Genesis I:1-5

Creationist Stonewalling Of Bible Geocentrism:

Decision Time Approaches...

   At least two Creationist organizations are publicizing the erroneous idea that the first five verses of Genesis I describe a rotating earth. One spokesman in Kentucky, USA, who has a spot on Christian radio, broadcasts this idea as if it were a fact. Another--a Russian creationist--seems to agree. Further, the pioneer and premier Creationist organization--ICR in California--continues to support the Copernican model, all the while denying that it does so. The leadership there is apparently determined to ignore the fact that geocentrism is a Creation issue of overriding importance to the whole matter of settling the Origins Issue with a Bible victory.

   When everything good about the work of these and other Creationist organizations and individuals has been said--and there is a world of good to be said!--these facts remain: 1) Copernicanism is as unScriptural as Evolutionism; 2) Copernicanism is as unScientific as Evolutionism; 3) Copernicanism is as vulnerable as Evolutionism; 4) Copernicanism paved the way for the success of Darwinism; 5) Other pernicious anti-Bible isms (Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Saganism, et al) absolutely depend on the sacrosanct position Copernicanism holds amongst scientists, both secular and religious, but especially the religious ones!

   Secular intellectuals everywhere have long openly recognized that the Copernican Revolution laid the cornerstone for Darwinism and the other isms. Curiously though, Creationists havenít seemed to recognize that obvious and readily documented fact, at least not to a degree that they are willing to check it out and do something about it. When the connections are recognized and understood, the logic of attacking the Copernican keystone to bring down evolutionism and all the other isms upheld by it is irresistible. After all, Copernican heliocentricity established and steadily expanded the long age requirement that paved the way for the Darwinian Myth! Copernicanism is not only the keystone upholding evolution and the rest; it is the Achilles Heel of the whole syndrome!

   More, Creationists need to be reminded that Copernicanism is a pure Origins Issue, that is to say, a Creation Week issue, just as surely as Darwinism is a pure Origins and Creation Week Issue.   Jesus the Creator (Col.1:16; Eph.3:9; etc.) either created a sun going around the earth (as plain Scripture declares, and all known facts confirm), or He created an earth going around the sun, as not only evolutionary scientists declare--but, lamentably, also nearly all of their Creationist adversaries! Both of these models cannot be The Truth. One model is Absolutely True and the other is Absolutely False (exactly as it is with ex nihilo creation and evolutionism!). No compromise. No quarter. No need for either.

   Sincere Creationists of whatever standing need not continue to have one foot in the anti-Bible Copernican camp where the Origin and nature of the cosmos is concerned, and the other foot in the pro-Bible Creationist camp where the Origin and nature of all life forms is concerned. Indeed, the time has arrived when Creationists must quit stonewalling the geocentrism issue and begin to look at the Biblical, historical, scientific, and logical evidence which upholds the geocentrism model. (Start HERE).   All who will prayerfully and carefully look at that evidence will find that it exposes not only Copernicanism, but also the entire modern Big Bang-based cosmological paradigm! That paradigm-- whether realized or not--is the present day big gun in the spiritual warfare attempting to destroy Bible credibility and all that rests upon that credibility. We are talking about an attempted fraud here of truly Brobdingnagian proportions. Wait.... Make that apocalyptic proportions....

   This is why the recent statements by certain Creationists claiming that Genesis I:1-5 proves a rotating earth cannot be left unchallenged. This is why the general stonewalling against Bible-certified and scientifically sound geocentrism by the Creationist leadership cannot continue to be looked upon with benign indifference. By their actions--and inactions--and whether they are aware of what they are doing or not, they are actually standing in the way of a Bible endorsed strategy that can not fail to expose and destroy the evolution myth by attacking it on its vulnerable cosmological flank!

   That flank has two weak spots which Bible Creationists around the world are strong enough to break through and bring about the exposure of the whole endeavor. One of those weak spots is the Big Bang paradigm which includes the Expanding Universe hypothesis and most of Einsteinís "fantasizing" (his word) about space. The other weak spot is the Copernican myth itself. Copernicanism is not sacred. It is scientifically and logically vulnerable. And, Creationists note that--for the uncompromising believer in Bible inerrancy--the Copernican heliocentricity model contradicts the Bible and has been a major factor in the erosion of Bible credibility in modern times. No amount of dissimulation can alter that fact.

   Though ICR opposes the Big Bang (as does Russian Creationist Justin Chashihin and perhaps other Creationists), it is apparent that they are not aware of the ancient anti-Christian spiritual roots of all three of those aspects (above) of the Big Bang paradigm. Once these foundation blocks of modern "scientific" cosmology are seen to be spelled out in 1st thru 16th century Rabbinical writings in a Christ-hating "holy book", the way to successfully oppose Big Bangism and its symbionts should be clear. Expose the source! Make it plain that this backbone of modern cosmology is derived from the anti-Christian Kabbala, and is, therefore, a clever spiritual strategy designed to bash the Bible, and that no true science is involved. Confirm it; spread it in the churches, and watch the fur fly!

