Sola Scriptura III

Evolution and Acceptance of a Homosexual Lifestyle

            ATHEISTS: One thing a True Atheist must accept as proven fact is Evolution “theory”.  Those two beliefs--atheism and evolution--are in a symbiotic relationship.  If belief in either one ceases, the other one dies too.


            Believing that “evolution science” fully explains the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind with no supernatural entity involved, it is understandable that this belief would translate into a rejection of any and all moral codes that are specifically established by some god in some holy book or religious tradition.


            Ipso facto, warnings from the Bible, for example, which say God abominates homosexual acts and counts them as a class A sin which--if not repented--will prevent its practitioners from going to heaven, are warnings that simply are ignored by an Atheist because: a) There is no such God or heaven. b) Properly educated people know that science has disproved the Bible on all of its miraculous claims, beginning with the creation and on through the Flood, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, and Heaven, and all the miracles in between.


            So--given that there is “mutual consent” [or maybe not!]--all sex acts between consensual adults [and maybe some pre-adults] are a matter of individual choice in any non-hypocritical atheist’s moral code.   




            Now, holding that Atheist’s position on the subject for a minute, let us look at another category of opinion presently held by scores...even hundreds of millions of people; more in all probability than the Atheist’s view according to recent polls.




            THEISTIC EVOLUTIONISTS: This category of people must also accept “evolution science” as proven fact.  These folks, however--for one reason or another--also choose to believe that some kind of supernatural component must be included in any attempt to explain the origin of all that exists.  This “component” may be viewed as some kind of “Force” or pagan type god or goddess, or, Jehovah God or Jesus or Allah or Buddha.  The individual Theistic Evolutionist may believe that this supernatural “component” just “kick started” the creation process billions of years ago and let natural forces do the rest.  Or, he/she may believe that most or even all evolutionary progress has been guided all the way through and is being so guided now. 


            The role of the supernatural “component” may vary to suit the individual Theistic Evolutionist, but the role of the evolutionary process is counted as scientific fact that can not be discarded.  It has a textbook level of certitude, being established in the Big Bang Paradigm, the Geologic Column and the Evolutionary Timelines, these folks believe.


    Given the nature of the Theistic Evolutionist’s belief system, it follows irrevocably that the God of the Biblical six day creation must be and has been replaced by a different g’d with whom “science” can agree, i.e., a g’d who used billions of years of evolution to create the universe, earth, and mankind.  Since evolution science rejects all miracles that are in the Bible, by what logic does a theistic evolutionist who claims to believe and follow whatever Biblical miracles he wants to (Virgin Birth, resurrection, etc.) reject “science” in order to hold these beliefs when he/she has already bowed to “science” where the Creation Miracle is presented??       


            Does acceptance of a homosexual life style--on a scale from active involvement to “tolerance”--fit in with this Theistic Evolutionist’s belief system? 


            Since the Words of the Biblical God are not believed on the subject of the origin of the universe, earth, and mankind, a Theistic Evolutionist is free to identify with any response on that scale.  Many may take the position that “personally” they believe homosexual behavior is not good for the participants or society in general. But--to be consistent with the Biblical/non-Biblical hybrid they have embraced--the minimal response is “tolerance” and a rejection of the Bible on this subject.




            BIBLE BELIEVERS:  Obviously, both the Atheist and the Theistic Evolutionist positions are at loggerheads with the six day Creator God of the Bible on this subject.  The Biblical position is universally recognized to be unequivocally opposed to acceptance of homosexuality (e.g., Lev.18:22; Deut. 23:17; Rom. 1:26-32). 


            There is, however, another powerful Bible teaching on the subject that I have never heard discussed.  It is more timely than the condemnation Scriptures for the issue at hand, as we shall see.  The teaching is found in I Cor. 6:9-11:


“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?

Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate,

nor abusers of  themselves with mankind,  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards,

nor revilers, nor extortioners,  shall inherit the kingdom of God.

And such WERE some of you; but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified,

but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”


            Note that “effeminate” (Greek: fig. “catamite”), i.e., “pederast” translates to the modern term “homosexual”.  This “homosexual lifestyle” is condemned for males and females in both the Old and the New Testaments, as noted.


