Sola Scriptura - II 

 The Plan to Destroy Christianity: The Scheme and the Remedy


Doctrinal Fragmentation Wikipedia gives us a list of “approximately 300 branches” of Christian Denominations.  The two main denominations and the number of members are: Catholicism - 1116 million & Protestantism - 590 million.


Under those two headings are listed the 300 branches of those churches that have some level of worldwide affiliation--or affinity--with Roman Catholicism or Protestantism.  Membership numbers for each “Branch” are also given.


One doesn’t have to scroll far into this detailed list of hundreds of “Christian Churches” until wonderment mounts as to why there are so many separate bodies in the “Body of Christ”.  Then this thought intrudes: “With such fragmentation comes disunity and with disunity comes confusion and with confusion comes impotency”.   The Bible says that God is the “author of peace” and not “the author of confusion”, which is divisive and has greatly weakened the Churches’ power to carry out its mission of taking the true Gospel to all the world. (I Cor. 14:33).


How has all this divisive confusion entered the churches, one wonders?  The answer is that false (i.e., unScriptural) doctrines have crept in and taken root. The Bible makes it plain that amongst Satan’s vast number of “fallen angels” there are some spreading “doctrines of devils” in the churches (I Tim. 4:1).  In short, Satan has doctrine twisting specialists who distort Biblical Truth on any given doctrine. They have done their job.


 “Doctrine” is just “teaching”, of course.  So, variations of true Biblical teachings have been supernaturally injected into the churches where they have taken root, and caused the crippling divisions we now see.   The result is that multiple teachings abound as to what the Bible truly teaches regarding, for example: Heaven; Hell; Satan; End Times; Salvation; Baptism; etc., etc. 


These doctrinal variations in the “Branch Churches” on the long list have their fountainheads in both the Vatican and the leading Protestant denominations.  This is no surprise to God.  The Biblical God “knows all His works from the beginning of the world” (Acts 15:18).  Again, Biblically, Jesus “was foreordained before the foundation of the world (I Pet. 1:20) and declared long ago: “All power is given to me in heaven and in earth “(Matt. 28:18; I Pet. 3”22; etc., etc.).  Nothing is out of control.


Having all power and authority over Satan and his minions, one might still wonder why Father God and Jesus have allowed Satan to mingle these divisive false doctrines in with some sound doctrines in the churches. The Biblical answer is that all this division was/ is part of the Plan (Acts 15:18).  It had to be as it has been in order to fit with God’s End Time Drama, i.e.: a) When the confusion is ended (Rev. 17:14); b)  When a Final Church “without spot or wrinkle” separates itself from Satan’s Empire (Babylon) (Rev. 18:4): c)  When the events of the Beast’s reign (Rev. 13:5),--and the “little season” after that reign (Rev. 20:3) --have brought The Church to the Rapture on the last day of this earth’s history (I Thess. 4:13-18; Rev. 20:11; Isaiah 65:17); d) To be followed by eternity on the New Earth (Rev. 21:1 et al. Also HERE - HERE - HERE, etc.)   


How Will God Bring All This To Pass?


A person who doesn’t believe a word of the Bible--as well as those who believe some or all of it--could reasonably ask that question.  Happily, the answer is right at hand for believer and unbeliever alike.  No one can fail to grasp the Scriptural logic that God sets in motion during those end time events just abbreviated. 


Even though God’s Plan for mankind through the Church of Jesus Christ allowed--even ordained--that “doctrines of devils” would lead to confusion and division and weakness, He also guaranteed that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. (Matt.16-18).  Whether one believes none of the Bible (as I once did), or some of it (as many do),  or all of it (as many do and I now among them),  all will agree that it depicts a God who presents an eternal plan which has transformed the minds of the Great and the Small for many centuries.  Even now--as a little known Religion has almost succeeded in destroying the credibility of the Bible with its “science falsely so called”  (I Tim. 5:31,21)---hundreds of millions still believe the Biblical God’s Plan will triumph.


