Some of you may have had the experience of gradually or even suddenly realizing that you have been thoroughly deceived by somebody or something.  For weeks, months, years--sometimes even decades--you believed somebody or something was one way, only to find out that such was not the case at all.  Life usually affords us at least a few such experiences.  

   And, of course, the Bible relates many cases where people and ideas that were followed and trusted to be true and right turned out to be quite different--or even the very opposite--of what people believed about them.   Secular history is loaded with examples of misplaced trust in people and ideas. 

    Yet, no matter how commonplace such experiences are in a world where Satan has been permitted to be god and to “...blind the minds of those who believe not” (II Cor.4:4), it is still a shock to find out that one has been deceived by trusted persons and ideas.  Nowhere is this kind of shock greater than in the “religious” realm.  It is just amazing how many kinds of beliefs are passionately held by scores and hundreds of millions of people and what level of trust those people place in the priests and preachers whose job it is to inculcate those beliefs.  Amazing or not, the  reality of the existence of a smorgasbord of religious and secular beliefs about the subject of man’s existence--from his origins to his state after death--continues to defy any effort to identify what is true and what is false for all men everywhere.

    To the Christian Bible believer this state of utter and seemingly hopeless confusion about what is true and what is false concerning mankind’s beginning and end is known to be the work of Satan.   The Bible-believing Christian believes that God is totally in control of everything (I Pet.3:22) and that He permits the Devil to do what he does because every bit of it is necessary in God’s perfect plan or it would not be permitted.  Period and paragraph. (HERE) 

    Just as surely as the Bible teaches that all this confusion about God and man has an irreplaceable role in God’s perfect plan, just so surely does it teach that this confusion will be cleared up before the end of this earth’s history.  Repeatedly, the Bible teaches that all of Satan’s works of deception which have caused the indescribable confusion about truth seen in every area will be exposed and destroyed in the Final Act of God’s End Time Drama (I Jn.3:8; Is. 14:16; Rev.20:10; etc.,etc.).  (HERE)

    As some of you will have noticed, the  web page and each link on it deals with exposing a variety of Satan’s counterfeits of Biblical doctrines.  According to Scripture, exposure of all these doctrinal deceptions is something which must and will be done as God’s Judgment on this old earth comes to a close.  Since that Judgment “...must begin at the house of God...” (I Pet.4:17; also: HERE), it is certain that false doctrines which have all but snuffed out Bible Truths in the churches provide the reason why Judgment begins there. 

   It is the churches, after all, which have God’s Absolute Truth on their podiums and have the responsibility for its defense against all attackers.   All too often  instead of defending they have compromised.    As a result, the credibility of the Bible has sunk lower and lower all around them, only to be replaced by teachings from “science falsely so-called” and from other beliefs which mock and contradict the Bible on every subject. 

    Because of this state of affairs, one of the greatest shocks that people everywhere will experience when God begins this exposure of Babylon will be the number and nature of doctrinal deceptions that are passionately believed to be Bible-based truths which are, nevertheless, demonstrable counterfeits.   These shocks will be real and deserved, but they can be received and understood by recalling these Scriptural warnings among many: a) Satan quotes Scriptures that seem applicable to situations but are not: [Ex: Matt.4:6,7]; b) Satan has demons who specialize in manufacturing false doctrines: [I Tim.1:4b]; c) It is very common for Satan’s ministers to be in pulpits disguised as God’s ministers:  [II Cor. 11:13-15];  d) So persistent is the Devil’s work to put doctrinal deceptions in the churches that individual Christians are exhorted to search the Scriptures daily to determine whether they are being lied to or not [Acts 17:11], and to test the spirits of those that teach and prophesy to see if “they are of God” or not [I Jn.4:1].    

    Jesus summed up in strong words what it means to be “religious” while teaching false doctrines.  HE said:

 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth,

and honoureth me with their lips;

but their heart is far from me.

But in vain do they worship me,

teaching for doctrines

the commandments of men.