            The important point for today’s homosexuals (euphemistically called “Gays”), is that the New Testament of Jesus Christ plainly teaches that there were former “Gays” mixed in the 1st century church alongside others in that long list of previously lost sinners.  Those ‘Gays”--along with the idolaters, adulterers, thieves, etc.--were brought out of that behavior by the “Spirit of our God”.  They were “washed...sanctified... justified in the name of the Lord Jesus...” That is to say: They who could not “inherit the Kingdom of God” had become transformed by the power of God and had become His adopted children and “joint heirs with Jesus Christ” (Gal. 3:29) their half-brother, with whom they will share eternity on the New Earth.


            As with any sin which can be forgiven (I Tim. 1:15; Matt. 12:31), and with any sinner transformed into a new and different person (II Cor. 5:17; Eph. 4:22-24), so it is with the sin of homosexuality.  Forget all the lies about “homosexual genes”, etc.  That is just more “science falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20,21).  It’s another trick the Deceiver is using to confuse the world about every kind of Truth that leads people to the God Who cannot lie (Titus 1:2). This Creator God Who used no evolution has put all that Truth in His Word because He really is the God of Love (I Jn. 4:8), and He “is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (II Pet.3:9)  


            Of course, nothing that this loving and truthful God says in His Word can really be trusted or followed by those who--because of their acceptance of evolutionism--have either wittingly or unwittingly called that Creator God a liar and have bowed and continue to bow instead to a false science Idol


            There is a sure way out of that evolution trap which--for a large percentage of homosexuals--has been an excuse to ignore or downplay Biblical warnings.  That way is to thank God for the example He has given which shows that this sin--like the others listed--can be overcome.  HE assures forgiveness and victory for those who know that this behavior is unacceptable to a Holy God, and who are eager to repent and transform their lives as many today also testify has happened to them.


            It is another lie for those deceived by the evolution lie to believe that they can substitute the homosexual lifestyle for the one set out by the Creator God and still please Him.  Obviously--from the example given in Corinthians--those who had a heart for Truth came out of their sinful behavior.  Before they came out they didn’t knowWhen they saw the way out, they took it.  That’s how God operates.  We are accountable for what we know (Rom. 2:10-13).


            And “knowing” is the point of this essay and this web page This is advance notice that the God of Biblical Creation has made it plain that He is going to separate the world into Satan’s followers and His followers (Rev. 13:4,7; 18:4; 14:6,7,8; etc).  The Evolution-based false science Idol fostered on the world by a Bible bashing, Christ hating Religion will be the first to “Fall” (14:7).  Since this masquerade as “secular science” colors and confuses all of modern man’s “knowledge”, it must and will “Fall” first. 


            Indeed, so powerful is this evolution deception that its fall will produce a domino effect on every other spiritual lie that stands in the way of a global understanding that the infallibility of the Bible and the Biblical God of Creation has been validated.  As each domino falls, a Deception will be exposed and a Truth will emerge.  The time will have come for each person to align themselves overtly with the Satan-empowered world leader (Rev. 13:4; etc.), or, take their stand on the Creator God’s side (v.7).   (Fakers are revealed later: Rev. 14:9-12)


            This is why true scientific and historical facts are now being brought forth to prepare the way for the imminent “Fall of Babylon” and the separation of followers of Jesus the Christ (Who is the “Creator” as well as Savior: Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16; John 1:2,10; Heb. 3, 10),  from those who elect to overtly worship Satan. 


            Those facts confirm the Bible as inerrant, sufficient, and infallible.  Once that is done, then all who love Truth and hate deception can know they can trust all the other teachings in the Bible to be true, including eternal life on the New Earth.  Christ is life.  Satan is death.  God’s Plan will lay that choice before the entire world as the Fall of Babylon reveals all anyone needs to understand in order to choose whom they will follow and worship as God’s End Time Drama unfolds (Details HERE).



            This brings us to a sharper focus on what is the most striking deception surrounding the whole Bible and Jesus-killing reality about evolutionism, not only as it affects homosexuals, but as that false science affects all who believe it.  Evolutionism can be totally trashed with plain, non-theoretical science, and it will be.  But something even more disturbing and embarrassing about evolution mythology has come forth recently in an Historical context.  As noted in “Sola Scriptura” I and II, that world-shaking revelation is this:


            “EVOLUTION SCIENCE” IS NOT SECULAR SCIENCE:  That is to say: Unlike the Bible’s Creation Model of the origins of all that exists, the world has been told that “Evolution Science” is a Scientific Model of the Origin of everything which has no religious agenda, but is wholly “secular”.  (Several links on this web domain show that recently revealed Historical Facts prove that this claim to be secular is a lie: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE; etc.  Note too this comparison with the “Humanist Religion”: HERE) 


            The world has believed this claim, but after centuries of secrecy, the cat is now out of the bag.  “Evolution Science” is an alternative “creation scenario” derived concept for concept from “holy” Rabbinic writers in the Kabbala of the Pharisee Religion.  It is these writings that have been established as a “secular creation account” by an incredibly powerful Theoretical Science Establishment.  


