Day and Night In Heaven,

Or Just Day?

   Frequently, those who listen to preachers and Christian music will hear about there being "no night" in heaven. This belief is taken from a verse in Scripture:

 And the gates of it

[city of New Jerusalem on the New Earth]

shall not be shut at all by day:

for there shall be no night there.

(Rev. 21:25)

   What looks like an open and shut case in the teaching on this point is really not that at all. The Scriptures--even this very one!--plainly teach that there will be day AND night on the eternal New Earth, as we shall see very shortly.

   But first, it is good to remind ourselves that there are no unimportant deceptions where Bible doctrines are concerned. The seemingly "small" doctrinal deceptions are still lies, and they come from the "father of lies" who invariably has built much more on these "little" distortions of truth than first meets the eye.

   For example, on this subject of whether the New Earth with its New Jerusalem is a place of perpetual light with no night, we can immediately see that two major doctrines are affected by discovering the truth of the matter.

   In the first place, according to plain Scriptures we will read, such a realm of perpetual light with no night gives an altogether misleading concept of what eternal life on the New Earth will be like. (Or, for that matter, what the heavenly realm where God The Father and Jesus are now is like! In Isaiah 45:7 God says "I...create darkness", and we are assured that there is night there: Rev.4:8;7:15;12:10). Scripture says such a place of perpetual light with no moon and stars and no darkness is totally unknown and therefore unintelligible to the human mind.

   These are strange and foreign and unsettling concepts, concepts that can only be marginally accepted by believing that heaven is going to be a wonderful place even if it is totally different from what we know on this earth, i.e., even if it is a place where nothing will be familiar, an indescribable place which is said to be immensely desirable, but a place which preachers remind us that:...

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,

neither have entered into the heart of man,

the things that God has prepared for them that love Him.

(I Corinthians 2:9)

   Can it be that the very next verse is not in the Bibles of those who stop there??

   God has just said we havenít seen, heard, or even imagined what awaits in heaven for those who love Him and get there. Thatís what it says; no two ways about it. BUT (!), then immediately and starkly in the very next verse, the Bible says that we can know what we havenít seen, heard, or imagined! Read it:

BUT God hath revealed them [all the above] unto us,

by His [Holy] Spirit:

for the Spirit searches all things, yea,

the deep things of God.


   So what we see here is that all the talk and songs and books that are based on verse #9 and ignore verse #10 have given Christians and a lot of others a concept of Heaven based on an absolutely false understanding of what Scripture says can be known on the subject. As a result of this wrong understanding, people are not strongly motivated, much less galvanized, about getting to heaven nearly as much as they would be if they knew that many of the details about what heaven is going to be like have already been revealed by the Holy Spirit and are readily available to one and all in the Word of God! (HERE)

   Eternal, blissful life with no pain, sorrow, or death, in a perfect setting, is Godís greatest motivator. God has instructed His people to center their thought life on what eternity in heaven will be like, rather than on temporary and often hypothetical earthly things:

Set your affection on things above,

NOT on things on the earth.

(Colossians 3:2)

   The Devil has floated numerous deceptions large and small to blunt that motivation everywhere amongst Christians. How can people "set their affections on things above [in heaven]" if they are told that they have never seen anything or heard anything or thought anything that will be there?! Ridiculous? Sure it is!

   But, on the other hand, how can Godís strong urging to His people "NOT to set their affections on things on the earth" be observed when the most vocal and visible wing of Christian evangelism tells people everywhere to set their affections on a thousand year reign of Christ on this earth?? This contradiction between Godís Word and manís doctrines on the subject is too obvious to miss. We will return to this and other aspects of this contradiction which reveal Millennialism to be a false doctrine which is exerting a quiet, but very real and stultifying influence over the Creationist Movementís stonewalling of Biblical geocentrism (HERE - HERE - HERE). The Devil knows--even if Creationists donít--that a genuine movement to expose and overturn Copernican heliocentricity would escalate to an all-out attack on the Big Bang paradigm and would reveal the Talmudic/Kabbalistic agenda behind it. That attack, in turn, would reveal that both Zionism and Dispensationalism and Heliocentricity are also teachings with roots in the anti-Christ Kabbala, and that it is those teachings rather than the Bibleís that are providing the heartbeat of Millennialist doctrine (HERE & HERE).

   So, verily, a solid understanding of what heaven will be like according to the revelations in the Bible should be a high priority for the Christian Church. That understanding has been made available by God in His Word to everyone who will search the Scriptures prayerfully and continually (Jn.8:31,32), and to everyone who is not too proud to prayerfully and carefully examine the Scripture-based points made in the "Creationist Stonewalling of Geocentricity" and "Finite or Infinite" essays and the several links following which confirm the role that millennialism plays in that stonewalling posture.

   So--using the "no night there" example--letís see how such an approach to Bible study not only results in a false concept that confuses people and dulls their motivation to go to heaven, but, equally or more important, how this "little" deception serves double duty for the Devil by shifting that motivation away from heaven on the eternal New Earth and re-directing it toward the alleged Millennium, i.e., Satanís cardboard counterfeit of Godís paradisiacal New Earth.