(Matthew 15:8,9)

   Beware of those who say that doctrines are divisive and shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with everybody just coming together in “love”....  Scripture is loaded with warnings against tampering with God-sent teachings (doctrines).  Of course  studying doctrines is divisive!  The Truth from God will always clash violently with lies from Satan.   Jesus said such clashes will divide people right down into one’s household (Matt.10:34-38).  No stronger statement about the divisive role of Truth in God’s Judgment is needed than the one in II Thessalonians 2:10-13:

 ...And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness

in them that PERISH;


that they might be SAVED.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion,

that they should believe a lie:

That they all might be damned who believed not the Truth,

but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you,

brethren beloved of the Lord,

because God hath from the beginning

chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit



   Well, clearly, a Just God will not condemn people for not receiving a love of the truth unless He first shows them the Truth.   Even after a truth is shown so plainly that it cannot be rejected and must be received, that reception is not what God’s Judgment is based upon.   Rather, as the Scripture above says, it is whether a person RECEIVES A LOVE OF THE TRUTH that puts them in God’s camp or in Satan’s camp.

    Remembering that doctrinal lies are supernaturally concocted, wrapped in Scriptural “proof texts” designed to mislead, etc., it is understandable that good people (even “the very elect”:Matt.24:24) get fooled and badly so.  Nevertheless, when God’s time to unmask all of these diabolical concoctions arrives (“one hour” after a Global Government is established:Rev.17:12), and Jesus destroys those lies (I Jn.3.:8; Rev.17:14), the time of division of the world into those “who can receive a love of the Truth and those who cannot receive it” will have come.

    All of this needs to be digested by everyone considering themselves to be Christians.  Doctrines thought to be Biblically solid are going to be exposed as clever deceptions.  Honest clergy and lay people alike are going to be flabbergasted at the scope of these deceptions!  Yet, when the honest ones see the Truth they will love It.

Others will hate It.  That’s the way its going to be when God causes Babylon to Fall very shortly after a One World Government is formed, just as He prophesied over 1900 years ago that it would do (Rev. 14:8; 18;2, 4, etc).

Let's consider now some particulars about the origin and growth of Christian-Zionism, its Kabbalist roots and its destiny:

     In 1909 a new addition of the KJV Bible containing “Dr.” C.I. Scofield’s copious explanatory notes was published.  Within a short time, this Bible with these notes became THE Bible used in Baptist Seminaries...particularly Dallas Theological Seminary, the fountainhead for most Baptist doctrines. 

    Since a preponderant number of Pentecostal leaders follow Baptist eschatological teachings (many, if not most, having been Baptists themselves), those End Time teachings (basically a pre-trib rapture, seven years with Jesus in the sky, return to Jerusalem for a literal 1000 year global reign.) have been spread far and wide thru TV, audio and video tapes, books, a few movies, and, of course, via thousands of church pulpits.  Numbers are hard to come by, but--factoring in branches in other denominations which follow essentially the same eschatology--we are talking about at least 300-500 million Christians who believe those teachings to be Scriptural beyond challenge.

    With no malice or judgmental attitude whatever intended toward the expositors of those teachings--from Scofield to Falwell, the Crouches, Hagee et al, and back--the time is upon us when this great mis-teaching in the Body of Christ...and its SOURCE!...must be exposed.

    This exposure has to be carried out initially by Truth-driven outsiders, for the simple reason that the insiders just can not believe that they have been deceived by anything this big!   It’s just unthinkable!  (It’s the same kind of shocked disbelief that will accompany the realization that Copernicanism, Evolutionism, Big Bangism, an Expanding Universe, Relativism, Dispensationalism,  Millennialism, and Zionism itself--are not merely demonstrable false teachings Biblically, but that they are teachings delineated in and derived from 1st,12th,13th, & 16th century Rabbinical teachings found in anti-Christian mystic Kabbalism!)  (See: “Dispensationalism and Millennialism: Their Origin and Their Future”.)