   Incredibly though, very little is heard from Creationists about NASAís multi-billion dollar, evolution-promoting, "Origins Program"! Surely it is time for Bible Creationists to understand what this "Program" means to the whole Creation vs. Evolution battle! And surely it must be obvious that this "Program" is dependent on the Big Bang scenario which is "Origins Gospel" at NASA. This "Origins Program" is an orchestrated, diabolical closure attempt against Bible Creationism that is now in progress, cleverly ensconced in an otherwise dynamic Space Program. This closure attempt is not something that Creationist Organizations can beat back by selling T-shirts and cute dinosaur stuff, etc., as nice as all that may be. Nevertheless, this hyper-Machiavelian wile of the Devil can be stopped in its tracks. Here is a little elaboration on two ways to do it:

1) Confirm that NASAís "Origin Program" (which is committed to establishing extraterrestrial evolutionism and thus certifying earthly evolutionism) is absolutely dependent upon the Big Bang paradigm. That should take about two minutes. Then confirm that this paradigm comes straight out of multiple Rabbinical writings in the avowedly anti-Christ Kabbala. Digest this information and spread it. (See "The Spiritual Roots of NASAís Big Bang Premise" for details.)

2) Confirm the unbendable Scripturality of geocentrism (i.e., a non-moving earth) from these Scriptures: HERE & HERE. Confirm the scientific and logical facts which uphold geocentrism (HERE). These facts and others declare that the universally accepted Heliocentricity Model is an essential component of our modern pseudo-scientific Big Bang counterfeit of the cosmos, a counterfeit which is directly derived from ancient anti-Bible mystical writings. Then, as true Creationists, undeterred by anticipation of ridicule from the world (and many churches!), trumpet these facts in the churches first (I Pet.4:17,18).... The rest will take care of itself.

   The Creationist "Movement"--as it is now operating--is capable of offering little more than a token resistance to rampaging evolutionism. This is not good enough for the people of God with His Truth at their fingertips! Heretofore, there has been no winning strategy to batter down the formidable Evolutionist defenses nor to engage and defeat its ubiquitous offensive tactics. But now two Truths are presenting themselves to be used as unstoppable weapons both offensively and defensively. Again: Truth #1: Big Bangism in all its ramifications is a religious concept, not a scientific one. Truth #2: Copernicanism is indispensable to Kabbalist Kosmology; it begat and sustains Darwinism et al; and it is vulnerable scientifically, logically, and Scripturally.

   (Parenthetically, a quick test of the explosive power of Truth #1 could be worked out in any selected school district [or, preferably, several at one time!]. Copernicanism and Evolutionism are taught everywhere, every day. As Creationists and many others know, the ACLU has--by the repeated use of one tactic-- successfully thwarted all efforts to get anti-evolution scientific evidence taught in the schools. That tactic has been to say that all such attempts were really efforts by fundamentalist Christians to get the Bibleís version of origins taught, and that such is forbidden by the Separation of Church and State language in the Constitution.

   It is now possible to fry that egg on the other side. The Big Bang is a teaching about Origins, plain and simple. It teaches that the universe and everything in it (including earth and everything on it) originated from a colossal explosion some 15 billion years ago. So, now, let the evidence be presented that this very same origins scenario comes from a "holy book" other than the Bible, but a religious holy book just the same. Let it be decided if the originís scenario from this other holy book can continue to be taught as "science" at taxpayerís expense while the science that wipes out the evolution model and establishes the origins scenario in the Bible must be ruled out!! Can anyone calling himself/herself a "Creationist" allow a travesty that bold and vulnerable to remain unchallenged?! Huh? I said: HUH?!

   If put to work, there is no way this strategy can fail! Who--more than Creationists--should check this out and begin planning with parents and others to "fry this egg on the other side"?? If not Creationists, then Who? If not now, When?

   This is no time for stalling! Now is the time for Creationists and sincere Truth lovers everywhere to actively resist the diabolical closure against Bible Creationism now in progress ( particularly with NASAís "Origins Program"), by 1) Understanding what the anti-Bible religious roots behind it all are, and; 2) Going on the attack in the schools and churches with the proof that the version of the origin of the universe and earth taught everywhere as "science" comes directly out of a "holy book" called the Kabbala and is therefore unConstitutional in the USA at least and wrong in any tax supported school system anywhere in the world.

   God forbid that Creationists have become so comfortable with things as they are that they would not get behind a sure way to uphold Scripture and defeat its adversaries when an easy, sure-fire plan is presented to them....

   While it is true that science has a big role to play in getting the Truth out about the origin of all things, Creationists (and everybody else!) need to understand that the bottom line in the Creation/Evolution controversy is spiritual, not scientific. The war between God and Satan (Rev.12:7,17;etc.) is "spiritual" rather than "scientific", wouldnít you agree? God long ago warned against the "oppositions of science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20), did He not? Is Satan the ultimate conspirator who has been allowed to maintain his position as "god of this world" (II Cor.4:4) thru deception, or not? Are we Bible people--whatever the cost--or are we not?? Apparently "false science" has always been a major tool in Satanís big bag of tricks, and it is more so at this very hour than ever before. (Is it mere coincidence that the heliocentric model of Aristarchus--from whom Copernicus "borrowed" heavily-- was in contention at the time of Paulís warning to Timothy?? I think not.)

   What is going on here is a do-or-die battle between the Creation week scenario some 6000 years ago as set forth in the Bible and confirmed a thousand ways by hard scientific evidence, and the 15 billion year old creation scenario given in the anti-Christ Kabbala which denies all that evidence and replaces it with high tech dazzlements today which are falsified tomorrow. Creationists have the science to win the evolution battle hands down; no problem. Attacking Big Bangism (and Copernicanism) is the way to put that science on a world stage and let it do its job!

   In short, fellow Creationists, NASAís "Origins Program" is expressly designed to guarantee the "discovery" of extraterrestrial evolving life forms in space and put Bible Creationism out of business! The immediate goal of this "Origins Program" is to put and end to Creationist arguments against evolutionism once and for all. That goal by itself should be enough to pump the Creationist Camp up to red alert!