   First, we want to look at a broader context of the "no night there" passage. As all can see, verses 1 and 2 of Revelation 21 tell of the new heaven and new earth, of the first earth having passed away, and the New Jerusalem on that New Earth (prophesied in Isaiah 65:17-19; etc.). Verse 10 tells that John saw "that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God". Verses 11-22 describe this New Jerusalem. Then, relevant to our inquiry, we read:

And the city had no need of the sun,

neither of the moon, to shine in it [the city]:

for the glory of God did lighten [illuminate] it [the city],

and the Lamb is the light thereof.

   Notice that it is the "city" alone that is designated as having no need of the sun or moon to illuminate it because the glory of God and Jesus provide the illumination. The verse actually says there is a sun and a moon, meaning that there is day and night just as on this old earth. It just tells us that neither the light from the sun nor the light from the moon illuminate this massive city. This same limitation is also quite clear in the text verse itself. Note again verse 25:

...for there shall be no night there.

   Where? There.

   And where is "there"? In the "city", the New Jerusalem.

   And where is the New Jerusalem? On the New Earth.

   Does this mean that there is also no need of the sun and moon on the New Earth outside of the city of New Jerusalem? Does it mean that the glory of God and Jesus will illuminate the entire New Earth and there will be no night at all not only in the city but upon the entire New Earth??

   Not at all, as Scripture readily testifies!

   Consider this for starters: The very fact that New Heavens are also created along with the New Earth (Is. 65:17;66:22;Rev. 21:l; etc.) tells us that the heavens, including newly created stars and doubtless planets and comets, etc.) will be part of the new creation where God will dwell with His people eternally (Rev.21:3). And what is required to appreciate those heavenly bodies., if not night??

   We are told specifically in Isaiah 66:22 of "the new heavens and new earth, which I will make...says the LORD..." and of the presence of a New Moon in all of its phases which will be part of that new creation. Note verse 23:

And it shall come to pass,

that from one new moon till another,

and from one sabbath to another,

shall all flesh come to worship before me,

saith the LORD.

   There is a moon in the new creation, giving its light against a night sky. There is a sun in the new creation providing daylight. Neither is giving its light inside the New Jerusalem we are assured, but both are giving light on the rest of the New Earth because there is night and day outside that city. It is only inside the city that there is no need for the sun and moon to provide illumination. We can see this again in the text verse of Revelation 21:25:

And the gates [of pearl:v.21] of it [the city of New Jerusalem]

shall not be shut at all BY DAY:

for there shall be no night there [in the city itself].

   So, clearly, and beyond doubt, the Scriptures teach that the breathtakingly huge and beautiful city of New Jerusalem on the New Earth (4 jeweled walls 14 stories high and each 15 hundred miles in length, combine to form the outside perimeter of an edifice 15 hundred miles high) is a closed structure, most likely pyramidal in design, with 12 huge gates of pearl in its 4 walls, which "...shall not be shut at all by day...." This structure--with its streets of pure gold, its crystal clear river, its healing trees--has no temple within, for the Lord God Almighty AND the Lamb are the temple in it and their glory illuminates the entire edifice: (It may be that the entire walled perimeter is 1500 miles, making each wall and the height 375 miles. HUGE either way!!)

...the throne of God AND of the Lamb

shall be in it...

And there shall be no night THERE;

And they need no candle,

neither light of the sun;

for the Lord God giveth them light:

and THEY shall reign for ever and ever.


   The great pearly gates on the East, North, South, and West walls are open by day (21:25), and people come into the city from the outside (v.27). God, speaking thru Isaiah, said:

For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth:

and the former [heavens and earth]

shall not be remembered nor come into mind.


   The prophet went on to give Godís description of some activities on the new earth:

...they ["my people"] will build houses and inhabit them;

and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them....

my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands...

and their offspring with them...

The wolf and the lamb shall feed together....


   Then, in three of the most doctrinally loaded verses in the Bible, it is written:

For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make,

shall remain before me, saith the LORD,

so shall your seed and your name remain [cf.Gal.3:29].

And it shall come to pass,

that from one new moon to another,

and from one sabbath to another,

shall all flesh come to worship before me,

saith the LORD.

And they [fleshly people] shall go forth [outside the City;cf.R.21:7;22:15]

and look upon the carcasses of the men

that have transgressed against me:

for their worm shall not die,

neither shall their fire be quenched

[what they did will be known forever];

and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh

(Isaiah 66:22-24)

   Here we see new heavens and a new earth which hadnít even been created 2700 years ago. Unlike the present earth and heavens (65:17) these new creations will "remain before me" as will Godís people and their children. There will be a moon with phases in the night sky; the sabbath will be restored, and flesh and blood people (not wispy, ectoplasmic ghosts) will "come [from outside the city] to worship before me [inside the city where God and Jesus dwell:Rev.21:3,22,27], saith the LORD."

   The Scriptural fact is that the ineffably huge and magnificent New Jerusalem will be the hub of everything in the new universe. We are told that Jesus Himself has prepared "townhouse" mansions for all Godís people (John 14:2,3). These dwellings are separate and distinct from the "farm" houses God's Children build and live in outside the City Foursquare (Isaiah 65:21)!   This points up another Scriptural fact that emerges which assures us that this City is not all of Heaven, as many Christians seem to think it is. As weíve begun to see, the Bible teaches that Godís flesh and bone people live all over the New Earth in houses; that they have vineyards and children, etc. Isaiah 11 tells of animals being there, so tame that "a little child shall lead them" (v.6), and of nursing age children playing harmlessly with formerly venomous snakes (v.8).

