Icke et al


David Icke is riding the crest of centuries of pseudo-scientific mysticism. This Extraterrestrial-Evolution-based mysticism has always had one goal, namely, the destruction of the credibility of the Bible and the Bible's Plan through Jesus.


One can spend years "studying" Gnosticism (Hindu mythology), and Madam Blavatsky's blend of Buddhist Theosophy and Hindu mysticism culminating in seven "root races" of Lemurians, etc. Then, one can add to this "education" a garden variety of Crowleyites, Cayce, J. Parson's NASA sponsored Black Magic at the Jet Propulsion Lab, Illuminati, Kabbalists, Atlantis Gurus, and on and on.


Before one gets very far into these "studies", their minds will be awash in high octane "profane and vain babblings" from one devilish synthesis of false science and false religion or another.  At that point many are ready to abandon reality altogether and take a final stroll down Insanity Boulevard with David Icke.


But who is anyone and who am I to criticize all this?! I was deep into the atheist path which is just as crazy!  But then--thank the Biblical God and His Son--like millions of others, my desire for truth led beyond the discovery of many of the same secret societies, economic, and cultural truths that Icke et al have also found.        


But after those truths are verified and digested, and we have gulped down enough worldly "wisdom" to begin to see through a glass darkly, then in which direction do we go??


Do we run to the Creator God, or run away from Him?  Do we close the door and refuse to re-examine what we believe about the foundation of all true knowledge??  There is, after all, only one knowledge foundation upon which all men at all times have consciously or sub-consciously built their beliefs.


That single foundational knowledge never varies.  It shapes every important aspect of the rest of our lives.  It always takes us back as far as any of us can go, i.e.,  back to what we believe about the ORIGIN of all that exists. What we believe to be the truth about the Origin of all that exists always determines the philosophical or the SPIRITUAL PATH we will follow.


All history confirms that fact. Whether snooping around at Stonehenge or attending the rituals in all kinds of temples and churches or genuflecting to the Big Bang Evolution Idol in the world's universities today, what we  believe about the Origin of everything--ourselves included--becomes the tap root of all philosophies and religions.


So, wherever we may stand on the subject of Origins right now, we either know or we can know for certain this fact: Modern man's knowledge about the Origin of all that exists has been shaping lives primarily through the Universities of the world increasingly since The Copernican Revolution torpedoed Bible Credibility in 1543.  That alleged "Scientific" Revolution paved the way for the Revolutions of Darwin, Marx. Freud, Einstein, and Sagan… all of which are expressions of Evolution-based concepts. [1]


Those are historical facts that none can change.  They are facts that need to be impressed upon the minds of all who are passionate about building their lives upon Truth and spreading that Truth to others.  Obviously, it is not possible to find Truth and build upon it if one begins with a foundational false teaching about the Origin of all that exists. Indeed, it is not possible to arrive at the Whole Truth on any subject, be it philosophical or Spiritual, if one builds on a false Origins concept!


The basis of today's Origins knowledge taught worldwide as scientific fact began with--and rests upon--the truth or falsity of the Copernican concept.  That moving Earth assumption is the Keystone that holds up all that has been built upon it right on through Darwin and Einstein. [2]-[3] It culminated under the Sagan/Goldin Origin's Program at NASA. [4]The Sagan/Drake Universe swarms with Evolved Aliens![5.pp.14,15]


With its Evolved Extraterrestrials this Truth-destroying Universe of Sagan et al is the meat and potatoes of all of today's Virtual Reality Fantasies.[6]They are all based on an Evolutionary Model of all that exists; Icke's fantasies included. Mr. Icke has made his dependency on billions of years of evolutionism quite clear.


Within that Origins framework he has produced some of the most fanciful aliens on the scene today.  His aliens work their evil designs against we earthlings from what we think is our Moon, but, in his 2 hour utube babble, it is a huge alien-fabricated, hollowed-out Spacecraft where his aliens are finalizing their control of the earth while others work underground on Mars. Cyborg chiefs in the Saturn Matrix run the other planets also, and vampire off our blood energy…and covet our plants.


Icke is also quite clear that he got his initial "vibrations" (cf: Kabbalist "Superstrings" [7] )  from a psychic in 1990.  This experience began to open his mind and spirit to refining the whole evolved extraterrestrial Matrix Aliens concept. This he has done with uncommon flair and gusto. His concept is a super-duper Matrix Idol.