   But that is only the Devil's first goal! The larger goal is to deliver the coup de grace to Bible credibility on all subjects, but most especially on the teachings about Godís New Contract with "whosoever will" found in The New Testament of Jesus Christ! The Kabbalists and Talmudists hate everything about that New Covenant made for all mankind, where the "middle wall of partition" which made Jews and Gentiles enemies "was broken down" that both might be reconciled to God by Jesusí sacrifice (Eph. 2:14-16).

   Anyway, both the short range and long range goals are on afterburners in the Devilís war room where the plan is to accomplish all of this with computer- dependent, unadulterated high tech deception. Computer adept middle-schoolers today could spot what is going on in ten minutes (while traditional Creationists still think that useless compromising talk about "equal time" for a "two model approach" is real strategy in this warfare). The long and the short of it is that NASA has for years been preparing to use state-of-the-art simulations and virtual reality technology and funny telescopes and cameras to bring the extraterrestrial evolution lie into the worldís living rooms! Creationists, there is no more time for attempts to compromise. The other side does not play the compromise game. They mean to win! What about Creationists?! (For details on NASAís VR technology, etc., go to: "NASAís Hanky-Panky: Virtual Reality Technology"& HERE.)


Genesis 1:1-5; 14-19


   O.K., letís see about those verses in Genesis from the creation of light on the first day thru the creation of the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day:

   As to how there could be "evening and morning" three days before the sun was created, there appear--at first glance--to be three possibilities, none of which can be positively established from verses 2-5.

   One possibility envisions a rotating earth and postulates that the created light source is a stationary ray of light.

   A second possibility envisions a non-moving earth with the created light going around it.

   A third possibility (seemingly, but not necessarily, more abstract) is that the light created the first day was created somewhere off in the firmament away from earth, and that the "evening and morning" designations the first three days merely refer to a time span that accounted for what God did on earth during each of those 24 hour periods... a time span that would continue to function precisely when the sun was created and throughout all history (except for Joshuaís Long Day and Hezekiahís Sun Dial adjustments!).

   At first glance, there appear to be pluses and minuses in all three of these scenarios, as we shall see.

   In the first case, the heliocentric scenario for the first five verses is one where the earth rotates on an "axis" in one fixed spot with zero orbital speed relevant to the created light source which is assumed to be stationary. On the 4th day this temporary light source would be transferred to and invested in or replaced by the newly created, stationary sun, and the earth, of necessity, would go from 0 to 67000 MPH in its alleged orbit around the sun. Or, one could postulate that the newly created earth--rotating as it went--followed that same orbit at that same speed around the temporary light source from the first instant of the first day and that all these motions were already established when the temporary light source unites with or is replaced by the sun created on the fourth day. The picture here seems to be one where Godís creation of the sun on the 4th day is somewhat redundant since the first temporary light source appears to be doing everything that the sun was especially created to do.

   The geocentrism scenario would have this temporary light source go around a stationary earth for three days, causing "evening and morning", then continue that pattern when transferred to and invested in or replaced by the sun when it is created on the 4th day. For the same reasons as above, this too seems redundant. The chief differences here are--strictly speaking--the geocentrism model requires two assumptions, namely: that the earth doesnít move and the light source does, while the heliocentricity model requires three assumptions, namely: the earth must rotate, the light source must stand still, and, an orbital motion of the earth must either be in place on day one or begin on day four.

   The third scenario--requiring neither the created light source nor the earth to move the first three days--would simply include the earth being shaped up and fitted out as described, for time periods called day and night, evening and morning, until the sun, moon, and stars were created and all four creations began either geocentric or heliocentric motions.

   The most glaring logical drawback to the rotating earth concept is that it accounts for only two of the three essentials of the heliocentric model. It can postulate the axial rotation requirement (which would fulfill the evening and morning requirement), but it is only a postulate, obviously. It can postulate that the temporary light source is stationary, but that too is only a postulate, obviously. But if these assumptions are made in an effort to find some Scriptural justification for supporting heliocentricity and opposing geocentrism, then what is to be done with the third essential of the heliocentric model, viz., the earthís alleged 67000 MPH orbital path around a sun which did not exist those first three days?? Is the alleged rotating earth also orbiting that temporary light source at 67000 MPH on the precise track it allegedly will follow from the 4th day on?? Or does it go from 0 MPH to 67000 MPH the first instant after the sun is created? It has to do one or the other.... The silence as to how this could be accommodated is understandable, for the hypothetical options are tough to grasp, and--more to the point here--they are totally bereft of Scriptural sanction anywhere in the Bible.

   By contrast, the geocentrism scenario for verses 1-5 is less complicated, at least a third easier to grasp, and has scores of Bible verses in plain language supporting it. This scenario would simply have this created temporary light source go around a stationary earth for three days...then continue that pattern when transferred to and invested in or replaced by the sun at its creation on the 4th day. Nevertheless, it is clear that neither a rotating nor a stationary earth can be established with certainty from either of those two hypothetical models solely from the information given in Genesis 1:1-5 (or 1-13 for that matter).