   Indeed, all of the Scriptures which tell of a beautiful, bountiful earth with flesh and blood people, with children, tamed animals, crystal rivers and waters, and of eating and drinking, and living in houses, and having farms, and having no pain, and not dying...all these wonderful kinds of things that anybody can understand and be motivated to seek for themselves on Godís promised heavenly New Earth...have been declared to belong on a re-newed earth in an alleged Millennial kingdom while heaven has been made unintelligible and largely ineffective as a motivating force by misusing "eye hath not seen" and "no marriage and giving in marriage" passages which are readily explained by other Scripture. (See: Heaven: Godís Love Story  for easy resolution of the "no marriage" statement, and the Scriptures that make the eternal heavenly New Earth what is to be desired, rather than the cheap counterfeit millennium (HERE)


   Now, back to those three final verses in the final chapter of Isaiah....

   We see that when people are in The City they can go outside to "look upon" something which exposes all church teaching about Gehenna Hell as deceptions.

   The transgressors against God that His flesh and blood people on the New Earth "look upon" are CARCASSES! These are not conscious people screaming and writhing in pain eternally in some kind of Dantean torture chamber type of Hell; nor have they been annihilated. They are a resource in heaven, a necessary part of Godís Perfect Plan formulated before the foundation of the first earth (Acts 15:18;etc.). This kind of Hell alone will provide the perfect inoculation against evil for those who "look upon" (study) the carcasses of the transgressors and learn of their willfully evil acts (Luke 12:2,3). This kind of Hell alone will provide the sort of lessons about evil that can cause it to become "an abhorring unto all Godís people" (Isaiah 66:24).

   Think about it.... Being omniscient, Jehovah God and Jesus know all evil as well as all good (Genesis 3:22). The full range of evil has been expressed throughout the history of this world. This evil has been implanted by Satan who was created in the beginning with "no truth in him" (Jn.8:44). (HERE) Satan is the real father of a lot of people who have ever lived, namely those who prefer lies to Truth. God is the Father the rest of the people who have ever lived, namely those who prefer Truth to lies. Those who are Satanís children will be on the New Earth all right, but they will be in a special place outside the New Jerusalem, displayed as carcasses whose evil works are to be abhorred (Isaiah 66:24; Rev. 22:15). Godís Children will live and work on the heavenly New Earth and have farm houses outside The City and townhouse mansions inside The City (Isaiah 65:21-23; John 14:2,3).

   Many millions of people have, of course, died ignorantly believing wrong things and lies they learned as truths. God knows each oneís heart. If they had hearts for loving what is good and truthful, but were truly deceived, the Holy Spirit has that recorded, and they will be in heaven (I Jn.2:29; John 5:28,29;10:16;Acts 2:14,15; etc). There, along with Christians (I Thess. 4:15-17) throughout eternity, they and their children will have access to the perfect record of evil and its results which is kept outside the New Jerusalem for them to study. With no Devil around (except to be "looked upon" and "considered" :Isaiah 14:16!), they will learn of evil and will abhor it just like Father God and Jesus abhor it. Thus, not only will Godís Children be in His Image physically ("...he that has seen me has seen the Father, Jesus said: John 14:9; Genesis 1:22), but they will also come to be in His Image spiritually, as they learn to discern and abhor evil and love good, just as the Father and His Only Begotten Son do, and just as Godís Perfect Plan determined it would be even before the beginning of the world (Acts 15:18).

   There are numerous Scriptures which describe and relate to these features of both Heaven and Hell. Even the most cursory look at Rev.22:14,15; Isaiah 14:12-17; Ezekiel 28:17; Psalm 145:21; Isaiah 11:6-8; Luke 12:2,3; etcetera, etcetera, will open oneís eyes as to how grossly distorted church teachings are on Godís major doctrines of Heaven, Hell, and Satan. That the entrenched mis-teachings on all three of these major doctrines are indispensable to the preservation of the millennial eschatology, we want to continue demonstrating after this brief commercial....Again, Go HERE - HERE - HERE and Find these book titles: Heaven: Godís Love Story ;   Hell: Itís Not What You Think It Is; & Satan: What Makes Him Tick  You will be as amazed as I was to see how vulnerable church doctrines in these areas are to a purely Biblical challenge.


   As hinted and stated outright early on, the attraction of the millennial teaching is that it offers a fleshly, earthly scenario with which people can immediately identify. Usurping Scriptures that rightly pertain to the eternal New Earth, the millennial doctrine offers people a thousand years on a refurbished but solid terra firma with trees and water and people and sex and kids and houses and coconut cream pie. By contrast, Heaven, as weíve noted, has been presented for centuries by all kinds of churches as a vague and ghosty, totally unfamiliar ("eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard...), unknown and unintelligible place, ready-made to seem unlikely and fundamentally inconceivable to people everywhere.

