The Bible Promises A Brief Satan-Empowered Global Government


As the 21st Century works its way through its third lustrum, a Global Government sought by so many for so long is now straining to become a reality.  Nationalist fervor and character were tested by the League of Nations, then further by the United Nations, and now by globalized debt-ridden economies, near instant telecommunications, terrorist threats real and manufactured, multicultural pressures in Europe and the USA particularly, and, of course, ubiquitous drugs.


Though there is an awakening and locally vigorous resistance to this breakdown of Nationalism, it seems apparent that--in spite of opposition--the seeds of economic collapse and unending (real or concocted) terrorist threats can and will bring on a Global Government “solution” in the very short range future.


From a secular perspective, all the essential ingredients are in place.  They describe a short range trajectory toward a Global Government.  The world is just waiting for the perfect crisis--financial, terrorist, unleashed internet truths, mass demonstrations--to make it happen.


But--though God is ruled out of this secularist equation--only a closed mind can continue ignoring the stubborn fact that the Bible (alone amongst all holy books) specifically foretold over 1900 years ago that a Global Government would indeed be formed and rule during the few years of the Biblical End Time Scenario.


What does one do with 1900 year old prophesies of not only a Global Government, but: a) global TV (Rev.11:8-13); b) a drug culture (Rev. 9:21 [Gr. for “sorceries” is “pharmaceuticals”];  c) Creationism (including a unique, stationary earth) being brought to the forefront and igniting the “war the Lamb wins” and the subsequent exposure and Fall of Babylon, Satan’s edifice of deceptions (Gen.1:14; Josh 10:12,14; Rev. 14:7; 17:14; HERE); d) Government-led overt Satan worship...enforced during the 6th Trumpet time frame (Rev. 13:2b-18); e) No escape for Christians in a pre-trib “secret rapture” (Rev. 13:7; 14:9-12; 16:15; HERE - HERE); biochip implantation (Rev. 13:16,17);  Etcetera??


The Bible also tells plainly that this Satan-empowered Global Government with its initially popular, religious human leader (II Thess. 2:4) will fool most for “one hour” (Rev. 17:12; c2-3 mo).  He is then exposed and all the world learns that the Biblical God of the six day Creation has spoken, and that Satan’s days are numbered (Rev. 12:12).


Now, as Nationalism's last hurrah (a quasi-Christian Reformation) is exposed, and an “angel of light” siren call for a Global Government grows louder, that doomed age-old OWG conspiracy prepares to come on stage and put an end to the Biblical God’s eternal plan through Jesus. (HERE)


But, the details of turning this Satan-empowered conspiracy into the beginning of the end for all his centuries of scheming, were settled by God long ago (Acts 15:18). “Heaven and earth will pass away (literally: HERE, HERE), but my Word will never pass away” (Matt-.14:35;Mark; Luke 21:33; II Pet. 10-13; Rev 21:1,2).  Believe it! Today's One World Talk Is God’s Warning that a separation of the world's populations into His people and Satan's people is nigh! (HERE)