Now, of course, true Bible doctrines can only control what a church teaches to the extent that the church leadership is totally committed to discovering, following, and spreading doctrines which conform solely to what the Bible teaches.  Naturally, such commitment requires a prior commitment to accept the Bible as what it claims to be, namely: a) The inspired word of a God Who cannot lie (II Tim. 3:16; Titus 1:2; etc.)., b) Living proof of its own power (Heb. 4:12) to guide obedient folks to eternal life; c) A source of warnings about adding to or subtracting from its teachings (Gal. 1:8,9; Rev. 22:18).


These warnings (also Deut. 4:2) are aimed squarely at any church which ignores them.  As we are about to see, churches of all kinds have overtly refused to obey the warnings.  They have built one or more of their doctrines on concepts which ignore the warnings, deny the inerrancy of the Bible, and have, thereby given a license to “doctrines of devils” to work in their midst.  


We will come to those churches which declare overtly that they DO make a commitment to Sola Scriptura and see if any have really succeeded.  But first, more on those which ignore the Bible’s warnings and do not even pretend to believe in an inerrant Bible as the only guide to teachings that are acceptable to God:

The Roman Catholic Church

Obviously, the place to start is with the really big kid on the Christian block, i.e., the Roman Catholic Church.  Recognizing--but laying aside--all of the good work done by hundreds of millions of pious Catholics through many centuries, we stick to one question.  That question is this: Does the Vatican’s Roman Catholic Church openly reject Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) as the foundation for its doctrines?


I am happy to report that this question is freely answered by any knowledgeable Catholic.  The answer is YES.  They have never honored the Sola Scriptura position and they made their rejection of that position official at the Council of Trent four and a half centuries ago.


One can find thousands of pages of scholarly Catholic defenses of why their position is right. They maintain that the church has the right to add and subtract from--and contradict--what the Bible teaches on numerous doctrines.  None of these alterations are displeasing to God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, they maintain.


If, however, there is a time coming when the presumptuous and cavalier rejections of the inerrancy, sufficiency, and infallibility of the Bible are exposed as themselves being  “doctrines of devils”--harboring as they do an admitted list of “corrections” to the premier doctrine of Sola Scriptura itself.  Then all who are in that church will have a chance to recognize their grave error and repent of it (Rev.18:4; 17:14; John 12:48).


The Liberal Protestant Churches

As with the Catholics, this is no invitation to a debate about various doctrines that are held in quite a long list of churches.  These are churches where it is freely admitted that they do not adhere to the Sola Scriptura concept.  Indeed, their position on the matter is that it is regressive and reactionary to insist on Sola Scriptura, particularly in light of the accepted claims of “evolution science” in all of its applications.


As far as I have been able to determine, all polls addressing various facts about the liberal Protestant churches include an interesting statistic about education.  That statistic confirms that the ratio of college graduates and people with advanced degrees is much higher in these sanctuaries than in those where “Bible Only” (Sola Scriptura) is claimed.  Few would deny that higher “education” has “evolved” into a secular brainwashing machine that is anathema to the Bible’s Ph.D curriculum.


So, here too, if the rejection of Sola Scriptura is shown to be a very grave error indeed (cf. I Tim: 6:20, 21), then the door will be open for all to escape the lie and align with Scripture in all matters, including the historical and scientific (Rev.18:4).


The Extra-Biblical “Christian” Churches

These churches are often called “cults” by mainline Christians.  The chief reason for this label is that these churches count other books and writings as equal to the Bible and necessary for a full understanding of God and His Plan for mankind. The 7th Day Adventists with Ellen White’s books; the Mormons with Joseph Smith’s book and Brigham Young’s writings; some of the Jehovah Witnesses with Russell’s writings, the Moonie “bible”, etc., are usually cited.


The Self-Designated “Bible Only” Protestant Churches

In this area the slope becomes more slippery when the subject of “Sola Scriptura” is broached.  On the one hand, many, perhaps even a  majority of Protestant Churches avow that they are “Bible Only” Churches; i.e., they declare openly that they accept and embrace the label Sola Scriptura for their flocks.


