did have hidden knowledge of the universe." (http://shamash.org//listarchives/mail-jewish/volume20/v20n6, pp. 3,4)

    Fact six: Clearly--and in spite of the smooth efforts of Schroeder et al to make the Genesis 24 hour days into 15.75 billion years--Fact Five presents Jews and Gentiles alike with a choice of "sages" between Rabbi Nachmanides and Moses! And, just as clearly both "sages" have described in mutually exclusive ways how the universe and all that is in it came into being!

Analyze the fallout of this choice:

a) Although Kabbalic teaching says that opposite, contradictory, mutually exclusive concepts can both be true (!) [http://www.pcez.com/~jmse/heavenly-tm-essy-6day. html, p.4] such teaching will be counted as both idiotic and blasphemous herein as it ultimately means that there is no such thing as Truth and therefore no God of Truth. Thus, either both of these "sages" (Moses and Nachmanides) are false prophets or one is false and the other true.

b) Modern Theoretical Science says Nachmanidesí Big Bang Paradigm is the true concept and that this is proven by its dominance of the astrophysical sciences and, more still, by the hidden knowledge expressed by Nachmanides which is thereby deemed proof that G-d gave him the concept because "science" now agrees with him (and other aggressively anti-Christ Rabbis we shall meet)....

c) This conclusion also confirms and certifies that the Kabbalaís teachings (and by inference those of the Talmud and Zohar) are superior to the teachings of the Bible (which belief is an oft-stated fact in Judaic writings). This "hierarchy of holy books" in Judaism admits and endorses the right to accept and secretly promote the Big Bang Paradigm of Kabbalist Nachmanides et al to be the true "scientific" teaching about ORIGINS...and simultaneously endorses the right to accept the opposing Moses Account of Creation in the Bible when it is expedient to do so (as with the claims of Zionist leaders that Israelís destiny is to expand its territory to its old Biblical borders). This is the kind of Rabbinic distortion of the meanings of words, logic, and ethics that Zionist Einstein used in his critical reversal of the meaning of "simultaneity" in his space theories...which theories based on such distortions are vital to the maintenance of the pack of lies called cosmological science today.

    Aside from the mind-crippling ridiculousness of claiming the superiority of a religion which is indebted to holy books and sages that teach irreconcilably different explanations about ORIGINS (and almost every other doctrine!), this ridiculousness is raised to new heights by labeling the Rabbinic purveyors of this confusing nonsense as "sages" and other titles for great teachers! Itís crazy...and will be exposed as such. (The Roman Catholic Church is in the same boat with the Cabalists, and their present hand-holding can be expected to become more intimate with each passing day. The reason? It started when the Vatican put it in writing in 1546-1563 (Council of Trent) that contradictions between what the Church taught and what the Bible taught were to be resolved by following what the Church taught. Their short-lived good fight against the rise of Copernicanism (HERE) capitulated after Newtonism dug in an spawned the "Enlightenment". And then--after the likes of Tielhard de Chardin and others did their work--Pope JP II  basically embraced evolutionism and allied Catholicism with Kabbalistic pseudo-science...effectively abandoning the Bible as the source of Truth about the foundational Truth of ORIGINS in the process. In all of this--except for lots of Protestant and Catholic Fundamentalists who are still bucking evolutionism--the liberal Protestants are in tandem with the Kabbalists... as is a whole wing of Protestant Fundamentalists who--because of their eschatology--are in the same trap and donít know it, namely, the Dispensational Christian Zionist trap (HERE - HERE).

    Fact seven: Here is a commentator who mentions Rabbi Nachmanides and proceeds to tell of another Kabbalist--a 1st century (!) "sage"--who arrived at the same age for the universe from the beginning till now that cosmologists today assure us is a purely "scientific" truth about the matter. Note:

"In a string of Hebraic sages, the 2nd greatest Rabbi, known

as the Ramban [Nachmanides], born in 1194, was a philosopher, poet,

scholar, physician and Kabbalist. His work has been held in high

esteem for centuries, as high as Zohar. Another, Nechunya ben

HaKanah, a 1st century Kabbalist, asserted that if you knew how to

use the 42 letter name for God you could decipher a lengthy time

between the creation of the universe and of man. He estimated the

age of the Universe at 15.3 billion years, some 2000 years ago,

the very age modern astrophysics have just arrived at."

(http://members.aol.com/mseedfaith/mrpg2b.htm, p.7)

    So, again, we see that:

    a) A "Hebraic sage", HaKanah--writing in the Kabbala, a holy book of the religion of Pharisaic Judaism--has allegedly trumped the Hebraic Prophet Moses, writing in the Bible, the holy book of Christians and a small minority of todayís Jews...such as the Neturei Karta Jews.

    b) Modern "science" has corroborated ben HaKanahís age of the universe in a way that simultaneously matches Ramban Nachmanís and their own Big Bang Paradigm and denies the Biblical Paradigm.

    c) The authentication of one of these religions (Bible-based Christianity or Kabbala/Talmud based Judaism) and the falsification of the other is what is at stake here...along with the authentication or falsification of the Theoretical Sciences beginning with the Copernican Deception.

    d) If the Big Bang Paradigm of modern science is factually true science, then the Bibleís credibility on foundational ORIGINS knowledge, and, by inference, all its claims, including especially those about Christ, have no credibility and are kaput. And this is the message pushed by Judaism that emanates from the academic corridors, the media, and, of course, the Theoretical Science Establishment itself. Politically correct Historians have joined the chorus with their now ubiquitous buzzwords, "Post-Christian Era".

    e) The other side of that coin is this: If the Bible gives (and real science can easily corroborate) the true facts about the length of time from creation till now (c. 6000 years), and if it teaches the only true scientific model about the Earth in space (a stationary Earth with the sun and stars going around), then the hypothetical assumptions upon which the Big Bang Paradigm is built (namely, a rotating, orbiting Earth) are demolished. Then the credibility of the Bible is restored from A to Z, and, simultaneously, the teachings of the Kabbala/Zohar/Talmud triumvirate (i.e., non-Biblical Pharisaic Judaism) are moved over to the Fiction Section of the library along with modern theoretical pseudo-science shamanism that has almost--but not quite--pulled it all off (Rev. 17:14).

Talk about high stakes! Forget Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and the Singapore casinos! This is the only game in town; everything rests on the outcome!  Serious Christians, and Truth Lovers everywhere: Start your engines. Satan knows his time is short (Rev. 12:12)....


(Parts I thru VII  of the Kabbala series are linked on the fixedearth.com web page.  Part II can be accessed HERE....