    Also, outsiders are needed for this exposure task initially because Christian Zionist preachers and their flocks have been so thoroughly conditioned by their pro-Zionist mentors that they can not do what must be done.  They cannot objectively scrutinize the Zionist agenda even though that agenda is very close to fulfilling its Kabbala/ Talmud goal of wiping out New Testament Christianity.  It has taken some time, a lot of clever doctrine-twisting, and no small number of Satan’s ministers in Christian pulpits ! (II Cor.11:13-15) to fool serious Bible Christians into being the main allies and supporters of the Kabbala/Talmud  plan for destroying Bible-based Christianity, but it has been done!    

    I can think of no better wake-up call for these Christian folks--leaders and congregations alike--than to read a good sampling of what the Talmud has to say about Jesus, His New Testament, and “Gentiles” in general.  (Go HERE and read 45 or so of these arrogant, viscous, perverse, Christ-hating  one and two liners and see if you begin to feel like some scales are falling off your eyes!)   All the “Judeo-Christian” hype is anti-New Testament nonsense.  The “Judeo” part hates Jesus and rejects Him as Messiah.  The “Christian” part doesn’t even exist unless Jesus is Messiah.  It is fatuous and impossible to try to wed the two together....

    The word “initially” was used above advisedly a couple of times because probably a fourth of those caught up in this web of doctrinal deception will want out of the tangle when they learn how all this happened.

    Only a fourth?!

    Well, personally, I hope it’s a hundred per cent; but Scripture doesn’t give much reason for that hope.  I Peter 4:17,18, for example, tells us that “Judgement begins at the house of God”, i.e., the Churches.  Then four groups in these “houses of God” are identified.  They are: 1) The disobedient; 2) The Ungodly; 3) Sinners; and 4) The Righteous.  Even those “Righteous” we are told, are “scarcely saved”! (HERE)

    Sounds kind of rough.  But, if we believe God and His Word and know He is just and forgiving and merciful and reasonable to the nth degree, we know that He had plenty of reason for making it plain what the make-up of His Church would be when He begins His Judgment on the whole world.  There is some good left in the “houses of God”, but those "houses" are 3/4 rotten and must and will be doctrinally purified in order to form the Final Church which is to be without spot or wrinkle.  As for the percentage of church leaders who would gladly change when they see what has happened to them and millions of others, the figure, again, will probably not be as high as one would hope.  “The common people heard Jesus gladly”, we are told (Mark 12:37), but the “church” leaders mostly wanted to kill him (Matt. 12:14; etc.).  Still, the Scriptures say that ultimately “a great company of priests were obedient to the faith” (Acts 6:7), and one could reasonably expect that to be the case when God forces doctrinal purification on all Christian churches (I Pet.4:17,18).

    So, in a nutshell, the whole situation is practically a carbon copy of what Jesus encountered in the “houses of God” run by the Pharisees (and Sadducees) in that day.  Never forget: It was the “church” (run for the most part by hypocritical Jews who hated Jesus and His teachings and His followers) which clamored for His crucifixion.    Has anything changed with today’s Pharisees, i.e., the Christ-hating Talmudists/Kabbalists?  Would they kill Jesus at their first opportunity if He were here now and if He allowed it to happen again?!   That is a rhetorical question....

    A more pertinent question here is this: Would all the Christians who have been duped into promoting the very “religion” devoted to burying New Testament Christianity ALSO kill Jesus at their earliest opportunity if He told them they were going to experience massive doctrinal corrections, and that they had to change when they received the Truth (II Thess. 2:10) and get out (Rev.18:4), or forget going to heaven??


   Doctrinal deceptions in Christian Churches of all kinds are so ingrained and interdependent that all God--and His “called, chosen, and faithful” followers: Rev.17:1--has to do is tumble one big domino and they all will go down, clickedy-click.

   Of course, to judge the truthfulness or falsity of any doctrine, there must be an unimpeachable standard of Absolute Truth by which all are tested.  The one and only such standard for judgment of doctrinal purity in Christian Churches is the Bible.  At least, that is the standard which God established and the one He will use whether the Churches use it or not.