   So, we look again to that third option for further clues.... Right away we notice that the requirements inherent in this Creation scenario are supported by contextual Scripture which both enhances the scenario and mitigates most strongly against the heliocentricity conjecture. Notice: Strictly speaking, the Word does not say that the light God created on day one illuminated the earth the first three days. One assumes that is what was going on because of the "day and night, evening and morning" language. It seems a logical, even necessary conclusion, but there is the other possibility, so it remains an assumption. Indeed, as we begin to scrutinize the later contextual verses, we find that the illumination of the earth is specifically declared to be the purpose for the creation of the "lights" (sun, moon, stars: vs.14-18). That purpose was then and is now "to give light upon the earth" (vs.15,17). If the first created light source gave light upon the earth, God didn't say so. And, actually, it wasnít needed until the 4th day since the vegetation wasnít created until the 3rd day. Remember, God has also said: "I form the light, and create darkness" (Is.45:7), as if to say He has done that in different places (certainly in His heavenly realm!) for different purposes. The Word also tells us: "The day is thine, the night also is thine: thou hast prepared the light AND the sun" (Ps.74:16). Hence, Scripturally, there is a very good possibility that the temporary light source of the first three days--along with the establishment of a dusk till dawn time frame--was created off in or around the firmament somewhere independent of the earth and then incorporated into the functions of the sun, moon, and stars at their creation on the 4th day.

   If this hypothesis happens to be the true explanation, then, clearly, a geocentric reading of the first five verses is virtually confirmed and a heliocentric reading virtually eliminated because: a) If the created light source was created away from earth to establish the separation of light and darkness and an "evening and morning" time frame to last throughout earthís history, then the whole idea of having the earth turn would be little more than wish fulfillment for those straining every nerve to find support for heliocentricity in the Bible. b) Scripture doesnít say the earth turned or moved in any way in those verses, and if the created light source was off somewhere and didnít effect this dark and Scripturally stationary earth "hung on nothing" (no "axis", no orbital track), then there is no reason to assume its rotation. c) With the creation of the sun, moon, and stars to illuminate the earth day and night, half of the geocentric requirement--a stationary earth--is already in place. All that is needed is for God to set His created sun in motion (as we shall shortly see that He did!), and the model is complete. The heliocentric model in this third scenario requires, by contrast, three major developments to get it going on the 4th day: 1) The earth must start rotating in a very precise way on the first day. No Scripture for this. 2) The earth must start orbiting in a very precise way on either the 1st or the 4th day. No Scripture for this. 3) The sun must stand still so the earth can go around. Not only is there NO Scripture for this, but there is plenty of Scripture--and unbroken observational evidence--against it throughout all history.

   So, while none of the three options can be established with certainty from the information given in verses 1 to 5 (or 1-13 for that matter), none can be eliminated with certainty either. The essentials of each scenario appear to run the odds up against a heliocentricity interpretation enough to make it a very long shot.  Nevertheless, more evidence is needed.


   Accordingly, we move on to the information given in verses 14 thru 19. This passage tells of the creation of the sun, moon, and stars on the 4th day of the creation week, and the functions they were created to perform. Twice (vs.14 &18) the purpose of their creation is said to be to divide the day or light from the night or darkness. This same purpose is attributed to the created light source in vs.4 and 5. (This quasi-redundancy is again best resolved by Option #3 which agrees more easily with the geocentrism model....) As noted, another purpose, specified as being "to give light upon the earth", is given twice (vs.15,17). This specific purpose--while implied by the "day and night...evening and morning" language in the contested earlier verses (4,5)--still has an odd ring of exclusiveness to it, as if that first created light did not fulfill this purpose. So, again, we see circumstantial but inconclusive evidence for Option #3 being the real case.

   But wait! Hold the phone! There is other information in verse 17 which--if grammar and semantics mean anything--does certify the geocentric (non-moving earth) model! Note the verse as given in the KJV: "And God set them [sun, moon, and stars] in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth."

   Notice: "God SET THEM..." (v.17). "THEM" refers to the sun, moon, and stars of v.16, does it not? We KNOW the moon moves. Both sides agree to that. 

   Being agreed, therefore, that the moon does move, when we read that God SET "THEM" [the sun, moon, and stars]" in the firmament of heaven"(v.17), the grammatical imperative is that He set not only the moon in motion on a track that it has always followed, but that He set the SUN and STARS in motion ALSO on tracks that they have always followed. This unavoidable implication of very precise movement of the sun and moon and stars "to be for signs, and seasons, and for days, and years" (v.14) totally rules out the heliocentric model. It is their movements on the tracks God set them on that provide these benefits, not any movement of the earth. Indeed, this grammatical imperative provides still further proof that Scripture teaches a non-moving earth with the sun and stars going around. Decision time is fast approaching for those who claim otherwise, especially those who say they are truly and wholly devoted to Bible inerrancy. (Some 14 pages of other Scriptural arguments along this line which demonstrate Biblical geocentrism can be found under the link entitled: "Grammatically and Semantically The Bible Denies Copernicanism". Also, Click "What If?" for some hard-core geocentric verses.)

   That said, we see that while it is not possible to establish with complete certitude either the geocentric or the heliocentric model from those early verses in Genesis, it is quite possible to add yet another Scriptural certification of the non-moving earth model, this time from the application of a grammatical hammerlock found in the later contextual verse #17. The language God has used here demands a moving sun and thereby rules out any attempted moving earth interpretation in the early verses.