On the other hand, it is a rather easy matter to demonstrate: a) There is great and often rancorous disunity amongst these churches, in spite of all claiming to be unified in the limitation of their doctrinal beliefs to what they can “prove” with the Bible; b) That there are books and CDs, etc., by the trainload which emanate from these churches and are used to teach a variety of partially or wholly Bible-contradictory doctrines on just about any subject one can it Heaven, Hell, Satan, Baptism, End Times, etc.; c) That while so-called “proof texts” are always used, the resultant doctrines can more often be traced to iron-bound tradition, church-specific seminary instruction, acceptance of alterations in some Bible Versions, and a reluctance to really put the teachings of the Bible ahead of traditions which contradict It..


In short, there is great disunity even amongst avowed “Bible Only” church people.  They have their reasons, but ultimately, those reasons are just as confusing, just as illogical, and just as unconvincing to a dedicated Truth seeker as the Catholic or liberal Protestant reasons.  If the Bible is the inerrant, sufficient, and infallible source of all Truth on all subjects it addresses, then nothing could be more clear than the fact that all of the Truth that was meant for Christ’s Church to know must come from the Bible alone.  Sola Scriptura!  It should be equally clear that Spirit-led  study of the Bible is the only method God has endorsed for producing His Church.


God has declared through Paul that the Bible is not just a book, but is, rather, a compendium for all mankind in which the God-inspired Words themselves are “alive and powerful...capable of discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart” of the one reading them (Heb. 4:12).   Many preachers are actually “Satan’s Ministers who transform themselves as the apostles of Christ” (II Cor. 11:13-15).  Christians are exhorted to “try (test) the spirits” (I Jn.4:1), of those who lead in the churches.  Early on, bearers of false teachings “crept in unawares” (Jude v. 4).  This has remained true through the centuries in both Catholic and Protestant Churches...and is almost certainly more rampant today than at any time since Jesus and His Disciples taught.


How then does one identify false teaching? Shall we judge the teaching warily, as above, and always with precept upon precept and line upon line (Is. 28:9-13)?  Shall we not measure it against the commandments and traditions promulgated by mere men who may have openly contradicted the Holy Bible either wittingly or unwittingly?   


Having considered all this, one conclusion for all who genuinely admit that Sola Scriptura is the only possible path to the promised Final Church is this: “Doctrines of devils” are alive and well in “Bible Only” churches too.  (Examples abound, and a dozen one page examples can be considered by clicking HERE on the titles themselves ).  God’s promised remedy for this confusion is found where all Truth resides, namely: Sola Scriptura!   [ AUDIO SESSIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE TOO: HERE]


“Judgment Begins at the House of God...”

The great significance of this Biblical promise in I Peter 4:17,18 is hammered out in some detail (HERE).  The essence of those verses is that when God’s Judgment begins, it does not begin in the secular world or in other religionsIt begins in Christian Churches and reveals four categories of people who are in those Churches.


We know that all four categories are in Christian Churches because we are told of those who are “disobedient to the Gospel” and those who are “righteous but are scarcely saved”. This rendering forces a grammatical construction which applies the prepositional phrase “in the house of God” also after the other two categories, viz.: the “ungodly, and sinners”.  This is why Judgment “must begin” in the churches.


Notice that this is the situation at the beginning of the Judgment, not at the end.  Satan’s massive edifice of deception--called “Babylon the Great” in Scripture--is destined to be “overcome” by Christ and His “called, chosen, and faithful” followers (Rev. 17:14).  This is what is referred to several times as “The Fall of Babylon”, i.e., the Fall of Satan’s carefully constructed mountain of lies causing “confusion” (Babel) about what the whole Truth is for Christ’s Church first; then the world.


