Intelligent Design Pitfalls:

Is "ID" A Genuine Threat To The Evolution Monopoly?

Or Is It A Tricky Compromise To Save Factless Evolutionism?

There is a well-financed strategy all across the USA which is dominating challenges to the evolution monopoly in the schools. This strategy advocates teaching ID ("Intelligent Design") and let students draw their own conclusions about the Designer.

As shown in this link about Atheism and Agnosticism (HERE), the Intelligent Design argument is indeed deadly to those two isms. No one who claims to be honest can agree to pick from any dozen of a blue million real phenomena, analyze the ineffable complexity of the design features involved, and honestly resist the inescapable conclusion that such Design must have a Designer. That done, one might as well call this Designer "God". From that point on, both "atheism" and "agnosticism" have no reasonable leg on which to stand.

So, without argument, the Intelligent Design Strategy is unbeatable for attacking and nullifying atheism and agnosticism...isms which are both completely dependent upon a secular evolutionary explanation for all that exists.

But is the ID Strategy one that really challenges evolutionism per se? Or, is it a strategy with the agenda of salvaging evolutionism through compromise with ID??

In other words, is ID a cleverly conceived strategy for protecting the belief in a "scientifically certified" evolved universe, earth, and mankind while permitting belief in some kind of "god" who designed it all? And is this "permission " granted just so long as the choice restricts this "god’s" identity to one who has created everything through the evolutionary process and not through the Biblical process?!

Again, IOW: Is the elimination of literal Biblical Creationism the unchanging, real ball game being played out through the ID initiative?

One thing is certain: This sort of compromise or "cooperation" between "science and religion" is usually called "theistic evolutionism" and it is not new. Various recent polls in the USA show that there are three groups that have now taken shape in the irrepressible County and State challenges to the evolution monopoly: 1) One group represents c. 30% of those who protest the evolution monopoly but are content with the "god did it through evolution" compromise,; 2) A second group of c. 30% insists that no challenge to evolution be allowed at all; and; 3) The third group of c. 40% (repeatedly defeated by the "Establishment Clause" ruling) is rewording its challenges, with the Intelligent Design advocates getting most of the media attention, but with those calling for the teaching of secular scientific facts arguing that this is the only way to be legal, get the truth out, and beat evolution with scientific facts at the same time. .

Scientific facts--it is confidently and accurately believed by those in this third group--will expose and destroy all the theoretical claims of the evolutionists in short order once certain students and academics get hold of them. This in turn will lead to a Constitutional prohibition against all evolutionary explanations for the origin of the universe, earth, and mankind as "false science" in the USA first (HERE - HERE), and will leave the courts only one alternative, viz., teach the secular scientific facts.

While it is quite true that teaching the facts would indeed produce that result, it is naive to think that the enormous power and self-interest attached to the evolution enterprise would not see this coming and head it off by one means or another.

Hence the reappearance of the oldest anti-evolution argument around (Intelligent Design) which can be--and already is--being labeled as just another attempt by Bible Fundamentalists to get "religion" into the tax-supported education apparatus.

In short, this ID label is just baiting the Fundamentalists. They are to believe that if they can succeed in getting Intelligent Design into the curriculums, they have scored a big victory against evolutionism. In fact they are just stepping into a trap set by those who are quite willing to back off from pure atheist evolutionism, and to allow some kind of "god" into the creation business... just so as long as it is not the God of the Bible Who emphatically rules out evolutionism in all of its guises.

Said yet another way, the "theistic evolutionist" position controlling some 30% of the challengers to the evolution monopoly represents people who have accepted evolution as a scientific fact but want "god" directing the creative process. These people are very open to the ID concept. Perhaps half of these would welcome hard scientific facts which would destroy the evolution paradigm altogether, while the other half wants evolution to stay and will join with the atheist evolutionists if necessary to keep evolution-destroying facts out of the schools.

Both of these groups of "theistic evolutionists" agree that the design evident in all that exists is too incredibly complex to have happened by random accident evolutionism, so there had to be some supernatural Designer behind it all. That’s where the ID movement locks in the whole 30%. Never mind that probably half would prefer that evolution be proven false and the other half would hate to see that proven. The reality is: That by accepting the ID "theistic evolutionist" concept, both sides are accepting the evolutionary process which began with a Big Bang about 15 billion years ago, produced the earth about 4.6 billion years ago, and finally "evolved" mankind about a million years ago.

