Creationists Who Accept Copernicanism

Donít Realize That, Without It, the Big Bang Cosmology

Which They Reject Would Immediately Self-Destruct

and Destroy the Entire Superstructure of Evolutionism....

    It seems that virtually all Creationist Scientists reject the Big Bang Paradigm for the evolution of the universe while at the same time they support the Heliocentric Concept of a rotating Earth orbiting the sun. These are the positions taken by the leadership of the worldís most prominent Creationist Organization, the Institute for Creation Research in California. (Quotations by the leadership at ICR on those subjects can be confirmed HERE, pp.9-11).

    The same position is held by another prominent Creationist Organization in the USA, i.e., the Answers In Genesis Ministry in Kentucky (HERE, p.13).  (If there is an exception with any other Creationist Organization, I am not aware of it as this time.)

    There are new facts that have emerged that affect everyone's understanding relevant to the heliocentric model and the Big Bang Paradigm that should hold the keenest interest for these and all other Creationists, professional scientists or not.

    One of those gains concerns a growing awareness that--like the evolution myth itself--the heliocentric model rests totally on observation-denying and experiment-denying assumptions (HERE). This vulnerability to a purely scientific assault is also apparent in the eye-popping level of high tech fraud and bluff that is inherent in the whole success of the Big Bang Cosmology (HERE - HERE). And, of course, the success of Big Bangism is now providing the rationale for ALL evolutionism, i.e., the evolution of the universe, the evolution of the Earth, the evolution of all plant and animal life, the evolution of Mankind, the evolution of "extraterrestrial, alien life forms" (e.g., Mars...: HERE - HERE - HERE).

    Another gigantic gain in understanding this truth-mugging fantasy is the realization that the Big Bang Model is completely dependent upon preventing any real attack upon its cosmological foundation, viz., the Copernican Heliocentricity Model. Just like Copernicanism and Darwinism (HERE - HERE), Copernicanism and Big Bangism are symbiotically connected (HERE - HERE - HERE, p.9).

    Also, Creationists who havenít done so need to update their understanding of the Evolutionary Paradigm Shift from Darwinism to Panspermiaism (HERE). Inherent in that shift--which has been quietly going on since the early Ď80ís--is a muted admission that the Darwinist Model simply can not account for the beginning of life on earth nor the origin of species. The Panspermia Theory ( pagan mythology) opines that bacteria is borne and nurtured inside of comets and spread around a 15 billion light year thick universe where trillions land on "environmentally friendly planets" and proceed to evolve into the extraterrestrial apparitions that now engulf the theaters, TV, the book stores, & the game & toy business.

    Obviously, today, a universe of Big Bang Age and Size is essential for both earthly and extraterrestrial evolutionism to survive. So, when Biblical Creationists realize and admit that they are about to be terminated by this Bible-bashing alternate "Origins Scenario"--which has been brought to fulfillment by a NASA-led Space Agenda (HERE - HERE - HERE)--they can appreciate all the more the urgency for them to join in expanding the beachhead established by a couple of platoons of Geocentrist Activists. As with Gideonís Special Forces, a few hundred Creationists joined to the present Geocentrist Activists could stir up some allegedly Bible-based churches (HERE).  This would begin bringing down the Copernican Myth which upholds the entire Evolution Myth. The restoration of the credibility of Godís Word on this subject and all others will quickly come to pass, for HE will empower the process, unmask Babylon, and make it fall (Rev. 17:14; 18:4).

    Yet a further truth that collides head-on with this entire Evolution-producing engine that we call "Space Science" has only recently come out of the closet after centuries of hidden scheming and duplicity. This diabolical phenomenon needs to be understood by Creationists of all backgrounds because it reveals the spiritual force behind the establishment of the evolution mind-set which pervades and controls modern manís knowledge about the Origin of all that exists (HERE -HERE).

