End Time Teachings: The Non-Biblical & The Biblical


The position here is that the absolute truth about what is going to happen to this world is in the Bible.  A companion position is that this absolute truth can be demonstrated in a way that exposes/reveals  false end time teachings.


Discovering this vitally important truth need not be a lengthy process. There are basically two end time teachings and both are demonstrably contra- Scriptural.  The dominant teaching--whether Dispensationalist or just Pre-millennialist--contains three deadly flaws, viz.,  a) Plain Scripture is boldly changed; b) The premise rests on a Scripture-violating theory, and; c) Multiple Scriptures are simply dismissed.


All the proof required for anyone to confirm a, b, and c, is found in these links: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HEREToo easy??  Can’t help it. The work has been done.


Anyone who will read the four pages in that first link will know that Scripture repeatedly teaches that this earth is a temporary creation that is totally destroyed and replaced by a NEW EARTH. This Biblical fact answers (a) and guarantees that no pre-trib rapture OR millennium is possible without blatantly changing the key NEW Earth designations in Both Covenants (KJV).  Read the next six pages (b) and you will know that the Bible never teaches that Jesus sets foot on this old earth again after His ascension. Never. The third link (c) is longer, but you will know before you get very far that Jesus has been King since minutes after His resurrection and is not returning to be made King and rule over a millennial cardboard counterfeit of Heaven.  (The last two subjects are1 page long and help greatly in ending the argument.) 


The other false eschatology includes all of the variations of the Preterit and Postmillennial Models.  Those who teach them have done some very good work in exposing the glaring errors of the leading pre-trib Dispensationalist and pre-Millennial teachings.  However, having sidestepped that trap of the Devil, they have drawn a false conclusion which has led them into his backup trap! Rightly concluding that the pre-trib rapture millennialist teaching is not Scriptural, they mistakenly conclude that the reason it is wrong is because it is based on a still future fulfillment of Scripture.  Building on that false conclusion, they then deduce that any “futurist” fulfillment of “end time” Scriptures is ipso facto false, and that they must therefore fabricate a “preterit” fulfillment, i.e., a fulfillment already accomplished in the past.


With that obviously theoretical and shortsighted deduction as their guiding premise, the Preterit teachers have undertaken the impossible task of trying to stuff 50 pounds of Scriptures--which unquestionably have not happened--into either the 70 AD box with its pound and a half capacity, and/or try to make them conform to some other historical events.  (Go HERE. Click on the title of the book. You will find one page with all the substantive facts needed to invalidate the Preterit Model. If you want more, go past the title and check the 90 page book on the subject which deals with all the Preterit claims.)


As the Scriptural impossibility of both of these end time models becomes obvious,

so does the urgent need for discovering the truly Biblical End Time Model.


Given agreement that the foregoing evidence is plain Bible teaching (i.e. NEW earth; No return of Jesus return ON this old earth’s ground; Jesus has been King since before His ascension, et al), all that remains to Biblically certify the True End Time Model is: 1) To locate in the Bible indisputable citations which teach the establishment of a Satan empowered Global Government (which everyone knows has never happened before and for which there is no Preterit solution), and: 2) To see that it is equally indisputable that the Bible teaches about end time events which occur under that Global Government...events which involve technological capabilities that were unthinkable in 70 AD or other long-past dates. These are capabilities that are here now and only await the formation of that Global Government to launch the end time sequence of events.


Anyone can confirm all that and more in these passages et al [Use KJV as control if you have other versions.]: Rev. 17:12,14,18; Rev.18:2,4,8,10,17,19; Rev. 13:2,4,7,15-17; Rev. 14:6-13; Rev. 11:3-8. 9-13; Rev. 6:10,11, cf. Rev. 20:4,5; Matt 24:27, 29-31.


None of these end time events have happened yet, so they are all still future! Unless we live in a cave, we know that economic, political, military, cultural, technological, & religious agendas are radically shifting world wide from Nationalist concepts to Globalist concepts. How long will it be before an economic and/or terrorist blowout takes its toll and brings on stage the heads of world class Secretive Organizations with globalist agendas (Rev. 17:12,13) to establish a Global Government?  This will be the Global Government of the end times that is guaranteed in the Bible.


How long will it last before being exposed?  It will last only “one hour” (2-3 months: Rev. 17:12) before the “angel of light” mask hiding its Satan-empowered taproot (Rev. 13:2b,4)  is removed in “the war the Lamb wins” (R.17:14).  This exposure causes Babylon--Satan’s Empire (II Cor.4:4)--to fall (Rev. 17:14-18; 14:9-13; Ch.18, etc.). That “Fall” causes the separation of people world wide into two groups, i.e., a) Those who can receive a love of the truth which is brought forth irresistibly during the Lamb’s war (Rev.17:14), and, b) those who can not receive a love of the truth (II Thess.2:10). 