This acceptance by "theistic evolutionists" accomplishes three things:

1) In spite of the facts that could destroy it, this concept prevents those facts from being taught and certifies evolutionism as valid science and winner of the contest;

2) In spite of the fact that the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm is demonstrably the "Origins Scenario" of the Pharisee Religion, that Paradigm would remain intact under the Intelligent Design compromise and would continue to commit train loads of tax money in support of THAT Religion’s "Origins Scenario" in violation of the U. S. Constitution;

3) In spite of the fact that the Copernican Model is wholly assumptive, factless, vulnerable, and is the Keystone of the entire Pharisaic Big Bang Evolutionary Model (HERE - HERE), it would remain untouchable in the ID compromise.

Therefore, it could not be more clear that "Intelligent Design"--while it is wonderful for nullifying atheism and agnosticism--leaves the Pharisee religion’s evolutionary paradigm in absolute control of the theoretical science establishment and succeeds thereby in outlawing the teaching of scientific facts which are capable of overturning the whole lying masquerade.

So, when one factors in the recently available and highly explosive fact that Evolutionism itself is a "creation scenario" from a holy book (Zohar/ Kabbala) of the religion of Phariseeism (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE)--and hence is subject to the "Establishment Clause" prohibition in the USA (HERE - HERE - HERE)--it can readily be seen why--wittingly or unwittingly--the "Intelligent Design" strategists have suddenly been called upon to rescue not only evolutionism, but the entire Pharisaic Cabal.

That cabal now controls the world’s most rudimentary knowledge about the Origin of everything (HERE). That cabal has succeeded by clothing itself in both the priestly and academic robes of "theoretical science" and has very nearly brought about the complete triumph of the Kabbala’s "Origins Scenario" while simultaneously assisting in totally discrediting the Bible’s "Origins Scenario" ...even in professed Bible churches!

With a fortune in the 600 millions, Howard Ahmanson--it turns out, has been a big contributor to the ID movement, particularly to the current leader of that movement, The Discovery Institute in Seattle. Some of Ahmanson’s other views-- basically Reconstructionist Post-Millennial eschatological utopianism--are Scripturally impossible, but that’s his bag, his business, and another story (HERE - HERE).

As for the Discovery Institute’s Director at this writing, Stephen C. Meyer, he has accomplished a lot in a short time with the big money that has come his way. Catholic Senator Rick Santorum (R. PA) used his material. Scholars from Baylor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, etc., are on board and drawing attention to the ID strategy.

All of this (and a lot more!) is escalating awareness about the most fundamental weakness of pagan evolutionism, namely, the fact that it can not explain the ineffable complexity of design that is intrinsic in a blue million actual examples. Basically--though I was just as obtuse as the next one--it is just plain stupid to say that all this inescapable design came to be as it undeniably is without a Designer.

Thus--let it be stressed again--the "Intelligent Design" argument completely pulls the rug from beneath the huge atheist and agnostic populations of the world. That in itself is a great gain for Truth.

However, this warning must be repeated and made unmistakably clear so that no reader misses it: If getting ID into the education system is the ultimate goal of those who want to combat evolutionism , it is the wrong goal for those who want the whole Truth. The ID plan will leave all the essentials of evolutionism in the textbooks. The only change that will be noticed is that students will be driven logically to accept some kind of supernatural intelligence which has used evolution to create everything over some 15 billion years according to the Big Bang Paradigm's Kabbalic Universe.

Thus, again, there is only one real victor that is certain to arise if the ID tactic for breaking the evolution monopoly is allowed to be the ultimate goal of any challenge to the evolution monopoly. That victor will be the Pharisee Religion from whence is derived the 15 billion year old evolution paradigm via the Kabbala. The big losers with such a tactic will be true science and Bible inerrancy which begins with the literal six-day ("evening and morning") anti- evolution paradigm on its 1st page,and is upheld in over 100 other Scriptures HERE.