   This sorry state of affairs is not Godís fault! He has said that the Holy Spirit has given all sorts of information in the Bible about what Heaven is going to be like (I Cor. 2:10)! One problem that even millions of Bible reading and loving Christians have with getting to the Truth on millennialism or any other doctrine is this: They are greatly swayed and influenced by the doctrines held by a particular church they attend, and by the beliefs of the preachers, teachers, priests, elders, etc., who communicate to others those doctrines which they themselves have learned. The Bible, of course, gives numerous warnings about apostate churches and about false teachers. One of the most significant red flags in Scripture about Satanís licensed role in messing up doctrines and causing people to "depart from the faith" is found in I Timothy 4:1. In that verse we learn that Satan has doctrine-twisting specialists amongst his host of demons:

Now the [Holy] Spirit speaks expressly,

that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith,

giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

   As we must always be on guard lest we find ourselves following a church instead of The Bible when it comes to doctrines, we must also be alert ("try the spirits: I John 4:1) to test the doctrines we are being taught from the pulpit against what the Bible says on those subjects. At the same time, we must be careful not to limit our investigations to the "proof text" references given to uphold doctrines, lest again we run the danger of "Ever learning, and never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth" (II Tim. 3:7). There are numerous warnings about this very problem in the Word itself, of course. The most poignant of these, I think, is found in II Corinthians 11:13-15:

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,

transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

And no marvel [donítí be surprised!];

for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Therefore, it is no great thing [it is very common]

if his [Satanís] ministers also be transformed

as the ministers of righteousness;

whose end shall be according to their works.

   That is pretty sobering, isnít it?  Put it with the warning about doctrine-twisting demon specialists at work in church and seminary and the caveat about being "sober and vigilant; because our adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour" (I Pet. 5:8) takes on some real meaning.! All the talk about the Devil not having any jurisdiction over churches and preachers and Christians in general is contra-Biblical nonsense. Where doctrines are concerned, The WORD is the only safe haven for the Truth seeker, and it must be Prayerfully studied with Holy Spirit guidance to see if it confirms or denies what preacher and church say.

   If the Word wonít confirm one or the other or both, we have the option (theoretically!) of nicely bringing our doctrinal concerns to the elders or whoever will listen...if anyone will. More than likely we will get the left foot of fellowship for such efforts. But, of course, you and I may find out that we have missed something and are wrong. Great! Thank those who help us get it straight, and thank God! But if you canít get satisfaction one way or the other, get going....

   The Christianís responsibility is to God and His Word first, not to churches and preachers! Many--I suppose even ALL--church organizations claim to be Godís true representatives on earth. Otherwise, they have no reason to exist. But, if the Bible is Godís Word, this multiplicity of doctrinal interpretations merely means a multiplicity of contradictions about what the truth is on any Bible subject. God has told the Church to "be of one mind" (II Cor.13:11í Phil.2:2; etc.). HE has also said that He is not the "author of confusion" (I Cor.14:33). As with all other doctrines, if the Word of God alone is the microscope under which millennialism is studied, it will crumble like a house of cards if the "great parenthesis" and "postponement" foundation which it has wrongly focused on is laid bare. As it crumbles, the reason why it has succeeded in deceiving so much of evangelical Christianity will become very clear. That reason is that menís theories ("postponed kingdom", "secret rapture", re-newed earth, heaven Scriptures usurped by millennialism; a Dantean hell, no day and night on the new earth, etc.) have replaced Biblical absolutes.

   The genuine Christian Church must be a fellowship of people whose bedrock reason for being together is a love of Truth that only Godís Word can provide. Jesus said:

...IF ye continue in my word,

THEN are ye my disciples indeed;

And ye shall know the Truth,

and the Truth will make you free.

(John 8:31,32)

   It is apparent that not everyone loves Truth, nor can everyone receive a love of Truth, even if it is forced upon them. The Holy Spirit thru Paul has assured us of this:

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness

in them that perish; [why?] because

they received not the love of the Truth,

that they might be saved.

(II Thess.2:10)


   These warnings may seem to have digressed inordinately from the subject of that part of Revelation 21:25 which--speaking specifically of the New Jerusalem on the New Earth--declares that there will be "no night there". Actually, however, the warnings couldnít be more pertinent as regards the falsification of the larger doctrine of Millennialism, which doctrine the chief opponents of Biblical Geocentrism amongst the Creationist leadership hold to unwaveringly. Perhaps under the protracted influence of ICR co-founder, Tim LaHaye (author of the Scripture twisting "Left Behind" series), the ICR leadership is blithely unaware that their eschatological beliefs have made them indispensable allies with those who are on the verge of bringing in a global rule that fully intends to eradicate New Testament Christianity (HERE).

   In this larger mix, the "no night there" generalization quietly promotes millennialism by contributing to a broad based effort to apply eternal New Earth Scriptures showing familiar things: families, food, houses, etc., to an alleged millennial kingdom. This tactic is calculated not only to take the Christianís focus off of heaven where Scripture says it should be, but equally if not more insidiously, it is calculated to actually enlist Christian evangelicals in the anti-Christ enterprise of setting up a global Pharisaic Kingdom which God refused to do and which Jesus died to expose and prevent!