Such juvenile comic book pseudo-scientific "babbling" (I Tim. 6:20) would be cause for isolation in a rubber room if it weren't for the fact that it is a source of MAJOR reinforcement of the world-ruling Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolution. That Origins Model has supplied 15 billion years to evolve humans here, so, (says this "logic") why is it crazy to deduce that some aliens have developed reptilian brains in the back of their necks?  Huh? And so what if these mutants are operating out of their hollow Moon headquarters? And what if these wascals have implanted their Reptilian genes in the bloodlines of earth's royalty who now control us??


When we start out with a certifiably crazy Origins premise without the first fact in it from start to finish--and call it science!--we are guaranteed to come out with some very crazy poop, whether atheist (as I was) or occult; and Icke is no exception.

"IF", on the other hand, we take a few hours to study the matter, we will KNOW that the Big Bang Evolutionary Premise is a baseless, contra-scientific RELIGIOUS Fraud from start to finish. [8]-[9]-[10]-[11]-[12]  When we KNOW that one Truth, then all of us who have been deceived into accepting the Big Bang Evolution Lie as real science, and have based our "knowledge bank" on that lie, obviously have to change our thinking about the Real Origin of all that exists, ourselves included.


There is not a person reading these words who cannot KNOW that the

 Copernican Mathematical Model of a rotating, orbiting earth is a contra-scientific lie, and, that this one lie is the vulnerable KEYSTONE upon which the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm now ruling ALL False Science in the world has been built.


Finally, the Copernican Keystone is inseparable from the Huge Truth that Evolutionism is Religious. No Copernican Keystone, no Religious Evolution Model!  Every concept of the Big Bang Origins Paradigm is derived from the Zohar/Kabbala "holy book" of the anti-Bible,Christ-hating Pharisee Religion and is dependent upon the Copernican lie. You read that right. Check it out: [13]-[14]-[15]-[16]


So, not only is there no true science in the Big Bang Evolutionary Premise, and not only is there mountainous evidence of high tech virtual reality fraud upholding that Premise [17]-[18]-[18b], there is also proof that the whole Alternate Creation Scenario of Big Bang Evolutionism has been created by the anti-Christ Pharisee Religion's  MASQUERADE AS NON-RELIGIOUS THEORETICAL SCIENCE!! [19]-[20]


Do you get it?! THERE IS NO NON-RELIGIOUS MODEL OF THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE, THE EARTH, AND MANKIND. Let that soak in!  Everyone who believes and advances the belief (as I did) that the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm Lie is a secular scientific fact can KNOW seven things: 1) It is not secular. 2) It is not science. 3) It is the Pharisee Religion's "creation scenario". 4) It rests on the contra-scientific Copernican Model. 5) It is just as religious as the Biblical Model. 6) It hates Jesus. 7) It offers us Satan as g'd and eternal death, while the Bible offers us Jesus as Savior and eternal life.


So--whatever your philosophy or religion is--just suppose you believe emphatically in Darwinian or Panspermian [21] billions of years of terrestrial and extraterrestrial  evolutionism as found in today's textbooks. When you find out that the source of those  billions of years is an anti-Christ "holy book" of the Pharisee Religion, WHAT THEN?


Before deciding, add in this fact: The g'd of the Christ-hating, Bible-destroying Pharisee Religion is Satan. [22] OK? That fact explains the scope and power of this monster deception which has created the Evolution Idol and has the world worshiping at its altars…in its schools, churches, films, books, video games, BANKS, etc.

ALL such "Science-fiction" is a self-destructing hyphenation that brings its huge offerings to the feet of the Pharisee Evolution Idol every hour of every day. 


All of this helps explain David Icke's rise to fame.  He has ratcheted up the Extraterrestrial Mythology to where he is capturing many Science-Fiction fans, both young and old. Those fans should know: All of Satan's lies and false prophets (Babylon) will be "overcome" just weeks after his human leader (the "Beast") is revealed (Rev.17:12,14-18). Those who get on Satan's side will suffer from seven horrendous plagues and end up as eternal "carcases" (Is.66:24).  Those who "come out of Babylon" are protected (Rev. 18:4). Satan knows his time is short (Rev. 12:12).  Trust the Bible's Creator God Who put it all in writing over 1900 years ago. It's Heaven or Eternal Death. Decision time is as close as a Global Government... plus "one hour" (c. 2-3 months).


 False Science and False Religion have fooled all of us!! ALL of those lies will be Revealed within weeks after a Global Government is seated.  All evolution-dependent-deceptions--Matrix Idolatry included--will go first. As written: Babylon (confusion about Truth) Falls.[23]