Given that the Virtual Reality Deception is already in control of the theoretical science establishment and being media-fed to the world (HERE - HERE - HERE), the Pharisee Plan is stepping up its vigorous promotion of a powerful ecumenical movement led by the Catholic Church. The ecumenical concept here is basically that people should believe in some kind of g’d but be tolerant of all beliefs. The only limitation in this lovey-dovey- sounding ecumenical tolerance is this: The evolutionary model over billions of years must be treated as factual science, i.e., as Absolute Truth. This is the identical conclusion that would follow a ruling that ID be taught as a final compromise settlement to end all future challenges to evolutionism.

All that is required to pull off this humungous cabal is, of course, the formation of a Global Government with a World Court. With that accomplished, people can rattle beads in a coconut and dance around a fire and worship whatever they want, animal, vegetable, or mineral. They certainly can worship Satan (the Kabbalist g'd: HERE), the most hyped and probably the fastest growing "deity" worldwide, and the one guaranteed in writing over 1900 years ago to be sponsored by a Global Government (Rev. 13:2b-8; etc.).  

When it begins, it’s "angel of light" persona will deceive most everyone. "Tolerance" for all religions will be the official mantra, no matter how pagan (HERE - HERE) or overtly diabolical. And again, the only exception to this "tolerance" will be: No religion can be allowed which challenges or denies the evolutionary "science" that tells us about the origins of the universe, the earth, and ourselves. The central "scientific fact" of a Big Bang 15 billion years ago which has brought all that exists into being through an evolutionary process must be acknowledged by all religions.

If some hard heads want to worship Jesus, or even believe in parts of the Bible, that will be tolerated...maybe until the 6th Trumpet "Mark of the Beast" time frame kicks in.  At that point, the Government will decree that these worshippers must take the Mark and worship the image of the Beast or die (Rev. 13:15-17;Acts 15:18: HERE).

All of today’s incipient world government sweet talk about ending wars, poverty, disease, racism, religious intolerance, etc., (and Global Warming: HERE) is diabolical trickery from start to finish. The goal is the emasculation of Biblical Christianity and the triumph of Talmud/ Kabbala Phariseeism. (Check John 8:44 for the human authors of this trickery!)

Because the "Intelligent Design" movement essentially forces people to believe in a supernatural Designer (but is elastic enough to permit said "designer" to have used the 15 billion year old evolutionary model to do the creating) this movement is no threat either to:

a) Contra-scientific, Bible-destroying evolution mythology; nor to:

b) The total victory of the religion of the Pharisees and their Talmud/Kabbala g’d over the religion of the Christians and the Biblical God.

Yet, say yes to "Intelligent Design" in your State and County school districts we are told! Then say a LOUDER YES to teaching just the secular facts of science in your schools!

Forget all that!

Instead: Go to the microphone and say No! to the use of taxes to promote the evolutionary "creation scenario" of the Pharisee religion!! You will be on solid ground because; a) That religion has deceptively misrepresented itself as "science" to get its evolution model taught everywhere, and; b) Because that fact puts this teaching in direct violation of the Establishment Clause of the U. S. Constitution, and is therefore, the Achilles Heel of the Evolution Monopoly in all tax supported education. (HERE - HERE - HERE)

If those needed actions above are taken, putting the teaching of the "Intelligent Design" aspect of the Origin of everything  in the curriculum will serve its rightful purpose of highlighting the awesomeness and boundless love of the Biblical God.

If those actions are not taken, students will not only be denied foundational truth about the origin of all that exists, they will continue being spiritual acolytes serving the anti-Christ mystical religion of taxpayer’s expense!

The choice ahead couldn’t be more clear. All students, parents, educators, politicians, and judges in the USA who profess to champion the teaching of factual science, who are eager to expose deception, who venerate the rule of law, who value knowledge that gives children direction and purpose in their formative years rather than aimless nihilism, can not--now that they have the facts about the evolution controversy-- stand by and allow those students to be denied the beauty of both the scientific and the religious facts about their origins. These are facts which will lead them to a sure knowledge of their very own "Intelligent Designer", One in whom they can trust today and forever....