    This is a deception of such incredible scope and soul-destroying power that no lover of Truth could fail to seek its overthrow, least of all Creationists everywhere! As it becomes crystal clear that it is God Who is guiding the movement to expose and put to shame the moving earth fantasy which is holding up todayís evolution-based Cosmology, we can be sure that The Hand guiding that movement will be no mystery to honest and bold Creationists everywhere.

    After all, this evolution-promoting Religion is a fact that has only recently been admitted and broadcast by Kabbalists themselves. That fact tells us that the religion of Pharisaic Judaism--as expressed through Rabbinical writings over the centuries--outlines very clearly ALL of the essential features of an Origins Scenario which we now see fulfilled by a Theoretical Science Establishment and labeled, The Big Bang Paradigm.

    In other words, todayís textbook explanation for the origin of all that exists is the fulfillment of a "creation scenario" of an overtly anti-Christ religion. That religion has--since the launching of the Copernican Revolution--used theoretical science as a "secular" front to establish a worldwide belief in the evolution of the universe, earth, mankind, and extraterrestrial life forms (HERE - HERE - HERE).

    When these late breaking understandings that have enabled Big Bang Evolutionism to succeed to its present remarkable level are joined with the mauling of plain non-moving earth Scriptures (HERE) by Creationists who try to make them conform to the heliocentric lie (HERE - HERE), it is clear that those making the excuses are very, very close to a brand of hypocrisy in which no one who desires above all to please God can persist.

    In short--as these new understandings decree--there is no more wiggle room for Creationists on the non-moving Earth issue. The Bible cuts an honest Creationist no slack on this issue (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE), nor does true Science ( HERE - HERE - HERE).


    All of this brings us to another very recent leap forward concerning this whole issue of understanding, combating, and winning the battle to expose and destroy the evolution concept. That concept has almost totally perverted all "knowledge" (HERE) and has very nearly eradicated true wisdom which begins and ends with a true understanding of the Origin of all that is, and "the fear/reverence of the LORD" Who created all of it. (Psalm 111:10).

    As briefly explained (HERE, pp. 3, 4 ), this leap forward involves understanding, testing, and then shifting to a New Model of a Geocentric Universe. The current model with its Machian explanation is basically a Biblical and scientific compromise. As such, it no longer exhibits any real potential to recruit the hundreds of millions worldwide who are primed to see God move to vindicate His geocentric Word and restore the Bibleís credibility throughout as no other single demonstration can do.

    In short, exposing Copernicanism as the factless foundation of the Big Bang Mythology which upholds cosmic and earthly evolutionism as a "scientific fact" about the Origin of all things must be looked upon as the duty of every Church which claims the Bible as its sole foundation. This duty will become all the more plain when the fact sinks in that Copernicanism is nothing more than the Bible-defying pseudo-scientific quicksand upon which the foundation of the Kabbalic Kosmology of Evolutionism now ruling the "scientific" world is built.

    Up till now, the hesitancy amongst honest Creationists to join in the delivery of the pregnant movement to discredit Bible-bashing Copernicanism has been somewhat understandable. The Machian Geocentricity Model just wasnít convincing enough either Biblically or scientifically for very many Creationists (professional scientists especially) to take that leap...even if they were haunted by the plain geocentric universe taught in the Bible. Most have taken the position of this Creationist, a professional scientist (a physicist), who wrote in a private email:

"...belief in a heliocentric Solar System is not the

same as belief in the Big Bang. I personally believe in a

heliocentric Solar System, but not in the Big Bang..."

    The Machian Model has not been able to counter this "Creationist Safe House" position because: a) It does not get rid of either the billions of light years distances to the stars nor the wholly fictional concept that there are trillions of them within billions of galaxies; b) It is an implausible theoretical model that tries to explain how those stars billions of light years away could still get around the Earth nightly (as the Bible demands) and is insufficiently convincing in this effort; c) There is no apparent understanding that the Big Bang Paradigm is the direct application of the Origins Scenario of the religion of mystic Kabbalism disguised as "science"; d) The Machian Model can not and does not exploit the dependency of the Big Bang Paradigm upon Copernican Heliocentricity and therefore misses the whole symbiotic connection that exists scientifically and spiritually; e) The Machian Model does not stress the total absence of facts and the fraudulent manipulation of technology that characterize the billions of light year thick Kabbalic universe...because it too accepts billions of light year distances and cannot expose the fraud without killing itself.