   Using the Bible standard alone (with the KJV as control), we see immediately that the Roman Church and a huge segment of Protestant Churches will flunk out when Judgment begins.  The Catholics--at the Council of Trent in 1546-1562--flatly stated in writing that when Scripture and Church teaching conflict, the faithful are to follow what the Church teaches.  And this the faithful have done.  If the Roman Church has chosen to make Jesus’ mother a Goddess and go on from there (the Fatima apparitions!) to contradict Scripture repeatedly on major New Testament doctrines, then we shall see how it fares when Judgment begins.  It is certain that God has had and now has many many millions of His people in the Catholic Church, but it is equally certain that they will have to separate themselves from that Bible-destroying organization when God calls upon all His people everywhere to come out of Babylon (Rev.18:4).

   The same thing applies to those Protestant Denominations which no longer even pretend that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word to His Church.

   But what of those Christian Denominations (and non-Denominational groups) where it is proudly proclaimed that their doctrines are strictly Bible-based, and where the Christian/Zionist agenda is most prominent?? 

   No difference.  The same standard will apply.  Their doctrines will be tested just as rigorously as all others to determine if they are as Biblical as they proclaim them to be.  (One would guess that there would be a higher percentage in these churches that would accept and even welcome a Bible-based doctrinal purge enforced by God.  Possibly.  We shall see.  But don’t give any long odds until you see what doctrines God will prove are false.  Only then will we be able to observe how the ostensibly fundamentalist camp reacts to the doctrinal chastisement they are sure to experience....)

   In all cases, both the Catholic and the Protestant Churches in all their factions and splinter groups are in Babylonian confusion relevant to God’s Word up to their steeple tops.  God will soon be saying to His people in all of them: “Come out of her [Babylon], my people” (Rev.18:4).

   Now, God wouldn’t call His people OUT of Babylon if they weren’t IN it, would He?!   (Babylon here is basically Satan’s global kingdoms [II Cor.4:4].   In the secular world these are all  dependent upon, and sustained by, the preponderant acceptance of and capitulation to deceptions in all the key areas of man’s so-called “wisdom”(Rom.1:22).  In the “religious” world outside Christendom, a rich variety of deceptions operate.  Inside Christendom, Satan’s deceptions operate in the area of doctrines, and by his causing the “wisdom” from the secular world to be brought into the churches, causing further erosion of doctrinal purity.   

   According to plain Scripture, Satan--thru deception--continues to control these worldly kingdoms and their influence upon the Churches until The Fall of Confusion [Babylon], i.e., the “war” the Lamb wins (Rev.17:14).  Forced then to end its masquerade as Humanist good guys, Global Babylon regroups under its true flag of openly blasphemous Satan Worshippers (Rev.18:2; 13:4).  From this point until the beginning of the 7th Trumpet (when his total deceptive powers are temporarily shut off...Rev.11:15;20:3), Satan’s power to deceive is directed solely to “those that dwell on the earth” (Rev:13:8), i.e., the “bad guys”.  Those who have come out of Babylon (18:4) and have been sealed by God and are protected by Him (18:4; 7:3; 9:4), are still around everywhere (13:7).  For different reasons these folks decide to get on God’s side when the Truth Blitzkrieg Fall of Babylon “war” takes place.   In that condition they remain sealed and protected (Goshen-like!) until the Mark of the Beast period begins in the second half of the 6th Trumpet events.


    The Fall of Babylon is a Scripturally guaranteed event which takes place “one hour” after a One World Government cranks up (Rev.17:12,13).   This Fall is also called “a war”, a time when Christ (The Lamb) overcomes the deceptive works of the devil (v.14 & I Jn.3:8).  This “war” forces Babylon to drop its goody-goody Humanist mask and openly become a coalition of all who hate the purely Biblical Truths which God will have forced upon the world (Rev.18:2).    (This Fall of Babylon lasts exactly the same length of time as the 7th Trumpet period in The Revelation, i.e., c. three months.  This can be determined from these Biblical facts: a) The Two Witnesses and the Beast both have 42 month tenures (11:3;13:5); b) The Fall of Babylon is followed by The First Trumpet Plague (18:2,4; 8:2,6,7); c) The 42 months of the Two Witnesses (Two Martyrs) ends with the close of the Sixth Trumpet (11:8,14,15) while the 42 months of the Beast ends with the close of the Seventh Trumpet (16:17,21; 19:20).  Hence, the time frames on both ends overlap for the same period, causing The Fall of Babylon and The Seventh Trumpet  to have the same duration, a very few months at most.