   When all is said that can be said on this matter, the fact remains that the Bible--from start to finish--teaches a non-moving earth. There are no heliocentricity verses in the BibleNone.  All efforts to find Scriptural support for heliocentricity are vain attempts to make the Bible conform with long age Copernicanism and all that rests upon it, and thus justify a "Theistic Copernicanism" position that cannot be justified. For the Creationist, this is the ultimate self-defeating irony. The long ages required by his evolutionary adversary are being supplied by his own persistent overt and covert support (or indifference to) Copernicanism and his refusal to recognize the symbiotic relationship between the two! (Ardent Copernicanism promoter and lifelong dabbler in witchcraft, Johannes Kepler, was also promoting evolutionism over 200 years before Darwin...and defining the gravitational nonsense about tides, etc., {which Leibnitz called occult} fifty years before Newton! HERE.) Little wonder that this most recent effort to find a real verse or passage in Scripture that could be construed to support heliocentricity has been seized upon! But this effort too is a flop. Face it, Creationists: The Bible teaches a non-moving earth throughout with no contradictions.

   That fact means that there are two choices for the heretofore unflinching Creationist devoted to Bible inerrancy who has nevertheless resisted the Bibleís plain teaching that it is the sun and not the earth which is moving and providing day and night, etc.: 1) Bow the knee to the unsubstantiated and vulnerable claims of the physical scientists who declare heliocentricity a fact (while you continue to oppose the biological scientists who claim evolution is a fact!), and--knowing that the Bible refutes heliocentricity--stop claiming to believe in Bible inerrancy; or; 2) Prayerfully lay aside pride and fear of worldly opprobrium, stand on the Scriptural and scientific evidence that supports a non-moving earth, and discover the joy of learning that the helicentricity model is just as much an unscientific bluff as is evolutionism (Jn.8:32)...and then become an even more confident believer in Bible inerrancy than you ever were!


   This is no small matter being dealt with here! The credibility of the Bible from beginning to end rests upon the accuracy of the Creation account. If "science" can contradict the Word concerning any aspect of the Creation account and get away with it, then who can be surprised if the Noahic Flood, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, Heaven, etc., are contradicted by that same "science" and pooh-poohed as atavistic superstitions?? Young earth Creationists--more than any other group of people anywhere in the world--should realize from their experience with "Theistic Evolutionists" how this progression works. They know how deadly that quasi-harmless compromise has been to maintaining Absolute Bible credibility in the churches. As believers in Bible inerrancy, Creationists realize that without a belief in Absolute Bible credibility on all subjects, an unyielding belief in Jesus Himself and the Gospel has no sure foundation and will ultimately falter and fizzle out unless God and His "called, chosen, and faithful" intervene (Rev.17:14). Who can deny that this very pattern has been steadily accelerating since the Copernican Revolution began in the physical sciences, and that it took a quantum leap with the Darwinian Revolution in the biological sciences which followed?? And who in this already "post-Christian era" is so naive as to not realize that this process will be completed under a humanistic global government now preparing to come on stage??). But, be of good cheer! It was written over 1900 years ago that God steps in and exposes the anti-Bible Satanic agenda of that global government "one hour" after it sets up shop... [Rev.17-12-14]).

   Realizing this, the re-emerging battle between geocentrism and heliocentricity must be recognized for what it is, namely, a major spiritual battle to restore Bible Credibility in such a dramatic way that none can resist the message! The Devil knew what he was doing when he launched the Copernican movement over 450 years ago! It is time that Creationists learned what secular enemies of the Bible have long known (and no longer even think about), namely, that Copernicanism is the "off limits...donít even think about challenging it" bedrock of modern mankindís humanist agenda. Let the "very elect" amongst Christians not continue to be fooled into thinking this is a side issue, a minor matter. Oh no! This is the one doctrinal issue that can cause the fall of all the false doctrine dominos that Satan has so meticulously erected in the world, and in the churches....

   Once all this is understood, it is no stretch at all to see that this very Creation issue about a non-moving earth--corroborated throughout Scripture and counterfeited by Satan--is an issue that is fully capable of precipitating Godís promised Judgment on the churches and the world. Creationists especially will have noticed that God has also promised that His Judgment will begin not in the world, but rather "at the house of God", that is to say it will begin in the "churches" (I Pet.4:17,18: HERE). Godís Final Church will be 100% Biblically sound and "of one mind". Itís doctrinal "spots and wrinkles" will be exposed and removed. Satanís heliocentricity counterfeit of Godís geocentric Word is the modern foundation of those "spots and wrinkles". The hour of its exposure is just as close as the establishment of the New World Order... plus "one hour" (Rev.17:14).

   The Creationists leadership could have seen the Scriptural untenability of heliocentricity long ago. As part of their support of all Creation miracles and their mission to expose evolutionism as pseudo-science, they could have exhorted their followers to support those Scriptures and the science and logic that uphold the geocentrism model. This they have not done, being convinced, apparently, that heliocentricity is unchallengeable (just as millions consider evolutionism to be unchallengeable!). Doubtless, God had eternal reasons for allowing all this to continue to this time just before the NWO becomes a reality. The time wasnít ripe. Now, with the NWO approaching on everybodyís radar, it is getting more ripe by the hour....

   So now, as an eternally powerful lesson for those on that promised New Earth, we are about to witness how much latitude the Devil has been given (II Cor.4:4)-- even over Godís "elect"! All the Devil needed to erode Christianityís Biblical foundation was permission from God (a la Job I & 2) to cause the churches to accept an unproven worldly hypothesis about a moving earth, an hypothesis which plainly contradicted His Word and elevated "science" to the role of deciding what is True and what is not. God --knowing all His works from the beginning of the world (Acts 15:18)--gave that permission, and the Devilís doctrine-twisting specialists (I Tim.4:1b) went to work.

