The “Theistic Evolutionist” Swan Song


This is a sincere advance notice to the millions of Christians who have felt it necessary to compromise with evolutionism because they have been taught--and they  believe--it is “secular science”, i.e., non-religious “true” science.


Everyone can now know that the “secular science” label is a gross deception. Truths  now available emphatically declare that evolutionism is an alternate “creation model” which is derived concept for concept from the Pharisee Religion’s “holy book”, Zohar/Kabbala (HERE-HERE).  It is a religious model just as surely as the “creation model” derived from the Christian Religion’s “holy book”, the Bible, is religious.


The evidence that exposes this incredible Pharisee Lie about evolution and science has been emerging for 15-20 years.  It is now ready to be on the world stage


When it is understood that the Pharisee Religion’s Big Bang Evolution Model has succeeded by masquerading as “secular science”--while being a religious model all along--one would think that would be enough for people everywhere to reject the lie and its perpetrators. Even more--when it is further known that the Pharisee Talmud/Kabbala religion accepts Satan as part of its godhead (HERE)--one would expect almost universal rejection of both that Model and that Religion to follow.


Add to those long-hidden but now available facts the further revelation that this Religion of Pharisaic Judaism counts all non-Jews as sub-human animals fit only for exploitation by the self-styled superior Jews, and the almost universal rejection of that Religion and all that it teaches would seem certain (HERE, pp..5, 6  )


Go one step further: Consider the impact of a large part of the world (Christianity & Islam) when it learns not only these things, but that this Pharisee Religion hates Jesus so much that its Talmud calls His mother Mary a whore, Jesus Himself a Bastard (who is in hell boiling in excrement), and declares that the New Testament is blank paper to be destroyed and that those who read it deserve death (HERE, pp. 7, 8  )


Given these facts which--along with the evolution mythology--are integral parts of the Pharisee Religion, one would expect that virtually the whole world would turn thumbs down on that arrogant, lying masquerade when it is exposed.  RIGHT?


WRONG!  Don’t count on that happening!!  The Bible plainly says that a world-controlling majority will knowingly join a Satan-empowered global government, and that these people expect to win as they blaspheme the God of the Bible (Rev. 13:4-6,).  Even more surprising are the plain Biblical warnings that as many as ¾  of Christian Church goers (where God begins His Judgment: I Pet. 4:17,18) will end up in the Satan-worshipping ranks (unless some serious repenting takes place). (HERE)


Thus, it is both logical and Scriptural that the Judgment in the churches will quickly spread to the world and cause the prophesied separation between those: a) Who joyfully accept God's Biblical Plan from the six day creation account on through Jesus to Heaven; and those: b) Who reject that Plan even after they know the evolution account is a lie from a Satan-worshipping religion, and after all of his other lies are also exposed “in the war the Lamb wins” (Rev. 17:14; etc.).  This issue--i.e., the Evolution Issue in all of its ramifications (Rev.14:6,7)--is what causes Babylon (Satan’s empire) to fall, as the next verse (#8) says: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen.”


How does this coming spiritual end game between the Kabbala’s evolutionism and the Bible’s absence of evolution impact “Theistic Evolutionists”?  Whatever the split is in that camp, it is certain that many millions are going to elect to be on God’s side and many millions are going to elect to be on Satan’s side (Rev.13:4,7), [also, HERE]. (Why would anyone elect to be on Satan’s side?)  As noted, some people cannot love the Truth, and these also think Satan will win in the end (II Thess. 2:10; Rev. 13:4).


Those “Theistic Evolutionists” who count themselves as Christ followers but insist on clinging to evolutionism and rejecting the Biblical six day creation, will find they can’t have it both ways when Babylon Falls.  The chief reason for this is because God’s whole purpose in exposing the great evolution deception is to demonstrate to a deceived world that the entire Bible is inerrant and absolutely infallible, and that one cannot invalidate the six day creation without invalidating the God of that creation!


Without the first fact to back it up, Satan--using both aware and unaware surrogates--has caused evolutionism to become textbook “science” and has caused God’s Creation and His whole Bible to be mocked openly, as is increasingly obvious everywhere today.  All of that will end when the Big Bang Evolutionary Model now providing the alleged 15 billion years of evolution is exposed as The Pharisee Religion’s  alternate “creation scenario” found in their Zohar/Kabbala.


