The Biblical Truth About

The Trinity Doctrine:

Jesusí Role In God the Fatherís Eternal Plan

The solution to the utterly confusing concept of how Christianity can be a monotheistic religion but yet have three Gods is in the Scriptures themselves. The Trinitarian and the anti-Trinitarian teachings do nothing but add to the confusion because the Scriptures actually tell a story that is different from what either one teaches!

This impeccably true Scriptural solution also has the happy ability to neutralize the chief objections that both the Moslems and the Jews (and many Christians) have concerning the true and actual role that Jesus has in Godís eternal Plan.

Consider a simple parable of that role, and then the Scriptures that support and explain it:

An incomparably great man determined to turn over to his only son all his domain and all his plans for causing Good to triumph over Evil. When the plan was complete, the son would return the mantle of supreme authority back to his father and be seated at His right hand in the greater eternal New Earth domain to come.

Notice these verses in I Cor. 15:23-28 of the KJV which confirm that such a scenario is precisely what Godís Plan calls for and precisely what will be carried out:

"...But every man in his own order:

Christ the first fruits; afterward they

that are Christís at His coming.

Then cometh the end [not a millennium!]

when He [Jesus] shall have delivered up

the kingdom to God, even the Father;

when He [the Father] shall have put down

all authority and power.

For He [Jesus] must reign, TILL [until]

He [the Father] hath put all enemies under

His [Jesusí] feet.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death [Rev.20:14].

For He [the Father] hath put all things under His [Jesusí] feet.

But when He [the Father] saith all things are put under Him [Jesus],

it is manifest that He [The Father] is excepted,

which did put all things under Him [Jesus].

And when all things shall be subdued unto Him [Jesus},





Lest the early 17th century English confuse this critically important passage relevant to understanding the puzzlement that has always surrounded the Trinity concept, read it in the modern English paraphrase from the Living Bible which captures the message quite accurately and simply:

"...Each, however, in his own turn [will rise]:

Christ rose first; then when Christ comes back,

all His people will become alive again [rapture, I Thess. 4:15].

After that the end [not a millennium] will come when He [Jesus] will turn

the kingdom over to God the Father,

having put down all enemies of every kind.

For Christ will be King UNTIL He has defeated all His enemies,

including the last enemy--death.

This too must be defeated and ended (Rev.20:14).

For the rule and authority over all things

has been given to Christ by His Father;

except, of course, CHRIST DOES NOT RULE



When Christ has finally won the battle against all His enemies,






So, the Bible is clear that God the Father has all the power and authority, but His Plan for destroying Evil involved giving temporarily that power and authority over everything (Matt. 28:18; Col. 2:9,10) to His Son Jesus until all the enemies of His Plan are defeated. When that victory is complete, Jesus will put Himself back under His Fatherís rule.

During this time when Jesus operates with the power and authority over everything that the Father has given to Him to rule, Jesus also is given the titles of "God" and even "the Almighty" (Rev.1:6.8;etc.). Hence, the 2nd part of the Godhead in the Trinitarian doctrine where Jesus is God also gets its Scriptural basis. Yet, we must always bear in mind that "...the head of Christ is God": (I Cor. 11:3). Moreover, we must likewise bear in mind that the 3rd part of the Trinitarian Godhead, i.e., the Holy Spirit of Truth "...proceeds from the Father [not Jesus] and testifies of Jesus" (John 15:26; I Jn. 4:13; etc.).

Anti-Trinitarians are quick to point out that throughout Jesusí reign as King--that is, since He was obedient to the cross and was given all power and authority over everything: (Mt. 28:18; Col. 1:16; etc.)--He was ALWAYS subservient to God the Father and ALWAYS did only what the Father told Him to do: "...the Son can do nothing of Himself, but [only] what He sees the Father do...John 5:19;Luke 22:42; John. 11:41-43; etc. God the Father did not pray to Jesus for guidance, but Jesus prayed to the Father about everything He did (Matt. 14:23). Jesus stated flatly that: "The Father is GREATER than I" (John 14:28).

Therefore to equate God the Father--who rewarded His Sonís obedience by giving Him authority over everything for a set time--as being exactly equal with God the Son for eternity is a confusing and Scripturally unsupportable teaching.

One can also see how the Trinitarian insistence on equating Jesus as the Fatherís exact equal in all things has erected an insurmountable and a Scripturally unwarranted obstacle to winning Jews and Moslems over to God the Fatherís Plan.

It was God the Fatherís Plan that Jesus, as His only begotten Son, was directed to carry out in the flesh so as to demonstrate the Fatherís true character as a God of love and truth and complete justice for ALL who desire those qualities above all else. This characterization of Father God is dramatically underscored through Jesus Who relates The Fatherís instruction that He wants all His Children who love Him and His Son to call Him "Daddy" ("Abba":Mark 14:36; Rom. 8:15; Gal. 4:6). More, He reveals that He is making all of His adopted children "joint heirs" (i.e., brothers and sisters: Gal. 3:29) with Jesus, i.e., "joint heirs" to all the riches of eternal Heaven on that inexpressibly wonderful New Earth! What a Dad! What a Son! What a Plan! And what a Bible to give us the hope and the assurance that all counterfeits and enemies of that Plan are doomed to ignominious failure!

Realizing that Father God has always been and will eternally be the supreme ruler of the universe makes the obstacles for reaching the Moslems with that Plan much less formidable. The Koran, after all, also teaches that Jesus was a Virgin Born Prophet of God. Moslems balk at the Bibleís claim of the Sonship of Jesus because they view such a relationship as a usurpation of Godís majesty, sovereignty, omnipotence, and all the rest. When it is understood that Father Godís supreme rulership was only temporarily bestowed on Jesus because of His obedience to the Cross, and that the Cross was an indispensable part of The Fatherís Eternal Plan; and, furthermore, that what was bestowed is to be voluntarily restored by Jesus before that Eternal Plan is activated, then the reason to oppose Jesus as Godís begotten Son (and Prophet!) born of that very same virgin Mary is certainly put in another, less difficult to grasp, light.

In all this the Jews have an added problem in accepting Jesus as the Son of God because they mistakenly consider themselves to be the actual physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and those 1st century Pharisees who denied that Sonship and called for Jesusí crucifixion. When they realize: a) That such a lineage doesnít exist and that they are Koestlerís "thirteenth tribe" with no more blood connection to either Abraham or the Pharisees of Jesusí day than an Eskimo has; b) That the one supreme God idea is confirmed, not denied, by The Fatherís Plan to send His Son--not to take His place--but to spell out what is obviously a kinder, gentler, more equitable and just and "Better Covenant" (Hebrews 8:6, all of which would certainly be the prerogative of the Supreme God!); c) That this Son Jesus had to die as prophesied (Isaiah 53:1-12) to make the Fatherís Plan work; d) Then barriers erected by a handful of Pharisaic Rabbis and Rebbes through the centuries can dissipate for those Jews today who in their hearts want the kind of love, truth, and justice that God the Father sent to the whole world by the Jew (true Hebrew) Jesus (and His Jewish Apostles as recorded in the New Covenant so despised by the Rabbinical Pharisees for nearly 2000 years).


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