   Because of the need for this eternal lesson--and an understanding of how Copernicanism cleared a path for the success of Darwinian "science" over Godís Word--(and all the other Bible-bashing isms spawned by that Satan-inspired origins mythology), the very "Green Berets" of Godís army today, i.e., young earth Creationists--have been allowed to be tricked into turning plain geocentric Bible teachings around 180 degrees, and then declaring that they really say the exact opposite of what they say. Accordingly, they have taken "Sun, stand thou still" and declared that it really means "Earth, stand thou still". They have taken scores of "sun rises" and "sun sets" and declared that these are just appearances and that the reality is that "the earth turns and gives the impression of the sun rising and setting, you see." Thus, "The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hastens to his place where he arose" (Eccl.1:5) is labeled with all the others as "phenomenological language" and "a language of appearance" that God (Who cannot lie and is not the author of confusion!) used anyway.

   "Phenomenological language", my foot! "Language of appearances", my other foot! Apply that philosophy to the Virgin Birth and see where you come out! Apply it to a long list of Bible absolutes and see where you come out! Where you come out is the present low state of Bible credibility which has resulted in an almost farcical church situation with cafeteria style doctrines to suit any spiritual palette. Creationists by and large would agree that this is the situation; they just have never considered that--because of their stonewalling of the geocentrism issue for whatever reasons--they have unwittingly contributed to the success of a Devilish agenda that is bringing about further erosion of Bible credibility and (surprise , fellows!), has their own demise dead in its sights!

   If abandonment and twisting of plain Bible geocentrism wasnít enough to guarantee the ever accelerating success of evolutionism and the precipitous decline of Bible credibility everywhere, this Devil-induced myopia amongst the Creationist leadership has taken the further step of siding with the secular worldís physical scientists-- including every evolutionary scientist on the globe--by overtly identifying their organizations with the Bible-bashing, evolution-spawning heliocentricity model. They want to be viewed as neutral on this subject, but they are not neutral. They say they have no official position on the heliocentricity/geocentrism controversy, but their "unofficial" position is tantamount to endorsement. Read on a little further and judge for yourself whether this sampling of quotations reflect an endorsement of heliocentricity or not....


   Like many of you, I am sure, I have been thankful for and supportive of much of the anti-evolution work of ICR and other Creationist organizations. Along with their publications strictly devoted to combating evolutionism, the ICR Quarterly ("Days of Praise") continues that emphasis while giving commentaries on a variety of Scriptures. According to their own figures, "approximately 10,000,000 copies of ĎDays of Praiseí had been distributed between Ď85 and Ď98" (Intro. Dec., Jan., Feb. Ď98). That is a lot of readers, virtually all of whom are Bible Creationists, one would suppose. Letís sample a few comments from the Quarterly and a couple of other sources which show that ICR openly endorses the heliocentricity paradigm for its millions of readers; that it has steadfastly refused to allow Scriptural and scientific evidence for geocentrism into the battle for Origins Truth in its publications, and, one would assume, because of its leadership position, has greatly influenced most if not all other Creationist individuals and publications to take the same position....

   In ICRís "Days of Praise" "Bible Study" for 6/20/97 we read: "With our scientific knowledge of the earthís rotation...we take for granted the dawning of each new day...."

   The lesson for 10/27/97 included this from Dr. Henry Morris: "The very rotation of the earth, with its cycle of day and night, has set the basic rhythm of biological life...."

   Again on 1/6/98: "These basic physical constants (the earthís rotation controlling the length of the day, the earthís orbit controlling the year, and the earthís axial inclination controlling the seasons), in turn, control most other physical and biological processes on the earth...."

   In the 6/2/00 lesson it was written: "There is a reference to the rotation of the earth in [Job] 38:14. ĎIt is turned to the seal.í This speaks of the smooth turning of the globe to receive the sunís daily illumination...." (Note: Even a cursory exegesis of these words reveals the folly of trying o make them support heliocentricity. The word "seal" [#2368]: "a signature ring: - seal, signet...from #2356...cavity, socket, hole..." In the context, even "turned" (#2015) is best read "changed" or "converted". Thus, a rendering of the verse most befitting the connotations and the context approximates most closely the one given in the Amplified Bible, where it is seen to give no license to any claim that it depicts a rotating and orbiting earth. Notice: "It is changed as clay into which a seal is pressed, and things stand out like a many-colored garment."

   From the study dated 10/12/00 we read: "...again implying a spherical, rotating earth...."

   And from "The Winds of the World" (4/22/02):  "...This simple north-south cycle is complicated, however, by the earth's rotation...."

   On page 215 of H. Morrisí estimable book The Long War Against God, the work of Copernicus and Galileo in establishing the heliocentricity model is lauded: "...Copernicus and Galileo both believed the Bible, but their heliocentric system had to overcome Aristotelianism before it could be accepted...."

   Other plain statements of ICRís full endorsement of heliocentricity (and efforts to make it Biblical, while rashly changing the plain geocentrism meaning found in scores of Scriptures) could be listed, but let these quotes from one of Dr.Henry Morrisí letters give his thoughts on the matter:

   In a revealing article aptly titled "ICRís Official Unofficial Position on Geocentricity", Astronomer, Creationist, and Geocentrist, Dr. Gerardus Bouw quotes from a letter by Dr. Henry Morris on the subject:

   "...we do not have an official position on this subject...."

   "We do not consider the issue as one that is essential to Biblical creationism, which is the essence of our ministry."

   "...I donít think one can say officially what his belief is on geocntricity since the Bible does not take such a position [!]."