Then, if not now, the “Theistic Evolutionist” compromise position will be known to be spiritually, scientifically, and intellectually bankrupt.  It will no longer be an admissible doctrinal position for Christians on at least two counts.  First: The New Testament teaches repeatedly that Jesus actually Himself performed the six day creation (Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16: John 1:2,3,10; Heb. 1:2,10). Thus, denying Him as Creator will annul the right to claim Him as Savior.  Second: Compromise in general--but certainly compromise on the pivotal Bible creation doctrine--fits the sharp castigation given by Jesus as one sign of “lukewarm” faith (Rev.3:15, 16). This is a condition that will be unacceptable to God, and one for which the only remedy is “repentance” (v.19). The futility of such attempted compromise is also compounded in I Pet. 4:17,18.  (HERE).


So, all of the reasons for anyone to continue believing in evolutionism will suddenly be erased (as prophesied: Rev. 14:6,7, 8; 17:14-19).  First, the factless “science falsely so called” claims of Copernicanism--the keystone of all evolutionism--will be made known (HERE-HERE-HERE). Then, the fraud  that has been used to further evolution mythology via computer programmed telescopes, cameras, redshift lies, etc., will be presented in a way that the world will know how it has been deceived and by whom (HERE-HERE-HERE).


It will be impossible to ignore the Biblical accuracy on the suddenness of Babylon’s exposure and desolation which will leave the whole world stunned! (e.g., Rev. 18:8, 10,17,19). Lamenting, bewailing is heard everywhere.  During the “war the Lamb wins” (Rev. 17:14) the magnitude of the deceptions that God has allowed Satan to employ in science, religion, race, cultures in general, etc. (II Cor. 4:4) will be totally replaced by God’s truths in all these areas.  The capacity to love known Truth will then stare everyone in the face (II Thess.2:10).


All of that is part of God’s Plan “known to Him from the beginning” (Acts. 15:18). The next part automatically connects loving Truth to loving the God of Truth.  And that automatically connects to loving and totally trusting the Bible to be just what billions have believed it to be, what it claims to be, and what it demonstrably is, namely, the inerrant, sufficient, and infallible Word of the Living God.


Naturally, grasping these changes will be a giant step for most of the world that has just been shocked by the revelations brought about by the “war” in which Jesus “overcomes” Satan’s lies and unmasks Babylon for all to see (Rev. 17:14)..  Multitudes from diverse belief systems worldwide who are capable of receiving a love of the truths that have emerged out of Babylon’s Fall will obviously have to have been given some kind of super dramatic proof along the way that the Bible alone is God’s Word.


As mentioned above, there is such a proof.  It impacts everyone.  As soon as it sinks in a person knows that the Bible is indeed God’s Inerrant, Sufficient, and Infallible Word on every subject it addresses.  Everyone will know instantly that if this one teaching --which the whole world has rejected, including every Christian Church and the Creationists in them--is true, then the Bible can be trusted from start to finish.


That one super dramatic proof is that The Earth Is Not Moving.  That is the only “Truth WMD” that is required to prove that the Bible has no error, no matter if the whole world says otherwise. Four categories of evidence suffice:  a) The Bible teaches repeatedly that the sun moves, not the Earth (HERE-HERE).  b) All known (i.e,true) science confirms (HERE-HERE-HERE) that the sun and stars go around the Earth every day. c) Irrefutable evidence of  fraud in the use of phony math, pre-programmed software in telescopes, cameras, redshift & infrared lies...have created an unreal virtual reality universe (HERE-HERE-HERE). d) Today’s “evolutionary science” is the Pharisee Religion’s anti-Bible, anti-Christ “creation scenario” (HERE-HERE-HERE).


As a floundering global economy, etc., etc., creates the perfect political climate for the establishment of a One World Government “solution” [prophesied in the Bible over 1900 years ago (Rev.Ch. 13;etc.)], the events above (“war the Lamb wins” - “Fall of Babylon”) will occur as written.  The Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm will be revealed to be a factless alternative “creation scenario” from the “holy book” Zohar/Kabbala of the Pharisee Religion, the arch enemy of the Bible and Jesus Christ.  The “scientific keystone” upholding the Big Bang Universe is the myth of Copernican/heliocentricity which is falsified in b) above and numerous other links (HERE).   “Theistic Evolutionists” et al will know where Truth originates:... “thou [God] has magnified thy Word above all thy name. (Psalm 138:2).