    For these and related reasons the standard Machian Model can never effectively unmask and break the back of the ruling 15 billion light year thick Kabbalic Kosmos. That Kabbalic Kosmology is the ultimate author and defender of the belief that the universe, the Earth, and Mankind have all evolved out of an explosion of a "substanceless substance" some 15 billion years ago.


    By contrast, the Seven Part Series on "The Size and Structure of the Universe According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science" describes a New Model of the Universe which: a) ...Does get rid of the factless fantasies of billions of light year distances to the stars and the billions of galaxies with trillions of stars; b) ...Is a simple math model that readily explains how the stars go around the Earth nightly as the Bible teaches and as anyone can observe and photograph. c) ...Shows by their own words that modern day cosmologyís 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year thick universe is the fulfillment of a "creation scenario" described by Anti-Christ Rabbis centuries ago; d) ...Proves and hammers on the fact that the entire edifice of Kabbalic Big Bang Evolutionary Cosmology is built on purely assumption-based and vulnerable Copernican heliocentricity; e) ...Reveals the total absence of facts and the fraudulent manipulation of technology which characterizes a universe billions of light years thick; f) ...Provides a non-theoretical scientific picture of the structure of the universe while shrinking the extent of its radius to no more than 1/2 to one light day (begin HERE).


    In sum, it is time for Creationists from all backgrounds who have held back their support of Biblical Geocentrism for any of the foregoing reasons--including insufficient confidence in the Machian Model to withstand all attacks--to get a clear understanding of how the New Model of the Universe explains all the phenomena, and how it accurately lines up with all the relevant Scriptures...and then do what they know they should do.

    The goal of "The Size and Structure..." essays and all that is linked to those discourses is simple and irrevocable. It is: a) To expose modern Evolution- promoting cosmology as a factless and fraudulent construction of an anti-Bible religious model of the universe which is derived from the anti-Christ Kabbala; b) To demonstrate that the Biblical Model of the Universe is the Absolute Spiritual and Scientific Truth of the matter,; c) To show that Copernicanism is not only a wholly assumption-based, observation-denying, contra-scientific deception, but also that its exposure as such automatically pulls the rug out from under the Kabbalic Universe Model and the entire evolutionary mind-set that it has foisted on the world in the disguise of  "secular science".


    All of this puts the position held by the physicist earlier ("I believe in heliocentricity but not Big Bangism") in an untenable light. Indeed, that position is completely indefensible because:

    It supports the heliocentric model, without which the Big Bang Model could not exist. This is no more possible than saying that one supports the Big Bang Model but rejects the heliocentricity model. These two models are interdependent. If one stands, both must stand. If one falls, both must fall. The reason for this mutual dependency is three-fold:

        1) Most of the stars in the universe must be thousands and millions and billions of light years away from the Earth in the Big Bang Model so that there is no conceivable way they could go around the Earth nightly as the Biblical non-rotating, non-orbiting earth model demands. The basis for these light year distance fantasies begins with the formula for measuring "nearby" stars. The hypothetical premise for measuring these distances is that the earth is orbiting the sun. This premise provides an assumed parallax baseline of 186,000,000 miles calculated on the baseless assumption of the diameter of the earthís alleged orbit around the sun. This wholly assumptive mathematical premise automatically puts the stars 23,250 times further away than if the baseline of a never disproved non- orbiting earth of 8000 miles is used (expl. HERE, pp.5, 7).

    Thus, this early beginning (1838) of forcing stars out to distances that would make their nightly observed journey around the earth (HERE) increasingly impossible, is seen to be wholly dependent on acceptance of the heliocentricity model. This orbiting earth premise denies all observational and experimental evidence and is therefore a contra-scientific premise.

