Audio Series# I

(Downloading in this Series varies from c. 30 to 120 seconds.)

Exposing and Destroying Evolution-Based False Science

Introduction (18:15)

Part I: The Bible
 The Bible Emphatically Denies a Moving Earth (11:45)

Part II: Copernicanism Is False Science
1st Session: Six Assumptions; No Science (14:46)
2nd Session: Three More Assumptions (15:26)

Part III: Fraud Rules Space Science
1st Session: NASA's Lead Role (15:23)
2nd Session: Phony Telescopes and Cameras (17:08)
3rd Session: False Redshift & Infrared (19:01)
4th Session: Phony Math, VR Technology, Star Distances (19:36)

Part IV: The Pharisee Religion's Satan-Led Strategies

1st Session: The Big Bang Is Religious, Not Secular (19:44)
2nd Session: Satan Is The Pharisee Religion's G'd (20:20)
3rd Session: The Pharisee's Mortal Wound (17:44)
4th Session: The Pharisee's Target Bible Doctrines (17:43)

Summary of  Audio Series # I (16:39)



Audio Series # II
(Downloading in this Series varies from c.15 to 60 seconds.)

Bible Doctrines Purification (BDP) Series

1st Session-7:16 minutes
2nd Session-8:18 minutes
3rd Session-7:49 minutes
4th Session-6:31 minutes

BDP #1
"Exposing False Science: Impact on Churches and World"
1st Session-8:50 minutes
2nd Session-9:05 minutes
3rd Session-9:28 minutes

BDP #2
"Dismantling Dispensationalist End Time Doctrine"
"New Earth Scriptures Destroy Dispensationalist Eschatology"
1st Session-7:08 minutes
2nd Session-6:01 minutes

BDP #3
"Does The Bible Teach That Jesus Will Return To The Ground On This Earth?
Does The Bible Teach That Jesus Would Never Set Foot On This Earth Again After His Public Ascension?"
1st Session-8:21 minutes
2nd Session-7:09 minutes
3rd Session-7:08 minutes

BDP #4
"Jesus: King Now Or Coming King?"
1st Session-8:28 minutes
2nd Session-9:05 minutes
3rd Session-7:50 minutes

BDP #5
"Martyr Scriptures Destroy Millennialist Doctrine"
1st Session-7:50 minutes
2nd Session-9:05 minutes
3rd Session-9:21 minutes

BDP #6
"Millennialism: Where Is The Scriptural Evidence?!"
1st Session-8:43 minutes
2nd Session-9:48 minutes
3rd Session-8:01 minutes

BDP #7
"The Errors Of Other End Time Doctrines Revealed"
"Post Millennialism - Amillennialism - Preteritism"
1st Session-8:38 minutes
2nd Session-8:29 minutes
3rd Session-8:49 minutes

BDP #8
"Heaven: Biblical Clarity vs. Doctrinal Confusion"
"What Will Heaven Be Like?"
1st Session-8:54 minutes
2nd Session-8:58 minutes
3rd Session-8:56 minutes

BDP #9
"The Biblical Hell: It's Not What You Think It Is"
"Three False Teachings & The Biblical Truth About Hell"
1st Session-8:22 minutes
2nd Session-7:57 minutes
3rd Session-9:00 minutes

BDP #10
"Satan: What Makes Him Tick?"
"Understanding Satan's Role In History"
1st Session-9:08 minutes
"What Kind Of Life Is It That Satan Has?"
2nd Session-9:30 minutes
"Satan's Anatomy And It's Meaning"
3rd Session-9:49 minutes

BDP #11
"The Importance Of The Bible's Baptism Doctrine"
"Getting Ready for Babylon's Fall"
1st Session-8:31 minutes
"One Baptism, Or One With Two Parts?"
2nd Session-9:31 minutes
"Don't Quench The Holy Spirit"
3rd Session-9:48 minutes

BDP #12
"Vital Biblical Truths About God's Judgment"
1st Session-8:45 minutes
2nd Session-9:36 minutes
3rd Session-9:16 minutes

BDP #13
"The Biblical Truth About Once Saved, Always Saved"
1st Session-8:52 minutes
2nd Session-7:53 minutes
3rd Session-8:57 minutes

BDP #14
"The Biblical Truth About Drinking Alcoholic Beverages"
1st Session-7:36 minutes
2nd Session-8:39 minutes
3rd Session-8:55 minutes


Audio Series # III

(Downloading  in this Series varies from c. 15 to 60 seconds.)

The Bible's God Trumps All Other Religions (BTR) Series

One Session - 5:51 minutes

BTR #1
"Which Is Logical: Biblical Creation or Kabbalist Creation?"
1st Session-9:48 minutes
2nd Session-9:06 minutes
3rd Session-9:55 minutes

BTR #2
"Pharisaic Judaism: The Bane Of The World For Both Jews And Non-Jews"
1st Session-8:10 minutes
2nd Session-8:32 minutes
3rd Session-7:15 minutes

BTR #3
"Islam: The Beginning, The Present, & When Babylon Falls"
1st Session-9:53 minutes
2nd Session-9:06 minutes
3rd Session-9:49 minutes

BTR #4
"The Role Of Eastern Religions During Babylon's Fall"
"Hinduism/Gandhiism & The Blair/Warren Anti-Bible Movement"
1st Session-9:44 minutes

2nd Session-8:16 minutes

3rd Session-9:45 minutes

BTR #5
"The Bible And Christianity"
One Session - 8:37 minutes

"The Bible And Roman Catholicism"
One Session - 9:11 minutes

"More On The Popes - PLUS - Protestant Doctrinal Corruption"
One Session - 8:44 minutes

"Destroying The Only Basis For Christianity"
One Session - 9:30 minutes

"The Fall Of Babylon Guarantees The Triumph Of The Bible"
One Session - 9:38 minutes


Summary Of All Three Series
One Session - 8:50 minutes