   "...we have to always use the concept of relative motion...."

   "I donít think it is necessary at all to take an official position on this subject and therefore we donít."

   (The full statement and Dr. Bouwís trenchant rebuttal appeared in The Biblical Astronomer, vol.10, #93, Summer 2000. Address: Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D., 4527 Wetzel Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44109, USA. E-mail:


   As mentioned at the outset, the claim that Genesis 1:1-5 teaches a rotating earth was made on a Christian Radio broadcast in mid-Summer, 2000. Mr. Ken Ham who left ICR, I believe, to start his own Creationist center in Florence, Kentucky a few years ago, made this claim. About three years ago, while at the capitol in nearby Frankfort, KY, talking to Legislators about getting an ACLU-proof anti-evolution Bill passed for the schools, my wife and I stopped in and talked for a half hour with one of Mr. Hamís assistants (Mr. Ham himself being out of town) about the geocentrism issue (its Scriptural and scientific soundness and about Copernicanismís symbiotic connection to the rise of evolutionism). We asked that Mr. Ham be informed of the talk we had, and that he drop us a note and share his bottom line views on the subject. A copy of The Earth Is Not Moving was left for him. Leaving town, we doubted we would even get an acknowledgement of the conversation or the book from anybody. Our doubts were confirmed. Mr. Hamís creationist organization endorses heliocentricity, claims Biblical support for it where none exists, and apparently is either unaware of or indifferent to evolutionís debt to Copernicanism, and is equally unaware of or indifferent to the Scriptureís repeated rejection of that cosmological system.

   An active young-earth Creationist, a Russian scientist named Justin Chashihin, was also alluded to at the outset. In an email to me he seemed to genuinely believe that the first five verses of Genesis I offer irrefutable evidence of a rotating earth. I promised him a reply, and will email him about these pages when they are linked in to my web site. He opposes the Big Bang, and apparently is convinced that the universe is much, much smaller than secular science (and ICR!) believes.

   The only leader of a Creationist organization that I know of who has been willing to include a challenge to Copernicanism as part of a Creationistís responsibility to his calling and to the Word of God, is Walter Laing, formerly of St. Paul- Minneapolis, and lately in Seattle, Washington. He hosted a Creation Week at Northwestern College in Minnesota a few years ago and gave the whole first day over to advocates of the geocentricity model. There was intense interest in the displays (Engineer Elmendorfís model especially!) and presentations, etc., so much so, that, by the end of the week there were overflow crowds at special presentations given by Dr. Bouw, and many anti-heliocentricity books were sold and ordered.

   That was just one small example of the kind of excitement about the potential that a science-supported, Bible honoring revival of the geocentrism issue can generate among average Christian creationists from local churches and schools (and not a few "walk-ins"). When Creationist leadership is bold enough to take a stand on that aspect of the Creation Week which involves a non-moving earth (an aspect of Creation which is endorsed repeatedly and never challenged throughout the Bible), and then make available various kinds of evidence that support the Scriptures, one sees that genuine believers in Bible inerrancy...and those who want to believe in it completely!...will listen very attentively. Moreover, they will be galvanized and emboldened to spread the word that re-establishing the truth of Bible geocentrism is a way to force the recognition of Bible inerrancy on all subjects regardless of how entrenched and powerful the opposition may be!

   Indeed, when it dawns on folks that the Bible teaching that the earth is stationary with the sun going around has never been disproved in spite of the whole world having come to believe otherwise thru centuries of increasingly sophisticated indoctrination, a wonderful thing happens to those who can receive a love of this Truth (II Thess.2:10)! What happens is this: They realize that God meant it when He said that His Word (on geocentrism or anything else) never fails to accomplish what He sends it to do (Is.55:11), and that absolutely nothing man can do to defeat its teachings will succeed. Even more so, they know that the Lord Jesus whom they serve is the centerpiece of that same incorruptible Bible, and that such an astounding confirmation of the Scriptureís infallibility and inviolability in the face of almost universal opposition, also confirms Christís Biblical position in a way that becomes basically impossible to deny! Let God be true, but every man a liar! (Rom.3:4). This establishing of The Bible as Godís inescapable source of all Truth--no matter how embedded any deception may be in the world--is the ultimate goal of exposing the heliocentric counterfeit of Godís Scripturally certified non-moving earth.

   May God move on other Creationist leaders to follow Walter Laingís bold initiative in bringing the geocentrism challenge to bear in the Creationism vs. Evolutionism battle! And may those leaders hear and heed the urging of the Holy Spirit of Truth to take back all the ground lost to the Devil since he tricked the world and the churches with his clever heliocentricity hypothesis and caused the temporary triumph of "science falsely so called" over His plain and multiple teachings which declare that it is the sun and not the earth that moves.

   If the leaders refuse, let others who see and understand take the initiative. Whether the Creationists leadership takes the initiative or not, Godís Word is not going to continue to come back to Him void on this subject much longer.... This whole subject of the origins and nature of the cosmos is the weak link in Satanís chain of deceptions by which his kingdom of Babylon (confusion) is allowed to operate (II Cor;4:4)...but only until those deceptions are revealed for the world to see (I Jn.3:8; Rev.17:14). By virtue of their stated belief in young-earth creationism and the inerrancy of the Scriptures, Creationists are the most likely candidates to lead those "called, chosen, and faithful" who will follow Jesus in "the war the Lamb wins" which brings Babylon down "one hour" after the New World Order is launched. May Creationists everywhere answer this call....