   The inescapable conclusions from these time facts are: a) The Two Witnesses’ 42 months begin when the Fall of Babylon begins and, in fact, their witness plays a big role in exposing Babylon and forcing it to show its real Satanic colors; b) The 42 months of the Two Witnesses (Two “Martyrs” in the Greek) end dramatically with the end of the 6th Trumpet, which also ends the Mark of the Beast period...making those two real people the last of the martyrs; c) Their deaths complete the martyr roster (Rev.6:11; 20:4) and cause all martyrs to be resurrected in heaven (Rev.6:11;20:4,5) to reign with Christ during the time when His promised vengeance begins, i.e., at the start of the 7th Trumpet period (Rev.11:15) which is figuratively called “a thousand years” (HERE).  d) Then, Scripturally and sensibly, we see that this same time frame is also the time of Satan’s imprisonment and the binding of his power to deceive (20:2,3).  These factors--in Scriptural alignment with others that are contextually related--declare that the belief  in a literal “1000 year” millennial reign of Christ on earth, and all that goes with that doctrine, is no more than a quasi-Scriptural deception engineered by the Father of Lies (Jn.8:44).  Furthermore, this deception will be revealed to have its roots in the anti-Christ Kabbala.  (Go HERE for details in: “Dispensationalism and Millennialism: Their Origin and Their Future”.)


   The Truth Blitzkrieg which God sends to divide the world’s populations into those who can receive a love of the Truth and those who can not (II Thess. 2:10) does what Truth always does, i.e., it separates those who are capable of receiving and loving Truth (God’s Children) from those who are incapable of receiving and loving Truth (Satan’s children).

    People everywhere from all religions and philosophies will hear and understand what is going on (Rev.14:6,7).  “...this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Matt.24:14).   Everybody will get on one side or the other; either on the Satan-empowered Global Government’s side--which will have “overcome the saints” (“saints”= Christians: Phil.1:1;4:22, who obviously have not been raptured)--or on God’s side represented by those “saints” (Rev.13:7,8).


    Because of their fundamental rejection of Jesus as the true Messiah, those calling themselves Jews will find that they are allied with the Beast’s Global Government, which, first and foremost, is made up of anti-Christs (I Jn.2:22).  There will be a divided loyalty at work in the hearts of  many Jews who are on the side of the Beast’s Government, however, and that remnant of honest "Torah Jews" which God promised would manifest itself in the last days (Romans 11:25) will do so at the end of the 6th Trumpet (Rev.11:13) the great joy of the rest of God’s Children (Rom. 11:15,28,31).


    Can we tell what those Christians who presently support the Zionist’s every move, and who have built a completely different and quite complicated end time scenario (largely out of long-fulfilled Old Testament Scriptures) will be doing by the time of the end of the 6th Trumpet and the beginning of the 7th??

    We can tell.  As with ALL other Christians, they will have three choices presented to them by the doctrinal purification that God is going to force upon the churches first (I Pet.4:17,18), and will subsequently impact the whole world (Rev. 14:6,7), and which causes Babylon’s Fall, and the division of the world into two camps. 

   First: They can receive a love of the Truth which exposes all their doctrinal errors and get on God’s side with a full understanding of what is ahead. 

   Second: They can appear to accept the chastisement and get on God’s side because it seems the best thing to do under the circumstances.   This concession will only be made half-heartedly and not without deep resentment by many millions. 

   Third: They can repudiate all the chastisement God sends (Heb.12:5-8), be totally disenchanted with the whole idea of what the prospects before them as Christians are, and simply identify with God’s adversaries and defect to that side.  