   Millennialism is surely one of the dozen or so biggest and seemingly most indestructible doctrines afloat in Christianity today. Nevertheless, doctrines declared false by the Word of God--no matter how great and seemingly invulnerable they appear, and no matter whether they be Roman Catholic, Greek or Russian Orthodox, or products of any of the Protestant Churches--are all declared doomed by the Word of God. Of course, millions of people in all these churches (and in no church!) love Truth and will wind up on Godís side when He calls:

...Come out of her [Babylon],


that ye be not partakers of her sins,

and that ye receive not of her plagues.


   Godís Judgment on the world begins at the houses of God:

 For the time is come that judgment

must begin at the house of God:

and if it first begin at us [in the house of God],

what shall be the end of them [in the house of God]

that OBEY NOT the gospel of God?

And if the righteous [in the house of God],

scarcely be saved (!),

where shall the ungodly[in the house of God]

and the sinner [in the house of God] appear?

(I Peter 4:17,18)

(Link to essay on this subject: HERE)

   So, the warnings about false doctrines controlling much of todayís Christianity are right on target. If we really love God and Truth, we had best forget about being raptured out and coming back for a thousand year millennium. Itís not going to happen. Instead, it is time to get braced for the ostensibly humanist One World Government that is at the door. When that comes, then expect a great "falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" (II Thess.2:3). This passage--called "the great apostasy"--is said to refer to a great defection from "the church" in the latter days. Having ignored the Greek meaning of "falling away", which tells the real story, this interpretation depends on the existence of "the church" from which anyone can defect! As much as the Roman Church and the Orthodox churches and various Protestant Churches would like to think they are "the church" from which bad people will fall away in the latter times, thus proving that they are Godís true church; the fact is that ALL churches are running on a formula consisting of some Bible Truths mixed with man-made doctrinal errors which prevent ALL of them from being "the church". This situation fits the real meaning of what is described in this verse perfectly.

   The Greek for "falling away" is very instructive. It is one word, #646 in the concordance. It means: "defection from truth...." This describes precisely what will happen and why it will cause "the man of sin...the son of perdition", i.e., The Beast of The Revelation (ch.13) to be revealed. What happens is that God supernaturally forces His Bible Truths on the whole world "one hour" after a utopian-sounding One World Government is established and its leader chosen (I Jn. 3:8: Rev.14:6,7; Rev. 17:12,14). Every secular lie and every spiritual lie will be exposed and replaced with an absolute Biblical Truth. Those who cannot "receive a love of the Truth, even though they have been forced to know it, will "fall away" from it, i.e., will "defect" from it and willfully "divorce" themselves from it. (II Thess.2:10). So also will that one called "The man of Sin" who is "The Beast" of The Revelation, be revealed. The Scriptures leave no doubt as to the identity of this person, though--for obvious reasons--no effort has been spared to cover up what Scripture is saying here. This "Man of Sin"--this "Beast" who is to be revealed when God forces "a defection from Truth"--is no political or military personage, as the Devilís decoys regularly allege. No, this is no Mussolini, or Hitler, or Hussein, etc., but the most powerful religious figure in the world. He is described as one...

Who opposeth and exalteth himself

above all that is called God,

or that is worshipped;

so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,

showing himself that he is God.

(II Thess. 2:4)

 (This brings up a mega-doctrinal matter, not critical to this line of investigation. But, the Bottom Line is this: Because the Roman Catholic Church officially rejected the authority of Scripture over Church authority (Council of Trent: 1546),  this very Scriptural authority has been rendered of no effect on any teaching that the Pope and his counselors wish to change. The net result of this practice has been to nullify the authority of the Scriptures as the sole source of Absolute Truth from God, and to place that authority in the hands of men. Leaders of the Protestant Reformation were unanimous in their agreement that The Man of Sin of II Thessalonians 2:4 would arise out of the Papacy, and that the last Pope would be The Beast of The Revelation.  They were right, and Catholics who love God might as well get braced for that truth and all that follows upon it....nor will the Protestants fare any better!)


   After Godís Truth Blitzkrieg unmasks all the lies upholding the prophesied One World Government and the Bible-destroying Satan-empowered religious leader...and the smorgasbord of conflicting doctrines in ALL churches, the Global Government's leader and the world leaders who support him (Rev.17:12,13) are forced to show their true colors. Then it is written:

...Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,

and is become the habitation of devils,

and the hold of every foul spirit,

and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

(Rev. 18:2)

   In short, the globally powerful religious leader (who has been empowered by Satan right along: Rev.13:2) becomes the "religious" leader of the Global Government. The Christian facade is gone and his true religion--and the true religion of the multitudes who hate the Bibleís Absolute Truths that will have been forced upon the world (II Thess. 2:10)--is revealed to be Satan worship (HERE - HERE). This anti-Christ "religion"--this overt worship of Satan and "blasphemy of God"--becomes the all-consuming passion and hallmark of the Global Government. Read it:

And they [Beastís followers world wide:v.3]

worshipped the dragon [Satan]

which gave power unto the Beast, saying,

Who is like unto the Beast?

who is able to make war with him?

And he [The Beast] opened his mouth

in Blasphemy against God,

to blaspheme [curse] His Name,

and His tabernacle [people He indwells],

and them that dwell in heaven.

(Rev. 13:4,6)

   Those who think they will be raptured out of all this unpleasantness, take note:

And it was given unto him [The Beast]

to make war with the saints,


and power was given him over ALL kindreds

and tongues, and nations.