Then, too plain to be missed, we see in the Bible that those who can not receive a love of the truth become part of the Government of Satan/Beast worshippers (Rev.13). Those who can receive a love of the truth are called out of Babylon and--except for the 6th Trumpet "Mark" time [not a plague]--are protected from the coming 7 Trumpet Plagues that will fall on those worshippers of Satan and the Beast (Rev.18:4). No “secret rapture” of Christians takes place.  People world wide who love those truths that destroy Satan’s Babylon get on God’s side (Rev. 18:4). Many are martyred during the 6th Tr. "Mark" time. Those who survive remain on through the 7th Trumpet close of the Beast's 42 month reign (Rev. 13:7, 14:9-13; 16:15) and on through the "little season" (c. 3 yrs: Rev. 20:3).


(Parenthetically; Hagee and TBN-led pre-trib rapture Christian Zionists are unwittingly doing their best to bring all this to pass, teaching a false eschatology which has fabricated a “secret rapture” which they preach will rescue all Christians from the tribulation and Mark of the Beast (Rev.13).  If not corrected, these teachings will cause millions to face either martyrdom during the Mark period, or to cave in a take that Mark. Christians who are prepared to survive a few months will be able to go through the Mark time which ends just before the 7th Trumpet time frame begins (Rev. 11:14). They will then live through the 7th Trumpet (2-3 months, ending in 1 day Armageddon: HERE); the “little season” [.c.3 years,Rev.20:3] till the last day of this old earth’s history when the rapture actually occurs: Rev. 20:11). [All Scriptural details: HERE - HERE, and in several links.]


 How Do We Know End Time Events Are Future And Not Past Events?

The most obvious and most certain answer is this: If we already know from the plain Scriptures (above) that those events are scheduled to happen but have not happened yet, then we know that they will take place in the future and that they have not taken place in the past. Therefore, to insist that those events have already occurred in 70 AD--or some other historical date in the past--is just fatuous.  Such insistence is causing millions to be totally unprepared for God’s true futurist Plan (Acts 15:18). 


The end result is the same for the many millions depending on the false futurist teaching which tells them that they will be secretly raptured out to escape all the coming trouble. The result in both teachings is that many, many millions are going to be totally unprepared to adjust and survive what God has made plain will happen and can not be changed. (Again,  HERE, click on the title and the link, & HERE for NEW Earth.)


My hope and prayer is that no malice toward any truth-seeking Dispensationalist

or Preterist is evident in anything in this essay or in any of the internal links.

Those in Christendom who love truth and hate deception know that the Bible is

 clear that God is Truth, and there is no Truth in Satan (Jn. 1:1; 14:6;8:44; I Jn. 3:8).

We also know that Satan has been allowed to use his doctrine twisting specialists

to greatly fragment the body of Christ and prevent His people from being of “one

mind” (I Tim.4:1; I Pet. 3:8; etc.)

These and many other related teachings assure all of us that Satan has been allowed

to install conflicting doctrines in the churches on every subject, minor ones as well as

major ones (II Cor.4:4; I Tim. 4:1; etc.).  “God is not the author of all this confusion”

about the Truth on these supernaturally messed up doctrines (I Cor.14:33). HIS reason

for allowing Satan to fulfill his boast: “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God”

(Is. 14:13) is at the heart of the Biblically True End Time Drama.  There we see the Global

Government (Babylon) is indeed empowered by Satan, but is “overcome by the Lamb and

His called, chosen and faithful” (Rev. 17:14)).

Christ's victory over deceptions is global.. The exposure and destruction of Satan’s Babylonian

edifice of deceptions begins in the Churches (I Pet. 4:17,18; HERE) with the destruction

of the evolution cornerstone of the Devil’s Bible-destroying “creation scenario” (Rev.14:6,7). 

All of Satan’s false doctrines and religions--including most prominently the false end time doctrines

covered above and elsewhere--fall quickly until all Spiritual Truth is known  by everybody in

the world. Among the truths to be established on the heels of the exposure of the evolution lie in

all its ramifications, will be the two “end time doctrines” addressed herein. Hundreds of millions holding

to these doctrines will not be prepared to go through the unparalleled turmoil that will befall them, unless

they study these Scriptures and see the error of those doctrines very soon (II Tim. 2:15)