   One of those three choices will be embraced not only by Christian Zionists, but also by All Christians, and the choice will be made by the end of the Fall of Babylon and just before the 1st Trumpet Plague begins.


   From that point (beginning of the 1st Trumpet Plague) to the end of the triple decimation of the Beast’s followers in the first half of the 6th Trumpet events (Rev. 9:15,20), and then on to the beginning of the 7th Trumpet time of God’s doubled wrath on the Satan worshippers, those on God’s side have certain options which depend upon which of the first two choices they elect to follow. 

   If they elect the First choice, then, as noted, though they are “overcome” and subject to the Beast’s Global rule (13:7), they will be sealed and protected by God (reminiscent of God’s Old Testament Hebrew Tribes in Goshen) thru the 5th Trumpet Plague and well into the 6th.  In the 6th Trumpet period, however, a great number of faithful Christians who have no way to be self-dependent and survive the Mark of the Beast pogrom which is decreed, will choose to be martyred rather than deny God and worship Satan before that period ends and the 7th Trumpet period begins (20:4). Very special honors await these and all of God’s martyrs from the 1st century thru the Mark period (Rev.6:9-11, 14-17; 7:9-17; 14:13; 15:2,3; 20:4-6; I Thess. 4:14).

   Those who take the Second option and half-heartedly get on God’s side will have the same protection as the faithful Christians thru the 5th Trumpet Plague and well into the 6th.   During the Mark of the Beast reign of terror, however, those with no way to survive without taking the Mark will have to decide whether to join the Satan-worshipping majority and live, or stand firm for God and be martyred.  Jesus warns that those who give in here seal their eternal fate the same as those already in Satan’s camp (14:9-11).

  It will be noted in both the 1st and 2nd groups that not everybody is going to be trapped in a situation where the only choice they have is to take the Mark or die.   Many, many millions of both faithful and half-hearted people on God’s side in that period will live in situations where they can be self-dependent long enough to survive the 6th Trumpet reign of terror

   Right at the peak of this reign of terror--with some caving in and taking the Mark and some being martyred--we read this word from God to the Saints: “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus” (14:12).   This is not the end, God says; be patient....


  As for those who take the third option and willfully reject and hate the Truths God forces upon the world, and who willfully become worshippers of the Beast and their real god, Satan, the promised plagues that fall on them alone are spelled out thru the first Five Trumpets and well into the 6th Trumpet (8:7-13; 9:1-11; 9:13-21).  (Notice that the “third part of men who are slain” (9:15) are only those on Satan’s side (9:20).  Notice also that a very specific time frame is given which culminates in this triple decimation of the Beast’s blaspheming followers, viz., “ hour, and a day, and a month, and a year...” (v.15).

   Because of their almost symbiotic connection to Zionism (and being unaware [hopefully!] of Zionism’s demonstrable Bible-bashing activities! HERE), will great numbers of zealous Christian-Zionists still opt for the third choice rather than change, and actually become Satan worshippers when God throws down the gauntlet?!  One would hope not, primarily because a large percentage of Christian-Zionists are committed Creationists, and Zionism per se has long been deeply involved in promoting evolutionism (HERE  &  HERE).   Still, depending upon how symbiotic the connection is, it is to be expected that many will opt for the third choice.... 


   Question: Does Scripture give any solid clue as to which doctrinal domino or dominos God will choose to begin His Truth Blitzkrieg of doctrinal purification which will signal the beginning of His Judgment in the Churches (I Pet. 4:17,18)??

   Answer: Yes.  We can see not only where His Judgment begins (“at the house of God”), we can see which dominos will be first to fall.   More, we will recognize immediately why they are the first to be toppled and replaced with plain Bible teaching.  Verses 6 and 7 of Revelation 14 give us that solid clue:

And I saw another angel

 fly in the midst of heaven,

having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them

that dwell on the earth [bad only:13:8],

and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue,

and people [everybody else],

Saying with a loud voice [all will hear!],

Fear God, and give glory to Him;

for the hour of His Judgment is come:

and worship Him that made heaven,

and earth, and the sea,

and the fountains of waters.