   Christians and others who have turned a blind eye toward the overt Satan worship that has grown exponentially worldwide in the last generation--fueled by drug honoring hard rock music [sic.], movies, pornography, blasphemy, false "science", political and economic decadence, etc.--are about to see how rampant Satanism is under the thin cover of "civilization" that remains. The global government--ruled by the Beast to be headquartered in Jerusalem: (Rev.11:8)--is a Satan worshipping, Christ hating Juggernaut which was prophesied to have its hour upon the world stage. It has a course to run, viz., from the Fall of Babylon, thru the Seven Trumpet Plagues, thru the "little season" to the last day of this earthís history when the Rapture, the general resurrection, and the destruction and fleeing away of this old earth occurs.

There is no thousand year millennial reign of Christ on earth in any of this.


   Viewed in this light, that fourth part of people in these various "houses of God" that will be "scarcely saved" when Judgment begins (I Peter 4:17,18) needs to brace itself for the coming revelation of just how far their church has gone away from the Bible, and just how much of what they think is pleasing to God...or, at least...OK with Him, is not from Him at all but, rather, consists of commandments and traditions of men, and is due to be exposed as such. Jesus said this practice of substituting the traditions and commandments of men for Godís doctrines is no light matter:

 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth,

and honoureth me with their lips;

but their heart is far from me.

But in vain do they worship me,

teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

(Matthew 15:8,9)

   As seen under previous links, Millennialism, with its various attachments, qualifies as "the commandments of men". As such, it is declared false by Scripture which insists: a) That there is to be a New and not Re-newed earth; b) That Jesus never returns to this earth; c) That Jesus is King, not coming to be king; d) That the 7th Trumpet period of c.3 months is the "1000 yrs." of Rv.20 (HERE).

   Letís now see more of how the misuse of "no night there" in the New Jerusalem has assisted in the shifting of Godís focus for the Church from Heaven to "the millennium". Remember this?:

If ye then be risen with Christ,

seek those things which are above,

where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

Set your affection on things above,

NOT on things on the earth.

(Colossians 3:1,2)

   The long and the short of the matter for many churches is that the emphasis on what the Scriptures tell about everlasting life in Heaven on a New Earth has been re-directed and applied to an earthly setting for one thousand years and labeled "the Millennium" (a word not even in the Bible).

   That this millennial concept has its roots in early non-Biblical "Christian" writings and in 13th century anti-Christian mystic Kabbalism rather than the Bible is a fact that will not go away (HERE). That this millennial concept is therefore a spiritually fabricated one thousand year substitute for the Scriptural eternal heaven, is clear. This substitute is designed not only to re-direct the focus of a Christianís "affections" away from Heaven and toward a millennium, but even more importantly, it is designed also to enlist Christians in bringing to pass a global government headquartered in Jerusalem and ruled by todayís anti-Christ Pharisees who fully intend to "hate crime" New Testament Christianity out of existence. This goal is in its final stages of completion today.

   Hence, as with all other Satanic counterfeits of the Bibleís Absolute Truths, "Millennialism" must and will be exposed for what it is, namely, a poor counterfeit of heaven, and a fulfillment of the goals of anti-Christ Talmud/Kabbalism. This exposure will come regardless of the trauma it will bring upon multitudes who have put their faith in a Bibleless pre-trib rapture teaching not yet 200 years old, and in a 70th week fulfillment of Daniel's prophesy via a "postponement" hypothesis that is basically laboring to bring to pass long-fulfilled Old Testament prophesies and establish Jesus on a throne in Jerusalem which He died refusing to sanction or accept when He was in Jerusalem (called, keep in mind) "Sodom" and "Egypt" in the New Testament!: Rev.11:8).


   Exposing lies destroys them, but not those who prefer them to Truth. Jesus "was manifested to destroy the works of the Devil" (I Jn.3:8). He will do that. The Final Rapture-bound Church must be "without spot or wrinkle" and "of one mind" (Eph.5:27; Phil.2:2). It will be that way. Satanís children will be driven by their hatred of Truth (about themselves and everything else) to worship Satan and his appointed human leader openly. That too will happen (Rev. 13:4,8). Godís promised plagues on the Satan worshippers (which donít affect God worshippers: Rev.18:4) reach a climax in the first half of the 6th Trumpet when 1/3 of their number (est.1-1/2 billion) die (Rev. 9:15,20). The Satan empowered global leader retaliates against God worshippers with the Mark of the Beast reign of terror in the second half of the 6th Trumpet time frame (Rev.13:15-17). Many on Godís side capitulate and take the Mark (Rev.14:9-12); many are martyred (Rev.14:13; 15:2,3; 20:4). The last martyrs are The Two Witnesses (Rev.11:7) whose martyrdom completes the roster of martyrs in heaven (Rev.20:4 plus 6:10) and all are resurrected (20:5) to live "and reign with Christ a thousand years" (20:6). This "first resurrection" (20:5) marks the beginning of this reign and the taking of Satanís kingdoms, i.e. his binding (11:15), and of the promised vengeance on behalf of the martyrs with the seven bowl/vial plagues of the 7th Trumpet. The last of these plagues ends in slaughter from the sky at Armageddon (16:21; 19:2,14,15) and in the termination of the False Prophet along with the First Beast (19:20), ending the latterís 42 month tenure. After Armageddon (a one day wipeout), Satan is released for "a little season" (20:3,7) to deceive and revive his demoralized followers with a lie (20:8)--to which God adds delusion to guarantee that it will be believed (II Thess.2:11,12). This lie fools not only Satanís eager-to-be-deceived followers, but also the remaining fakers "on Godís side" who have managed to survive the Mark period by virtue of their living in remote areas, etc. These fakers must be and are fooled into revealing their evil preferences by Satanís last lie and by God adding delusion to it. No faker will slip into heaven! (Matthew 24:42-51) [Go HERE for details....]