            “Evolution Science” (theoretical science) is the WMD used by one Religion and its g’d to destroy another Religion and its God.   This is NOT a Racist matter; it IS a Religious matter.  People are still free in the USA and some other countries to identify with whatever religion they wish, and this revelation of deception and fraud practiced by the Pharisee Religion does not change that fact. One can still support the Pharisee Religion and still believe in evolution if they choose to ignore the evidence and do not care that a Christ-hating religion has deceptively used pseudo-scientific evolutionism to destroy the Bible’s credibility from Genesis to Jesus.


            However, once this great deception is known and understood in all of its ramifications (as it will be: Rev. 18:4; etc.), there are three vital changes that must take place: 1) Funding the teaching and promoting of “evolution science” in any of its manifestations with taxpayer’s money would become unlawful in the USA (HERE - HERE - HERE) and probably in other countries.  This would include NASA’s funding for its “Origins Program” to “search for our cosmic roots” (HERE).  2) The only Science that could then be taught and promoted with tax money is “known” science, i.e., science that is observable, repeatable, and testable.   Hypotheses may be put forth and tested.  If they contradict science that is known to be true, they must be rejected as false science. 3) Since the foundation of all knowledge hinges on the truth about the origin of all that exists (HERE), the pursuit of the truth in this area should be encouraged zealously through study of all relevant non-theoretical scientific facts from all physical and natural science disciplines.


            Such exciting scientific endeavor will uncover a shocking list of incredible deceptions that are now taught world wide as textbook “education”.  All of these deceptions are directly or indirectly related to the overriding lie of evolutionism.  Moreover, all of these deceptions are directly or indirectly derived from and promoted by the Pharisee Religion , (e.g., see p 7 of  8 in the Talmud on  sodomy and other Biblically classified sexual sins- HERE).


            Since--according to the Bible--God’s Judgment begins at the house of God because that is where the “responsibility” buck stops (HERE), and since that Judgment which causes “Babylon to Fall” (Rev. 14:8) begins with the creation/evolution issue (v.7),  it is Scripturally unmistakable that God’s resolution of the homosexual issue in the Final Christian Church will be settled during the Fall of Babylon.


            So, whether one is upholding homosexuality or any other Bible-named sin because he/she is convinced that the Biblical Creator God  has been “killed by our science” (as Nietzsche said), then all such persons need to decide: a) Whether they will love or hate these scientific and historical truths which expose Pharisee promoted evolutionism; and, b) Whether they will follow the God of the Biblical Creation Who required only six days with no evolution...or follow the g’d (or no g’d) of the Kabbala’s “creation” which required 15 billion years of evolution.


            That is the first choice that God has promised all churches calling themselves “Christian” will have to make.  “Choose you this day whom you will serve” echoes from the past (Joshua 24:15). God intends to confirm His Biblical Creation Model as the first step toward ending the Satan-supplied smorgasbord of doctrinal differences in Christendom (I Tim. 4:1; Rev. 14:7).  In some instances--and this is one of those (I Thess. 2:10)--Truth can be and will be forced upon everybody.  The Bible teaches that there will be only one final church and that God’s people will be of one mind “without [doctrinal] blemish ”(Eph. 5:27).   HIS Judgment on the Origins issue in the churches (HERE) will launch that inevitable cleansing process.  


            So, for the homosexual who wants a powerful reason to give up that lifestyle,  rejecting the evolution deception is the place to start.  This decision will immediately reveal a God Who forgives and heals.  Indeed, rejection of the evolution deception  is at the top of the list of doctrinal clarifications that will begin to separate not only individuals, but also all the world’s populations into those who will get on the Biblical Creator God’s side or on Satan’s side. (Rev. 13:4,7)


            This cataclysmic change will be caused by a sudden and irresistible global awareness of Spiritual Truths that are forced onto the center stage of people’s minds once they grasp the huge number of deceptions that are squarely based on “evolution science”.  When it registers that all of these deceptions have taken root at the core of modern man’s knowledge and have obscured and confused Truth in all endeavors and behaviors, the remedy will become inescapably obvious.