As clearly taught in the Bible but not in the churches, this great event is preceded by the formation of a Global Government which lasts only “one hour” (c. 2-3 months) before the “war the Lamb wins” exposes its Satanic roots, causing the heartbeat of Babylon, i.e., its deceptions. to Fall (II Thess 2:3,4).  During that “war” in which “the Lamb overcomes” Satan’s lies which first engulfed the Church, and then the world, the Gospel will reach every person (Mt.24:14) and divide the world’s populations into worshippers of Satan, and Saints who get on God’s side, i.e., the side of Truth which everyone will know is embodied only in the Bible (Rev. 13:4,7.  Note v.7: The Saints have not been raptured, but they are protected. Rev. 18:4.)


The Fall (exposure) of the lies upholding Babylon--and their replacement with God’s Truth--is also a short time frame.  It is, however, a time that is utterly devastating to international commerce and all national sovereignties (Rev. 13:15-17; 18: 8-19).  This Fall is said to last “one hour, one day” (Rev. 18:8,10,17,19).  (Interestingly, as is demonstrated (HERE. p. 10 of 14), Scripture forces the time frame of “the Fall of Babylon” to be exactly the same as the 7th Trumpet time frame, again, c.2-3 months.)


So, God’s Judgment--which applies and secures Sola Scriptura in the Churches first--is completed and spread to the whole world in a matter of c.2-3 months.  People everywhere are totally astonished and bewildered by the suddenness of the calamitous events (as plainly described in Rev. 18) known by all to be sent from God.


Sola Scriptura, Other Religions, and the Secular World

One good source gives the “Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents” (  The first eight with one hundred million or more and their percentage of the population of the world, are as follows: 1) Christianity: 33% -2.1 billion; 2) Islam: 21% -1.3 billion; 3) Secular:16% - Nonreligious/Atheist/ Agnostic; 4) Hinduism:14% - 900 million; 5) Chinese traditional religion: 6% - 394 million; 6) Buddhism: 6% - 376 million; 7) Primal-Indigenous:6% - 300 million; 8)  African Traditional & Diasporic:6% - 100 million. (# 8 is incl. in # 7’s %).   The rest range from: Sikhism: 23 million; Judaism: 14 million; to: Scientology: 500,000. (Note: “Christianity” incl. Catholics,  Protestants, Mormons, Quakers, etc.  “Nonreligious” also incl. secular humanists and others who are “theistic” but nonreligious.  “Islam” incl. Shiite, Sunni, etc. Other sources numbers vary, e.g.: Christianity: 1.9 billion; Islam: 1.1 billion; Hinduism: 989 mil. etc.)


Statistics about the number of “Bible Only” Christians are all over the board. From what I’ve seen--and given the dramatic rise in Pentecostalism in the last century--300 million is about right.  Let’s use that with the 7% statistic for Bible Only Churches.


That’s small, but not insignificant...especially when the other 93% all have the same Bible as the Sola Scriptura claimants, a Bible that they lean on a little or a lot in their particular churches.  So the Bible’s claim to inerrancy may be rejected at one level or another by the 93%, but they all use and know about that one Book among all others which is the same Book the 7% insists is the only one God has authorized.


So, believing that God’s promise of beginning His Judgment in the “houses of God” will come to pass in a timely fashion shortly after the One World "enlightened" conspirators get their brief cases open, where will He begin?  The 93%; the 7%; all at once??


It could be selective or across the board.  They all claim to be Christians and they all have Bibles.  Maybe.  But there is something new and so big coming down Religion Boulevard that--though it effects the whole world--it just makes sense to begin with the 7%.   Here is what is coming and why it will almost certainly begin with the 7%:


 A New "Gideon’s Army" Being Summoned....

That new, BIG TRUTH that is coming down Religion Boulevard is in three phases, the first of which calls upon the 7%’ers.  These say they are Bible all the way. No excuses. Sola Scriptura.  Punto.  The first phase gives them the honor to prove what they say.  Jesus will select his “called, chosen, and faithful” from a remnant of this 7%, and, with them, will ignite the “overcoming” of the lies that make Babylon Fall.