   There is no thousand year millennial reign of Christ in any of the developments that lead up to the events on the last day of this earthís history. The events on the last day are to be: a) The Rapture of dead and living Christians (II Thess.4:13-18); b) The General resurrection of the good and bad who were not Christians (John 5:28,29; John 10:16); c) The destruction of the heavens and this earth (Is. 65:17;II Pet.3:10-13; Rev.20:9,11); d) The Judgment of those from the John 5:28,29 resurrection and possibly those left at the Rapture (Rev.20:11,12); e) The beginning of Godís eternal paradise on the New Earth with its fantastic New Jerusalem (Rev.21:1-5, 27).

   The 7th Trumpet time frame--about three months of the Beastís allotted forty-two months--is the figurative "thousand years" of Revelation.  Scripture forces this to be the case, and anyone can understand it.  It is the ultimate proof that Millennialism is a false teaching. (HERE.)

   As for the role of the "no night there" teaching and its supporting but not insignificant part in advancing the Millennial doctrine, the sum of what it does is this: It muddies and confuses the kind of heaven which Scripture describes. It makes heaven strange, foreign, and unintelligible; a vague Casper the Ghost type place with nothing familiar; a place, nevertheless, where somehow beyond our ability to understand, we are still assured will be a wonderful abode of perpetual and inexpressible bliss, and we really should want to go there....

   If that were what the Bible says about heaven, then so be it. But, as weíve seen in I Corinthians 2:10, that is the precise opposite of what it says! God, thru the Holy Spirit has put plenty in the Bible describing Heaven; millennialist doctrine has just commandeered most of it and put it in an alleged future kingdom rule by Jesus on this earth. Men and churches say that we canít know anything about Heaven except that it is very nice, but the Bible says that heaven is NOT strange, foreign, unintelligible, and ghosty with nothing familiar to anyone's life experience on this old earth. Rather, it says that we can know what heaven is like; that it IS intelligible and replete with every familiar good thing we can think of! All the bad will be gone, and there will be exciting new things and challenges that will come with being in a realm where the supernatural is combined with the familiar, and will be adaptable with ease. Real people with incorruptible bodies doing real things on a real earth, eternally happy and living their lives as adopted sons and daughters in loving worship of Father God and His Son Who suffered and died to make it all possible...this is what the Biblical heaven is going to be like. And this is what Millennial Doctrine has attempted to appropriate for itself and compress into an alleged literal thousand years, which specific allegation God has warned thru the Apostle Peter is an ignorant thing to literalize (II Pet.3:8)!

   Think of it! Scores of millions of people "have their affections set" on a cheap, short-lived, re-upholstered millennial imitation of Godís perfect and eternal New Earth for a period of time they were warned not to take literally!

   These folks have set their affections on the millennial imitation because it has people and families and trees and peace, etc., and familiar day and night. All the heavenly stuff is just allegorical, these people are told, and is not meant to be real and understood...remember: "eye hath not...ear hath not".... A wonderful thousand years on a re-newed earth with the wolf lying down with the lamb and all the rest sounds pretty good. Besides, a whole host of Bible scholars and preachers who have studied this thing all their lives believe that Christians are going to be raptured out for seven years and return to participate in a thousand year kingdom in Jerusalem. (Letís see now: if two or three hundred million Christians leave and come back to Jerusalem, will there be "room at the Inn" in that city of a few square miles?! That would be like putting the entire population of Western Europe in Zurich, or the entire population of the United States in Baltimore. I donít think so....)

   Think of those kinds of details! Then, ask yourself: "Where is all this found in the Bible? Why is there nothing in the Bible which tells of this alleged return of the raptured millions? Why is there nothing in the Bible which actually pins down and describes this allegedly wonderful but temporary government, under Jesus in Jerusalem??"

   Are we talking about a serious oversight here on Godís part?? Or, are we talking about a Jewish Fable (Titus 1:14) which has taken Biblical references to fulfilled Old Testament prophecies and combined them with other references to what heaven will be like, and cleverly woven them together into a spiritual tapestry that mirrors Kabbalist dispensationalism far more than Bible prophecy? Is this a Fable which has millions of evangelicals causing tons of government and tourist money to go into Zionist Israel, and otherwise doing all they can to make possible the fulfillment of their overtly anti-Christ Talmud/Kabbala agenda?? (HERE -HERE) Donít Christians know about that agendaís repeatedly stated hatred of all Gentiles--Christians especially? (HERE) Donít they know of the intention of making virtual slaves out of all non-Jews in the kind of global kingdom the Rabbinical Talmudist Pharisees wanted Christ to set up for them the first time around?? Jesus wouldnít do it then; He wonít do it ever. No amount of huffing and puffing by Christians about a millennial kingdom with Jesus in charge is going to make it happen! And, just as surely, no amount of huffing and puffing by modern day Pharisees is going to secure for them a global government that will allow them to destroy New Testament Christianity, as they fully intend to do. They will get their global government all right, but it will only last "one hour" (Rev.17:12) before it is exposed and forced to show its intrinsic Satan worshipping proclivities (Rev.18:2).