   There are several reasons why the Creationist leadership has not accepted the scriptures which plainly teach that the sun goes around the earth and not vice-versa.... There are several reasons why they say they take no position on the subject when they do, and why they claim they have found verses which support the heliocentricity model when none exist. Some of these reasons are very definitely connected to strongly held doctrinal beliefs that are actually intertwined with and essential to the same ancient anti-Bible forces that have brought the world to the present "post-Christian era"...the same forces that fully intend to eradicate New Testament Christianity thru the use of Hate Crime laws administered by a World Court serving a One World Government.

   Creationist readers interested in what these wily counter-productive doctrinal beliefs are and how they have worked together to prevent the kind of attack that will bring together Godís "called, chosen, and faithful" in the "war the Lamb wins" will want to critically, but prayerfully, examine the eschatology related titles (Millennialism..., The Rapture..., The Preterit View...) and the links: ("Dispensationalism and Millennialism..." & "Christian Zionists..." & "The Talmud..." & Godís End Time Drama" & "The Spiritual Roots of NASAís Big Bang Premise" et al . 

   The Earth Is Not Moving  and the links on this web page will go far toward removing any dogmatic belief that the Biblical non-moving earth has been disproved...or that the enormous edifice of deception that rests upon the heliocentricity model is too entrenched to ever be brought down. Satan and the world would have us to believe that is the case...that nothing can bring Babylon down. This smug confidence was described over 1900 years ahead of that coming event, to wit: "How much she [Babylon] hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she [Babylon] sayeth in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow" (Rev.18:7).

   But God replies: "Therefore shall her [Babylonís] plagues come in one day, death and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her [Babylon]..." (v.8).


   Can it be that Creationists--once they see that the success of Copernicanism paved the way for the success of Darwinism and all that has followed--will be galvanized to broaden their attack to include the heliocentricity model...and along with it, the whole Kabbalist-inspired modern cosmology paradigm?? We shall see....

   But in the meantime I want to say that I personally owe a debt of gratitude to several Creationists whose works were very instrumental in bringing me out of the darkness of evolution-based humanism and into the wonderful light of the Gospel and belief in the inerrancy of the Scriptures. There is no malice whatever intended in some of the preceding comments critical of Creationist stonewalling of Biblically and scientifically defensible geocentrism. God knows my heart on that point. It is just time for Creationists to realize that God has made it plain that the earth is stationary with the sun going around. HE said it; HE meant it. Along with a growing number of Christians, I am merely telling what must be told. As Creationists, we must rise up and proclaim Biblical geocentrism  with the same conviction and boldness that we proclaim Biblical young earth creationism. There is no other course for any Christian devoted to the inerrancy of the Scriptures.


   Actually, being faced with the realization that they indeed must take a stand against Copernican heliocentricity is but one of several severe doctrinal jolts that a great number of evangelical Christians are going to have to sustain in the Truth Blitzkrieg which God is going to force on the whole world. It begins in the churches (I Pet.4:17,18). It first exposes Babylon (I Jn.3:8; Rev.17:14) and forces it to take off its humanist mask, come out of the closet, and show its real Satanic nature from there on out (Rev.18:2). The Truth Blitzkrieg is then supernaturally spread to the whole world...with Creation stressed (Rev.14:6,7). Those who cannot receive a love of the Truth (II Thess.2:10) become overt Satan worshippers under a Satan-empowered global government (Rev.13:2b,4). Christians are present and "overcome" (Rev. 13:7). They are protected by God from most of the carnage which results from Godís wrath on the Satan worshippers (Rev. 17:16,17; 9:15,18-21). Since the Rapture of I Thess.4:13-18 cannot Scripturally occur until the last day of this earthís history, Christians will not be rescued from these troublous times that come on the heels of the Global Government, as millions have unfortunately been led to believe. Indeed, the exposure of the pre-trib rapture doctrine as false is but one of several doctrinal jolts that will occur with the Fall of Babylon. Itís companion teaching of a literal thousand year millennial reign of Christ from Jerusalem is another demonstrable deception that must and will be exposed. (See multiple links at end...).  The relationship of these doctrines (held, it seems, by the preponderance of the most visible Creationists) to mystic Bible-bashing Kabbalism has already been demonstrated (HERE) and HERE and elsewhere. The connection of all this to the backbone of modern day cosmology, i.e., Big Bangism, An Expanding Universe, Relativity (all launched with Copernicanism) cannot be separated from Kabbalistic Zionism and Dispensationalism (HERE & HERE).

   Since Millennialist doctrine is inextricably linked to all these deceptions derived from Talmudic/Kabbalist teachings, and since an intricate quasi-Biblical doctrine supporting those teachings has been fabricated and has much of evangelical Christianity in its web of deceit (including most of the visible Creationists!), the Millennialist doctrine itself must be exposed as the deception it is before Creationists who now believe it will be spiritually set free to pounce on the Copernican lie with an enthusiasm that will bring Darwinism down with it.

   Following an examination and falsification of the "infinite universe" belief which is a roadblock holding up a Creationist attack on heliocentricity, some additional reasons why Millennialism doctrine is not Scriptural are set up as links...other reasons having been given elsewhere (HERE & HERE).


"The Universe: Finite or Infinite?"

"A New Earth or a Re-newed Earth?"

"Does Jesus Return To This Earth?"

"Jesus: King Now, Or Coming King?"

"Day and Night in Heaven, Or Just Day?"

"The 7th Trumpet (c.3 months) Is The "1000 yrs". of Revelation 20"

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