            That remedy will come as a brain jolt that has the power to force the whole world to see and admit that the Bible is the only source of absolute Truth, the only  Holy Book from the only trustworthy God. (Mark 13:31; HERE


            Think of a world which has learned that the evolutionary foundation of all its knowledge about the origin of the universe, earth, and mankind is an assumption-based, contra-scientific deception.  Then add the knowledge that all of the roots of this deception are found in Bible-destroying “holy books” of a Christ hating religion.  Then add the fact that this Religion has successfully masqueraded as “secular science” to bring about this deception and you will be thinking of a world ready to take sides with the Biblical Creator God Who cannot lie (Titus 1:2) or with Satan in whom there is no truth (John 8:44; HERE).


            As the deception dominos fall, those who side with the Truths that are revealed will be facing a time frame that is at once both joyful and scary.  It will be joyful because it will be clear that the Biblically genuine end time plan of God has begun and the promised eternal heaven is real and certain in a very short range future.   


            Although those who get on God’s side will (Goshen-like: Exodus 8:22) escape all the plagues (except for the Mark of the Beast period during the 6th Trumpet Plague), it will still be a scary and mournful time because escapist End-Time Doctrines have been exposed.  This means that those on God’s side know from the Scriptures what to expect from the Satan-worshipping and empowered “Beast”-led World Government that will endure for 3 ½ years, and from which they do not escape as they have been taught by the Scripturally impossible pre-trib rapture teaching.  That period is followed by a still threatening “little season” of 2-3 years after the deaths of the Beast and the False Prophet at the end of the 7th Trumpet time frame.


            Those who get on God’s side will have come out of all religious deception around the world, i.e., deceptions both within the Christian Churches and other religions will have been exposed.  Those on God’s side will know what to believe, and what to expect.  Those on Satan’s side will believe he will win (Rev. 13:4).


            All of this applies to adulterers et al as well as to homosexuals.  And such WERE some of you...but you are sanctified and justified by the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God”, as we’ve seen promised in the Bible (I Cor. 6:9).


            We are all sinners; none are perfect (Rom. 3:10).  But the Bible records that Jesus said that He came to call sinners to repentance (Mark 2:17) save lost sheep who have gone astray, as Peter wrote (I Pet. 2:25).  As Babylon Falls and Truth is separated from Deception, that call from Jesus for repentance will go out to every person who learns the error of his/her ways and beliefs. No sin is too great to be forgiven and separated as far as the east is from the west when forgiveness is sought with an honest heart and where there is a heart-felt desire to repent.


            I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus said (Jn. 14:6).  Everyone will know what is True and from God and what is Deception and from Satan.  Each person must decide whom they will follow by the end of the Fall of Babylon time frame (c. 2-3 months).  The next Biblically promised event that follows after the Fall of Satan’s great edifice of Deception--“Babylon the Great”--is the 1st of the Seven Trumpet Plagues.  These Seven Plagues cover the entire “reign” of “The Beast” and “The False Prophet”, a period given as 3 ½ years (Rev. 13:5; 12:6). (The rest: HERE)


                Once the 1st Trumpet Plague begins the time will have past for repentance for all who choose to worship Satan and the Beast (Rev. 18:2; 13:4).


            None of this is a surprise to the God of the Bible.  Everything is right on schedule (Acts 15:18).   Things known only to the omniscient God of the Bible over 1900 years ago and written by Him through chosen men describe the end perfectly. These include: a) A Global Government run by a Satan-empowered man (Rev. 13:2,4,7; II Thess. 2: 3,4); b) Intercontinental Telecommunications (Rev. 11:9-11; c) Drugs (Rev. 9:21: “sorceries”= “pharmaceuticals”; d) International commerce and Slavery (Rev. 18:11-18), etc. [Such supernatural foreknowledge obviously confirms the Biblical God alone, and Sola Scriptura!]


            Homosexuals: The Devil tells you that you can’t shake his demon of perverted lust.  He says you don’t have what it takes to join that great host of others like yourself who have been empowered by Jesus to do just that.  Satan is a liar (John 8:44).  Trust Jesus. Trust the inerrant Word of a merciful God Who loves you (Psalm 136) .  Christ turns away no one who comes to Him in faith (II Tim. 2:22). 


“And why tarriest thou?

Arise, and be baptized,

and wash away thy sins,

calling on the name of the Lord”

Acts 22:16

Trust & Obey Bible Scripture Only


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