        2) While this orbiting earth premise provides a phony method of measuring star distances, by itself it could not produce a workable heliocentric model. It had to be accompanied by another observation and experiment-denying assumption in order to counter the unchanging star-trail photographic evidence of the stars going around the earth nightly (HERE). To cover this necessity and fit the mathematical heliocentricity model, the earth had to rotate on an "axis" daily. This assumption also had to become a scientific "fact" in order for media control, NASA control, and computer-programmed telescopic and camera software fraud to combine and establish the 15 billion year old and 15 billion light year thick universe decreed in the now-ruling Bible-destroying Origins Scenario of Kabbalist Rabbis.

        3) Those are but two of seven observation-denying, baseless assumptions required by the mathematical heliocentricity model. The others-- including making the moon go opposite of the way we see it go!--are equally necessary to make the model work (HERE, p. 7). Once these assumptions were accepted as scientific "fact" there was no restraining what "theoretical" science could do. [new Audio 9 assumptions: HERE]

    Biblical Geocentrism demands a stationary earth with the sun and moon and stars going around daily East to West just as observed. With the Biblical Earth removed from its central place in the universe by Copernicanism and re-defined as just a fortunate planet going around an average star like alleged billions of others in the universe, the basis for increasing the age and size of the universe to ultimately match the Kabbalist "Origins Scenario" was achieved. Within three centuries the Copernican Revolution had paved the way for the success of the Darwinian conquest of the Biological "Sciences". That done, evolution-dependent Socialism/ Communism molded the Social "Sciences", the Behavioral "Sciences", the Arts, and Religion.

    In other words, every subject "discipline" which makes up modern manís "knowledge" (HERE) has been steadily and subtly converted into an active agent in a global movement to establish the Kabbalic Universe that started with a bang and has been evolving for 15 billion years. That movement now stands on the brink of making the lie of terrestrial and extraterrestrial evolutionism an irreversible "scientific fact" while simultaneously destroying the observationally verifiable Biblical Creation Account....

    Along with many Creationists who have steadfastly denied and fought well against Darwinian Evolutionism, our physicist Creationist friend quoted earlier will possibly join in an indignant cry: "I have stood against evolutionism! I have written articles and protested it and the Big Bang Paradigm at every opportunity!

    Well, OK; PTL; take a bow.

    But, with respect, that is all past tense.... The question is: What are you going to do now:

        a) ...that you realize that: The Copernicanism you support is what makes the Big Bang Paradigm and the whole evolution concept that you reject possible??

        b) ...when you realize that: The Big Bang Paradigm is the fulfillment of a "creation scenario" that is both derived from the religion of anti-Christ Kabbalism and dependent upon a rotating and orbiting Earth?? (Therefore, your support of heliocentricity automatically puts you in the position of aiding and abetting the destruction of the Biblical Creation Account!!)

        c) ...when you realize that: The heliocentricity you support is totally assumption based and in denial of all observation and experimental evidence...that it is in the same boat with Darwinism, viz., it is a contra-scientific lie without the first piece of indisputable evidence to back it up?

        d)...when you realize that: There is a New Geocentric Model of the Universe that provides a viable scientific mechanism for a Biblical Universe no more than one-half to one light day thick??

        e)...when you realize that: The many Bible teachings of a stationary Earth with the sun going around daily (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE) have been a thorn in the honest Creationistís side requiring an embarrassing and unwarranted twisting of Scriptures to make them conform to a devilish deception??

        f)...when you realize that: All excuses for that twisting have now been removed?? (The time has come for every true Creationist to either stand on the Geocentric Word of God and the science that supports matter what...or drop the Christian Creationist label and adopt the Kabbalist "creationist" label.)

The price of denouncing the Copernican heresy will be high; but not so high as continuing to defend and embrace it....

"Come out of her [Babylon] my people...."

(Revelation 18:4)

"Judgment begins at the house of God...."

(I Thessalonians 4:17,18)