   The single most extraordinary aspect of this now unstoppable Global Government is that not only its manifestation, but also its anti-Bible Satan-led agenda, which was specifically prophesied almost 2000 years ago! (You donít believe in Satan and God and all that stuff? Hang on, you will: HERE)! If that prophetic fact alone doesnít make a person realize that God is in charge and that the last Act in His Great Drama is going to come to pass just like He has spelled out that it will in His all time best selling Book, then it may mean that such a person simply refuses to recognize and follow the God of that Book. In fact, the odds are that such a person is a prime candidate for eager participation in the Satan worshipping Global Government when The Truth comes (Rev.17:14; 14:6,7), and Babylon Falls (17:14-18; 18:1-24), and the irrevocable split is made (Rev.17:14; 18:2,4;13:4,8).

   (Parenthetically), other 2000 year old "impossible" prophetic facts already in place must be accepted or refused too; for example:

1) Our near-instantaneous global tele-communications capability is clearly evident in Rev.11:9-12, and other places.

2) The never-before-seen division of the worldís populations into overt Satan worshippers and God worshippers--which even those spiritually blind in one eye can see taking shape--was prophesied in the 1st century AD (Rev.11:10; 9:20; 13:8etc.). 

3) Even the drug-based foundation of the Satan worshippers was so prophesied (9:21): "sorceries" is "pharmaceuticals" in the Greek. Etcetera, etcetera.... There is no getting around the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God behind these kinds of prophesies (and, historically, there are scores of them demonstrably fulfilled!)


   All that is required of those who have read and Scripturally confirmed the foregoing pages and the previous links on the same broad subject, is to determine that they personally are going to allow no other source than the Bible to settle the matter of whether the doctrine of Pre-tribulation Rapture Millennialism is Biblical truth or a Satanic counterfeit of that truth. Those who make that determination will have to decide what they will do if they are in a church which officially promotes the pre-trib rapture millennialist doctrine, and will not allow a Scripture-based challenge to it. Those who make that determination will have to decide whether they are going to continue to accept man-made hypotheses about Godís plans to make Jesus King 2000 years ago as being postponed till a still future time because the Pharisees rejected the plan. Those who make this determination will have to decide if this "great parenthesis" is Biblical or a man-made teaching without Biblical certification. Those who make this determination will have to decide if all the "left behind" talk of a "secret rapture" is or is not a Scripturally sustainable teaching. Those who make this determination will have to decide if there is any Scripture that tells of the allegedly raptured millions being in the sky for seven years and then coming back to earth in Jerusalem to rule and reign with Jesus. Those who make this determination will have to decide if the thousand years of chapter 20 of The Revelation is Scripturally forced to be confined to the 7th Trumpet time frame, i.e., about three months duration or if it isnít so confined (HERE - HERE). Those who make this determination will have to decide if the Scriptures nowhere declare that Jesus would ever set foot on this earth again after He first stood on the Mount of Olives and forever set aside the Old Testament contract with the Jews and instituted His New Testament contract with "whosoever will" in the world, Jews included, with "no respect of persons". Those who make this determination will have to decide if the Scriptures which say that Jesusí Kingdom was established when He was in Judea, and He was made King on Davidís Throne then, or whether all that was postponed. Those who make this determination will have to decide if that Kingdom was one that is in peopleís hearts and cannot be seen, or whether there must be a physical kingdom set up in Jerusalem where the Old Testament animal sacrifices are restored (Ezekiel) while Jesus the Lamb of God, the one and only and final sacrifice sits by. (Blasphemy!). Finally, those who make the determination to put the Bible above any teaching which contradicts it, will have to decide if they are going to ignore the fact that another "holy book", the Christ-hating Talmud/Kabbala, long ago told of Jewish rule of the world on its (Satanic) principles, and that this is what all this "millennial kingdom" deception is really about. (HERE)

   When the Bible is the sole guide in making determinations about doctrinal Truths, those who discover that they have been following a false teaching must simply repent of it, and begin setting their affections once again upon all that God has prepared for those that love Him on that eternal New Earth. It is there and there alone where Godís Children will live joyfully day and night with their families in houses with gardens and, at other times, go to their town-house "mansions" in that fabulous New Jerusalem. It is there where Father God and Jesus dwell and will be worshipped and where there is " need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God will illuminate it, and Jesus the Lamb of God is the light thereof...and where, indeed, there shall be no night [in that city]" (Rev.21:23,25; 22:5).

   Go here for the capstone (or gravestone) of Scriptural proof that Millennialist Doctrine is false teaching, viz., "The 7th Trumpet Time Frame of About Three Months is the `1000 years' of Revelation 20".

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