   Here we see confirmed what we already know or can determine very quickly, namely, that the most foundational false-doctrine dominos are those which challenge the Biblical Creation account as written in Genesis and corroborated throughout the Scriptures.  Indeed, many Bible scholars have accurately concluded that the credibility of the entire Bible stands or falls with trusting and believing the Creation account given on the very first pages of Genesis and confirmed repeatedly even to the last pages of The Revelation (HERE).  Any alteration of the Creation accounts as expressly given thru the Holy Spirit of Truth immediately establishes a distrust of the Bible as the source of Absolute Truth on all subjects which it addresses.  Thus, all the miracles become suspect.  Whether it be the Noahic Flood (which explains all the fossils and eliminates evolutionism), or Moses parting the Sea, or David slaying Goliath, or the Virgin Birth of Jesus, or His Resurrection, or the eternal New Earth, etcetera, etcetera...all become subject to the same distrust and doubt if the Creation account is altered in any way.

   Knowing all this and what would unfold if violated, our Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator of all that exists imbued Satan with the deceptive powers (“no truth in him from the beginning”:Jn.8:44: HERE) to appeal to man’s intellectual pride thru “science falsely so-called” (I Tim.6:20).   Our Omniscient God Who created and programmed Satan, knew that this use of false science (or false knowledge) would cause the whole world to reject the Biblical account of the Creation of a non-moving Earth (which didn’t even have a sun to go around it the first three days Genesis 1:14-19).  HE also knew that almost the whole “educated” world would come to reject the Biblical account of His Creation of Mankind and all other life forms, plant and animal (Genesis 1:11,12,20,21,24,25,26,27,29,30;Rom.1:20,23). 

   To deny that God foreknew all this, and that He ordained all of it as an essential part of His Perfect Plan, is to deny His Omniscience and His Omnipotence.  The Bible plainly says:

Known unto God are ALL His works

from the beginning of the world.

(Acts 15:18; etc.)

   Several links noted on the homepage address all the main questions that arise from these assertions, including the critical role of Talmudism/Kabbalism and modern day Zionism (with its “Christian Zionist” allies!) in carrying out Satan’s finely honed strategy for destruction of Bible credibility, and most especially the Messiahship of Jesus as taught in the New Testament.  Wittingly or unwittingly, the “Christian-Zionist, Judeo-Christian” faction which has come to dominate most of Christian Evangelism and Eschatology, is not merely a counterproductive force in God’s Biblical Plan; it is one of the chief weapons in Satan’s arsenal of doctrinal deceptions.  This arsenal has enabled him to set the stage for a One World Order designed to rid the world of Jesus as Messiah, and His New Covenant with “whosoever will”  which was God’s foreknown replacement of His intentionally “faulty” (Heb.8:7), and “abolished” (II Cor.3:13) Old Covenant with the Jews.  [Gal.3:29; 4:21-31; II Cor. 3:3-16) tells it all!]


    During the Fall of Babylon--which begins “one hour” after the prophesied World Government is launched (Rev.17:12)--God will direct and enforce the establishment of His Word as given in the Bible as Absolute Truth.  He will begin by exposing the contra-scientific basis of every ramification of Copernicanism and Darwinism, thus certifying Biblical Creationism and cinching Bible Credibility from the first page to the last.  Every doctrine in every Church and every religion which conflicts with those Biblical Truths that will come forth represents a domino that will topple and bring about a division of all people into two camps: God followers and Satan worshippers HERE.  Many of the God followers will take the Mark during the 6th Trumpet and many will fall for Satan’s final deception during the “little season” after the 7th Trumpet.  Upon these, Jesus’ judgment is clear (Rev.14:9-11; Matt: 40,41,45-51).

    There is going to be plenty of crow for everybody to eat, Christian Zionists included.  

    I’d like a little Worcestershire Sauce with my plate, thank you.   How about you?