This First Phase is a Sola Scriptura litmus test for all of the 7%’ers who have dodged a pivotal doctrine just as deftly as the 93%’ers.  Like all the others, they have bowed the knee to the false science Idol. This Pass or Fail Test concerns the admission that the Bible plainly teaches that it is the sun and not the earth that moves (HERE).   No more changes or excuses.  Just admit the obvious.  It's "yea" or "nay" time on this one.


The Second Phase will make such admission easy for those who quickly discover that the “science” they feared is even more phony and vulnerable than the evolution fraud which most already understand and reject! They will learn that the Key Scriptural Doctrine of a Stationary Earth at the center of a "small"universe is built on solid scientific ground. They will learn that the heliocentricity model is bereft of the first fact; that it is based --not 50% or 82%--but 100% on interdependent Assumptions (HERE).  Moreover, the model is the lynchpin of all of today’s demonstrably fraudulent computer-generated Virtual Reality Universe (HERE - HERE - HERE).


So, the first phase offers no escape--except hypocrisy--for “Bible Only” Churches. They and/or their Organizations must publicly announce that they are standing behind the Bible’s teaching of a non-moving moving earth.  The second phase supplies all the evidence that is needed to uphold that stand behind the Biblical Cosmos. 


The Third Phase administers the coup d’ grace not only to the Copernican Model, but to the entire Big Bang Cosmological Paradigm.  This Paradigm is the mother of the 15 billion year evolution fantasy and its offspring of a 4.6 billion year old earth.  Irrefutable evidence is abundantly available which rips the mask off of this Big Bang alternative “creation scenario ”(HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE, pp.3,4).   All of the essential concepts that make up the Big Bang Paradigm (billions of years; relativity; heliocentricity; big bang; expanding universe) are found in the Pharisee Religion’s Kabbala (HERE-HERE-HERE)


Thus: Strike One: The Bible explicitly and repeatedly teaches that it is the sun that moves and not the Earth (HERE -HERE)Strike Two: No facts exist to support any of the concepts of today’s cosmological “science”.  It’s all based on observation-denying assumptions and fraudulent use of telescopes, cameras, redshift technology that is computer-programmed to “create” a “Virtual Reality” Kabbalic Universe, etc.  (HERE - HERE - HERE -HERE).  Strike Three: Satan-empowered deception raised to its ultimate expression has fooled the entire world into believing that “Evolution Science” is “secular science”, i.e., that it has had no Religious Agenda.  It is now possible--even easy!--for everyone to know that belief has been based on a lie all along.  The roots of “Evolution Science” have been hidden from the world in the ultra-secret, anti-Christ, anti-Bible Kabbala of the Pharisee Religion for centuries.  Masquerading as “secular theoretical science” this Religious Lie now has near total control of the foundation of all “knowledge”, i.e., the Truth about the Origin of all that exists (HERE). 


Are any of you in that 7% ready to step up to the plate?!   If you check it all out and decide to follow the Scriptures no matter what, remember that true science upholds those Scriptures.  Then, let it be known that all the warping of people’s minds for generations with the lie of evolution has been the work of a Religion devoted to destroying Bible credibility from Genesis to Jesus.  Decide. Pray. Prepare.


You can expect mockery and persecution to come to all who unite behind Sola Scriptura.  Decide to either form or transform a church that will challenge the Copernican mythology.  Pray for wisdom (James I:5, 6) and courage (Prov. 28:1). Prepare to go on the offensive with Biblical and Scientific and Historical Truths which will spread to all who love Truth and hate Deception: (II Thess.2:10 - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE).


Feel free to copy and use any links as you work to create the Final Church of Jesus Christ. Remember: Scripture declares Jesus to be Creator as well as Savior (Eph. 3:9; Col. 1:16; Heb. 1:2, 10; John 1:3, 10).  Jesus leads (Rev. 17:14).  Truth can't be compromised. Sola Sriptura!

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